After All This Time

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I came home to find my mom laying naked in my bed. Everything over the past few months had been building to this moment. All the teasing, the touching, the hints, the looks, rubbing against each other, under the blankets on the couch, over the clothes; it has all led to me fucking my mom.

I am 18 years old and my mom has worked so hard to provide a life for me, and that included sacrificing a sex life. I always thought my mom hated sex because it caused an unplanned pregnancy, but I would soon find out how much she craved any kind of sexual attention.

We’ve always been close. I’ve never wanted for anything. That includes affection. We hug, she kisses me on the cheek, rubs my shoulders. I try to be understanding even though I feel too old to be kissed on the cheek. I can’t lie and say I’ve never thought about my mom that way. Sometimes when you’re ultra horny, you have to masturbate to something truly depraved. I personally think she’s a beautiful woman. She has pale skin, long dark hair, a fat butt which looks amazing in scrubs. Her breasts sag a little, but they’re big. I’ve seen my mom in her underwear and in a towel, but never nude. To be honest, I didn’t often think about her in that way.

I can’t name a specific inciting event which led to us devouring each other sexually. We always hugged, she always kissed me. Sometimes when she rubbed my shoulders she would hit just the right spot, and I’d get one of those tingly half-boners. I can’t even say we got drunk together one night and started making out. It was a lot of little things.

I guess the first thing was me stealing her underwear to jerk off in. I never really thought of it as a big deal to be honest. It’s not like I don’t know tissues exist. It wasn’t even really a turn on. It just feels amazing to jerk off into underwear. There’s like a little extra friction but it’s not rough. And I didn’t do it all the time. After I was done I’d toss her underwear in the dirty clothes. I never thought for a second she’d investigate dirty laundry.

So my mom being the kind, understanding woman she is bought me an 8-pack of cotton panties and left it on my bed for me to find one day after school. Yeah it was a little embarrassing, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t use them.

Then there was one night she was invited to a hospital ball. It was like a charity fundraiser thing. She bought this black dress with no back. This dress is like seared into my mind. I remember her breasts were pushed up together for some amazing cleavage, but the thing that really did it was her panty-line. Her underwear was perfectly visible under the dress and I told her as much. Without a word she reached under her dress, removed her underwear, and then tossed them to me before she left for the night. And yes I did jerk off into her panties while they were still warm.

Then there was movie night. My mom’s still in her thirties, but she’s also tired a lot and really struggles to stay awake through a movie. I don’t even remember what movie it was. It doesn’t matter. We were sharing a blanket on the couch, and of course she fell asleep on me an hour in. Not unusual at all. Except her big boob was pressed against my elbow, and when I moved my arm, my hand came to rest on the inside of her thigh. I was instantly hard but too nervous to impose. It wasn’t like we had established any kind of sexual interest with each other yet. Everything in the beginning was so tentative, and I hadn’t really entertained the idea of fucking her yet.

At some point, she started giving me butt pats Girne Escort like when I scored well on a test. She would do it jokingly and say something like “good hustle, good hustle”. That went on for awhile until I got the nerve to do it back. She had recently got a promotion at work, and after she hugged and kissed me, I gave her a firm smack on her fat butt and told her “good hustle, good hustle”. That’s when she gave me the look. It scared me in the moment because I thought maybe I had crossed a line. I was too naive to know at the time she was throwing me some “do me” eyes.

After working at the hospital for over a decade, my mom started getting upper back pain. To help with it, she bought this medicated roller. Of course I was there to help her apply it as she couldn’t roll on her own back. Every night before work I’d come in her room, she’d remove her top then her bra, and I would roll the medication on. Seeing naked shoulders every night made me want to see the rest of her.

After a few weeks of this ritual, I slipped in a kiss on the back of her neck as if to make her feel better. Even under my lips, I could feel her muscles tense and relax. I knew I was getting to her. The rolling led to massages, at first sitting up, then straddling her as she laid face down in bed. She was dangerously close to feeling my erection as I sat on her butt. After one particular massage, she simply sat up and exposed her breasts to me without thinking. I said nothing. Her breasts were big and gorgeous, with bright pink nipples. I wanted to reach out and touch them so bad. After that particular massage I was forced to masturbate.

Then came the close calls. In the morning she started this habit of hugging me from behind in the kitchen. Each time her hands got dangerously close to resting on my junk. Just inches away. If I had to scoot around her in the hallway or the kitchen, I always made sure to face her so she she could feel my half chub pressed against her. This went on for sometime. The massages, movie night, the roller, the brushes with greatness.

“Do you have a crush on me?” she asked one fateful night. I was stunned, thinking this might be the night we finally consummate. I knew I had to be delicate.

“What do you mean?” I chuckled.

“I read that boy’s develop crushes on their mothers. Was just wondering if that ever happened to you.”

“Maybe. I mean, I think you’re great and everything. I know you work really hard, and I appreciate it. I don’t know what you want me to say. It’s not you, it’s me?”

My mom laughed and rubbed my knee. Looking back, that could have been an innocuous question for a son, but knowing what I know now, I think she was asking me if I was interested.

Weeks became months, and the tension between us continued to build. No one wanted to make the first move. We were as affectionate as ever, but only to the bleeding edge of appropriate. Instead of masturbating to unlimited, free, internet porn, all my thoughts turned to my mom. I started leaving my bedroom door open, hoping she would catch me and want to join in. Maybe I had watched too much step mom porn. There were days when I had to restrain myself from yanking her pants down and slamming my dick inside her. Those scrubs, those goddamn scrubs which barely contained her fat ass.

I was too meek. I couldn’t push past the point of no return. Once we went to that place, things would never be the same again. It wasn’t like asking a girl out. I began to lose hope of ever fucking my mom. Magosa Escort I’d have to be content with masturbating. I even started using her underwear again, just as some kind of tangential hint that I was interested.

By the time that fateful day came to fruition, I had given up hope. I needed something in my life to fixate on besides my mom. I needed to get into video games, or sports, or a trading card game. Be one of those guys who’s really into board games. I went to my room practically sulking. Depressed and forlorn, I still needed to masturbate. And there she was. Like she could read my thoughts and knew I needed this.

The first thing I remember was how fast my heart was beating. It must have been some kind of adrenaline dump knowing I was going to participate in something so depraved and taboo. The second thing I remember was how different my mom looked naked. I had seen her everyday of my entire life, but now naked, sprawled out on my bed, she looked like some kind of angel. I remember reminding myself to take everything in, to savor every detail. Her skin was so pale. Not flawless, but I really couldn’t care less. I couldn’t remember seeing so much skin on my mom before. From her head, down her bare shoulders, to her breasts. Lower to her soft tummy. Then there was her dark bush nestled between her thick thighs. I never thought in my life I would ever see her pubic hair. Finally, the full length of her legs down to her feet. I wanted to cry.

Without a word I climbed onto the bed and straddled her. I grabbed two handful of breasts and squeezed them. Our eyes were locked as I fondled my mom. She lay there submissively as I touched every inch of her. My hand slid down her stomach and hesitated at her bush. I started by petting her. Her pussy was warm. As I got more courage, I spread my mom open with my fingers, and she let out the sexiest little coo. Feeling like the most powerful human on earth, I slipped a finger inside her. She was sopping wet. I masturbated my mom. Our eyes never broke contact. She reached up and undid my pants, freeing my cock. I flinched from her touch as her bare hand touched my cock for the very first time. Oh fucking god the things I wanted to do to her. But I reminded myself to take things slow, to savor this sexual miracle. So we simply masturbated each other. Me kneeling over her, my mom prone under me. I felt like a predator. I did want to devour her. I did. So I laid flat on the bed and pulled her hips to my face.

My mom’s pussy was inches from my face. She was hairy on top, but shaved on the sides. Her lips hung out like small curtains. My heart thumped against my chest. After all this time, I finally got to see her pussy up close. Overcome with insatiable, taboo lust, I needed to take my time. I started by massaging her pussy in circles. The lips were so velvety soft. She was wet, and in seconds my fingers were coated in my mom’s juices. A moan escaped her lips, and I answered by slipping two fingers inside her. Another coo. Her body trembled. Feeling bold in a way no man has before, I planted a kiss on her pussy. Her hand reached down and grabbed my hair. As I fingered her, I licked and kissed her pussy like I saw in porn. I never knew sex could be this intense.

In my primal, hormonal body, I wanted to control my mom sexually. And was going to make her cum. Her hips spasmed and pushed into my face, making me inhale her smell. I continued dutifully, eating the pussy that gave birth to me. It was such a disconnect knowing I was Lefkoşa Escort pleasuring this hole. This taboo, depraved, forbidden hole. But it was goddamn fire. My chest felt like it was burning. My cock ached like it would explode any second. I continued until my mom cried out. Juices stained my bed sheets. I had just given my mom an orgasm.

I hesitated to follow up, unsure of what to do next. Should I continue to eat her out, force my mom to orgasm, or should I slam my unprotected cock in her slutty pussy and rail her until I passed out? Thankfully, my mom took the lead. After composing herself, she stood us up, hugged me tight, and kissed me heavy on the mouth, no doubt tasting her own pussy on my tongue. Then like the obedient slut she was, my mom knelt in front of me. I took my shirt off. She removed my pants. We were both naked together now. She looked up at me. As she did, she grasped my twitching cock with her hand and brought it to her mouth. I was seeing my mom in a brand new way. I could never imagine this sexual being was inside her all along. I knew I’d never see her the same way again.

My mom kissed the head of my cock without breaking eye contact. I was afraid I would cum in her face. Then she took my head in her mouth. I couldn’t believe her tongue, swirling around my head. She had done this before. My mom was good at sucking cock. She took my whole length, never breaking eye contact. Her lips looked incredible wrapped around my cock. What a fucking slut. My slut, just for me. I rested my hand on her head as if reassuring her she was perfect in every way. She bobbed her head on my cock. I was too timid in that moment to face fuck her, though earlier I would have gladly done so. I let my mom have her way with me. She wanted my cock in her mouth, and I obliged her. Because of the circumstances, I had no capacity to last long. Her mouth felt so fucking good, and her needy eyes looking up the entire time was so damn slutty. I exploded in her mouth, spasming out more cum than I ever came in my life. I held onto her head as I came, forcing her to taste it all.

She pulled away carefully, and I could tell she was holding a mouthful of my cum. Like the brilliant slut she was, she swallowed it down. My mom ate my cum. And the thing was, I was still raging hard. I did not go soft for even one second. I wanted everything her body had to offer me. Grabbing her by the shoulders, I tossed her onto my bed and the climbed on top of her. With a little guidance, I slid into my mom’s unprotected pussy. Again, I tried to savor the moment. I was inside my mom. Her wet pussy was squeezing my cock. I looked her right in the eyes as I slid all the way in. It had all led to this. No condoms. No birth control as far as I knew. I was going to raw my mom’s dirty pussy until I broke her in half.

I did not start gentle. From the get go I went full tilt, fucking her wildly. It was like my hips were powered by pistons. Her moans and coos came out as stutters. It was like a sun was being born between our hips. I squeezed her breasts as hard as I could. In minutes I came. Once again, I did not go soft. I had cum inside my mom, and the thought only made me harder.

I climbed off the bed and pulled her up. Bending her over with her hands on the headboard, I entered her once more. Now that we were both standing up, I could unleash my full sexual rage on her slutty hole. Her breasts bounced wildly as I fucked her brains out. Her butt clapped every time I thrust, giving me plenty of cushion to take out my raging libido on her.

This continued through the night. In total, we must have fucked for 6 hours. My stamina was unmatched. Just being with my mom kept me hard the entire time. I know I wore her out, broke her in half, punished her slutty pussy. It was a miraculous evening that neither of us would ever forget.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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