An After Work Drink

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At the bar your finger traces down my hip making me shiver. I know what you are about to find, or rather not find. You sound amused as you ask quietly “what kind of slut meets a man in a pub wearing no pants?” I feel a blush start and pray no one can hear us as I answer “One that is doing as she is told”

“Good girl” I swear those words are connected directly to my pussy. I get a quick image of you fucking me from behind while I hold onto the bar top, I shake my head to clear it and take the glass of wine you hand me.

We get a table in the corner with our drinks, mostly, but not completely out of sight. I can see that about half the tables are full, no one is sat too close.

“Undo two more buttons on your shirt” God, I love your voice, sometimes I think I could come just listening to you talk. When we’re apart I miss listening to you most of all. I undo the two bottom buttons, showing nothing, and stick my tongue out slightly at you before taking a drink.

“Cute. Now you get to undo all the buttons.” Crap – that was not in my plan. I look at your face, trying to see if there’s any getting out of this – “I said now”.

I can feel my face get hot with embarrassment tuzla escort as I start unbuttoning. I am trying to do it discretely as an old man is taking a seat at the table opposite. I finish and sit with my arms crossed in front of me, trying to keep myself decent.

“Sit up straight and put your arms by your side” so much for keeping myself decent, this I obey without question. My shirt falls open, showing off my bra anyone who cared to look. “your nipples are hard” you comment conversationally as you reach to pinch one, hard. I breathe deep to not make a sound. Your hand dropped to open my legs and push firmly at my pussy “Yep, definitely a slut letting someone feel her up in public.” Humiliation fights with arousal, each making the other more intense.

Keeping the pressure on my pussy you tell me to take my tits out of my bra. I lean my head on your shoulder so your body is blocking the old man’s view. I pull down my bra and lift my breasts out.

I lose the comfort of contact with you as you pull back to pull my shirt back together and do up a single button so I’m at least minimally covered. “You will stay like that until I get back from the bar”

I göztepe escort don’t move, even as I feel the old man looking at me. My breathing makes the fabric rub against my nipples and while they are covered, most of the rest of my tits are not, and it feels as though I might die of shame and it feels like my pussy is going to flood and it feels like you’ve been gone forever and it feels like my nipples are made of glass.

I look over at the old man’s table to see you sat with him, you’re talking and looking over at me; he nods and you smile. Butterflies go wild in my stomach as you walk back to me and tell me to go with you both into the beer garden.

I follow you to a quiet corner, out of sight, where you stand behind me holding my wrists in place behind my back. I lean into your touch, not knowing what is going to happen, but happy that I am doing it for you. The old man undoes the single button and pushes my shirt open, he takes a moment looking at my tits hanging out of my bra before rubbing his hands all over them. There’s no attempt by him to make it enjoyable for me as he gropes and squeezes without obstruction.

I might as well be a blow-up üsküdar escort doll for all the care he puts in. After he’s had a good feel he bends forward and lets his drool drip onto my nipple. I concentrate on your hands holding my wrist, and let this happen, trying to pretend it’s not turning me on.

The old man starts licking and my tits like a dog shown meat. After a few minutes of this he looks through me and gives you a nod. You use the hold on my wrists to force me onto my knees. Letting go, you instruct me “hold your tits up.” I present my tits to the old man who has taken his cock out and is masturbating furiously, as I was thinking that he isn’t going to last long his cum hits my tits, demeaning me just that bit further.

You tell me not to move as the old man turns and leaves. “Wow, what a slutty little thing you are, letting an old man use your tits like that. You must be very proud of yourself. Look at you, on your knees covered in another man’s spit and cum.”

You pause to look me up and down “I can’t use you when you’re like this, slut, you need cleaning”.

I stay on my knees as you take out your cock and start to piss over my tits, washing away all trace of the old man.

“Open wide” I open my mouth to swallow the last of your piss into me. After you’re done, you keep your cock there and I feel it start to get hard, grateful that you are looking after me like this, waiting for you to use me more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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