Ann: A Love Story Ch. 64

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Ann had just dropped a bombshell on me. Okay, maybe it wasn’t all that earth shattering, but it did have me speechless for a second. She was walking away, her perfect little laugh echoing in the hallway as she headed for the door to the pool of the hotel we were staying in. I took two quick, long strides to close the gap, and I caught her gently by the arm, making her turn around; her long brown curls flying in the air as she spun on her bare feet, her naughty smile catching me off guard.

“What do you mean you weren’t wearing swimsuits. I thought you just said you and Tina went swimming?” I said, pointing at the pool through the big window as I played the part of the clueless fiancée.

“We did.”

My mouth hit the floor. “In THERE?” I said, pointing again.

“Uh huh…why?”


“What’s the matter, Neil? Haven’t you ever gone skinny dipping before?”

“Yeah…in a pond, or a lake. Not in a public pool!”

“It’s not public.”

“Of COURSE it’s public. It’s in a HOTEL!”

Ann saw the look on my face, and she took my hands into hers, massaging the back of them with her thumbs as she looked into my eyes. “Neil, don’t be upset. It was just a little fun.”

“How do you know no one saw you? The entrance to the nightclub is right there,” I said as I pointed again.

“I don’t…but so what if they did? I’ve been naked from here to the California, Neil. I thought you liked showing me off.”

“Well, yeah…I love showing you off. But I like it a lot more when I’m with you when you do it, that’s all.”

“Then you should have woken up. Tina and I tried to wake you, but you were sound asleep.”

“You did?”

“Uh huh…I think you were just too exhausted baby. It’s been a long week.”

“Okay…so why did you go? How did that all come about?” I asked.

“You’re not upset?” Ann asked.

“No…I was a little stunned when you first said it…but you’re right. I’ve been making you flash all over the place, so what right would I have to be upset. That would be sending you mixed signals, and I don’t want to do that. I just never thought you’d do it without me. But I still want to know how you decided to do it.”

“Okay, first of all, I didn’t want to do it without you. I told you…we tried to wake you up. But it’s not like I did it alone…Tina was with me. And she dared me…so I had to.”

“She…dared you?”

Ann grinned and said, “You’re turned on by this, aren’t you?”

I tried to play down my true feelings about what she’d done, by saying, “I don’t know. You haven’t told me about it yet.”

“Hmm…well, you will be,” she said, letting go of my left hand, and tapping my cock through my shorts with the back of her right hand.

And with that, Ann started filling me in on what I’d missed while I was asleep. I already knew that Ann and Tina had been involved in a 69 when I’d drifted off. What I didn’t know was that evolved into the two of them getting out a dildo from the big box of sex toys we’d brought with us to the room. They moved towards the end of the bed so they wouldn’t wake me up, and they ended up making each other cum once using it. Ann talked to me about how different it felt to have another woman use a dildo on her, instead of her having to do it herself. And at one point, Tina wished out loud that Ann had gotten a strap on for a bachelorette gift.

“I laughed when she said that,” Ann said, “I told her the gifts we got were for couples, and at the time, I’d only been with Dana. Who knew I’d be doing what I’ve been doing this week…maybe I WILL have to get one.” And with that, Ann started laughing again. I smiled when I thought of Ann’s comment, but my mind was still on the activities of the previous night.

“So…how did you end up down here?” I asked, looking once again at the pool, which was being used by a couple of families. There was a sign on the door that stated the pool closed at midnight, and Ann had said that she and Tina had used it well after that.

“Tina. She was hot from cumming for like the tenth time, and she said she wanted to cool off. And that’s when she came up with the idea.”

“Really? To go swimming?”

“Well, she actually wanted to do something wild and crazy. The swimming kind of came up when we were talking about how to cool off.”

“I’m not following, Ann. How did…”

Ann sighed sweetly and said, “It was like this, baby. She and I were both really worked up. Last night was kind of emotional for both of us…just like I’m sure it was for you too. And after a while, we both got a little silly. Tina said she wanted to do something daring; she was kind of feeding off of all the things that we’ve done this week, and all the things that you two did together…and she wanted to feel a part of us.”

I shrugged my shoulders and nodded, saying, “Okay…I can see that.”

“Yeah…so, she said she wanted to go skinny dipping. I told her I was game if you went along, so we tried to wake you up to go with us, but you were out! That’s when she kaynarca escort called me chicken, and dared me to do it with her. And you know me…a dare is a dare,” she laughed. “So, we wrapped some towels around ourselves, and we came down here, and we found out it was locked. Tina wasn’t going to give up that easily, so I stayed put by the door, and she went down to the lobby and talked to Bobby at the front desk…and then next thing I know, he’s coming up the stairs with Tina, and he lets us in.”

“Just like that?”

“Yeah…he told us to keep the door locked, and the lights off, and to try and keep quiet. But other than that, he was cool with it.”

“Wow…so you just went in and went swimming?”

Ann grinned and said, “Well, I think you know we did a little more than that. Let’s just say that if the pool wasn’t heated before, it is now,” Ann said as she leaned up and kissed me on the cheek. “Now, come on…let’s go have our own fun.”

Ann didn’t give me any more details at the time, and I really didn’t need them. It was better to just let my imagination run wild with thoughts of Ann and Tina splashing and playing around, in and out of the water. Sometimes, NOT knowing can be a bigger turn on, and my cock was proof of that. I wasn’t totally hard, but I was over halfway there, and my bulge was pretty obvious.

Taking my hand, Ann led me through the door of the pool, keeping close to me to hide my manhood. I was glad as I looked around. I realized as soon as I got a better look inside that whatever fun we might have wouldn’t match what she and Tina had the night before. The two families that were using the pool would see to that. Ann was helping to hide my erection, and that put me a little more at ease, but I couldn’t help but be a little miffed at myself for not being able to wake up the night before to join her and Tina.

As I scanned the pool, I noticed Ann had been right. There was a large rack of big, fluffy white towels against the wall as we walked along the side of the pool. Ann grabbed one and handed it to me, which I used to cover my groin while she grabbed one for herself. Then she led me around a corner, to another door. One that had a large sign on it announcing the hot tub, and the rules for using it…the most important to me being the one stating the room was for guests 18 and older only, which meant at least we wouldn’t be dealing with kids.

There was a large window to the room that faced the pool area, but you couldn’t see anything though it. First, there was the four-foot high wall from the floor to the windows kept the tub itself out of view of anyone in the other room that wasn’t up next to the glass looking in. Add to that the fog on the other side of the glass caused by the steam and heat of the hot tub, and it was pretty much private. We couldn’t see much as we peered though the windows rounding the corner, other than the fuzzy outlines of the two people inside.

Ann opened the door, the wall of humid air hitting us like a wave. It was so hot in the room it was more like a sauna than just a hot tub. But it felt good. We stepped inside, like we were walking into a cloud, and it took a few seconds for our eyes to adjust. When they did, we were hit we a pleasant surprise.

“Hello Ann…hello Neil,” came a familiar female voice though the mist hanging over the tub. Well, it wasn’t that familiar, but it was one that we both recognized.

“HEY! Hi Penny…Hi Garrett! Happy Anniversary!” Ann yelled out with a smile. It was the couple we’d met the day before in the elevator. The ones Ann had given the sex toys to as sort of an Anniversary gift. “How are you this morning?”

“Aw…thanks for remembering. We’re great!” Penny answered with a warm, contented smile. Garrett gave me a little wave, along with the man nod. The smirk on his face told both Ann and me that he was not only having a good time…he had obviously had one the night before. It was a smile you couldn’t wipe off his face with a wet rag and some industrial solvent.

“How could we not remember, Penny? You just told us yesterday,” Ann giggled.

“Well, yeah. But we kind of said it in passing.”

I shook my head and said, “There’s no such thing with Ann, Penny. Once she meets someone, it’s like all that information goes into some kind of vault. She’s amazing when it comes to meeting people.”

Ann threw her towel on a chair, and turned around, giving them both a nice look at her hard, toned ass in her tiny bikini bottom. She took my towel from me, and winked, knowing she was going to expose my half-hard cock tenting in my shorts. And now, it was actually almost at three-quarters mast. Ann glanced down, and rubbed the back of her hand against my head a couple of times, out of view of the tub, before giving me a quick kiss on her cheek and turning around, still shielding me from the McCray’s.

“Do you mind if we join you, or is this a private party?” Ann asked, using her sexy bedroom voice.

Penny motioned for her to climb in, saying, “Please…we’d küçükyalı escort love for you to join us!”

The jets of the hot tub were on full blast, creating a white frothy foam that covered the top of the water. I could tell that Penny was wearing some kind of bikini, the royal blue halter top exposing some of her skin, as well as showing off a lot of her 38 inch D cup tits. She wasn’t as tan as Ann, but she had a nice base that went well with her frosted locks and her steel gray eyes.

Garrett was obviously bare chested, the water matting the gray curls of his chest hair. It matched the color around his temples, giving him that distinguished look against his darker brown hair and dark brown eyes. He had a farmer’s tan, his arms very dark from his fingertips to just above his elbows, his upper arms and chest white; a sign that he was outside a lot, but rarely without a shirt.

They were a very attractive couple in a lot of ways, the most important of which being their obvious love for one another. Penny was practically sitting on Garrett’s lap, her head on his shoulder as his right arm wrapped around her, his hand dangling into the water near her right breast, his fingers brushing against the outside of it lightly. He never bothered to stop, even though he knew we were looking. Penny had a dreamy look in her eyes…a well fucked look. And he had a sparkle in his as they relaxed in the oversized Jacuzzi.

Ann stepped away from me, dipping her foot into the water before stepping in. Garrett’s eyes locked onto her hot body as she lowered herself gracefully into the tub. And so did Penny’s, her mouth turned up in a little grin. Then Penny turned her gaze towards me as I moved toward the hot tub. I had tried to get there while Ann was getting in, so that I might be able to slip in beside her while they were still staring at her. But Ann had deliberately moved her body in a way that didn’t allow me to get in at the same time, so I had to wait until she was in and seated.

Knowing there was nothing I could do to change the circumstances, I decided to just let go of any embarrassment I might have had from being hard in front of them. Ann had wanted me to wear my white gym shorts for a reason, and while I was sure she had no idea that Penny and Garrett would be there, she didn’t seem to care that I would be showing off my growing cock in front of them. And if Ann didn’t care, then why should I?

I turned sideways as I was about to step down into the water, offering a profile of my entire body. That not only showed the mesh side panels of my shorts, and my bare skin underneath; it showed my cock in more definition as my shorts strained to keep it contained.

Penny let out a little giggle, and as I got down into the water, she said, “I think Neil’s as excited as you are about seeing Ann in that cute little bikini, Garrett. What do you think?”

Ann looked across the water at Penny sitting on the other side of the tub, and said, “Excuse me?”

Penny smiled and leaned forward a little. “I’m trusting that we can be honest with each other, right?”

Ann nodded. “Of course, Penny. Neil and I wouldn’t have it any other way, actually.”

“I was just saying that Garrett finds you REALLY attractive, that’s all. And it’s pretty obvious Neil feels the same way, based on that big tent pole he’s sporting.”

Ann smiled and said, “And just how do you know what Garrett’s thinking? I didn’t hear him say anything.”

“I know it…because I could feel him react when he was looking at you,” Penny smirked.

It was then that we noticed Penny’s left hand was under the water, and her arm was moving up and down over Garrett’s lap in a way that made it obvious she was doing something very personal to her husband.

Ann started to stand up, saying, “Wow…it looks like we DID interrupt your party. We’ll let you two have some…”

Penny panicked a little. “NO…please don’t go!”

Ann looked at me, and I just smiled and nodded, and Ann sat back down. Still, she felt compelled to ask, “Are you…sure?”

“Yes…unless I was totally wrong about the two of you.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” I asked.

I guess since I spoke, Garrett felt the need to join the conversation, laughing as he said, “Penny seems to think you two are swingers. I told her she was wrong, but she doesn’t always listen to me.”

“I listen…sometimes,” she said as she turned toward him a little and smiled.

“Not when you don’t want to think you’re wrong.”

Penny looked at me and Ann. “Am I?”

Oddly enough, Ann looked at me, and asked, “Are we?”

I laughed out loud. “You know the answer to that, babe.”

Shrugging, she looked back at the happy couple across from us and said, “I guess not, Penny. Sorry.”

Penny had a shocked look on her face, but she recovered quickly, saying, “Oh…don’t be. I’m sorry I assumed that. I don’t…”

“You were close, though,” I said, offering a little grin, hoping to lighten the mood.

Garrett sancaktepe escort chuckled, “Close? How can you be close to being swingers? Are you sitting on the fence, trying to decide?”

I smiled. “No…it’s nothing like that. We’re not swingers. And we’re not going to be. But, we do fool around a little.”

“What’s the difference?” Penny asked.

Ann took that question as an opportunity to tell Penny and Garrett about our relationship. It was the express version, but Ann had a way of talking to people and conveying a ton of information in a very succinct fashion. It was like a verbal edition of Cliff’s Notes. She gave them all the highlights, and the pertinent details, without boring them with mundane things that didn’t really matter.

Penny and Garrett listened intently, asking questions along the way. And Ann answered all of them, even the ones that were extremely personal. That wasn’t a surprise, considering that we were already talking about sex, and Ann had a thing about being frank and honest with people. But it was still hard to believe that Ann was talking about OUR sex life sometimes.

In a way, when Ann told her stories, I kind of disassociated myself from them. It was like she was just telling something she’d heard, or she was describing the scene from a movie. Okay, an X-rated movie…but it still seemed like a movie. But then she would say something that hit me a certain way, or Penny or Garrett would ask her a question, and that would remind me it was US that she was really talking about. And that would bring me back to the moment, and I would realize just how special my life had become because of Ann.

I could tell that Penny was getting more aroused by the moment, and while I couldn’t see Ann’s expression based on how she was sitting up against my body, I knew she was feeling the same way. In fact, we all were. Penny had been slowly stroking her husband’s cock under the water, and mine had been fully hard since Ann had made me put my right leg up on the bench seat along the wall of the tub so she could sit between my legs with her back against the right side of my chest. That made her tight little ass press up against my shaft, pinning it against my body.

I had my arms around Ann’s midsection, pulling her to me to keep her in place while we enjoyed the steamy hot water. Penny looked at us, and she leaned back onto Garrett a little, making him grab her in much the same way. The dreamy look in her eyes made it look like she was melting into the water. They were half closed, and her little smile almost made ME melt.

“So…how big are you, Neil?” Penny asked out of the blue.

Ann giggled when Garrett said, “I really wish you’d learn to say what’s on your mind Penny. It’s so hard to read between the lines with you.”

“It’s okay, I don’t mind,” I said with a grin. “I’m a little over 6 feet, and I weigh about 190.”

Penny smirked again and said, “I was thinking more about where it counts,” her eyes shifting towards the water and my crotch, not that she could see through the foam, or Ann’s body. But both Ann and I knew why she was looking there.

I just shrugged and said, “I don’t know about that…I’ve never had my IQ measured. But I don’t seem to have any problems. I know my colors, and can put sentences together and stuff.”

Penny snickered, and said, “I’m sorry…it’s none of my business. I was just curious.”

Ann said, “So am I. How did those presents we gave you work out?” Of course, she was referring to the butt plug Penny had selected when Ann offered her a choice of a sex toy from our big box of them, as well as the egg vibrator.

“I don’t know…let me check,” Penny said. Then she wiggled her body around a little, and said, “Hmm…still feels pretty full back there.”

“You have them in right now?” Ann laughed.

“Not the vibrator…we haven’t tried that yet. But I have the plug in…Garrett won’t let me take it out.”

“You won’t?” I said, grinning at him.

“She wanted to do some things that were more daring…so I told her she needed to wear it down here. But I told her it was no big deal because it matches her outfit. Show them honey,” he said with a grin.

“Are you serious?”

“Very,” he said, nudging her with his shoulder.

“What’s going on?” Ann asked, looking at Penny.

“Funny you should ask. It feels a little like we just had this conversation in reverse. You were just telling us how Neil has kind of been in charge this week? Well, I gave Garrett the keys to me last night.”

“The keys…to…you?”

“In a way…yeah. I told him last night that I wanted to do something out of character for a soon to be 38-year-old mother. I’m a stay at home Mom, Ann. My whole life is my kids…and I love them. But sometimes, I lose me. And running the house, I feel like all I do is decide things…kind of like what you were saying about always making decisions, and wanting Neil to do that for you. I know it’s not like I’m in charge of some multi million-dollar company, but…”

Garrett interrupted her, saying “Honey, I’ve told you before…if I had to pay you for all the things you do, and all the decisions you make every day to keep us healthy and happy…you’d make more than the guys in charge of those kinds of companies.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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