Annabelle Gets Caught Ch. 01

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It was one of those improbable occurrences that have a way of suddenly altering your life; something that you would look back on ten years later and wonder about the odds of it ever happening.

My wife Annabelle was taking advantage of one of my rare long business trips to visit her family in Denver. I’d spent the last week flying from city to city to visit branch offices and I still had a week to go. I’d caught a flight out of St. Louis for Salt Lake City and just west of Kansas City the pilot announced that a mechanical problem was going to force him to divert to Denver. Once on the ground in Denver I found that there were no flights to Salt Lake until the next day. The airline I was flying put all the passengers from my flight up at local hotels and after I had checked into my room I decided to go see my wife and in-laws. I rented a car and then headed for the little town of Castle Rock.

Castle Rock is about eighteen miles south of Denver right on Interstate 25. I debated calling ahead, but decided that it would be fun to surprise Annabelle . I turned onto my sister in-laws street just in time to see Annabelle getting into a car sitting at the curb in front of Angie’s house. I was just getting ready to honk the horn and get her attention when I saw her slide across the seat and kiss the driver of the car. It was a lingering kiss and then the car started up and pulled away from the curb.

Over the course of my ten-year marriage to Annabelle there had been a time or two when I had thought that she might have played around on me, but I was never able to catch her at it. Since our relationship seemed to be a pretty strong one I never really dug too deep. Annabelle did visit her family three or four times a year and I guessed that I’d just seen one of the reasons why. I gave them a couple of blocks head start and then I followed along behind them. They drove to an apartment house, pulled into the parking lot and then the driver honked his horn. Almost immediately a man came out of an apartment on the second floor and hurried down to the car and Annabelle slid over to the middle to let him in. Once in the car the man put his arms around my wife and they kissed.

To say that I was stunned and surprised would be the classic understatement. The man was black! As they pulled out of the parking lot they turned left and headed back toward where I was parked and for the first time I saw the driver and he was also black. I was totally confused. At home Annabelle was the biggest racist that you could ever imagine. Latinos were “fucking spics” and blacks were “lazy niggers.” Once, in a super market she had dropped her purse and a black man had picked it up and handed it to her. She had thanked him and as soon as he had moved off she had opened the purse, removed a hankie and then wiped the purse down to get his touch off of it. That very same Annabelle had just kissed two black men in the space of fifteen minutes. Unfucking believable!

I kept my lights off and made a u-turn to follow and once they got a couple of blocks ahead I turned on my lights and tagged along. I followed them up I-25 to Denver and they got off at the Colfax exit and headed west. About five minutes later they pulled into the parking lot of a bar, got out of the car and went inside. It was decision time. Did I go in or wait for them to come back out and then follow along to see what other surprises Annabelle had for me.. I didn’t know the layout of the bar so I had no idea of whether or not I could go in and not be seen by Annabelle. With my luck she would be sitting just inside the door and see me as soon as I walked in. She would be busted, but then so would I. I decided that I needed to know more so I parked where I could watch their car and I waited.

It was a long wait. Almost three hours went by before Annabelle came out of the bar with the two guys only the group had grown in size. Now she had six guys with her, all black. The seven of them stood there talking for several minutes and then Annabelle, the two guys she had fikirtepe escort come with and a third guy got in the car while the other three got into a nearby car. Annabelle had gotten in the back seat with one of the black men and as they car pulled out of the parking lot she and the man were already making out. The other car pulled out and fell in behind them and then all three of us headed east on Colfax until we hit the entrance ramp for I-25 and then all three cars turned south toward Castle Rock.

I moved into the left lane so I could keep an eye on the car Annabelle was in. We had been on I-25 for less than two minutes when I saw Annabelle’s head disappear from sight. When it did not immediately reappear I knew what it meant and it really pissed me off. Annabelle would occasionally give me head, but not until I had begged for it for a couple of days and here she was going down on some black dude and he didn’t even have to push her head down to make it happen. Five or so minutes later Annabelle’s head came back up and a minute later the guy on the passenger side of the front seat climbed over the back of the seat and a minute later Annabelle’s head went down again. Another five minutes went by and her head came up again and I saw her wipe her mouth with the back of her hand and if I hadn’t already been pissed that action would have set me off like a rocket. I had to beg her for head and she would never, ever let me cum in her mouth, but it was damned sure obvious to me that she hadn’t put the same restrictions on these guys.

And my darling Annabelle was not done surprising me. She turned toward the first dude she had sucked off and there was a bunch of movement in the back seat as positions changed and one man disappeared from view. Annabelle’s head went down again and suddenly the second man was sideways to me and seemed to be moving jerkily. I thought that I knew what that meant and I put on a burst of speed to pass them and I glanced over as I went by and confirmed my guess – Annabelle had her head in the lap of one man who was slouched back against the passenger side door while the other man was fucking her from behind. My wife — the woman who got upset if I kissed her in public — was giving a blow job and getting fucked as she flew down I-25 at seventy-five miles an hour.

I guessed that they were headed back to Castle Rock so I shot on ahead and got off at exit 182 and pulled into the Texaco station and parked where I could see which way they turned when they got off the Interstate. A left to the apartment where they had picked the guy up or right to wherever. A couple of minutes later the two-car convoy came up the exit ramp and they turned right and I fell in behind them. Pretty soon it was obvious that they were going to my sister in laws place. That made no sense because my sister in-law and her husband were bigger bigots than Annabelle was, but then I had to reconsider that since it was now obvious that Annabelle wasn’t that much of a racist after all. For all I knew I might be wrong about Angie and Tom also and there was also the possibility that Tom and Angie weren’t home.

When the two cars pulled onto Angie’s street I pulled over and parked on the side street and got out to walk the rest of the way. I turned the corner just in time to see the six of them go into Angie’s house. I was lucky that the closest street lamp was half a block away and I was hoping that my luck would hold and I would be able to see into the windows of the house. The house was a single story ranch so all I needed was for the blinds to not be fully closed in whichever room they ended up in. Luck was both with me and against me. I checked the two bedrooms first, but found that the blinds were closed up tight. They were partially open in the living room and that is where I found the six of them. I saw Annabelle put a CD into the entertainment center and when the music started Annabelle started doing a strip tease for the five men in the room. By the time Annabelle was down to her thong panty gebze escort the five men had there clothes off and had begun stroking their cocks.

Then my next surprise came into the room. Angie walked in carrying a tray with seven beers on it and the five guys each took one. Then Angie and Annabelle had a little discussion, the outcome of which was Angie going over to the black guy sitting in the easy chair and kneeling down in front of him while Annabelle went over to the three blacks sitting on the couch. Angie’s head dipped down into the lap of the man sitting in the easy chair and one of the black men moved in behind her, lifted her skirt and started to fuck her from behind. Over on the couch Annabelle was sucking off the man sitting in the center while she stroked the dicks of the men sitting on either side of him. Figuring that the two women would take a little time working on the five cocks I went looking for a way into the house.

First I checked the garage to see if Tom’s car was there and it wasn’t. Next I went and checked all the doors and windows and found that they were all locked, but the sliding patio door was the same as I had on my house and I knew how to slip the lock on it with a credit card. It took a minute of jiggling, but I finally got it open. I listened to see if anyone might have heard anything, but all I heard was the men in the living room egging the women on. I kicked off my shoes and moved quietly into the house and made my way to the two bedrooms and fixed the blinds so I could see in and then I snuck back out of the house.

In the living room Angie’s head was still bobbing up and down in the one man’s lap while the other was pounding her from the back. Over on the couch Annabelle had moved from the man in the center and was now sucking on the man to her left. The one to the right of center was watching what was going on with Angie and he must have thought it was a good idea because he got up and moved behind Annabelle and started taking her from the back. This action continued for about another five minutes or so and then I saw white stuff dribble out of the corner of Annabelle’s mouth. She swallowed all that the man pumped into her mouth and I noticed that he didn’t have to hold her head down with his hands while she did it. When Annabelle was done sucking on the man’s cock she said something and everybody got up and moved to the bedrooms. Angie and her two went to one bedroom and Annabelle and her three went to the other.

The next two hours was as repetitious as it was eye opening. Annabelle was fucked by all five men, she sucked off all five men and she let three of them fuck her butt hole — something else she had never let me do. I can only assume that over in the other bedroom Angie was doing the same things and I couldn’t help but wonder if her husband knew or if he was as big a dunce as I had been.

I’d seen enough and I was getting ready to leave when Annabelle and three of the blacks did something that rocked me to my core. I watched as the three men all took her at the same time. I’m not going to lie and say that all I felt was anger and disgust, although there was plenty of that, but I was also turned on by what I saw. Annabelle, and yes, Angie too, surrounded by all that black flesh was an extremely erotic sight and I wished that I’d had a camera to capture the scene. But I didn’t so memory would just have to serve — at least until I could get a private detective on the case and he could get me some pictures.

As I drove back to my hotel I made a mental list of what I was going to have to do. The marriage was over. It wouldn’t be ended for a while, but it was none the less over. I would begin quietly moving assets and making arrangements to insure that when the time came Annabelle would be left with nothing but the clothes on her back, but until then I had plans for my unfaithful wife.

The business trip over I called home to let Annabelle know that I was at the airport and would be home within the hour. Annabelle giggled içerenköy escort and said, “It has been a while sweetie. You want me to fix dinner or would you rather have something else?”

The memory of her and her black lovers immediately came to mind and my cock twitched and so I said, “I believe that I will go with the something else.”

She met me at the door wearing a shear black teddy and high heels, threw her arms around me and then gave me a very passionate kiss. “God baby, but I have missed you.”

I took her by the hand and led her into the living room and then I sat down and put my briefcase on the floor next to my feet. I leaned back, unzipped myself and took out my erection and said, “Show me how much you missed me honey, come on over here and suck my cock until I cum down your throat.”

I saw the anger register on her face and she said, “What is wrong with you?”

“Nothing wrong with me Annabelle. I just want my dick sucked and then I’m going to take you upstairs and fuck that tight little asshole of yours.”

“What in the hell has gotten into you? Where do you get off coming home and acting like this?”

“It isn’t what has gotten into me Annabelle, it is what has been getting into you. Why don’t you just imagine that I’m a black man and sitting on either side of me is another black man and get over here, get on your knees and suck my cock.”

I saw her face go pale as the implications of what I’d just said sank in.

“Come on Annabelle, it hasn’t been that long ago, surely you haven’t forgotten how.”

“I don’t know what you are talking about.”

“Oh come on Annabelle, you are much too young to have Alzheimer’s. Why don’t I see if I can refresh your memory.”

I opened my briefcase and took out a copy of the company’s quarterly report.

“This is the report of the private detective I hired. I’m just going to summarize — I’ll skip dates, times and addresses and the like — and just get to the meat of the report” and then I recapped everything that I saw that night.

“He couldn’t get video of you sucking cock and being fucked as you roared down I-25 at seventy-five miles an hour because it was too dark, but Angie’s house was pretty well lit and he got some great video of you and the three blacks on the couch and of Angie getting it put to her in two holes over at the easy chair. The video of you in the bedroom with the three cocks buried in you at the same time puts most professionally done porno’s to shame. Does Tom know, or will receiving a copy of the report and the video shock him?”

“Oh my god, you have video of it all?”

“Video and pictures.”

“You can’t tell Tom. You can’t let him know.”

“Why not?”

“Why would you want to hurt Angie? She’s never done anything to you.”

“Sure she has. She has aided and abetted you in your adulterous behavior. She has helped you stab me in the back. No matter. Here’s the deal Annabelle. Even though you have been shortchanging me in the bedroom all these years you haven’t been all that bad a wife. I’m too old to want to start over with someone else. I’m comfortable with you and I don’t see any reason to make a change. Obviously what I know now has changed my feelings some toward you, but I believe that we can come to an accommodation. We will stay married and nothing much will change except in the bedroom. You will be the slut for me that you were for those five black men. That’s the price you will have to pay for my not sending a copy of the report and the tape to Tom. On the up side you can fuck all the niggers you want when you go back to visit Angie, just don’t do it around here. Now, are you going to get on your knees and suck my cock or not?”

Annabelle looked down at the floor for a second or two and then she sank to her knees in front of me. As I felt her hot breath on my cock I was hoping that she wouldn’t be scared off by the revelations that I knew what she had been doing. I wanted her to go back to visit Angie and spread her legs for other men — black or white — so that the detective I was going to hire could get the goods on her. Until then I would use her to satisfy my sexual needs and I might even let a customer or two have a taste.

What the hell, she was a whore, right?

To be continued…

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