Another Client For Lisa

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To understand this story, you need to read the previous two stories of Lisa. They are ‘My First One Night Stand’ and ‘Lisa Is Offered a Senior Position’.

Once again, my thanks go to The Big Bopper. Without his help, I would not be writing. XXXXX


Lisa is my fantasy girl, but I bet there are lots of girls out there, who would like to be like her.

With all the new clients that I had brought into the insurance business for my boss, he had to bring in a secretary to help me … I was rushed off my feet. With such an extension to my portfolio, my boss Greg, and his wife Pam, were extremely happy with me. And I have to say myself, I was happy with all the commission I was receiving from my contacts. Mainly John and Tim, who I still went to see around every three months, they always had a new customer for me, and usually something ‘else’, which I enjoyed very much.

It was one afternoon, and I was talking to my husband on the phone, when Sam, (Samantha, my girl Friday) rushed into my office, “Lisa, it’s Tim on the phone, he has a new contact for you to chase up, he needs to speak to you urgently.”

I quickly dispensed with my husband, telling him, “Sorry love, work calls, I will see you later.” I put down the phone, wondering what Tim could have for me?

Picking up on the other line, I heard Tim’s sweet sexy voice, ‘Hi sexy, what are you up to?”

I felt my body start to tingle immediately, thinking of the time I first met Tim. He still gets to me, thinking of my first big black cock. God, I did enjoy it, and still do from time to time. Sometimes when my husband is fucking me, he asks what it was like, to get fucked with a big black cock. It drives him wild when I tell him. I think that one day, he will ask to watch me getting fucked.

I just don’t know what I would do if he does ask me, it might be too much for him, seeing me taking a huge black cock, and how much I love it. Would it be the same when he tries to fuck me, as he is average size, not like John and Tim? It made me realise how different big cocks felt, they get into places that my husband could never dream to get, as much as I loved him.

“Hi Tim, how’s it hanging?” I said laughing, for it is a secret greeting we have for each other.

He laughed with me, “Hey Lisa, if you were here, it would not be hanging for long, that’s for sure. Where else could I meet a tall blonde girl, with a great body, who is very nice to know?”

For I am 5-9, 34c — 24 — 35, a true blonde, hair past my shoulders, fit, and slim, with what I have been told is a killer bum. And I still enjoy sex, even after having two children, for I am proud of my body. I like to keep in shape, and my husband approves of that.

My body was starting to tingle, feeling my pussy beginning to moisten, thinking of me laying under Tim, my legs wrapped around his hips, my arms around his neck, hanging onto him, with his big black body on mine, as he pushed that huge black cock into me. ‘Oh God, I was sure I could still feel it inside me,’ I was open, and sore, for days afterwards. I wondered if my husband noticed how loose I was? He must have noticed, ‘I wonder if that is why he likes to ask me about a big black cock?’

We both laughed together, with me saying “I would love that Tim, I still get turned on thinking about you.”

“So do I Lisa, you were fantastic, you will have to try and get down this way more often, three months is too long, and no one comes near you. Why don’t you come and work for me, you know that would be great.”

“Yes maybe so, but this way, we both have something to look forward to. You never know we might get fed up with each other.”

“Yeah, guess you could be right, but I think it would be quite a while for me to get fed up with you,” Tim replied. “Anyway, I have a guy, Tony is his name, who is interested for some insurance. He is a great friend of mine, it could be big, he owns a chain of gyms. He used to play football when he was younger, he had to give it up, his shoulder got busted. He is okay, I have told him you are very good,” he said laughing.

“Hey I hope you have not told him about us,” I said, feeling annoyed.

“God no Lisa, you are my secret, no one knows about us. I would not do that to you, I know you are happily married, I would not want to spoil our friendship, that means a lot to me.”

‘Thank God for that,’ I thought, I did not want everyone to think I would let them fuck me, just to get their contract. I have done it twice, and that is enough.

“Okay, do you want me to email all the details? I will ring him and tell him you are interested, then it’s all up to you, I know you will do the right thing, so go for it, and have fun,” Tim said laughing.

We chatted for about another 15 minutes, then just as we finished, Sam came in, “You just got an email, it’s about a client, wants to know if you can call him, when you can.”

I looked at the address of where Goldie’s Gyms main office was, it was about a 5 hour flight away. I would have to fly there to see kaynarca escort him, looks like I might have to stay a few days. Then I looked him up further, there were 15 gyms around the state, ‘God, that would be a major contract if I can land it.’

I ran around to see Pam, one of the owners. Her husband Greg was away doing the rounds of his portfolio.

“Pam, I have just had one of my friends send me this email, looking for some insurance, it looks like it could be big,” I said. “There are 15 gyms he wants covered, it looks like I might have to stay for a few days, to sort it out.”

“Lisa that’s ok, you know you can do whatever you want to land the deals, you have a free rein.” When Pam looked at the email, she was impressed, “Wow this is big, have you heard of his gyms? He is big there, you never know what else he might get you to do while you are there, why don’t you see if John wants to go with you, spend the week there, just get it.”

I could see the dollar signs going through Pam’s eyes, but I also thought of the commission that I would get if I did land it.

“Lisa, give me a minute, let me ring Greg.” With that, she picked up her phone, “Shit,” she said “it’s diverting to message-bank.” She left a message for him to ring her back ASAP. “Lisa, I will leave it all up to you, while I wait for Greg to contact me.”

“Yes no problem, I will get back to you.” With that, I went back to my office, calling Sam in with me. “Okay Sam, let’s get the ball rolling, this looks like we could hit the jackpot with this contract. If we do, you will get a nice commission too.”

Sam smiled at me, “Hey, that would be nice Lisa, I might be able to take a holiday, or something.”

We got together, sending off a return email, saying thanks for the offer for this work, and that I would ring them in 10 minutes, I just wanted to get my head around this.

Just as I was about to pick up the phone, Pam ran in, closing the door behind her, sitting down all breathless, “Lisa, Greg has just got back to me. We have a proposition for you, we have decided that with all the contracts you have brought in, since you have started this job, we would like to offer you a partnership. You don’t have to answer now, talk it over with John, and whoever you wish to see, then we will have the papers drawn up, and you can decide,” Pam said laughing.

I knew that this was likely to happen, because Greg had mentioned it before, that they were thinking about it. “Thanks Pam, that would be good, what if I concentrate on this contract for now, then see how it goes.”

“Lisa, I don’t think it would make much difference, we would like you alongside us anyway, so don’t worry, the position is yours.”

‘Thanks Pam, you have gave me a boost, now I have to get this contract,” I said laughing.

“I don’t think we have to worry on that score Lisa, you have been tremendous for us, since we took you on, doing the selling. We were going to surprise you on your birthday, about the partnership, but it is yours, whatever happens.”

I laughed, “Well I had better get the wheels in motion, and find out what he wants. I will call him now, so I will let you know where we are going.”

I picked up the phone, calling the number on the email, “Hi, is Tony there please, this is Lisa from Apex insurance, I think he is waiting for my call.”

“Hi Lisa, yes he is waiting, but he has had to go out, I will call him on his mobile, then he can get back to you. But here is his number just in case he forgets, which is normal for him,” she said laughing, “oh by the way, my name is Kate, if you have any problems call me right away, and I will see what I can do, okay.”

“Thanks Kate, I will look forward to meeting you,” she sounded so pleasant, and helpful, let’s hope we get along okay. She sounded around my age, 34.

It was around 7pm when my phone eventually rang, I was sitting talking to my husband telling him about this contract, with what Pam had offered me. He was all for it, even though I would now be earning more than him, he said I deserved it anyway.

I picked up my phone, “Hi, Lisa speaking.”

“Hi, sorry if I am a bit late, it’s Tony here, you called my office earlier, Kate rang me to remind me to call you.”

“That’s okay,” I replied, as my husband looked at me. I whispered, “it’s that guy I just told you about,” he nodded his head in acknowledgement.

“Do you mind if I go to my office and get your details, I will call you back in 1 minute, is that okay?”

“Yes no problem.” He hung up and I walked through my home to where my husband and I have a room set up as a home office. I sat down switching on my laptop, as my husband came in, “Lisa why you don’t switch him on speaker, then you can use both hands, if you need to.”

I smiled at my husband, saying “good idea,” as I called Tony back on his phone. “Hi it’s Lisa,” I said as Tony answered, “what I was calling about was when I can get up there to meet you, and see what you want?”

“When do you want to küçükyalı escort get here?”

“What is good for you? I can arrange to get there anytime that suits you.”

“Well if you want, how about next Thursday? I will have some of the managers here, with their wives, for our 3 monthly get-together, so they can tell you what they want. And if you want, you can stay on and join us Saturday, when we have all the wives here for a barbecue, get to know everybody.”

Today was Friday, so that would give me a few days to get something together.

I looked at my husband, “I might have to take a rain check on that, I am married, and I don’t know what my husband might have planned.”

“Hey, why not bring him along too, if you can, then you will not feel out of place.”

I looked across at my husband and he nodded okay.

“Okay, we will look forward to meeting you, I will just make some arrangements for us, if you don’t mind me asking, where is there a nice place to stay?”

“Why, right here with us,” Tony said laughing, I have plenty of rooms, you can pick from 10, how does that sound?”

“I don’t want to put you out,” I said.

“Hell no, if you don’t stay here, I will feel offended, you sound like my kinda people, I have all my managers. Oh, don’t forget your swimming stuff, I have a pool, if you want to swim.”

“That sounds good, I love swimming,” I replied. “Okay Tony, we will look forward to meeting you, next Thursday, I will email my flight.”

“That will be good, and there will be someone to pick you up, see you then.”

I looked at my husband, “Hey, it sounds as if you already have the contract,” he said, “it will be nice to have four days to ourselves, you never know what might happen.” He said it with a glint in his eye, for I knew he wanted me to have sex with another man, and even watch me.

I smiled at him, “I know what you are thinking, dear, but it will never happen, this is business.”

“You will need to do some shopping, buy yourself some new dresses, and swim suit, we can do that Saturday,” he said smiling.

“So what have you got planned for me?” I asked him, with a smile.

“Well he seemed a nice guy, so you never no what might happen.”

I looked at him, “I am going there on business so nothing will happen.”

He looked at me, with a smile on his face, “Well you know what we have been talking about.”

“No, it’s what you have been talking about, wanting to watch me get fucked by another guy, well it won’t happen.”

“Let’s just see how it goes, please,” he asked

I was starting to think that I have done the wrong thing by asking him if he wanted to go with me, after what he done last time putting thong’s in my case, so I would have to wear them instead of my panties.

“Okay,” I said just to keep him happy, at the same time seeing his cock starting to get hard.

“God, you are getting turned on just thinking about it,” I said pointing to his pants. I could see the outline of his erection, as he looked down at it, as he held it in his hands.

I could not believe he would get so hard just thinking about it. But at the same time I felt a bit of moisture in my pussy, thinking of what he would say, if he had seen Tim inside me with that huge black cock, as I lay underneath him, hanging onto his neck, getting well and truly fucked.

Thinking of that got me aroused, so I walked over to my husband, swaying my hips, “so you want to watch me get fucked?” I asked.

“Oh God yes,” he cried, “I would love to see it, more so if it was a huge black cock, like what we talk about.”

I felt his cock jerk as he said that, I opened his shirt, sliding it off his shoulders, as he took off my top, leaving me with my small black bra on. “So you want to watch me getting fucked, by a huge black cock,” I said smiling at him, feeling his cock hardening more, seeing some pre cum on his slacks.

“You want to watch him stand there, with his huge black cock, sticking out, while I suck him, if I can. He’s very thick, I don’t know if it will fit into my mouth, it’s so big, and thick, I don’t think I will be able to take him inside me, he’s huge.”

With that my husband groaned, “Oh God Lisa, yes yes, I want to see you with him, what’s his name? What does it feel like? Getting that huge black cock pushed into you?” he cried.

We had done this fantasy before, what my husband did not know was I had actually done it, with Tim, but it turned my husband on so much, I went along with it. But at the same time, it did turn me on too, thinking of feeling Tim’s huge cock entering me.

“Oh God, it’s so nice getting filled so much, with his big black cock. When I first touched it, I was a bit scared, it was too thick, so hard, like a bar of iron. I knew when I first met Rick,” it was just a name I thought of, “do you remember when we went to that party, you had at work, when some of the big managers from overseas, came here? And you introduced them to me, there was this big black guy, who sancaktepe escort was manager on the West Indies group, he used to play football till he damaged his knee, then had to give it up.”

“Oh God yes, I remember, “I looked for you but could not find you for over an hour.”

“Yes, that is why. I was getting fucked by Rick upstairs.”

“How did you get to meet him?”

‘I don’t think you noticed, he held my hand a bit longer, and looked into my eyes as he gave it a little squeeze. Well he came over to me later, asked me for a dance, so I did, he was a great dancer, we got on well together. You know I love the salsa, and rumba, well so did he, then later he came and asked me again, I think I had drunk more than I usually do.

“Anyway we had a couple of dances, then the music slowed down, he put his arms around me, I put mine on his shoulders, looking at him as we talked, i could feel his cock rubbing on me, it felt big then.”

“Well while we were dancing, he complimented me, saying I must be the most beautiful lady here.”

“Hey, you were, I remember what you had on, that little black dress, just above your knees, with the thin straps over your shoulders, oh my God!! Yes, no bra, and a little black string thong, oh God.”

I could feel my husband getting harder, if he could, but he felt like a rod of steel, he was so hard, so I got him to take off his slacks, and boxers, freeing his hard cock. Taking him into my hand again, it felt as if he would cum very quick, there was some pre-cum, starting to leak out of the head.

I looked up to his eyes, “God, you are getting really turned on by this,” as I started to stroke him, making him groan, and fuck into my hand.

“Oh God yes Lisa, you don’t know how much I would have loved to see you taking his big black cock. I can just picture it, your white body, with your blonde hair, laying underneath him, as he fucked you. Watching that big black cock, fucking you, with your legs wrapped around him, pulling him into you, as much as you can.”

With that, I felt my husband’s cock start to jerk as he shot all his cum over my hands, dripping onto the carpet.

“Oh fuck Lisa, I could not help that,” he confessed as I held his still hard cock, watching his cum still dripping out.

I pulled his slacks under his cock, thinking ‘they can be washed anyway.’ We both burst out laughing.

He looked at me “Hey, let’s go to bed, then you can finish telling me.”

I looked at his still hard cock, laughing with him, “God, I have never known you to be this hard for a long time.”

He smiled at me, “Yes, now you know why I would love to see you getting fucked.”

“Yes, maybe so, but what if I enjoyed it, and wanted more, could you cope with that?”

“To tell you the truth Lisa, I don’t really know, all I know is that I would love to watch you.”

I looked at him, seeing the want in his eyes, thinking ‘I wonder if I should tell him about what I have done in the past, to get where we are? What would he do?’

As we walked up the stairs, something inside me said ‘don’t say anything, let’s just see how things go’ for I don’t think I would like to have my husband watch me getting fucked by another guy, but my mind said ‘oh yes you would.’

We got to our bedroom, I took off my skirt, letting him see me, in my tiny string blue thong, I still had my 3 inch high heeled shoes on, making my bum look so tight, which it was.

“Oh fuck Lisa, just look at you, you are so fucking hot, no wonder all the guys hit on you, I would love to see Rick’s big black cock fucking you.”

Looking at his still so hard cock, and the lust in his face, I knew he would not be happy till he had seen me getting fucked, with a big black cock, but the thought kept coming into my mind ‘would he be able to handle it?’ I knew I would enjoy it, for I loved the full feeling that both John’s, and Tim’s, cocks gave. What would he say, when he watched me cumming, with a big black inside me? Looking at how his cock was so hard, as we talked about it, I just knew he wanted it to happen.

He came up behind me, as we stood there looking into the big floor mirrors we have on the wardrobe doors, watching him kiss my neck, as his hands came up to hold my so hard breasts.

“So Lisa, what did he do to you then?” he asked.

“We just danced, close, he kept saying so many nice things to me, then he kissed my neck, you know how that gets to me, He was asking me what that perfume was I had on?”

“Yes I remember, it is my favourite, BLV, BLVGARI, that French one, it’s so sexy.”

“Yes, he kept kissing my neck, saying how sexy it was.”

I could feel myself starting to respond to him, feeling my pussy tingle, with some of my juices. My nipples were getting so hard, he must have noticed what he was doing to me.

“I was looking for you, wishing you would come, he had got me so horny dancing, i needed you to fuck me.”

“I am sorry but I could not see you, you must have been on the dark side of the dance floor. Anyway my boss had left me to talk to them.”

I continued with my story, “He kept gently kissing my neck, then my ears, holding me close. I leaned back going to push his chest away, then I felt it, this hard thing pushing onto my stomach, it seemed too big to be a cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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