Dee and Mindy and Me

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When the cardiologist released me to resume normal activity, I was really ready to get out of the house and away from home for a while. So when Mindy called and said she was flying in to Little Rock and Dee wanted us to meet her there, I was all for it.

Maybe I should explain that Mindy is Dee’s adopted daughter. She was abandoned as an infant and Dee just couldn’t stand knowing that a baby only days old didn’t have a mother. So, she went to the hospital and volunteered to hold and rock and feed the little girl and it was Dee who named her Mindy. Mindy is in her late 30’s now and Dee who is near 60 is the only mother she’s ever known.

You also would need to know that Mindy is lesbian. She had a few dates with boys in her upper school years but never really got into anything serious with them. Dee suspected that Mindy was lesbian since she didn’t pay much attention to her ‘daddy’ when they were all in bed together, but she did put a lot into sharing with Dee. Oh she would suck him, and fuck him too, but he and Dee both could tell it wasn’t her real interest. She loved licking and fingering Dee and that’s when she would climax.

Well, we picked up Mindy at the Little Rock airport about 1:30 in the afternoon and had lunch at the airport then went to Dee’s house in Sherwood.. It took us a while to get Dee’s house aired out as she has been staying with Bobby and me since my heart attack. So all the windows needed opening and fans turned on. We all stripped and pitched in to get that done and it was a little comical to see us raising windows while hiding our nude bodies behind the window frame or a curtain.

Our first ‘session’ didn’t last very long. We were all a bit sweaty, it was one of November’s warmer days, but we were also ready to have some fun so Mindy called her aunt “Jay” (that’s me folks) to check out her new toy.

It’s a 24 inch long flesh-colored rubber dildo in a sort of V shape with a big bulb at the bottom of the V and a shape like a dick on each arm of the V.

Of course we had to try it out, so all 3 of us got into a chain on the bed licking each other up to get us wet. When I was ready Mindy mouthed both ends of the dildo and she fed one end into me and then sat herself on the other end.

There we were facing each other on the bed, her legs over mine, hot as could be, mauling each other’s tits, kissing like mad women and trying to make that dildo do its tricks inside us. It wasn’t working very well.

Dee saw the problem, Mindy and I couldn’t get a thrusting movement going the way we were tangled together. So, she suggested we lay on our sides facing each other with the dildo implanted in us. We tried that and soon were fucking each other vigorously while still able to suckle each other and finger each other’s clits. Then the damned dildo slipped out of me.

Coitus interruptus just isn’t good at all, to lose the momentum of the buildup and suddenly feel a cold rush of air into my gaping pussy will never be inspiring to me. And then a bright idea hit me. Dee loves being fucked anally.

My idea was that we could put one end in Dee’s butthole while she was on her tummy and I could lie on top of her with the other end in my pussy. So we got into that position with Mindy helping to do the insertions. Then Mindy escort mecidiyeköy realized she could get hold of the bulge in the V and she could do the thrusting while Dee and I just laid there getting fucked. It was good for a bit but neither Dee nor I was getting any mouth pleasures. so, here came another bright idea.

I had Mindy pull the dildo out of us, got Dee on her back, legs way up and me on top between her legs and Mindy behind pushing the ends of the dildo into us. That way Dee and I could kiss at least and I do love lots of tongue kissing.

So, have you got the picture? Mindy working a big pink rubber dick in Dee’s butt and my pussy and Dee and me swirling tongues around each other. Hot, right? Well, for minutes or so, then Mindy’s thrusting stopped.

I looked over my shoulder and there she was, eyes closed, mouth open, right hand on the dildo bulge, left hand halfway in her pussy and body shaking in one whale of a cum.

I laughed, it’s a guaranteed mood breaker. It wasn’t intentional it just happened, when I imagined what we looked like it struck me as funny.. Dee frowned but then saw what I had seen and she laughed too.

Mindy came out of her cum-numb mode, heard us laughing and peevishly said, “well I got mine, did you old whores?” We had to admit we still hadn’t and that seemed to mollify her enough to bring a smile to her face.

We gave up. Dee headed for the kitchen to make coffee, Mindy and I just lay there side by side idly toying with each other’s clits until suddenly she curled down and started licking me.

Oh lordy it felt so good. I wasn’t in position to lick her but I could finger her from behind and she responded by spreading her legs a bit. She was still loose from her own hand and I managed to get 3 fingers to working in her and that’s how we got our first cums together, her mouth on my cunny and my hand in hers.

It was coffee-time. Dee had bought cinnamon rolls on the way into Little Rock, and some other foody things, so we had rolls and coffee. Dee suspected our fun so she asked if we’d done it and we told her and she declared that since she was working while we were playing we should both do some work on her. No problem!

Somehow the dildo had gotten left on the bed and we were in the den on the floor. Mindy was licking her mom’s humping pussy and I was sitting on Dee’s face twiddling her nipples and dripping my joy-juices down her mouth.

Dee always makes this little grunting sound when she’s about to cum, sort of “Ur, Ur, Ur” and I knew she was almost there so I started rotating my pussy on Dee’s mouth trying to get off with her.

OMG!! When mine hit I dropped right down on Dee’s mouth and she raised her whole butt off the floor into Mindy’s face. We shook together like that until both of them had to breathe. It was one of the best cums I’d had in a long time.

The rest of that evening we just chilled out, Dee opened some wine coolers, we ordered in pizza, nothing much was on TV so we sat and talked about all the lovely things we could remember; Mindy’s first heartbreaking romance, Dee’s first time to fuck my brother (her father in law), my love-fest with Hank at our first meeting in a nudist camp, and many many others. Then with showers behind us we all snuggled in Dee’s king escort şişli bed and petted each other to sleep.

I awakened first, old country girl habits die hard, and put on the coffee pot. When I went to pee in the laundry room toilet, I saw a mouse run from behind the washer and disappear under the laundry sink. There was a clothes rack with loose hangers and i grabbed one and began whaling away under the sink banging that hanger around trying to get the mouse. That’s when I farted!

I know, it’s not considered lady-like, but, dear readers, it happens and even more often as we get older. Dee didn’t seem to mind as she laughed out her enjoyment of my predicament.. She helped me up, sweet person she is.

Together we made breakfast of frozen waffles and syrup with a banana each and Mindy had wandered in as we got it on the table.

She’s a lovely woman, a teensy bit chubby and with long wavy auburn hair and swaying boobs that made me drool. I do love sucking titties. She poured coffee for all of us and we ate while grinning at each other because we knew we were going to get at it again.

Dee said she was going to brush her teeth and I asked her not to, that I wanted to taste breakfast on her mouth. So she leaned over and open-mouthed mine and we shared a lingering tongue-kiss. Mindy put her arms across Dee’s shoulders and mine and nuzzled our hair as her boobs grazed across our sides and arms . It was one of the sweetest moments and I still feel warmth just thinking about it.

We broke the kiss, got unwrapped from Mindy’s arms and, standing, we got into a group hug with roaming hands.

Morning breath isn’t really as strong or distasteful as we think it is, so our mouths found and swapped around as our fingers stroked and poked and in about 2 shakes of a bunny’s tail, we were steaming hot and drippy wet. I don’t believe in wasting time loves, so down on my knees, as cranky as they are, I pushed my tongue into Mindy’s slit and she gave me the opening I needed to pull her clitty into my lips.

I absolutely love that little bud growing and hardening in my mouth, have done since sharing with momma and my grandmother, so I was in seventh heaven sucking Mindy to waves of delightful pleasure and finger-fucking myself in the bargain.

Dee and Mindy still kissing were beginning to dance a bit as Mindy’s hand worked on Dee’s pussy and her own was responding to my mouth. I hung on to her clit with my lips and slowly pushed a finger into her and felt her clamp down on it. When she did that I started fucking her with my finger and the other fingers on that hand rubbing across her bottom. She froze for an instant then released in a long deep moan as her pussy pulsated on my mouth. It is so good to make another woman feel that good.

Dee had cummed on Mindy’s fingers but I hadn’t found my release and they knew it. Under gentle pressure from Mindy’s hands I lay down on the coffee table and they went to work on me.

Dee pushed my legs as far back and up as I could stand and Mindy began eating me. Dee held my legs so all I had to do was lie there and enjoy it. I felt Mindy’s fingers exploring all the folds and creases of my entire bottom, inside and out. I felt her tongue slither up and down my slit, sliding between the slick inner lips, probing escort taksim into my love-hole, flashing across my clitoris, then doing it all over again. And, when she flattened her tongue and licked hard against my whole pussy, her nose rubbing my clit, I gave it up.

I remember saying “yes fuck yes fuck yes” as my whole belly roiled in clench after clench and my pussy sucked at her mouth as my mind faded into only pleasure.

We rested.

I came out of my sexual self and struggled off the coffee table to fall onto the couch next to Dee. Mindy was still breathing heavily as she had stopped during my ecstacies to keep me going. We just sat there.

It may have been most of an hour when Dee pushed herself off the couch and headed for the kitchen. Mindy and I realized that breakfast wasn’t cleared away, the bed wasn’t made, our yesterday’s clothing was still piled on the living room floor – there was work to do.

Shit, I could barely stand up my legs were trembling so. Mindy saw and said “Stay there Jay, we’ll take care of it”, so I did. About 15 minutes later they were back and bringing me a cup of coffee. Aren’t they the best you can imagine?

We had another talk-time, all about our lives and work and loves and failures. We made and heard confessions, we revealed our fantasies and dreams, we just let each other open up and drain away all the pentup feelings, it was fabulous! Then, when the conversation lulled, Mindy said, “I want to try out that double-dong”.

Up we go, into the bedroom, the dildo lying on the bed, Mindy falling next to it, Dee grabbing it up and mouthing it. (It crossed my mind we hadn;’t washed it but Dee didn’t seem to mind).

I wasn’t sure what to do but Mindy’s tits looked so good I moved to where i could massage and suck them. She caressed my hair as I pleasured her boobs and I felt her stiffen a little as Dee worked the dildo into her pussy. A few heartbeats and a rhythm started. Mindy’s hips rolling side to side, her breathing keeping time, my mouth moving from nipple to nipple, Dee pumping the plastic dick into Mindy’s cunny.

The pace quickening, the movements increasing, and suddenly a hardening of the lips, rigidity of her torso, frantic humping of her loins, and mumbled “fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me” in her voice, she went over the edge into that sweet oblivion of complete satisfaction.

Dee and I watched and waited as Mindy came back from her cum. A smile across her face and her eyes bright as she said, “Sometimes I wish I liked men”.

We chuckled, we’ve both been Bi all our lives and we know how good a hard dick can be and how much a pussy loves that feeling of being fucked by one. We also know it isn’t the dick that Mindy doesn’t like, it’s the lack of understanding, the insensitivity, the hurriedness, that testosterone often inflicts on the males.

Time goes on, Mindy had a flight out to catch, baths had to be taken, clothes put on, and airport arrival time to be met.

We loaded into Dee’s car, got to the airport in time for lunch with Mindy, exchanged hugs and kisses with her, and watched her walk into the security section.

We stayed until we saw her clear security and start down the concourse, waving a she turned and blowing kisses that were caught by several strangers also. Then we headed out.

There was one stop Dee wanted to make so she pulled into an adult novelty store parking lot, in we went, and she found and bought the biggest double-dong they had. I wonder why??

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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