First Auntie, Then Mom Ch. 02

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Blonde Teen

The next few days went along with little happening in the Chase household. The teenager did notice that his gorgeous blonde mother was starting to wear sexier clothes around the house. Gone were her granny PJ’s and sweat pants. She started wearing short cut off jeans that rode deliciously up her long tapering legs which were tanned from hours sunbathing out in the Florida sun. She had gone to the department store and bought some sexy silk tops and matching panties that made her big delicious looking tits and ample matronly ass prominently stand out. It took a few days for the teenager to get used to the sight of his sexy mother’s huge nipples trying to stick through the shiny silk fabric as she rarely wore a bra anymore. For Michael’s part all was good.

A couple days later Michael got a text from his Aunt Holly, then quickly another, then a third. The teenager nervously opens the first text, hoping that his smoking hot Aunt hadn’t changed her mind about going to his senior prom. The first text had a picture attached. It was his sexy aunt at the wheel of her new Corvette. She was wearing a pair of short shorts which seemed to go up all the way to the V in her crotch. She was holding the steering wheel, with a huge smile.

“Michael, I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to the prom. And yes, I’m going to let you drive me to the prom in this beauty. Love…Holly.”

The second text showed his sexy aunt wearing the same outfit. But this time she was standing next to her car. The picture was shot from ground level, showing off her tanned legs.

“Michael since we talked I’ve been spending time at the tanning booth. The weather here hasn’t been the best so I’ve had to resort to going to the tanning salon. Michael, I want you to be proud of your date when you take me to the prom. Hope you like my tanned legs. I promise that you’re going to see that the rest of me is nice and tanned too! Love Auntie Holly”

Shit! The rest of her? All tanned? Did she mean…he’ll get to see her…naked? Shaking he opens the last text. Holly was standing in front of the mirror in the bathroom. It was obvious that she had just gotten out of the shower. Michael’s sexy aunt was wearing nothing, as the picture showed her bare tits through the mirror. Unfortunately the picture didn’t show anything from the waist down.

“Michael, I just wanted to let you see what you’re getting. I got these new tits a few months ago. Don’t you think the surgeon did a pretty good job? Michael, no man has ever touched them. But I promise you, after prom, you’re going to be the first. Love Auntie Holly”

Shaking with excitement, the teenager quickly downloads the texts to his computer for safekeeping. What he doesn’t know is that his Aunt Holly had texted her older sister as well. Several days later the two sisters were on the phone. Abigail Chase had to make sure that her younger sister hadn’t backed out.

“Sis, no way. I’m going to the prom, then the bonfire, than we’re going to spend the night in room 536, the same room that you and his father conceived him. I just sent Michael this pic of my new boobs. I told them after prom, they’re all his.”

“My God Hol! So you’re going through with this? Promise you’re not teasing my poor son?”

“No way Abb. I mean if his sexy hornier than hell mother isn’t getting his cock like she should, then it should be his smoking hot little auntie who gets his big cock. And yes, we’re going to the bonfire and I’m going to suck his dick right in front of the whole senior class.”

“You have it all planned out don’t you girl? Be careful and don’t let your nephew fall in love with you.”

“I might be the one who falls in love with him! Just think your darling son and your little horny sister, living happily ever after…! BTW sis, have you…seen his cock in the last few years? What’s it like? Is it big? God I hope so!”

“No, haven’t seen it for a few years, but I do see he has quite a big bulge in his jeans when I wear my new teddy and heels at night.”

“I mean…Abb, don’t you ever think…about going for it?”

“Yes I do. In fact I saw some mommy son porn on his computer. I confronted him and told Michael I’m fine with it. In fact he and I are going to watch one in a couple days…a boy his age…fucking his big titted blonde mommy. And get this, the blonde mommy just happens to look just like me.”

“Wow! Maybe Michael isn’t going to be a virgin when I get his big cock. You’ll have to give me all the details if he pops his cherry in his mommy.”

“No. There’s no chance of that happening. I told him that mommy son incest is wrong, so that cock will be totally virgin when he fucks his hot little auntie.”

A couple days later, the horny blonde mother got home from work when Michael had some interesting news.

“Mom, you told me to tell you. Flo has another video out tomorrow. Its called Weekend with Mommy Part 2.”

“So darling, are you up for watching it, with you own mommy?”

The teenager doesn’t know what to say. He knows that watching a porn video of a young boy acıbadem escort fucking his sexy older “mother,” even if it is totally role play, with his own mother will totally cramp his style. He won’t be able to pull his cock out and beat off in front of her.

The next day after work Abigail Chase excitedly runs to the mall and buys another sexy outfit. She knew that for some reason Michael loved lime green so she bought the latest satin set from the lingerie store. This one seemed to be even skimpier than her red one. The lime green top barely hides her swollen nipples, while the tiny panties rode deliciously up her hips, meeting at the moist opening of her cunt. As she looked into the mirror, she realized that she’ll have to shave some of the tiny blonde pubic hairs that were sticking out the tiny crotch.

The next evening mother and son said very little as Michael sat down for his favorite dinner of fried chicken and corn on the cob. The sexy undersexed blonde mother was starting to have second thoughts about actually invading some of her darling son’s private space. She quickly got those thoughts out of her mind as they finished cleaning the table.

“Michael, is it okay if I change into something a bit more…comfortable while we watch the video?”

“Uh…sh…sh…sure m…mom.”

“Michael why don’t you go upstairs and put on some…looser fitting shorts. I would think you’d be a little…uncomfortable in those tight fitting jeans. Wear something so that if you did…get…hard down there, you’ll still have some extra room.”

“Sure mom. I…g…g…guess…that’s a g…g…good…id…id…idea.”

“And Michael, it’s warm in the house. You don’t need a t-shirt if you don’t want one.”

A few minutes later Michael is sitting on the couch wearing a new pair of loose fitting gym shorts and nothing else. The teenager was blown away when his sexy blonde mother walks into the living room.

The blonde bomb wondered how her teenage boy would respond to seeing her in this sexy outfit. She walked into the living room while Michael just stared at his sexy mother. The teenager had a perfect view of the outline of her perfectly round boobs. The tiny lime green panties were nothing more than a string and a tiny lime green crotch. The horny mother’s mature lush ass was on total display for the youngster. She turns around and gives her 18 year old son a sexy smile.

“Michael, I thought I’d like to be…comfortable when we watch the movie. I thought it would be best if…I was…more comfortable too. You like your mommy…dressed like this? You’re 18 now. There’s nothing wrong if mommy dresses like this in front of you. Unless…you want me to put on my old frumpy pajamas. “

“Uh…uhhh…n…n…no. I…I…I’m…o…oooooo…okay..”

She sits down next to the nervous teenager, letting her long bare leg graze his bare leg. She sees out of the corner of her eye that her son’s cock is already hard. She sees the hardness throbbing as it tries to escape the confinement of his gym shorts. Part of her is sorry that she had told Michael that mother and son incest is wrong. How can anything so beautiful…her own son’s rock hard penis…throbbing in anticipation right next to her…be wrong?

The nervous mother grabs her glass of wine.

“Michael, lets have a sip of wine before we watch this. I’ve been looking forward to watching this since the day I watched the first one. I know that your mother is kind of invading your private space, but I’m so glad you agreed to watch it with me.”

As the video starts the older porn star Flo is in bed, kissing her young role play “son.” Abby wants more than anything to totally interact with her darling Michael, letting him know that she is totally turned on by the video.

“Michael, in part one I remember that mommy had sucked him off. As I remember he had quite a big load for his mommy. She tried but couldn’t swallow it all. Michael, do you…cum as much as he did?”

“Uh…I…guess so.”

“Michael, don’t be shy darling. I hope we can talk about things like this.”

“I remember that he fucked her between her big tits and came all over her face.”


“Michael, do you ever…fantasize…about my big tits…like that?”

The teenager has no clue what to say.

“Michael I might as well tell you something. I fantasize about your cock…between my tits like that…and shooting your cum all over mommy’s face and hair. I…will this is a bit embarrassing…but I even dildo myself fantasizing about your cock…between my tits like that.”

In the video, Flo has pulled her son’s shorts off. The teenage boy has a nice sized prick. She begs the teenager to lick her dripping pink hole.

“Michael, look. She’s begging him to lick her pussy. Look at how wet she is. You know, Michael, I get wet just like that when I think about you.”

The teenager is now on his back, his blonde mother straddling his face. She squeals in total abandon as the boy licks his mother’s pink cunt lips.

“Michael, atalar escort look! She is actually humping his face. Wow! Listen to her scream!”

Several minutes later the mother Flo is flat on her back. She grabs her son’s turgid cock and aims it at her swollen love hole. Abigail Chase looks over and her darling son’s eyes are glued to the action on the screen. He wishes that his mother wasn’t there. He’d have his cock out and stroking it as the boy on the screen fucks his mom.

“Yes! He’s finally getting ready to fuck his mother! Michael, if you want, go ahead and pull your shorts down. It’s okay darling. I know you have to…masturbate.”

The teenager is still nervous about pulling his shorts down in front of his own… mother. Shit, she’ll see how hard he is!

“Michael…please. Go ahead and don’t be shy. Pull em down so mommy can see your big cock! Mommy…wants to see your cock. Please…pull em down…”

The teenager grabs his shorts still not pulling them down.

“Michael if it’s okay…maybe I can put my hands inside my panties and play with myself while we watch the video. Would you like to watch me…play with my pussy?”

“Uhhhh yes…”

“Darling…mommy wants to see your cock!! Please!!”

“Okay mom…”

“Darling…don’t call me mom. Please…call me…MOMMY…”

Micheal finally pulls his shorts down. The blonde mother lets out an audible gasp when she sees the feast right in front of her.

“My God Michael, it’s more beautiful than I ever imagined. Go ahead and stroke it…go ahead darling. Michael, I’m going to put a couple fingers inside my panties…you can watch me if you want to…”

On the screen the teenager’s cock starts to slip deliciously inside his role play mother’s dripping wet pussy.

Michael darling, it looks like he’s going to fuck his mommy. Michael, I want you to fantasize that it’s you…and me…on that screen, instead of a couple porn stars. Michael…imagine it’s your big juicy cock inside me now, just like that. I would wrap my long legs around you so that you are all the way inside me.”

On the screen the young boy is starting to fuck his role play mother. She screams with glee as the stunt cock in the porn video starts fucking his mother harder.

“Michael…now don’t look at the TV…look at me…see how I have my hands inside my panties? That’s it darling…go ahead and stroke your big cock…for mommy.”

“Yes Michael…go ahead darling…yes!! Michael…go darling…STROKE THAT DICKKKK!!…GO!! YES!! GOOOO!!”

On the screen mother and son kiss as the boy is ready to unload inside the blonde porn star. The role play son announces his upcoming orgasm to his horny blonde mother.

“Mom! I’m going to…cum…”


The boy in the video starts to empty his balls into the older blonde porn star.


On the couch, Michael and his mother make eye contact as they both masturbate to the action on the screen.

“Michael…please…baby, go ahead…cum for your mommmyyyyy!!”




The teenager shoots his load high in the air, landing all over his hand and his tummy. Her hands buried in her soaking wet panties, Abigail Chase has her own orgasm.


A few minutes later, mother and son share a kiss. The teenager doesn’t know what to think as she grabs his semen filled hand and licks his fingers.

“Michael, that…tastes wonderful. Darling that…was…so..much fun! I never knew anything could be that much fun.”

“Y…y…yes. it was… Mom I never knew…you..w…w…were…s…so…into this.”

“I’m glad you stopped the video. I mean it’s not even halfway done. I wonder if he’s going to fuck his mom…again.”

“You mean…his…m…m…mmm…mommy?”

“Yes, his mommy. Let’s finish our wine then watch the next scene. You have another cum in those big beautiful balls?”

About a week before Michael’s prom date Holly sent her sister a text.

“Finally got my prom dress. It’s a hot little black number. Michael’s going to love it. I had them shorten it quite a bit so that it shows off my legs and incredible fake boobs.”

“I can assure you. Michael will be so proud of his prom date.”

“Yes, I’m going to show all those so called cool kids exactly what Michael’s getting after the prom. There will be lots of stiff teenage cocks at that prom. But no one gets my goodies except my darling date Michael Chase.”

Abby then tells her younger sister how she and Michael watched a mother son porn movie together and how they masturbated together.

“Hol, it took everything I had in me not to put my head down there and suck his big cock.”

“Glad aydınlı escort you didn’t sis. Let Auntie Holly take care of it. I want to know what I’m getting is 100 percent pure virgin boy.”

Several days before the prom, mother and son are sitting on the couch. Neither Abby or her teenage son has said a word about what happened over a week ago. The smoking hot blonde mother is so horny she can’t stand it. Her incest fueled libido is consuming her whole body. She wants more than anything to watch another video with her son, but isn’t sure how to ask him.

“Michael, are you…ready for prom?”

“Mom, what you mean…am I…r…r…ready?”

“Well Michael, there’s going to be dancing. Are you sure you know how to dance without…falling over yourself?”

“M…m…mom…I think so. I watched a couple you tube videos. I think all I have to do is move around…and…”

“Michael, how about if we practice some dance moves? Let me go and change and we’ll put on some music and we can practice dancing.”

“Uhhh…sh…shhh…sure mom.”

Abby has sensed that Michael’s stuttering has improved somewhat. The teenager seems a lot more comfortable around her. Hopefully he’ll be just as comfortable around his Aunt Holly.

As the drop dead gorgeous mother comes down the stairs after changing, the teenager does a double take. His beautiful long legged blonde mother is wearing the same lime green outfit she wore the night they masturbated together. Does this mean that his mother wants…???

“Michael, a lot of my clothes are in the laundry. I hope you didn’t mind if I put this green outfit on again.”


He’s stuttering again! She knows the youngster just has to get more comfortable around women in boy-girl situations.

Abby goes to the player and finds a sexy fast song.

“Michael, this is one of my favorites. Show your mommy some of your moves darling.”

The teenager is suddenly embarrassed. He clumsily tries to shake his hips, not at all in rhythm to the music. Abby is suddenly very aroused. Her darling son is trying his best to show her his dance moves.

“Darling, watch me now.”

The sexy full figured blonde shakes her hips to the rhythm of the drums. Her hips shake side to side then thrust forward. She closes her eyes as the music suddenly overtakes her. Abby’s tremendous tits start to fall out of the skimpy lime green silk top. The teenager is greeted by the sight of her left nipple as she opens her eyes.

“Now Michael, just like mommy! Shake it…side to side…good! Now just thrust your hips back and forward…kinda like you’d be having sex…YES!! That’s great! That’s really sexy!! Michael, you’re already an expert. Your Auntie Holly is going to love watching you. Remember, that you’re going to be dancing…just for her. You’re going to want to totally make your auntie happy…just like THAT!! YES!! YOU GOT IT DARLING!!”

Abigail Chase puts her arms around her son, forgetting that her left tit has fallen out of her negligee. She gives him a huge kiss, then another one. She quickly goes over and puts on a slow number. This is a longer version of an old time classic.

As the music starts she shows Michael how to take her hand and lead her to the dance floor. By now she has put her big boob back inside her green teddy. Mother and son put their arms around each other and slowly sway to the soft music.

“Michael, now go ahead and hold mommy tight against you. Yes, just like that. Now you know Aunt Holly isn’t as tall as I am so you’ll have to bend over a bit. Now Michael, it’s important that you make eye contact. Remember, don’t look at anyone else on the dance floor. Fuck them all anyway, right? Just look at your date…and she’ll look at you.”

The blonde mother can feel her son’s hard cock throbbing as they hold each other close.

“Now Michael…your date will push her boobs against your chest. You feel mommy’s boobs against you? Good. Michael, now I have to ask you something. I can feel your cock. Is it hard…for me? That’s what mommy likes. Aunt Holly will like it a lot too. Now let mommy rub herself against your hard cock. MMMMMM YES!! Nice hard cock…my darling boy’s…nice hard cock…”

As the song ends Michael and his sexy mother share a long kiss.

“Michael, that was…wonderful.”

Michael sits down on the couch. Abby could see that her son’s erection hasn’t gone down one bit. The front of his pajamas are totally soaked with his teenage precum. The sight is just too much for the under sexed blonde mother.’

“Michael, maybe mommy should show you the best way to kiss. Here let me climb up on your lap.”

Michael can’t believe that his sexy blonde mother has climbed onto his lap. She is now straddling the youngster, her soaking wet panties rubbing against her son’s teenage hardness. She puts her hands on his head, lovingly caressing his face.

“Now, go ahead and move in and kiss mommy.”

The teenager kisses his mother on the lips, feeling her mouth open.

“Darling, go ahead and run tongue along the inside of my mouth. That’s called french kissing. MMM!! Yes, just like that! Now look into my eyes. You don’t have to say anything, just kiss me again, this time a little more…intense…”

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