Heavy-handed Brother

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This story is a work of fiction and may disclose various sexual and social subjects such as female-female sex, male-female sex, sexual reluctance, group sex, non-protected sex, degradation, drugs, alcohol, exhibition, nonconsent, pregnancy, and subrogation. The characters in this story are all of the legal age of consent, which means they are adults by law. The author neither condones nor condemns any or all of the acts portrayed herein.


I strongly recommend reading Heavy-handed Father to understand and follow this story better.

As I told you, my brother James has become the head of the family and the disciplinarian. Our mom and I have started to become moody as our pregnant bodies start to swell and the hormones take control. James now has a full-time job keeping the farm going and us pregnant bitches in line.

He came into the house for lunch today, and we didn’t have it ready for him. I got up late and had my morning chores to finish. Mom was finishing laundry. He yelled, “Where the fuck is my lunch?” I scrambled to get his lunch prepared as he sat at the table.

“You fucking bitches are putting me behind schedule,” he said.

“I’m sorry, James,” I replied as I set his sandwich and water on the table.

Mom apologized, telling Jame she was busy with laundry and had lost track of time.

“You bitches just earned some punishment,” he said as he finished washing down the last bite of the sandwich.

“Jamie, you’re first. Get out of those clothes and lean over the table,” he said. He got up and grabbed the paddle from its hook on the wall.

I removed my dress and leaned over the table. I don’t bother wearing underwear these days. James tore through most of them in the process of rutting with me like a bull. My ass is always sore from a beating or my pussy is always leaking from his fucking.

Don’t take this wrong, but we’re all fucked up. Our father was a tough mother fucker who beat us on a regular basis. Now my brother beats both me and our mom’s asses and has both of us knocked up. Neither mom nor I would leave, though. This is our home, and we are a family.

Lately, James has often referred to my mom and me as bitches. Mom objected at first, but after a few good beatings with a paddle, she sucked it up and accepted her role as a bitch. I accepted my role as a bitch just by knowing he would punish me for any outbursts.

L.O.L. We are both bitches–pregnant bitches–pregnant with a bastard child of incest. Swoosh, the first swing of the paddle landed squarely over my upturned naked ass cheeks. I felt the sting as the blood rushed to the area of impact. I stifled my scream as we were taught to by our father.

I sobbed quietly as James landed four more swats with the paddle. Next, he ordered Mom to strip and assume the position as he ran a finger into my sopping-wet pussy. Mom lifted her dress over her head, her full breasts bobbling into view as they were freed from the bodice of the dress.

She leaned over the table next to me, and I heard the swoosh of the air as he swung the paddle. Then came the cracking sound of impact and mom’s grunt as she felt the sting. Mom also received five swats of the paddle before James stopped and ran a finger up her exposed vaginal crack.

“Damn, who would have thought you two pregnant cunts would get so fucking wet by being punished?”

That was a first; he had never called us cunts before. I felt my pussy spasm as he said that. I was horrified. Why would I climax because he called us such vile words? I must be a very depraved bitch.

James dropped his jeans, exposing his ridged penis, and stepped behind me. He then pushed into me and sank his member into my pregnant cunt in one forceful movement. He started plowing Magosa Escort my cunt as if he were plowing the west forty acres.

He bellowed out to Mom, ” Get behind me and lick my nut sack.”

Mom scrambled to her knees behind James and fondled his nut sack. Then attempted to lick them from such an awkward position.

“This ain’t fucking working,” he said as he pulled away from me and pushed the chair out of the way. He lay down on the floor and said, “Straddle me, Jamie, and feed my cock into your pregnant cock hungry cunt.”

I straddled him, grabbed his cock in my small hand, centered it on my cuntal opening, and pushed down. I felt him sink into me again, and he reached up to fondle my boobs.

I started bobbing up and down, fucking myself on his meaty prong. He again hollered out to Mom to lick his nuts. Mom got behind me, and I felt her head bumping into my ass. I don’t know how she managed to do it. I bounced up and down like a child on a bouncy toy as I approached my climax.

I grunted and flopped forward as I felt my juices flood my cunt and wash his cock as he exploded in me, sending his potent bay cream into my pregnant cunt. Mom was now getting a taste of both my juices and James’s baby batter. She continued licking and cleaning his nuts.

He pushed me away, saying, “Clean your daughter’s cunt with your mouth, bitch.” Mom then pushed her head into my crotch and began licking the creamy salty mixture of her twin son and daughter’s sexual juices.

James never lost his hard-on. He scrambled behind Mom and fucked her on her hands and knees like a dog fucking a bitch in heat. Every time he plowed into her cunt, her face and nose were shoved into my cunt.

I grabbed her hair and humped her face as I screamed out, “I’m cumming, eat my cunt bitch.” I felt like I pissed myself as I washed her face with the shower of cunt juice. The entire scene was so wrong, yet so erotic and sensual. I couldn’t help myself. Mom wrapped her arms around my thighs in a crab-like hold as she continued to assault my open twat.

“I’m cumming Mom.” James yelled as he saw the action between mom and me and pushed into her as much as he physically could as he bellowed out once again, “I’m cumming Mom.” “Fuck, I’m filling your horny fucking cunt with cum.”

He pulled out and said, “Jamie, eat your mother’s slimy cunt while she sucks me clean.” “Mom, sit on her face so the bitch can suck your cunt clean.”

Mom climbed over me and lowered her snatch to my face as James got up and circled us to let Mom suck him clean. I licked and sucked mom’s sloppy wet cum-filled twat. I thought of how depraved we have become and then why not? We are family. We love each other more than any other person could. I continued cleaning her twat with my tongue as I rubbed my overheated, sexually aroused twat.

Mom moaned and filled my mouth with her sweet discharge as James pulled away, declaring that he had work to finish. James left. Mom and I lay on the floor, catching our breath and holding each other in a mother-daughter embrace.

“Mom, you really need to trim that bush,” I said.

Mom laughed and said, “You could use a trim yourself.” “Your mound is thicker than a jungle.”

“I need a shower,” my mom said.

I said, “Me too.”

We got up and walked to the bathroom together, mother and daughter, naked, pregnant, and side by side. We got into the shower and lathered each other up, then rinsed off.

“Go ahead and dry off, but not your mound.” “I’ll get the trimmers and supplies and be in shortly.” “I’ll see you in the bedroom,” Mom said.

I went to the bedroom and I lay on the bed. Mom came in with the trimmers, scissors, razor, washcloth, and towel. She left and returned with a basin of warm water. I noticed mom’s tummy starting Kıbrıs Escort to swell and wondered if she was having a boy, a girl, or another set of twins.

I looked at her skin and thought, she held up well over the years. She hardly had any stretch marks, and her boobs didn’t sag as badly as some women in their mid-thirties. “Mom, did you get really big when dad got you pregnant?”

Mom replied, “Yes honey, I got immense.”

“But mom, I always hear girls talking about awful stretch marks.”

Mom said, “That is why we use cocoa butter.” “It moisturizes and keeps the skin pliable.”

My mom proceeded to trim my pubic curls close to the skin and said, “This should do it.”

I looked down and said, “Maybe we should take it all off.” “The girls on the swim team shave their pussies clean.”

Mom looked at me and said, “I don’t know, I never thought about it.”

I replied, “Come on, mom, try it.”

“Okay, but please be careful with a razor down there,” Mom said.

“Okay, mom, but you do me first.”

Mom proceeded to apply the shaving cream and, using the razor, whisked away the short stubble left after using the trimmer. When she was done, I looked the same down there as I did at the prepubescent age of nine or ten. I looked at my denuded pussy and said, “Wow.”

“It’s your turn,” I said to Mom as she leaned back and splayed her legs, knees up, allowing me complete access to her vulva. I trimmed her long curly locks with the trimmer, then lathered her up and carefully removed all traces of any cunt hairs.

When I was finished, I got the hand-held mirror and gave it to mom. I watched as she inspected her pussy and muttered, “wow,” repeatedly. She looked at me and said I haven’t been hairless down there since I was a little girl.

I asked, “How does it feel?

Mom looked at me and said, “Very strange, but it’s making me wet to see myself like this.” “I never felt so naked.”

I laughed and said, “Me neither.”

Mom looked at the clock on the dresser and said we better get our work done and dinner made. We slipped our dresses on and did our chores. It was my night to cook. Mom and I traded off between cooking and cleaning dishes.

James came in before dinner, walking up behind me and cupping my plump tits through the material of my dress. I turned my head to him, and he pushed his tongue into my mouth as he turned me and grabbed my ass.

He let go of me as Mom came in and embraced her, cupping her full breasts and squeezing her ass. He then told us he needed a shower and left the room.

Mom and I set the table and waited for him to return and sit down. Once we were seated, we ate and had a conversation about our day. I looked at mom and James and said, “In a short while, we will not be able to hide our pregnant bellies from people who will have questions.”

James wiped his mouth and said, “Jamie will claim to have been knocked up by a farmhand who left when he found out.” “Mom, you must have gotten pregnant by Dad the night before his accident.” “That should take care of any curiosity,” he added.

We all agreed with that story. Mom’s baby will have dad’s name on the birth record, and mine will have James’s name. No one at the county clerk’s office will know that he is my brother. That night, James was too tired to screw around with us, and he went to bed first. Mom and I have been sleeping naked since that first day when he impregnated me, and probably mom as well.

That morning, James woke up as I was slipping my dress over my head and said, “Holy hell, when did you do that?”

I laughed and said, “Look at mom.”

He looked over at mom, who was lying there, and saw her naked, shaved mound, then back at me. I looked down at his cock and it was erect and ready to go. His cock must Lefkoşa Escort be seven to eight inches in length. When he’s lying down with an erection, the head of his baby maker is touching his belly button. Mom and I are lucky to have such a well-endowed man to keep us satisfied.

“Get over here,” he said. I walked to him, and he told me to take my dress off and straddle him. I pulled my dress over my head and climbed into our bed, straddling him as I guided his cock into my wet cunt. It seems I’m always wet anymore.

Anyhow, there I was bouncing up and down on his hard cock like a kid on a bouncy ball when mom woke up and said, “Umm, save some of that hard cock for me.”

James said, “There will be plenty left to stuff your pregnant horny cunt.”

Mom said, “Watch it, buster; I’m your mom,” as she smiled and leaned in to kiss her son.

“You watch it, bitch.” “I’ll call you a bitch, cunt, twat, horny slut, or anything I want.” He then said, “If you don’t like it, I’ll tan your ass with a paddle.”

Mom replied, “I might like that.”

James said, “Both of you cunts like beatings.”

Mom turned to face me as she straddled his face, then she leaned in and kissed me open-mouthed as she dueled with my tongue and mauled my tits. I grabbed hers and said to her, “You are a horny cunt.”

She laughed and replied, “The apple didn’t fall far from the tree.”

I laughed. James grunted as he flooded my wet cunt with sperm. I rolled off so mom could get stuffed. She wasted no time in guiding his baby maker into her horny cunt. I lay there with his semen oozing out of me as mom bounced up and down on his cock.

I looked down and realized my belly was indeed starting to swell with the baby growing in my womb. Soon, it would be obvious to all that I had gotten knocked up. I’m glad we live in a rural setting.

My boobs were starting to swell, the nipples getting larger and more sensitive. Soon I will be too big to be attractive to my brother. I heard James grunt, flooding mom’s cunt with baby batter.

Mom collapsed over him as she basked in the feeling of being sexually satisfied. A moment later, she got between my legs and started licking the mixture of cum and cunt juice out of my leaking twat.

Mom flipped around so her shaved snatch was hovering over my face, and I reached up to pull her cunt to my mouth. We were eating each other out when James went to the shower.

By the time he was done, Mom and I were in the kitchen preparing breakfast.

He came out and had breakfast, then left for the general store. Mom and I tended to our chores. That was the story of our lives at this time. Mom and I are close now; I’m having trouble getting around, and both mom and I tend to live on the toilet.

Vaginal sex has gotten too painful, so James is now fucking our asses on a regular basis. When he’s plunging his cock in our asses, we’re typically rubbing our horny clits feverishly as we attempt to quell the fire in our horny, pregnant twats.

Lily Barns, a woman who lives down the road a mile, is a midwife who knows the truth about our incestuous bond. She herself is a product of incest and has delivered many children through incest. She will take care of the paperwork and delivery.

Lily was over the other day to check on us and said we should be delivering our children within a week or two, by the looks of our distended twats. We still keep them shaved. I shave mom, and mom shaves me. We can’t shave our own because our pregnant bellies are too big to see beyond.


The author notes to the reader that every story must end. Or must it? I implore you, the reader, to tell me through your comments, feedback, or ratings. Do not comment on the authenticity of any portion of this fictitious writing. Or morality. It is fiction, a fictional story. It is intended solely for entertainment purposes, and not to be analyzed for accuracy in any manner. If you read it. Thank you for following and/or reading my story/s.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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