Jennifer Cheats Ch. 1

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Chapter 1: The Phone Call

The phone rang and Jose stumbled out of bed to answer it. He picked up the phone, wiped his eyes, and answered it.


“Hi, Jose. This is Jennifer.”

“Oh hi!” he replied. “What’s up?”

As he asked that question, he had already considered several reasons for his best friend’s girlfriend to be calling him. More than likely, Travis had told her some story and she was calling to verify it. Jose knew he would have to be careful.

“Nothing, just wanted to call you up and say hello,” Jennifer said.

Jose laughed. “It must be a very boring day,” he said. He stifled a yawn.

“You guys were out pretty late last night?” she asked.

Jose relaxed. If all she wanted to know about was last night, he was on fairly safe ground.

“Yeah, fifty cent beer night at the Draft house, as I’m sure you know. We closed it out, then caught a cab back to the frat house.” Jennifer was only nineteen, and the bars on Mill Avenue had already taken all of her fakes, so she stayed home on bar nights.

“I thought you guys hated it when somebody uses the word ‘frat’ instead of fraternity,” Jennifer said.

“We do. It’s like using an ethnic slur. If we say it, it’s okay. If you say it, it ticks us off,” Jose said.

“I called Travis about three in the morning, and he didn’t answer his phone.”

“We sat on the porch talking for a while, then I went and passed out in my room. I’m not sure what time it was, but you know Travis; even if he was in his room he could have slept through the phone ringing.”

“Yeah,” she said. There was a space of moments.

“Listen, I want to ask you a question, and I want you to be honest with me.”

“Okay,” he said, annoyed at the remark about being honest. He never lied to her, even if he did cover for his friend.

“Well, I was wondering if you wanted to sleep with me?” she asked.

Jose was surprised by the question, to say the least. He laughed a little, and then said, “Are you asking because of what Travis told you I said?”

Jose knew where this was coming from. Two weeks before, Jennifer had found a note on Travis’s door from a girl named Danielle. The note thanked him for fixing her car, and offered to buy him lunch. Jennifer had gone ballistic, assuming because Travis knew so little about car repair that he must be cheating on her. In her mind, this bitch Danielle must be trying to rub it in her face. A fight ensued as soon as he got back from class, and Travis had been in a tight place. On the positive side, all he’d done was give Danielle’s car a jump start in the library parking lot, and even Jennifer could admit there was nothing wrong with that. But against him was the fact he had slept with the girl in question that very night. Floundering about for something to save himself, he had told Jennifer that she had no right to be jealous. She asked him why he thought that, and he replied that his best friend Jose wanted to fuck her, and despite that he wasn’t jealous when they hung out.

It was rather an ingenious little ploy on his part, and it worked. The fight calmed down, and he believed that she saw his side of the argument. If Jennifer suddenly had another agenda, she didn’t tell anyone.

“Yes, it has to do with that. You told me at the party that you didn’t say anything like that, but Travis told me later that you went right to him and yelled at him for telling on you,” Jennifer said.

Jose sighed. He was twenty-three, and in no mood for high school he-said/she-said games.

“Travis knows exactly what I said and how I said it,” he finally said.

“What exactly did you say, and exactly how did you say it?” she demanded.

Jose took a breath and then explained. “He asked me what I thought of you, because he said that you were worried that I didn’t like you. I told him that I thought you were very nice. He asked me if I thought you were hot, and I said, quote: ‘Hell, yes. I’d fuck her,’ end quote. It was a joking way to say that I thought you were attractive, and in no way was I telling him that I actually wanted him to lend you to me for sex. I mean, think about that? Would I ask my best friend to lend me his girlfriend?”

“Oh,” Jennifer said. She thought about it. “I did worry about that, because you always left as soon as I came over. You never hung out.”

Jose breathed a little easier, because he was lying a little about the conversation. First of all, the reason Jose left every time she came over was because Travis had given him their private signal to jet. A little wave of the left hand, palm up, was a signal not to cockblock. Secondly, the conversation in question, allegedly about why Jose always left when she came into the room, had never technically occurred. Travis knew very well why Jose left so quickly after Jennifer arrived, because he was the one giving the signal to depart. The actual conversation had been Jose trying to convince Travis not to cheat on his loyal and undeniably attractive girlfriend. Jose had brought Antalya Escort up the relative merits of the various girls Travis had slept with while dating Jennifer, and finally to Danielle.

“You trying to make a move on that Pi Phi, Melanie? That I can understand. If you are going to be an asshole, at least I can see why; blonde and blue, five foot two, best chest surgery can buy. That I can see. But this Danielle girl with the bad battery? She weighs as much as I do,” he had said, trying to appeal to Travis’s ego as much as his reason, because that was the way to convince his friend of anything. “You look bad going with her.”

Travis had then asked him if he thought Jennifer was as hot as Melanie, and Jose had uttered the phrase: “Hell yes. I’d fuck her.”

“Jennifer or Melanie?” Travis had asked.

“Yes,” had been his reply, and they had laughed. What Travis did was his own business, and once some friendly advice was given Jose did not speak of it again.

“But you did say that you’d fuck me? Because either you or Travis is lying about something,” Jennifer said, bringing his mind back into the present conversation

Jose was getting a bit angry with a girl for accusing him of being a liar when he’d actually been trying to help her out. He didn’t answer.

She waited him out, and finally he said, “I’m sure you can figure everything out for yourself on that part.”

“Would you have sex with me? I mean, am I your type?” she asked.

“You are female, and you have a pulse. I guess that makes you my type,” Jose said.

“That’s not something to say to a girl you are trying to get into bed. Girls want to feel special,” she said, laughing.

“But I’m not trying to get a girl into bed. We were just talking about what my type is and I told you,” Jose said.

“But seriously, if I told you that I wanted to be with you, would you consider it?”

“I would consider it, sure, but nothing would come of it,” he said.

“Why not?” she asked.

“Well, a couple of reasons. A, you are dating my best friend. B, you are dating my best friend. C, you are dating a guy who is a lot bigger than me,” he said jestingly.

“That’s not what I heard,” Jennifer said, then she continued, “Anyway, what if we broke up?”

Jose actually thought about it; still not convinced that the entire conversation wasn’t some sort of trap. She might be trying to get him to say something she could use next time she argued with Travis.

“Well, supposing you did break up I’d probably still say no,” he told her.


“Because he loves you, and you love him, and you’d get back together and then there would be weirdness among all of us,” he said, and despite Travis’s cheating ways Jose knew that part about love was true.

Jennifer took a moment to consider things, then said, “What about the time he slept with your girlfriend?”

“He told you about that?” Jose asked, a bit stunned.

“Yes, he did, when we were fighting. He said you’d probably want to sleep with me out of revenge for when he slept with your girlfriend, but he still trusted me to be alone with you.”

“Ah . . . ” Jose said. Another nifty tactical argument point on Travis’s part. That guy was as slippery as Bill Clinton.

“Why are you still friends after that?” she asked.

“Just worked out that way. It was just high school. I, mean, at first Kim just went out with me because she liked Travis and he asked her to the prom for me. I was really shy back then. So he slept with her when we’d only been going out a week, before he knew I was falling in love with her, and he slept with her again as we were breaking up, but so did everyone else I knew. I was mad for a week when I found out, but eventually I just blew it off. She was a slut, and back then he just had a real compulsion about girls. If one offered, he really couldn’t help himself.”

“You are careful to say, ‘back then,’ like he isn’t that way anymore,” Jennifer said.

“Well, he’s been my friend since the sixth grade. I think he knows that one betrayal is my limit, so I don’t think he’d do that to me again.”

“He says a lot of nice things about you. He even says that all the girls say you are hung like a bear,” she said.

“If all the girls said that, I’d have a girlfriend now. He asked Kim who was bigger, and she told him that I was bigger but that he was better in bed.”

“That’s exactly what he told me she said.”

“Well, it’s a nice rumor and feel free to spread it around, but it’s not true.”

“Why would she say that if it wasn’t true?” Jennifer asked.

“Well, she said I was bigger than he was, and you know what an ego Travis has. If I’m bigger than he is, I must be enormous. So if I’m slightly bigger than Travis, in his mind that must mean I’m porno big.”

“I didn’t get the impression that she said you were only slightly bigger. She told him she was always sore from you, and that her OB-GYN had to suggest different positions and pillows underneath her Antalya Escort Bayan ass and things like that.”

“That’s true about the pillows and stuff, but she only weighed like a hundred pounds. She was tiny.”

“You’re just being modest. I’m sure other girls have told you that you are huge,” she protested.

“Have you ever told a guy he was small? Name to me one guy that you don’t shout out how big he is when you are in bed,” he countered.

“Well, if it’s small, and you wouldn’t believe how small some of them are, you just don’t say anything about it. But I guess you’re right, women do tell guys what they both want to hear.”

“What they both want to hear?” he asked.

“It’s sexy to talk about how big it is, and to moan and stuff. You talk and moan about how big it is and it helps you cum, even if it is only average. It turns the guy on, he fucks harder, and it turns the woman on. What do you think about? What can a woman say in bed that makes you cum?”

“Seriously, if a woman tells me not to cum, that’s just about likely to make me spurt right there. And sometimes if she moans or cries out too loud, it turns me off because I’m all worried about hurting her.”

Jennifer laughed. “See, you are just ripping poor girls open with that big dick of yours and you don’t want to admit it.” There was a longish pause.

“So if you did sleep with me, would it be for revenge?” she asked.

“I hope not, but I can’t say that wouldn’t be a factor,” he replied.

“I want to sleep with you,” she said.

“Beg your pardon?” he replied, his heart starting to pound.

“I want to sleep with you. Ever since Travis told me what you said, I can’t get it out of my head. I think about you all the time.”

“I was only joking,” he said.

“I’m not joking,” she replied.

He had no answer to that.

“I do love Travis, but I think about you even when I’m with him, underneath him. I want to do things with you that I would never do for him.”

“That’s just fantasy, and there’s nothing wrong with that,” Jose said.

“I think it’s more than fantasy . . . I think maybe it’s a plan,” she said. “I think about coming by your house at night and sneaking in. I think about watching you shower. I think about going down on you while you talk on the phone or study. I think of ways to get you alone so that I can seduce you. I imagine just being on the floor of your room doggy style, staying that way for hours, and you just come by and use me whatever way you want; my mouth, my pussy, my ass.”

Her voice dropped to a whisper as she talked. “I wonder what your cum would taste like. I’ve never let a guy cum in my mouth, I’ve never had anal sex, but I want these things when I think about you.”

“What about Travis?” he asked, very conscious of his erection.

“I do love him. I see us getting married, maybe. I won’t lie about that. But I think maybe I deserve just one night with you, to see what it would be like. I swear before God that I would never tell him, no one would ever know except for you and me.”

Jose thought about it, misgivings mixing with hormones.

“That’s very tempting, but . . . “

“Don’t say ‘but’ Jose,” she interrupted. “If you ever wanted me for even a second, say that you’ll think about it. No one will ever know. I swear it. Don’t you wonder what it would be like?”

“I do,” he said, giving up. If it was a trap, he was stepping in it. “I’ll think about it.”

“Okay,” she said, and they said goodbye to each other. Jose went to the bathroom and masturbated as he showered, and after he came he was sure that even if she meant to sleep with him, it was a ploy on her part get back at Travis for his affair(s).

Chapter 2: The Key

Jose did not see or hear from Jennifer that week. Spring break came, and Travis and many of the others loaded up for a road trip to Mexico right after their last classes on Friday afternoon. They pressed Jose to come with them again, not the least because he spoke fluent Spanish, but he lied and said his father’s business was too busy for him to get out of town. A week of camping by a crowded Mexican beach, paying to use the toilet, did not appeal to him. He did not know that Jennifer was staying behind as well. She’d have to quit her job to get a whole week off, and Travis had somewhat discouraged her from coming anyway. He had private intelligence that Melanie the Pi Phi would be there.

The trucks left filled with beer and brothers left for the border, and from his window Jose watched them turn a corner. He booted up the computer and kept working on his column for the school newspaper. After 500 words, he took a break to get a Coke.

Immediately he saw on the floor in front of his room an envelope with his name on it. He picked it up, and looked down the hall. It was deserted already, although he could hear Brad’s stereo at the far end. He tucked it in pocket as he went downstairs to the coke machine, and he could feel something hard and roundish Escort Antalya inside it. He put forty-five cents in the machine and got his soda, and his heart was pounding before he got back to his room.

Jose put the coke, unopened, on his dresser and sat on the bed. The envelope was back in his hand, and he opened it. Inside was a room key marked 217, and a folded piece of stationary.

“Motel Six, west hwy 60,” was all it read, but it smelled like perfume.

Jose sat for a long time, perhaps half of an hour, holding the key and laying on his bed thinking. His heart beat against his rib cage, and he could feel his pulse in his stomach and throat. He put the note over his face and inhaled. He decided to go.

He showered again, and when he came back to the room he put on slacks and a sports coat. He was in the car and on his way right after that. No one saw him leave, which was a relief to him.

The motel was many miles away, but he was there before the sun set. He pulled into the lot, nervously taking the effort to park in the back lot, away from the road. He went up the nearest stairwell, then around the walkway almost all the way around the building before he found 217. The curtains were drawn. He adjusted his pants to hide his erection. He put the key in the door and turned it, then knocked as he came in.

Jennifer was there, of course, sitting in a chair across the room. She was wearing a very nice skirt and a matching business jacket over a white silk blouse. There were candles all over the room, lit, and a bottle of champagne was unopened on the dresser by the television.

Jennifer got up without a word and came to him. She put her hands on his chest and they kissed. He bent his neck and her lips parted. He darted his tongue in and met hers, and they lingered like that for a long while.

He broke the kiss and smiled at her. She matched his smile and reached behind him to throw the door lock. She rubbed his chest, moving her hands underneath the sports coat as she came up on her toes for another kiss.

Jose kissed her again, more aggressively this time, breaking the kiss to move to her neck. She tilted her head and tossed her curly brown hair out of the way to help him. When he reached her collar bone, he bit her gently, nosing her loose blouse out of the way until he reached her bra- strap. For the first time he put his hands on her, one on her hip, one on her shoulder, and he turned to kiss her waiting mouth again. They moved half a step closer to each other and let their bodies meet.

Her hands moved to his back, still underneath his sport coat, running with spread fingers up and down enjoying his warmth. He put moved his hand down from her shoulder and put his palm on her chest as he kissed her. One of her hands flew back to unbutton the top of her business jacket, and he helped her. Her hand returned to his back as he adroitly unbuttoned the jacket, reaching in to rub and cup her breasts through the silk blouse. He could feel the embroidery of her bra and the heavy sway of the breasts under his hands.

She stepped back, bringing her hands around to grasp his and pull him with her toward the bed. He smiled and pulled her back to him. When she automatically put her arms around his shoulders, he bent slightly, hooked his arms, and picked her up easily. She was surprised and laughed as he carried her to the bed. But when he set her down, she went silent and her eyes closed as she raised her face for another kiss.

He kissed her again, unbuttoning her blouse with one hand now as he did. When he reached the last button before her skirt, he tugged to pull the blouse out. He groped for the very last button and undid it. He slid his hand sideways, finding the zipper on her hip and pulled it down.

Jennifer gasped for air once, then resumed the kiss, pulling his head to hers with a hand on the back of Jose’s head as she tried to pull her skirt off with the other hand. Between them, they got it far enough down for her to scissor kick it the rest of the way down her legs. Her hand reached for him, but she got no further than his belt buckle before she felt his hand on her.

Jose put his hand over her crotch, rubbing gently in a circle with his whole hand for a moment. Her legs spread of their own accord and he quickly hooked her panties to one side with a nimble finger, sliding another one right into her as he did, then another. His fingers moved slowly all the way in without further motion and she came. Her hips bucked and she pushed his fingers out or he withdrew them, and she had only a moment to recover as he quickly pulled down on the crotch of her panties, bringing her legs together and drawing them off her legs easily. He stood a moment at the foot of the bed, taking off his coat, then his shirt. Jennifer caught her breath and drew her legs back up, spreading them as she did so. She moved her hips as she delighted in the way his eyes were staring at her, how they followed her pussy as it moved up and down with her hip motion.

Jose reached for her with two hands and grabbed her ankles. He pulled her to him until her ass reached the edge of the bed, then he knelt there. She tried to sit up, but one insistent hand on her belly kept her on her back. He put his mouth on her, and then his tongue . . .

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