Jo’s American Tale

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Jo was sitting on her couch watching television when the phone rang. She picked it up and said hello. The voice on the other end was of a woman she had not heard from in over a year.

“Hi, Jo. It’s me, Natalie,” the voice said.

“Natalie! My God, it’s been a while! How are you?”

Natalie was the oldest daughter of the family that Jo stayed with when she went to America as a foreign exchange student. Jo stayed in America for a semester, attending the same high school that Natalie went to. They were in the same grade and they had most of the same classes. The two of them became good friends. Jo liked America so much that she decided to go to college there. She applied and was accepted to Harvard, while Natalie went to Boston College. Since both were going to school in the same city, they decided to get an apartment together. Jo and Natalie lived in that apartment for the four years they attended college. After they both graduated Jo went back home to London. They had kept in contact since she went back to England, a phone call every now and then but mostly with letters.

They caught up with each other for the first part of their phone conversation, exchanging stories as to what each of them had been up to since the last time they had heard from each other. About an hour into the conversation Natalie finally told Jo the real reason for her call.

“You still applying that degree you got in computers?” Natalie asked.

“A little. Why?” ” The company I work for is having trouble with our computer systems,” Natalie answered. “It seems to be screwing up our inventory count.”

“Why don’t you call the people who brought in your system?” Jo asked.

“We have tried that, but they don’t seem to be able to fix the problem,” Natalie said. “I told my boss that I have a friend who had a degree from Harvard in computers and he is willing to fly you out here and have you work on our systems until the problem is solved. Are you interested?”

“I would be, but it would depend on what the offer was,” Jo said. Natalie told her what her boss authorized her to offer as payment, which was a substantial amount of money, hotel, and a company car to use while she was employed by the company.

Jo thought about this for a moment. Her work as a freelance system designer gave her the available time to take Natalie up on her offer. She did love America and the city of Boston when she was going to school there. There really was not a reason for her not to go. She told Natalie that she would love to come and that she would need a couple of weeks to set her affairs in order. Natalie told her that she was happy that she was coming out and that it would be almost like old times because instead of staying at the hotel, she could stay at Natalie’s house.

Jo called Natalie’s boss the next day and got all of the information from him. He told her that he was happy she accepted his offer and could not wait for her to come out and “fix everything those other guys fucked up.”

Two weeks later, Jo was back on a plane heading for the States. She flew in and was met at the airport by Natalie. The two women greeted each other enthusiastically with hugs that seemed to last for hours, and went and got Jo’s baggage. Natalie then took Jo to her company’s corporate headquarters, which was south of the city, where Jo got her company car with a gas card, a cell phone (free of charge), and her own small office.

Natalie took her around the office and introduced her to the owner of the company, his nephew, who was actually in charge, and the nephew’s son, who was the manager of that particular branch. Next she took her around and introduced her to all the ladies who worked in the different departments. When that was finished she took her out back to the warehouse, where all of the company’s goods were housed. As they walked through Jo noticed that some of the guys stopped working to check her out. Every one of them said “hi” to Natalie as they walked past. While they walked through the warehouse Natalie explained about what the company did, and what all the products were.

After the tour they went back into the office and got Jo settled in hers. Around 12:30, Natalie knocked on Jo’s door and told her it was time for lunch. They went upstairs to the small lunchroom that the company provided for the employees to eat in. Knowing that Jo would be coming directly from the airport to work, Natalie made her a lunch. She told her it was easier to bring her lunch to work because it was a ten minute drive to the nearest spot to get something.

When they sat down they noticed that the only other occupant in the room was one of the guys from the warehouse. Natalie introduced Jo to him and told her that his name was Matt. Matt stood up and shook Jo’s hand. He noticed her accent right away and asked where she was from. Jo told him London and Matt told her that his grandmother was from England.

“Which part?” Jo asked.

“I’m not sure. All I know is that it is by Scotland, and that Antalya Escort it is on either a river or a wall,” Matt told her.

“Well, that is somewhat vague,” Jo said with a grin.

“Yeah,” Matt said as he took a bite of his sandwich, “but it is the best I got. I suppose I should look it up on a map or something.”

When the two women started talking, Matt asked how they knew each other. Jo turned and told him of her being an exchange student. Matt continued to ask Jo questions, loving the sound of her voice, when Natalie gave him a sharp look.

“All right, Matt,” Natalie started, “leave her alone. It is her first day here. Jet lag has not even hit her yet.”

But Matt could not keep his eyes off of Jo. He thought she was gorgeous. She had dark hair that fell down her back to just between her shoulder blades. Her eyes were a beautiful blue that he wanted to drown in, and her face was full of freckles that he thought was the cutest thing. Her cheeks were a natural rosy red and accentuated her eyes. He looked the rest of her over as she got up to get a drink of water. He liked what he saw very much. She had large breasts and terrific curves.

When the girls 1/2-hour lunch was over, they got up from their table and walked out of the door, waving and saying good bye to Matt as they went. Matt got up also and went back downstairs and into the warehouse, completely in awe of the new girl.

The next few weeks flew by and before she knew it, Jo had been working with Natalie for over two months. Everyday they went upstairs into the lunchroom and sat and ate together, and every day they saw Matt sitting at the table behind theirs. On that particular day Matt got up and left before they did. As he walked out and said bye to the ladies, Natalie turned to Jo and told her she had an admirer.

“What are you talking about?” Jo asked.

“Every day we walk in here, Matt’s eyes are locked on you,” Natalie said. “He watches you as you eat, he watches you when you get up and walk around, his eyes never leave you.” Natalie then broke a smile and sang, “I think somebody likes you.”

“You’re mad, that’s what I think,” Jo said.

“Go ahead, say I’m crazy, but I know I am right.” Later that day, as she was sitting at her desk, Natalie saw Matt walk toward her. She turned in her chair and looked at him as he stopped right in front of her.

“Er . . . .can I talk to you?” he asked

“Sure,” Natalie said. “I can only assume I know what it is about.”

“What do you think I want to talk to you about?”

“Jo,” she said simply.

Matt started to ask her questions: Was she seeing anyone, did she have a boyfriend back in England, did Natalie think Jo would go out with him. Natalie answered his questions as truthfully as she could, but when it came to the last one all she could tell him was to ask her out and see what happened. Little did Natalie know that Jo was a little taken with Matt as well.

It took Matt a couple of more days before he got up the courage to ask Jo out. He had gone up to Natalie and asked her if there would be anyway he could be alone with Jo during their lunch break. He wanted to make sure if he was going to be shot down it would be without an audience. Just after they sat down to eat, Natalie said she left something at her desk and that she would be right back. That was when Matt mustered up the courage to talk to Jo.

“Jo,” he said, “how do you like it here so far?”

“It is a bit of an adjustment, but I am doing just fine, thanks,” she said.

“The weather ok for you?” Matt felt like an idiot as soon as those words left his mouth.

“Yeah,” Jo said giggling. “Weather is fine. Why do you ask?”

Matt took a deep breath. “Nervous I guess.”

“Nervous? About what?”

“Err . . . IwasjustwonderingifyouwouldliketogooutwithmeFridaynight?” he said quickly.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t catch that?”

“I was just wondering if you would like to go out with me on Friday night?” he said again, only this time a lot slower and clearer.

“Sure, I would love to,” she said smiling at him. Matt gave a huge sigh of relief. “Feel a bit better now?”

“You have no idea,” he said, still trying to catch his breath.

“Here is my cell phone number,” she said as she wrote it down on one of the napkins in the room. “Call me tonight and we’ll work out the arrangements.”

Matt took the napkin, thanked her, and walked out of the room just as Natalie was walking back in. When she sat down she looked over at Jo who was still smiling.

“What’s that grin for?” she asked.

“I have a date, that’s what,” Jo said.

“I was wondering why Matt looked pale,” she said. “He finally worked up the courage to ask you out, huh?”

“Yes. Friday night. He is going to call tonight and we’ll finalize everything.”

Friday could not come fast enough for Matt and when it finally did arrive he was stunned to find that he was going to be going out with Jo that Antalya Escort Bayan night. Too soon he found himself in his car and driving into the next town from where he lived to Natalie’s house. When he pulled up in front of the house, he took a few minutes to make sure that he was looking his best.

At the age of thirty-one he still had his boyish looks. He had light brown hair, blue eyes, and an athletic body due to his summers spent playing softball and hockey in the winter.

He felt very nervous now that he was at the house. It had been a little while since he went out on a date. He was always shy around women and never quite knew what to say. He finally got out of the car and went up the walkway. He rang the bell, and when the door opened, he was greeted with Jo standing in the doorway looking outstanding in a white blouse and black skirt. Her high-heeled shoes gave her a few more inches of height so that she was just to the tip of Matt’s nose.

They both said their byes to Natalie and Matt walked Jo to the car, opened the door for her, and off they went. On their first date they ended up going to dinner at a nice Italian restaurant, to a movie that Jo wanted to see, and finally to a nice little bar, that Matt usually goes to, for a couple of drinks.

When Matt took Jo home he opened her door for her again, walked her up to the door and gave her a small kiss good night. Jo went inside to find Natalie waiting up for her. She told her all about her date and that she had agreed to a second one. Pretty soon Jo was spending most of her time away from work with Matt.

On their second date they went to eat, then played a round of mini-golf, and ended up at Natalie’s house afterwards having some drinks with her. Natalie went up to bed after a couple of drinks to give them some privacy. They were soon making out on the sofa, but went no further. When Matt left, Jo went up to her room and played with herself until she came.

The third date, Matt invited Jo to his apartment and he cooked for her. He also rented a couple of movies and the two of them snuggled on the couch watching them. During the second movie they started a heavy make out session of just mainly kissing. Matt was keeping his hands under control, although he wanted to feel all of her body. And Jo was going nuts because that is exactly what she wanted. The most that Matt did was rub her ass through her pants.

This frustrated Jo a bit and when Matt dropped her off at home, she went straight to her room, opened her nightstand drawer and pulled out her vibrator. She got completely undressed and turned the dildo on. She lay down and immediately put the buzzing toy against her clit. She loved the sensation that went through her.

After a few minutes of the vibration against her clit, Jo inserted the vibrator into her hot and dripping pussy. She started sliding the toy in and out of her wet hole with her right hand while the fingers of her left rubbed her clit. She was picturing her make out session with Mark and came quickly. Her entire body shook with the force of her orgasm. When her body had calmed down, Jo resigned herself to get Matt to fuck her the next time they were together.

The next date went a little differently. They again ended up at Matt’s apartment, and again, started kissing before they did anything else. Matt rested his hands on the cheeks of Jo’s ass again, and Jo moaned into their kiss. She started running her hands along his chest, down his stomach and along the outline of his hard cock in his pants. When she did this, Matt brought one of his hands up and started squeezing her breasts, while with the other he forced her legs to spread and rubbed her pussy. Jo pulled his shirt out of his pants and lifted it up to his chest. She started to slide down off of the sofa and kissed every inch of bare skin on her way down. When she was on the floor between his legs, Matt looked down at her as she unsnapped his pants.

“What are you doing?” he said with a grin.

“What does it look like?” she replied as she pulled his pants and shorts down to his ankles.

His rock hard cock slapped back against his stomach. Jo’s eyes got wide as she dove and attacked Matt’s pecker with her mouth. All Matt could do was throw his head back while she sucked him deep into her mouth. Matt had an average sized prick, but it was just right for Jo. She bobbed her head up and down the length of it, coating it in her saliva. She let it fall from her mouth so she could jack him off while she sucked each of his balls into her mouth.

Matt moaned and groaned through this. When Jo had let his balls go, he reached down and pulled her shirt off over her head before he quickly undid her bra with one hand. Her large breasts tumbled free of their restraints and Matt’s hands started squeezing. He also pinched each of her nipples until they were rock hard, all while Jo was still jacking his cock with her hand.

As soon as Matt let go of her nipples, Jo took his cock in her Escort Antalya mouth once more. She bobbed on it a couple more times before she let it come out of her mouth with a loud “pop.” Jo got off of her knees and slid back up on the couch.

“Fuck me,” she breathed to him. “Fuck me now!”

The two of them hurried and pulled her pants off. When she was completely naked, she got on her knees on the sofa with her arm resting on the back.

“C’mon, Matt. Fuck me,” she said with a seductive look in her eye.

Matt stood right behind her. He could see how wet she was; her juices were running down the insides of her thighs. He gently wiped some of her wetness with his middle finger then started rubbing her clit with it. Jo’s body shuddered at the feeling of Matt’s finger on her love button.

“Oh, God,” Jo moaned through clenched teeth. “That feels so good.”

Matt took a step forward and the head of his cock just penetrated Jo’s pussy. His finger flew across her little nubbin while he gently pushed his cock head in and out of her. The need to be fully inside her overtook him quickly though, so he stopped teasing her and sank his cock in to the hilt.

“Oh, yes! That’s it! Fuck me!” she cried out as he started pumping his hips.

Matt kept a steady pace as he fucked her. He like seeing her ass cheeks shake every time he thrust into her. Jo was moaning loudly and encouraging Matt to fuck her harder. He really started pounding her, and she would moan louder, loving the screwing she was getting.

As he was slamming into her, Matt could see her big tits swaying from her chest. He took his right hand off of her hips so he could reach around and grab one of them. Once he got hold of her boob he moved his fingers until he had her nipple between his thumb and index finger. Then he squeezed it. The nipple immediately became rock hard. Matt continued to pinch her nipple and it got his desired effect.

Jo started shaking and screaming out, “I’m cumming, I’m cumming!!”

Matt shoved his cock into her one more time and he could feel the walls of her pussy convulse around his throbbing member. When her orgasm subsided, Jo leaned forward a little, still moaning from the sensations her body just experienced, and as she did Matt’s cock popped out of her. She turned around and saw that his still hard cock was glistening with her juices.

“You need to cum, don’t you, baby?” she asked in that sultry tone. With that she leaned forward and took his prick in her mouth again.

“Mmmmm,” she hummed around his cock before she took it out of her mouth. “I just love the way my pussy tastes on your cock.”

She started bobbing her head up and down slowly, but Matt was having none of that. He gently grabbed her head with both of his hands, then took handfuls of her hair and started rocking his hips, making his cock go in and out of her mouth faster. Again Jo moaned around his cock, this time in approval of what he was doing.

“You like it when I do that?” Matt asked. With the tiniest of head movement Jo nodded her answer while moaning, “um hum.” Matt, spurred on by her response, decided to go faster and talk a bit rougher.

“You want me to fuck your face with my hard cock? Oh, yeah, you like that don’t you? That’s right. Let me fuck your face until I cum!”

Every sentence he said elicited a groan from Jo. She loved what he was doing and was glad that he got a little more aggressive. She was so turned on by it that she started rubbing her clit while he pumped himself into her mouth. The rubbing of her clit lasted only a couple of minutes because she felt her orgasm build from her belly. After ten more direct hits on her clit and Jo’s body once again shook and shimmied as her second orgasm ripped through her. She let out a long hard moan that vibrated around Matt’s cock as she sucked on it.

When Matt felt the vibrations of Jo’s moan on his cock, he also felt his balls start to tighten up, signaling his impending orgasm.

“I’m going to cum soon, baby,” he told her. “I want to cum on those big titties of yours. Hold’em in your hands for me.”

Jo pulled her hand away from her clit to do as he asked. He started pumping faster, then pulled out of her mouth and stroked his cock twice. Hot, thick jets of cum erupted from the head of Matt’s cock. The first three spurts covered her entire chest. Before the fourth shot, Jo dipped her head and stuck her tongue out flat, hoping to get his next shot to land on it. Both the fourth and fifth spurts landed on her tongue. She brought her tongue back into her mouth so she could swallow what was on it. As she brought her tongue back in, she leaned forward and took just the head back into her mouth. She was rewarded with the final two blasts of his cum directly in her mouth.

When he was finished, Jo let him fall out of her mouth. Then she brought her right breast to her mouth. She licked as much of his cum off of it as she could. Then she did the same with her left one. There was a large glob of cum hanging on her left nipple. She sucked her entire nipple into her mouth and when it came out of her mouth, the cum was gone.

Matt could see her swirling her tongue around in her mouth before she looked him directly in the eye and swallowed it all down.

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