Kim’s Day at the Nature Reserve

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Kim and her boyfriend, Denis, went away for a weekend with another couple. One day over the weekend they were invited to visit a private nature reserve. They decided to take up the offer and took along a picnic lunch so that they could all enjoy a relaxed day of doing nothing.

After lunch the two couples were feeling lazy and sleepy so they decided to go to the river and lie on large flat rocks in the middle of the river and just soak up the sun and relax. The two couples chose two separate rocks to lie on, within loud talking distance of each other. Kim was lying on her stomach enjoying the sun, Denis was sitting alongside her gently tickling her back and the couples were chatting.

Kim felt something touching her inner leg at her ankle and slowly sliding up her leg, she asked Denis what it was and he said a stick. As the stick run over her inner thigh she started to feel aroused, however, just before it reached her shorts Denis moved it to the other ankle and started running it up her other leg. By the time the stick got to her upper thigh Kim was very aroused and very wet; Antalya Escort however, Denis again missed her crotch and moved to the opposite leg.

Denis repeated this several times, by now Kim was very aroused and she begged him to slide the stick inside her; she was beyond caring about how dirty the stick was or if it could hurt her, she just wanted it inside her. Denis ignored her and carried on with his game. Kim was very aroused and had a burning ache between her legs.

When Denis saw that Kim could not hold out any longer he called out to the other couple that Kim and he were going for a walk. By this time Kim was so horny that she was shaking from desire. Denis had to help her across the river and they walked a few meters into the trees. Denis pushed Kim up against a tree and they started kissing frantically and pulling each other’s clothes off. Kim was moaning gently and could hardly stand on her own two legs any more.

Denis sat down and Kim straddled him, at the same time pushing him back so that he was lying down, she could wait no longer, Antalya Escort Bayan she slid his hard cock into her pussy and started to ride him. Kim rode him hard until he released his sperm deep inside her. She could feel his cock throbbing and pulsing inside her.

Kim moved down his body, she briefly stopped on the way to softly suck and bite his nipples for a while then continued down until she was between his legs and then moved her mouth to his cock and gently sucked and licked it until it started to harden again, she took his balls into her mouth, one at a time and gently sucked on them, at the same time using her hand on his cock. She moved her mouth back to his hardening cock; she coaxed life back into it with her mouth and tongue, at the same time gently fondling his balls.

This time Denis pushed Kim onto her back and took possession of her pussy. He slid his now hardened cock into her very wet pussy and slowly slid in and out. They fucked slowly for a while but gradually they sped up, Kim moaning all the while and raising her pelvis Escort Antalya to meet his every thrust. They both gently bit each other whenever any body part came in range of each other’s mouths. Kim felt Denis cum hot and deep inside her, she felt his cock enlarge and the throbbing as he released.

They lay there for a few minutes, kissing and holding each other. They realised that it was getting late and they needed to get back to their friends. They both put their clothes on and tried to get rid of all the twigs and leaves in their hair so they sort of look normal again and walked back to the river. They were both bruised from stones and had some sore spots where they had bitten each other a little harder than intended; Denis had finger nail marks all down his back.

When they got to the river their friends burst out laughing as they knew full well what Kim and Denis had been up to and teased them for years after every time they visited any type of nature reserve or resort together. As they were all leaving the nature reserve Denis put his hand up grab onto a branch to get better balance and realised that there was a snake on the branch, on closer inspection they realised that there were actually snakes all over the place and Denis and Kim were extremely relieved that neither of them had been bitten (by a snake) while they were enjoying themselves in nature.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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