Let Me Love

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Rick and I have gone out one night to our favorite club. We’ve spent hours moving to the pulsating music; rubbing our bodies against each other; necking and groping in dark booths; taking breaks by going up onto the roof terrace where the breezes cool our overheated flesh. Then, right in the middle of “Let’s Get It On” without a word to me he takes my hand and heads for the exit. During the silent, 20-minute ride to my place, we allow our ardor to cool knowing that the slightest touch will re-ignite the passion between us.

I open the door, entering the living room first. Rick shuts and locks the door behind us. I’m putting my keys and purse on the table by the door when he wraps his arms around my waist and presses close to me. He knows how much I love it when he touches me like that. I’m wearing high heels, and I can feel his hard cock pressing against my ass. I lay my head back onto his right shoulder and raise my left arm to touch his neck. My blouse rises up and he takes the opportunity to slide his hand under it. The touch of his hand on my bare stomach makes me gasp and quiver. When his hand crosses my ribs and his thumb rubs the flesh just below my bra, my nipples become harder than they’ve been the entire night. He cups my breast through the lace of my pink bra, and pinches my nipple, sending ripples of delight the entire length of my body! His other arm is still around my waist, underneath mine.

I love the feel of his skin under my hands. We haven’t moved an inch from where we were standing. He starts unbuttoning my blouse, exposing my fair skin to his touch. All the while, kissing and nibbling on the side of my neck. When all the buttons are undone he rubs his palms over both breasts, teasing my nipples, keeping them erect and tender. I try to turn so I can kiss him but he stops me. He opens the clasp on the front of my bra, releasing my breasts from the cups, filling his hands with them. I can’t help but press my ass hard into him as I moan to let him know how good that feels. My breasts are so tender and have been bakırköy escort aching all night for skin-to-skin contact. His hands feel so hot on my skin! This time when I try to turn he allows it. I pull his shirt out of his jeans and lift it up so I can press my breasts into his chest as we kiss. His hands explore the skin of my back, which raises goose bumps on my arms. I can’t wait any longer to feel the full weight of his skin on mine so I break off the kiss and start to lead him to the bedroom.

I flip on the light at the bottom of the stairs, and Rick is close behind me. About five steps up, I trip and fall forward. Rick tries to catch me with an arm around my waist, but it’s a short trip and he ends up falling on top of me, forcing me to my knees. He lifts off of me, and sees that my short skirt has flipped up, exposing my pink lace panties and ass to his view. He pushes my skirt up higher, caressing my ass in the process. Little does he know that the sudden pressure of his weight has made me even hornier. He uses his thumbs to lift the edges of my panties to get at more of my skin. He pulls the crotch of it to the side and rubs his thumbs over my outer pussy lips. When he slips one thumb between my pussy lips, he gets drenched with my juices. “Oh Rick, I need you now. I need you inside me right now!”

Obligingly, he drops his jeans and thrusts into me. “Oh yes!” I gasp as his rock-hard cock penetrates me. He pushes all the way in and holds it there, letting me savor the feel of him filling me completely. Then he lets loose and pounds me, hard! The force of his thrusts causes my breasts to sway against the carpet; my clit to rub against the edge of the riser, and forces gasps out of me. He moves faster and faster until we both shout out “I’m going to come!” at the same time! My orgasm shakes my entire body, and I swear I can feel every vein and ridge of his cock as his hot semen hits my cervix. After we catch our breaths, we finish making our way upstairs, undress and climb into bed. He spoons me, and just before bakırköy escort bayan I drift off to sleep I realize that I’m going to have rug burns on my boobs in the morning!

Later that night, I wake to feel his hands sliding over my skin, from my hip up over my arm to my shoulder. Light, soft kisses follow his hand back down the way it came. I stir, and turn onto my back. He kisses me, lightly at first then deeper as I respond, then light again. I can see his shape by the moonlight through the window, so I know he can see me. My hands rove over his skin, from his shoulder down his arm to his hand where it rests on my belly. I pull him down toward me so I can kiss him again. I could spend hours just kissing him. Our tongues meet and wrestle with each other, then part again. I break off the kisses so I can taste more of him. I kiss his neck, and nibble on it a little. I suck a little on his Adam’s apple and his moans vibrate against my lips. I pull him closer just so I can feel some of his weight on me. He kisses my neck and bites it. Just a little. He knows how much I miss hickeys, but we’re adults now so it’s best not to leave visible marks. He kisses down my neck, and runs his tongue over my collarbone to the hollow of my throat. As his mouth works it’s way down over my throat, his hand makes it’s way up from my belly to my breast. They meet at the nipple as he sucks it into his mouth, his hand squeezing my breast so he could take more of it into his mouth.

“Oh Rick, that feels so good” I say, barely above a whisper. I can’t help but vocalize what I feel, but I don’t want to shatter what seems almost to be a dream. It seems he doesn’t want to break the mood either because he stops my words with a kiss. His hand moves down from my breast, across my belly to between my thighs. My legs spread a little to make way. He holds his hand over my sex, covering it for a moment. Then his middle finger breaks through the barrier my pussy lips have formed, slipping into my wet vagina. I arch up to meet it, trying to escort bayan bakırköy take more of it into me. He slips one, then two fingers into me, pressing up to rub my G-spot. He rubs it in a circular motion while the ball of his hand presses against my clit. He slides his fingers out of me, grazing my clit causing me to gasp. He slips his fingers into my mouth. I can taste our combined juices from earlier.

I spread my legs further and pull him on top of me. I still crave the feeling of his skin against mine. I hold him close to me, kissing him. He lifts his hips off of me, and before he can do it I reach down to guide his cock into me. I’m so wet that he slips easily inside. I tilt my hips and bring my legs up to take him deeper inside me. I hold him there, enjoying the heat and the weight of his cock inside me. He moves slowly, just rocking his hips back and forth. He rises up onto his elbows and slides his hands under my shoulders, holding me in place that way. I move my hands down his back to his ass. I squeeze it, encouraging him to move a little more. He does. He starts pulling further out with each stroke, plunging deeper with every return. The heat builds, the friction ignites a fire in me that only one thing can extinguish! I lift my hips to meet his every stroke, stoking that fire even higher! Our breathing comes faster, every one of my moans stopped by his mouth. He wants me to be silent. He moves faster, deeper with every thrust of his hips.

My orgasm builds slowly, starting as a tingle at the top of my womb. It moves in waves down to my vagina, where the spasms massage his cock with a rhythm as old as time itself. My abs clench with the force of it, lifting my upper body off the bed. I feel his cock swell, then his back arches pushing me back down to the bed. His cock spasms inside me, and I feel his hot semen spray against my cervix. Spurt after spurt of it. His cock jerks inside me as the spasms subside. His breathing calms as he lays his body down on mine. I wrap my arms and legs around him, and hold him inside me until his cock softens and slips out. Still I hold him close to me. He lifts his head, and lovingly kisses me, and brushes my damp hair from my forehead. He lifts off of me, and I cradle his head on my shoulder as he pulls the covers up over us. We drift off to sleep, content.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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