Lisa Part 3 Disneyland

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Wow. I was excited all the way to Disneyland. Dad was going there for some conference at the hotel and my sister Lisa and I were going along for the ride. Best of all, Lisa had on a tight top. One that practically shaped her huge boobs and showed them for the round, large gelatinous orbs they were. Lisa had a penchant for being mean and evil toward me, which made her tits all the more delicious to ogle. I made up my mind on the way to the park; I would get Lisa to hug me today. I was 18 and i had dreamed of holding her as close to me as possible for Years. I just wanted those boobs!! We got to the park early and were able to get a preferred parking spot on the actual Disneyland property where the staff parked.

We got out our towels out of the trunk and went around to large hall off the main entrance. Disney statues were all over the place, but we wanted to get to the rides as quickly as possible. When we got to the hotel, our dad went to the clerk to make arrangements to meet up with his boss. Finally he came back over from the main desk and gave us each a multicolored pass with a ribbon attached. “Put these around your necks and you guys can have the run of this park. Any ride unlimited. I am going to be in meetings most of the day so I want you two to check in every two hours. Go right over there to the main desk and leave a note with the clerk. I’ll call down and get it from him. Mac, come over here for a minute” Dad pulled me aside while Lisa looked around the lobby. “Listen, Mac your sister’s gonna attract all kinds of attention, so I want you to keep a good eye on her. If she tries to ditch you, find out what’s going on, but come and get me, OK?” “Check” I assured him. I was on the high school crew team so I felt pretty sure I could fend off interlopers. Then dad went over and said something to Lisa for a few moments, then he waved and walked up the escalator to where the meetings were.

“Well Leese” I said “the park just opened so the rides won’t be crowded. What do you want to go on first?” “I don’t know” Lisa said in a strangely friendly tone. “Let’s go look around…” She didn’t like roller coasters much, but it WAS Disneyland. I spotted a ride I wanted to go on. It was a loop de loop track. Lisa said she wanted nothing to do with that. She was hungry. It was about 11am so I said “We’ll get food after we ride one. We shouldn’t eat before” She seemed to like this logic so we approached a short line for Splash Mountain. She leaned back with her hands on a railing and tilted her head toward the sun. I had been waiting for this. She was wearing one of those Unitards that would stretch tightly across her body. She was arching her back so that her melons were expanding up and out. Fuck, they were sooo round. They looked heavy too. All I wanted was a hug, but she would see through me if I tried now. A brotherly hug was one thing but it’s quite another when your sister’s tits arouse you. I put on sunglasses so that no one around knew I was admiring my sister, Even though no one knew who we were. She suddenly looked down and saw me. “Nice try Mac.” she said and grabbed the glasses off my face. “Hey” I protested but she pushed my hands away.

“And stop staring at me” she said, half meaning it. I took this as a hopeful sign of something. Maybe she didn’t really mind that i ogled her somewhat.

As we waited, other people came off the ride and some of them were soaked with water.

Suddenly, I realized that this could happen to my sister, izmit rus escort that the Spandex bodysuit she was wearing would be drenched with water and wet. Oh the joy that washed over me. Until it was over. The ride was fun, but I was the only one on our raft that got wet. What a gyp. Walking around, we had been going downhill. Riding a ride or two, going into shops and stores. We were now at the bottom of Disney land’s hilly area and the only way back up is to walk back OR take the

Gondola back up top where dad was. The Gondola was a two to four seat carriage ride that is suspended in the air high off the ground. I saw it and thought “That’s where I need to take her, i can talk to her”. I was so filled with elation that we were walking around together, maybe she finally thought of me as something other than a pest. I started to strut with a sense of confidence. I think Lisa noticed it. We got on line and when it came our turn, we took our own car. It was very exciting. We sat on opposite sides of the car. “Hey you think we can see Dad from here?” I asked. “Not until we get up high enough” She answered. I got down on the floor of the car “hey you wanna wrestle?” I wanted to make it as innocent a question as I could. She took her handbag off her shoulder and slowly climbed off the seat to where I was. “Ooomigod” I thought. She really is going to wrestle with me. I put my hands on her shoulders and she shrugged ‘em off. “Get real” and she reached into her bag and took out a joint. “Wanna spark up?” she asked. I looked at her, and for some reason, I blurted out ‘Oh what the hell you’re gonna get us arrested. I’m telling Dad!’she put the thing back in her bag quickly and said, “Why the hell would you do that?” I just stared at her. “Well…” my heart was beating like a trip hammer. ‘…I don’t HAVE to tell him…’

I couldn’t believe I was trying this. Lisa stared at me curiously. “I never figured you for a fucking Narc, Mac..” ‘Wait..’ I protested.. ‘I don’t want to tell him’ She looked at me and said “Then don’t” We looked at each other for a few moments and then I said, completely in fear for my life; ‘Give me a hug?’ but it was almost a whisper. Lisa asked “What?” I shook my head ‘Nothing..’ That was close, I thought. Thank God she– “Did you say You want a hug?” Lisa followed up. Fuck! She’d heard me. I stared back at her, frozen. “So you won’t tell Dad, if i give you a hug?” she asked. ‘No! no, i don’t care about your stupid joint’ I explained. She stared at me for what seemed like an hour, before she said “Allright…” then she slowly scooted toward me.. “ONE hug” she warned. she knew what i was up to, But i didn’t care. Finally! After wanting to grope my sister’s big tits for years, it was going to happen. And she would know that she was turning me on. I knew this hug would have to last a lifetime. She reached out her arms and put them on my shoulders and scooted closer so they started down behind my back. I put my arms around her and took my time pulling her into me, the whole time looking into her eyes, scared to death. She had a knowing smirk on her face as she stuck her boobs out and slowly pushed them into my chest. My boner was instant. I was in Heaven-for three seconds. She grabbed me close, squeezed me and then let me go. “There” she said ‘What? Oh c’mon…’ I said and before I could protest further the ride jerked to a decline. We both scrambled back to our seats before anyone on the ground could tell we were not where we should be. izmit escort I got out first. I had a feeling of …disappointed elation I guess. I had gotten the hug I wanted but it was so brief I could barely describe it. I HAD felt her juggs against me though. My hard-on seemingly wouldn’t go away. I turned around and started to help Lisa get out of the car. Then i had an idea. This was my chance to get more of what I wanted. I took her arms and was planning on pulling that magnificent chest into me, under the guise of helping her, of course.

I pulled at her arms, she let me and true to my plan, i yanked her toward me chest first and Lisa and her tits came crashing into me like a wave. I let go of her arms and caught her in mid leap “Buussh” her boobs crashed into my chest and warmed my whole existence. They bulged and jiggled against me. I was embracing her now, backing up trying to keep my balance as she weighed on me with her beautiful girth. She wasn’t fat, she just wasn’t a skinny chick. She had substance, and curves, and hips, and she was desired by every man at our school including the male teachers. And I had her in my arms, pulling her closer into me. Memorizing every jiggle, every time i realized the sensation of her tit meat expanding against my chest, i started a new memory for it. All this time i was staggering back, then fell against a wall, with her resting against me. This all took a few moments but it was all slow motion for me. “You caught me” she said breathlessly “Good job” By now she was trying to break free of my embrace around her hips. “Allright, super-perv boy, you can let go” I looked at her. Then I looked down at her now bulging bosom below my chin and said ‘You know what?’ I was breathing hard. ‘I don’t think i Can let go.’ I looked back up at her. ‘Lisa you’re so fucking….you’re so Beautiful……oh man, it’s all i can Think about….’ I suddenly felt like was in a dream. What the hell was i telling her that for? ‘I just want to hold you all the time…’ I continued while still embracing her. ‘when i see you at school…and every time I see you at home…all i want–‘ ???????

She was kissing me now. Her Lips were pressing into mine. I had shut up by then. incredibly, Lisa was working me, smooching and smacking like i had seen in a million teen movies, all while her juggs were mashing into my chest, rendering me Weak and entirely Hers. The sensations, the thoughts, the realization that this may not be happening were squashed by the audible smacks and smooches of two teenagers making out in a Gondola hallway. That was what brought me out of dreamland even though i wanted to stay there up against the wall and receive her power. ‘Wait, wait, stop. we have to get out of here’ I stammered. There weren’t a lot of people around but anyone there was watching us. Lisa pulled back from my face and just looked at me. “I thought this was what you wanted,” she said breathlessly. “Mac. you’ve been bugging me all morning to wrestle. OK, here I am…”

‘But everyone here is watching, we should go somewhere…’

“Where Can we go?” she asked. I was delirious. I racked my brain for a good answer. Anyplace DARK. Wait….we were at Disneyland. They had a haunted house ride or something. That would be perfect for my lecherous advances toward my sister. ‘Let’s walk around.’ I said. We took off at a trot. I stayed beside my sister so I could watch her chest quiver to and fro; as I knew it did when she walked fast. We walked a little, and she kept kocaeli escort looking at me strangely. She had a half smile on her face. We got to a fence we could lean against and look over. There, I finally looked at her in full light of what had Just happened. She turned and put her back against the fence and said “What the fuck was That? I can’t believe we just did that” So it Had happened, i thought. I had been unsure. Now i had to talk to her. ‘I’m….Leese…. you’re so…’ I was still stammering. “Fuck MacArthur Calm down. If you Ever tell Anyone that happened, I’ll deny it and kill you.” What? i thought. Shit, i gotta play this cooler. Stop stammering. I can’t let her think this is a big deal or she’ll never do it again. ‘Well….it’s not that big a deal Lisa..’ I spit out, suddenly calm. “Yeah, Bullshiiiiiit” she said chuckling. She wasn’t buying it. She had her usual smirk on her face as she noticed me groping her with my eyes. “Shit, you were just about to propose…Oh Lisa, I Love you…” she mocked. I Hated that tone. ‘Look Lisa why do you Always have to be a…Hey You were the one who started smooching Me!’ “What? oh What the Fuck Ever, you were begging me for it all morning-Oh Leese, please gimme me a Hug…in fact, you’ve been fucking in Love with me for Years…..” I had to calm down. I couldn’t let this escalate to where we’d Always be antagonistic towards each other or I’d never hold her again. I can’t believe i was thinking this rationally, even as a teenager. Then i remembered something dad had told me once. It had to do with quelling arguments with women. Some technique with girls he had learned from his buddies in the army a long time ago. He had told me about it at a campfire once. Let them win. Whatever it was, let them win. In your head, they are wrong. So What? you wanna go out with them again? Let them win. I had stopped talking by now which made Lisa curious as to what the hell i was going to say. It also gave her a chance to calm down. ‘Leese…..’ I looked up at her. ‘You’re right.’ then i flicked my eyes down at the ground. I had to play this perfectly. ‘I’ve had a crush on you for a long….well, for a while. I never wanted you to know about it. I just started noticing how much better looking than all the other girls in school you were. And…’s not just better looking, Hell you were more fun, smarter, and had a better body than everyone else i knew. For a long time i was happy just watching you at school and sometimes when we got home and you were dancing around in bodysuits. Like the one you have on now. I guess this morning i couldn’t help myself and just blurted some things out to you…..I really just wanted to hug you. I mean….you’re like a real woman, who lives with me. I couldn’t help but become kind of….infatuated with you. I mean sometimes i wished i wasn’t but then i see you walking around and that goes out the window. And yeah, i didn’t mean to make you mad…and you kissing me takes care of about every fantasy I’ve ever had about Anybody…..’ I trailed off. Shit. I didn’t know where to go from there. I had spilled out Everything i thought she’d want to hear all the while making sure i sounded like a hopeless sap who couldn’t control himself or his libido.

I’d at least get to hug her body once in a while. I had laid it all on Pretty thick and it was pivotal that she not see through it. I went over to the fence. I leaned on it with my hands spread apart in my best Presidential pose and stared intently out into the distance. Presently Lisa was beside me. This is it, I thought. She’ll either say Nice Try dumbshit and I’ll Never get to hug my sisters beautiful body against me again, or…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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