Moving On Ch. 02

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Ch. 2: Double Matinee

With Jessie and Aurora in my arms, I certainly could not complain about how the summer was turning out. Regretfully, they were not going to be around for long. As soon as school got out and they graduated, and of course after their trip to Disney World, Jessie was moving off to her father’s for the rest of summer and had decided on a community college near him. We did manage a few more “get togethers” before she left. I don’t know if Jessie started to have sex with other guys too, but when we were together, she was insatiable. I only managed to get together with both of them together one other time, the last time I was to be with them. Jessie and I hooked up five times in the three weeks we had, each time I came at least twice, if not three times! She was particularly keen on trying out different positions and was obviously doing some research, as a few she wanted to try were even new to me.

One lazy Sunday afternoon, Jessie was over and after fucking her in her favorite position, doggy style, and recuperating on the bed, I suggested we cool off in the pool and watch the setting sun. Jessie welcomed the idea, hopping out of bed and opening the sliding glass doors of the bedroom that lead to the back patio. She immediately dove in and beckoned me to join her. I did not have her energy, slowly wading into the pool.

Jessie immediately swam up to me, head first, mouth open towards my cock. In laughing so much she swallowed some water before she could swallow my cock. After her coughing fit, she stood up, pressed her body against mine and we kissed deeply, our tongues dancing about. As we were kissing, Jessie slowly guided us into deeper water where we eventually lost our balance and slipped into the water.

We spent awhile splashing about, naked, teasing one another. I eventually swam to the side of the pool and pulled myself out, sitting with my feet dangling in the water, and my cock, semi-hard, sticking noticeably out. Jessie continued to swim about as I watched her, enrapt by her big tits and small, tight ass. She was a teen goddess, twenty years my junior, swimming naked in my pool after spending an afternoon fucking. Can life get any better?

Jessie eventually tired of showing off her nubile body to me and made her way over to where I was sitting. She stood up in front of me and seductively started to rub her luscious tits over my cock. I hardened immediately. With each stroke down she licked the tip of my cock, eliciting several moans of ecstasy from my lips. After a few strokes of titty fucking, she started to lick my shaft and kiss the tip, seductively sliding my cock into her mouth.

I instinctively humped my hips into her face as she sucked me off, holding her head. Even though I had cum twice earlier while having sex, it didn’t take me long to cum yet again into Jessie’s eager mouth.

Jessie swallowed every drop then gave me a big kiss on the lips before she bounced out of the pool to get dressed and head home. I could do nothing more than sit there with undoubtedly a big stupid grin on my face, just reveling in my unbelievable good fortune. I did have the wherewithal to eventually move, putting on a pair of shorts and shirt to offer Jessie a drive home. She lived in a working class neighborhood of track houses, decent and clean, not too far from the high school. As per our routine, I dropped her off close to the school to avoid her mother becoming overly suspicious.

Though seemingly moving in another plane of reality, I did manage to stop at the store and picked up some pre-cooked food for dinner – I was sure I wasn’t going to have the strength to cook anything that night. Jessie gave me a true workout.

After heating up my dinner, I stepped out to eat on the patio, enjoying the (relatively) cool breeze. My state of bliss was interrupted by one of those unfortunate experiences one has when houses are built much too close to one another – my neighbors were having fight. It sounded like Alia and her step-mother were going at it again and the open windows did nothing to hide their venom for one another in a respectable middle class manner – behind closed doors!

I had met the Kramers a few times in the yard; he was a lawyer and having lost his first wife to cancer remarried his then secretary, ten years his junior. Given my current “relationship” with Jessie (well, it wasn’t really a relationship – we were just sex partners, as I saw it) twenty years younger than, I certainly couldn’t fault him for being attracted to a younger woman. Particularly Kathleen who, though the epitome of upperly mobile wanna-be with her over done coiffeur and nails, was an extremely attractive woman, and knew it. She had a long neck, high cheek bones, and soft auburn hair she usually wore in some type of fashionable style. She also had big breasts, always showed a bit of cleavage, stylishly of course, long shapely legs, and an ass to die for. It appeared, however, that she wasn’t a particularly good step-mother; undoubtedly, under the circumstances, Ankara escort not an easy task to excel at given the untimely death of Alia and her brother’s mother.

Kathleen was night and day to young Alia who was a quiet, down to earth goth. More often than not wearing black, dark eyeliner around her eyes, and she had a few piercings, the visible ones included a number in both ears, her nose and eyebrow. Her hair was usually black but once in awhile she would add some “color” – purple or red. Alia was tall, at least 5’8″ or so and thin as anything. She was a rising senior in high school. What she lacked in curves, she made up for in facial looks, despite her best attempts to hide her beauty. I had never spoken more than a few words to her when her father first introduced me, she never seemed interested in saying even hello if I ever happened to see her outside.

Kathleen and Alia fought regularly, though it never seemed to amount to anything more than raised voices. I was tempted to go inside and finish my meal, but then there was a few slammed doors and everything fell silent again. I waited a few moments and then started to enjoy the last of my dinner and peaceful evening. It didn’t last long.

From around the corner of the house, just outside my side gate that led to the narrow strip of land that served as a buffer between our two houses, I could hear some sobbing. I toyed with the idea of investigating, but figured it was not my place. Then I noticed a hand reach over the fence and unlatch my gate and in walked a noticeably upset Alia. She closed the gate and walked over to the pool and sat, dangling her long legs into the water. She was wearing a short black skirt and black halter top, though I noticed in the moon light that her face was not made up – she looked radiantly beautiful.

She obviously didn’t notice me or was unconcerned by my presence.

“Hi,” I finally decided to break the silence.

Alia jumped on hearing my voice, apologizing as she thought I was out as she didn’t see any lights on. She explained that before I moved in the house was vacant for about six months and she found it to be her refuge. She apologized for intruding, but didn’t bother getting up to leave. She needed a space to contemplate the world and my pool side seemed to be her space.

“Sorry, I thought you might be out with your girlfriend or something.”

“Girlfriend? What girlfriend? What makes you think I have a girlfriend?”

Alia just smirked at me, the kind of look one gives when they assume they know the truth and catch you lying.

“Yeah, right. That skank that was over here earlier. She’s your …”

“Skank? Excuse me?” I said, shocked at her judgment of others, as I walked over towards her. Alia didn’t move, her whole attitude was so nonchalant. Even her use of skank just seemed to be an everyday word.

“Sorry, Jessie’s her name, right? I know her from school. Your girlfriend, yes?”

“She’s not my girlfriend.”

“Does she know that? I mean, the way you all fucked all afternoon she’s gotta be someone special.”

“Excuse me? What are you doing, spying on me?”

“Hardly, but given your bedroom window is about ten feet from mine, it is hard not to see, or hear, you two.”

I just stood there silently, my mouth agape, staring at her.

“Even though I think Jessie’s a bitch, I must say it was kind of hot seeing you pound her from behind. Truth be told, I even masturbated watching you two. But don’t get any ideas you pervert. I’m not going to fuck you too. She can have you.”

I was shocked, both by her revelation of watching and masturbating and her totally casual way of talking about it, like it was an everyday affair, spoken of with so little emotion.

Her eyes were still swollen from her crying earlier, despite her lack of emotion. I decided to sit down next to her, dangling my own feet into the pool. I figured it best to ignore what she saw earlier, and instead asked her about the fight.

“Trying to change the subject?”

Chuckling, I said, “well, if you’d rather talk about sex, that’s fine with me; I am a sexually depraved pervert after all.”

“I didn’t say depraved, just a pervert! Let’s see, how old are you? 40? And she’s what, 18 I hope for your sake. Yeah, what’s 22 years between lovers?”

Alia looked up at me while she spoke, undoubtedly looking for some kind of response. I think I could begin to see why Kathleen reverted to yelling, Alia certainly had her way of evoking a response. It actually didn’t faze me at all; I was bemused by her revelation and attitude.

“I’m 42, so it would be 24 years, but, hey, who’s counting.”

“You’re 42? Hmmm, not bad.”

“Excuse me?”

“Well you fucked her twice; I assume you came both times. Then she sucked you off in the pool. Three orgasms in one afternoon, not bad for an old man.”

I just cracked up laughing, which finally elicited some type of response from Alia as she began to smile.

“And may I ask how many times you Ankara escort bayan came watching us?”

Now it was Alia’s turn to start laughing.

“Don’t even go there pervert.”

“Nice to see you laugh, you have a beautiful smile.”

“Oh, now trying another tactic, are you? I told you, it ain’t going to work on me.”

“No, I’m serious. You should try smiling more often.”

“Well, if the world wasn’t so cruel, perhaps I would. Seems like the gods have it out for me, taking away my mother and replacing her with that bitch. Then fucking me in school, where I can’t even get into the class I need to get the fuck out of this place; then giving me some shithead of a boyfriend who can’t keep his cock in his pants. Yeah, give me a reason to smile.”

“So you weren’t smiling and enjoying yourself when you were watching Jessie and me earlier?”

“Shut up pervert. I wouldn’t have been watching you if you weren’t such an exhibitionist leaving your curtains open.”

“Hey, you could have closed yours. And look who’s the pervert – who masturbated while watching others have sex?”

“Fuck, we all have our needs and since my boyfriend is no more, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do! Besides, had you known you probably would have gotten off even more. Who knows, maybe you would have even cum a fourth time!”

“Well, if I had the opportunity of watching you masturbate, I’m sure I would have.”

“I told you, don’t bother trying. I’m not …”

“I’m not trying. Trust me.”

“What, my tits aren’t big enough for you? That’s why you like Jessie so much. You probably stare at Kathleen’s too. She’s got some big nasty tits for you. Now there is the epitome of a skank! All she has to do is shake them a bit and every guy trips over their tongues. That’s how she snared my dad, just showed him her tits and he was like a baby in her arms. The bitch has got him wrapped around her little pinky.”

Alia started crying again. I just let her cry. It seemed she had a few issues to process.

“Look, Alia, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you.”

Between her cries, she managed to say, “it’s cool … it’s not you. Shit,” she said, heaving a big sigh, “life is so unfair and fucked up sometimes. And right now I’m on the receiving end. Look I’m sorry for coming into your yard. As I said, until you moved in this was my space to escape the insanity over there,” tilting her head towards her house.

“It’s cool, no crime. Feel free to come over whenever you need the space.”

“Just hopefully when you aren’t skinny dipping with that skank!” Alia said, laughing.

“Look, I’m going to be honest with you. It is a weird situation, but Jessie isn’t a skank, whatever that may be to begin with, and I would appreciate it if you didn’t call her that.”

Alia stared at me, assessing my seriousness, and seeming to process what she herself was doing.

“Your right, I’m sorry. She ain’t no skank!” She said smiling. “Seems strange, here I am all into feminist politics reading what I can, and then go around putting down other girls. Isn’t that what Kardoky called ‘bargaining with patriarchy?”

“You’ve read Kardoky? I’m impressed.”

“Yeah, well easy to read, not so easy to live.”

“Nope, we all make our own history, but not by circumstances of our choosing!”

“Oh, now you are dumping Marx on me, shame on you!”

“I hope all my students at the university are as well read as you.”

“Don’t count on it. All I can think about is getting into a college as far away from here.”

“Where do you want to go?”

“Amherst! No question about it. They have this amazing documentary film program and plus Anna McCormick is there.”

“Anna? You know her work?”

“You know here? I guess academia is a small world.”

“You could say I know her – she’s my ex-wife!”

Alia nearly fainted when I revealed that. She just sat there dumb-founded, her mouth agape staring at me. She finally found her senses and confessed how she recently read Anna’s book that just came out last year on postcolonial feminism, particularly the struggles of women migrant laborers around the world and their various attempts to organize and fight for their rights and against such things as exploitation and trafficking. She actually did a lot of research on human trafficking, but her first book focused more on migration and she was furiously writing her second.

Alia was awe struck, but amazingly well informed about the issues and knew all of Anna’s writings. I asked if she had been in touch with her at all and she said no, what professor would be interested in a junior in high school – unless it was a “he” who wanted to bed her, she chided me.

“I don’t go after juniors, just seniors!” I joked back with her.

“You really are a pervert. No wonder Anna dumped you!”

“Don’t go into things you know nothing about,” I said sharply.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you. Honestly, I was just joking.”

“So, how did you get Escort Ankara so much into voyeurism?” I asked, changing the subject back to something more enticing.

“To be honest, at parties. Watching my friends make-out and fuck. I almost preferred watching them then making out with my own boyfriend. Guess that is why he started putting his dick where he should not of. I even talked my girlfriend into letting me hide in her closet when she brought her boyfriend over to fuck. It’s addictive.”

“Intriguing! Do you get off in the same way watching porn or you …”

“No way. Porn is so fake. I like it real, live action!”

“How many times have you watched me?”

“Today was just the second time. Though I’m guessing you two have been fucking a few times. You seemed pretty comfortable with each other. I must say, she is kind of cute even if a bit of a tease. Particularly when she is cumming! No wonder you like fucking her. Though to be honest I was guessing she’s been fucking a lot of guys – power to her!”

“Actually, if you want to know the truth, I was her first. Since we first had sex I don’t know if she was with other guys, but given we only had sex the first time three weeks ago, I doubt she has slept with as many guys as you imagine. Just because a girl teases and accentuates her sexuality doesn’t make her a skank.”

“I know, I know! I’m sorry, Ok. I’m not usually that kind to judge others like that. As long as she remains in control of her sexuality and uses it for her own pleasure, power to her. I could care less if she fucked different guys every night, if that is what she gets off on, that’s her business. Though, I’m bound to think that most girls who are that open don’t do it for their own pleasure, but usually for some fucked up logic that is a ‘bargain with patriarchy.'” With that she gave me a knowing smile.

I just sat in silence, staring at her, deeply impressed with her take on the world.

“What, didn’t think some young teen girl knew how to read and think?”

“No, I know better than that; but it is always a pleasure to meet someone who actually enjoys reading boorish academic writing!”

“Yeah, there is a lot of crap out there!”

“So, back to your own voyeuristic perversions,” I said, giving her a false dirty grin. “Are you into exhibitionism too, or just like watching?”

“I told you not to go there, pervert! For now, I’m just a voyeur. You’ll have to go elsewhere to get your rocks off. Hell, maybe Jessie can give you a show.”

We both were laughing, enjoying joking and chiding with one another.

“Wasn’t looking for a show, just curious to know more about your own perversions. So, when you masturbate, you use a dildo, vibrator, your fingers? What’s your preferred method?”

“You sure do like to pry into a girl’s private affairs, don’t you?”

“Hey, I’m a sociologist, consider it professional curiosity!” I said, giving her another big ole fake grin.

“A sociologist who studies teen girl masturbation practices? I sure as hell hope the government is funding you for that!”

I cracked up laughing.

We went on chatting, interweaving my research on globalization and urbanism with feminist theory and enticing doses of sex talk. Eventually she admitted it was time for her to go and only then did I realize that we had just spent three hours chatting! For whatever reason she insisted on giving me her phone number and I gave her a miss-call in return so she had mine; I couldn’t imagine ever calling her up, but it would appear she had greater foresight than I.

I noticed when she went out my gate that she actually climbed back into her bedroom through her window. It was apparent that her parents assumed she had been in her room the whole night and not dangling her feet in the pool of the pervert next door talking about her masturbation preferences and propensity to get off while watching others have sex.

Given it was rapidly approaching midnight and my long afternoon tryst with Jessie, the exhaustion set in quickly and I found myself in bed sound asleep. The next morning, well rested, I got back to my writing, but could not shake the thought of Alia spying on me from her window having sex with Jessie. I found myself getting hard, not so much at the thought of fucking Jessie, but of Alia masturbating. Maybe she was right, I was becoming a pervert!

My mind kept racing through scenarios, and I couldn’t help but push the situation and see how it unfolded. I immediately called Jessie and asked if she and Aurora could come over that afternoon. Jessie just laughed, asking if my three orgasms yesterday weren’t enough. I told her I just wanted to see them as much as I could before she left for the summer.

Ten minutes later Jessie texted me that I could pick them up at our usual spot at four. I then texted Alia:

“Double matinee, starting about 4:30”

“dble matinee???” She replied.

“no tickets necessary, cum prepared!”

“LMAO! should i make popcorn?”

“whatever gets you off, popcorn, dildos, butterfingers”


“hope to ‘see’ you there!”

“now im curious, dbl matinee, hmmmm”

Rather than reply back, I let it drop; let her try and guess what it might mean.

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