Natasha Ch. 02

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Big Dicks

Natasha’s Neighbourhood Watch Program continues…

“So, where are you off too young man?” Debby asked her son, as she chopped up the steak for the slow-cooker.

“Um… that job I was telling you about. You know… next door. I’m painting their shed for a couple of hundred to put towards rego on the Hilux,” Eric said to his mum, as he pinched a few bits of raw carrot from the pot.

“You doing it on your own?” his mum asked, dropping the diced steak into the pot.

“Pretty much… Don’t think the husband’s home… but Natasha will be, and I think she wants to help a bit.”

“Alright then, but you be nice and polite won’t you? She seems a nice lady, that Natasha, and I like her, you know,” Debby said, all motherly-like, “I’ve seen the two of you talking by your car a few times… and I hope you don’t ogle her like I’ve caught your father doing!”

Eric blushed at his mother’s frankness — shit, if she only knew what a fucking pervert her son was too, he thought, rolling his eyes toward the ceiling as he walked out the sliding door to the veranda.

“No worries, Mum, I’ll be right…” he said, headed down the steps to the driveway.

Debby stopped cutting up the vegies for a moment, and flicking a lock of her auburn hair out of her eyes, she watched her only son walking up the driveway. He was a good-looking boy, she thought, with a mother’s pride, tall and fair-headed — but she was a little worried about him, as he still didn’t seem to have a girlfriend. She sighed, as he rounded the path, and hoped that he was not gay or something — not that she had anything against gays — she just didn’t want her son to be one, that’s all…

Looking down at her chopping block again, Debby thought she would rather her son went out to see a band or something — and maybe find a nice girl — than work the weekend painting someone’s shed. He was far too money-conscience these days, she mused, and not getting out and enjoying life while he was young!


As Eric walked past his mother’s favourite rose bush — he thought he could see where he had shot his load over it a week ago — he reckoned a couple of the leaves looked shinier than the rest. He sniggered to himself at the fond memory of watching Natasha bring her self off; totally unaware she was being spied on…

Then with some warped sense of justification, he mused to himself how lucky she was that he had been perving on her too, because from his vantage point peeking at her from behind the paling fence that separated their houses, he had noticed that she had fallen sleep not long after she’d brought her self off. Then twenty minutes or so later, just before his parents had pulled up in the driveway, Eric had noticed how sunburnt she was becoming…

And that was why, feeling as nervous as all hell, he’d went over and had rung her doorbell. He had merely wanted to wake her before she became toast!

Did that make him a chivalrous pervert, he wondered?

Funny really, he thought to himself, as he rounded the footpath toward Natasha’s front gate, here he was going over to do a job for the woman of his dreams (and sometimes wet dreams, too), more or less because he had been perving on her!

Ringing her front doorbell, Eric was again taken back to the previous weekend when he had first stood there waiting for her to answer the door — it had taken a lot of nerve for him not to run back home as soon as he’d rung the bell — and with his heart pounding in his chest, he had been just about to leave, when the front door had opened and Natasha stood on the other side of the flyscreened door, with a completely surprised look on her pretty face!

She had wrapped her beach towel around herself, but that hadn’t mattered to Eric, he knew exactly what she was wearing underneath — or more to the point — what she wasn’t wearing!

Asking her if she had any jobs for him was a stroke of genius, he recalled, as he hadn’t really thought of what he was going to say before he’d rung her bell! Then after she suggested he could paint their shed out in the backyard, they’d talked animatedly for several minutes about this and that, and his uni work and stuff, which certainly helped him to relax in her company…

Then Natasha had eventually thanked him for coming over.

Of course, Eric had acted dumb; so she volunteered to him how she had fallen asleep in the backyard sunbaking, and if he had not come over to ask for a job, she may have slept all afternoon with really painful results!

And when he had asked her if she had gotten a little burnt, she had nodded her head, and told him quite candidly that her boobs were a bit red…

Well, Eric had nearly got another fat instantly at her open response — but when she lowered her towel down a few centimetres to show him her reddened flesh, his jaw nearly dropped to the ground!

‘Just as well I didn’t fall asleep on my stomach, Eric, or I wouldn’t be able to sit for a week!’ she had told him, as she’d stood there bayan escort casually inspecting the top of her sunburnt tits, as if he couldn’t see her through the wire door!

Eric could see quite clearly the dark flesh of her areola just peeking out from beneath the towel — and he had stood there willing the towel to fall even lower…

Then she’d pulled her towel back up and looked at him, smiling serenely, and Eric had gulped with embarrassment at what she had just shown him like it was nothing, all while he stood no more than a metre from her. And then the vision of her beautiful bum all sunburned, had filled his thoughts, as they bid each other goodbye, and he’d turned to walk down her steps… and he’d rushed home and jumped in the shower and jacked-off again!

Now, here he was a week later, ready to do her bidding, so to speak!

He was about to ring the doorbell again when it suddenly opened — and there was Natasha looking out at him warmly, her hazel eyes sparkling and a lovely smile on her unblemished face. Two small dimples, one on each of her rosy cheeks only added to her friendly demeanour.

“Hi Eric!” she said, greeting him as she opened the door for him to enter.

She was wearing a small white-cotton singlet that was cut off quite short and hung loosely just below her firm, smallish-breasts, exposing her midriff clearly. She also had on a pair of faded black-denim cut-off shorts that were quite low-waisted and terribly frayed at the legs. Eric’s inquisitive eyes lingered at her tight shorts for a fraction longer — noticing that they were unbuttoned fashionably at the fly more than halfway down, and he could just make out the band of her bikini peeking out. Stepping inside, he could see she had a halter-neck bikini on beneath the singlet, and that it was quite noticeable beneath the thin cotton top. She smelt fresh too, he noticed, with just a hint of some floral fragrance apparent.

“Nice day for it,” she said, turning to lead him through the house. “I’ve got everything you need, I think, out in the shed.”

Once inside, Eric gave a cursory glance around the neat entrance, noticing a set of beautifully polished stairs leading up from the small foyer, and although only sparsely furnished, everything looked to be of fine quality and neat as a pin. She was obviously very house-proud, he thought.

“Come on, Eric,” she said over her shoulder, when realising he was not behind her.

“Um… is Mister Green home today?” he asked.

“You mean Charles… No, he’s at golf today. Saturday is his golf day,” Natasha said, assuredly. “Come on… I won’t bite.”

Eric took a deep breath and followed her down the wide hall that was really more of an atrium; with its numerous glass panels for a ceiling that let in heaps of natural light. He could see she had pulled her long dark hair back in a simple ponytail that came to the middle of her back, and the mid-morning sunlight brought out flashes of copper-highlights that actually appeared to glow luxuriantly as she walked gracefully in front of him, not more than two metres away. He like the way her ponytail swished from side to side as she moved, and it was obvious to him she had groomed herself with care that morning.

As they walked through the kitchen to the backdoor, Eric couldn’t help but let his eyes wander down to her bottom as her hips swayed from side to side evocatively. The frayed legs of her cut-offs were angled upward sharply to her hips, and Eric knew that if she were to slightly bend for anything in front of him, he would see a fair chunk of her full buttocks without a doubt, and his balls tingled with anticipation!

“Hey, you don’t look too sunburnt anymore,” Eric said, as they walked over the manicured lawns to her shed he was to paint.

“Nup! Not a bit of red anywhere,” she said, as she opened the side door. “I’m one of those lucky ones… with my complexion I just go brown… I never seem to peel,” she added, as she looked over her arms casually — then looking up at him, she pulled her singlet out partway to show him her tanned flesh, “See.”

Eric’s eyes lit up as he looked down her top. She was certainly right, he thought, as he looked at her tits bulging from her tiny bikini top, her flesh was now certainly a nice healthy shade of olive/brown compared to the reddened state it was in last weekend!

Natasha gave him a crooked smile, and watched his eyes linger just little longer on her exposed cleavage — then releasing the top of her singlet, she turned around and gestured gracefully with an open hand toward a bench near the door.

“The man at the hardware said this should be enough to get started,” Natasha said, looking at him and raising her eyebrows enquiringly, as if asking for re-assurance. “You’re the budding Engineer — what do you reckon?”

Eric looked from Natasha to see an array of scrapers, a large wire brush, packets of sandpaper and sanding blocks and a couple of four litre tins escort bayan of paint — all sitting very neatly laid out on a bench.

Eric hadn’t really done too much painting before — a couple of little jobs at his uncle’s recently — but that was it. Of course he wanted to look like he knew a bit, so he asked her something that was quite obvious.

“Um… looks good. But where are the paint brushes and rollers?”

Natasha looked up at him, putting her hand to her mouth, “Oops… I think they’re still in my boot!”

Eric smiled to himself, as he watched her hurry off across the yard to the side-entrance to her garage — her hair whipping to-and-fro like a filly’s mane, and her pretty bum jutting out as it rose and fell provocatively with her every step. Fuck she looked gorgeous, he mused to himself appreciatively, before turning to pick up one of the scrapers.

Just as he started scraping down the flaking paint of the shed’s doorjamb, Eric saw Natasha re-appear with a triumphant look on her face as she held up a plastic shopping bag that no doubt contained the missing brushes and rollers. This time, as she jaunted back casually, he could just make out her tits wobbling beneath her singlet — he didn’t think they were overly large — but they were really nice just the same!

“I’ll leave you to it then, Eric, okay?” she said, putting the bag on the bench. “Sing out if you need anything, won’t you. I won’t be far away… I’m just going to do some reading over there under the umbrella,” she added, pointing to a banana-lounge setup under a small beach umbrella.

Eric watched her walk off — and felt the tingle in his balls again.

How lucky could he be, he thought to himself, over here working on his attractive neighbour’s shed as she got around in a skimpy pair of shorts and little top? And what about the way she showed me her tits? She was a fucking cock-teasing horn-bag for sure, he gulped!


The afternoon warmed up nicely, and as Natasha studied her work notes on a draft report she was to have in the following week, she couldn’t help but occasionally look over at Eric as he prepared the shed for painting. He had taken his tee-shirt off and was working in just an old pair of Quicksilver boardies and a cap and sunglasses; his young body looked lean and muscular, without a hair on his chest — it was now her turn to perv, and she did so with growing interest behind the lenses of her own dark glasses.

A couple of hours later, with Natasha still laying on her lounge beneath the umbrella dozing, the sun went past its zenith and the warmth had crept up Natasha’s long legs toward her body as the shade slowly disappeared. At first, she considered moving her lounge back in the shade — but quickly decided she would take advantage of it — she liked the sun.

She looked over to see Eric was about halfway around the shed and quite fixated with his mundane work at the present and barely giving her a second glance. Smiling to herself, she decided to remove her singlet and get some sun on her stomach — and possibly generate some interest in the boy.

Sitting up, she casually removed her top — she was wearing her Wicked Weasel bikini from the last summer — the spider-web one — and from beneath her sunglasses, she looked over at Eric and noticed him pause for a moment to wipe his brow as he looked back at her.

“Are you thirsty, Eric?” Natasha called, as she lay back against the lounge. “Would you like a sandwich?”

“Aw yeah, sounds great Tash, what ever you’ve got!” he answered promptly, still looking her way.

Looking back at the youth, Natasha hesitated for a moment before she got up — she was thinking about removing her shorts too. Then smirking to herself, partly ashamed at the thought, she decided it probably was inappropriate while she was wearing the see-thru bikini. It was one thing to be an exhibitionist when your admirer was hiding on the other side of a fence — and another entirely when they were in plain sight of you, she concluded wisely.

Less than fifteen minutes later, as Eric continued scraping around the back of the shed, he heard her call him. He stepped around the corner to see she had pulled up a garden chair beneath the umbrella, and that there was a tray sitting on a low table between the chair and her banana lounge.

Quickly downing his tools, Eric waltzed over and sat down. Looking down at the tray, he could see she had knocked up some pretty fancy looking Club-sandwiches, and had brought out a stubby of light beer for him, and a chilled glass of white wine for herself.

“I hope you don’t mind the sandwiches… I’m not all that keen on crust… Don’t want my hair to go all curly you know,” she smiled, offering him the plate.

“Aw nah, they look fine, Tash, pretty fancy I reckon,” he said honestly, taking one.

As he ate his sandwich, he stole a glance over at Natasha’s bikini top through his dark Oakley sunglasses, bayan escort gaziantep and he recognised it immediately as one he had seen her wearing last summer. Smiling inwardly, he was surprised by her boldness in wearing it now in front of him. He was not more than an arms-length from where she sat, and he could quite clearly see her recently-tanned skin beneath the intricate webbing of the material — and he could also quite clearly see her small, dark areola too…

Partly embarrassed at his discovery, Eric looked away again in case she noticed him perving at her tits. But as he reached for another sandwich, he could not help himself — and he looked again, only this time, he could see one of her beautiful nipples partly jutting from the top’s webbing in what appeared to be a semi-hard state!

And Eric’s balls tingled with excitement again at his discovery.

“Hope you’re allowed to have a light beer with me, Eric?” Natasha asked, “Not driving anywhere are you? You’d be on double zero, I guess?”

“Yeah, thanks Tash,” Eric said, picking up the stubby and twisting off the top before taking a big guzzle. “I’ll be right… Not going anywhere tonight… I reckon I’ll be a bit buggered from all the scraping-down of ya shed.”

“How’s it going?” she asked, sipping her wine and looking over at him.

“Aw… pretty good, Tash, should be ready for paintin’ tomorrow for sure,” he answered before taking another gulp from his stubby.

“Great!” she said, leaning back in the lounge and lifting her arms to stretch. It was a calculated move which she knew would make her boobs swell and poke out — and it made her feel just a little bit naughty…

Still stretched out, she looked down at her boobs and could now see for herself how her nipples had hardened — she could even see one of them protruding through her top — and she knew from the angle of Eric’s head, that he just had to be looking at them too! But she pretended not too notice of course, as of course, she was actually enjoying the boy’s flattering glances.

“Eat up, Eric…” she said, laying back and sipping on her wine, “Before they go stale…”

Eric slowly finished off the sandwiches, all-the-while sneaking numerous peeks of Natasha’s wonderful body through his sunglasses, as she lay back in apparent slumber. He now felt quite certain she must have known he was looking at her too — but she didn’t seem to mind, as she made little or no attempt in covering herself from his inquisitive glances.

Soon, Eric was back over at the shed — scraping, sanding and filling holes — and Natasha unbuttoned her shorts even further, then opened them up to get a bit more sun on her stomach — and again she was tempted to remove them, but a small, niggling modesty refrained her from doing so.

Maybe tomorrow, she thought to herself, as she watched Eric working, yes maybe tomorrow she would wear her new Wicked Weasel bikini…

* * *

The next morning was another one out of the box — warm sunshine, but not too hot, and a light sea-breeze — just perfect for sunbaking, Natasha thought smugly.

She had finished her report about the same time Eric had finished preparing her shed for painting the evening before — and they had both sat down, satisfied with the day’s progress, and had shared another drink together — him a light beer, and another wine for her. They had chatted amiably for about half an hour too, before he had been called over for tea by his mother — no doubt to eat the scrumptious casserole she had in the slow-cooker all afternoon — the mouth-watering aroma of which had been wafting over the fence every now-and-then for most of the day.

Moments after the doorbell had rung, Natasha greeted Eric at the door. Today she was wearing a small sarong that was tied low around her waist, and nothing else but her new white bikini top that was made of a wet-look material. Although only quite small, the top was not at all transparent in any way, and Natasha felt she was a little more respectable than the day before.

Even so, she did notice Eric looking down at her new top with some sort of bold familiarity, and raising his eyebrows, he nodded appreciatively…

“Hey, that looks nice, Tash, white really sets your tan off, I reckon,” he commented like an old acquaintance.

“Well… thanks Eric. I like it… although the bottoms may be a little cheeky for the beach,” she said, shrugging her shoulders as if it didn’t really matter. “I’m going to sunbake properly today… I hope you don’t mind?”

“Um… why would I mind, Tash?” Eric asked, as they went out to the backyard.

“Well… the bottoms are not much more than a g-string, Eric,” she said, blushing slightly as she looked him in the eye.

She thought he actually looked embarrassed too at her description, “I… I can wait until you are painting around the other side of the shed if you like?”

Eric was a little dumbfounded by her frankness and he gulped, “Nah… it’s alright… really… I’ve seen me mum and aunty in ’em heaps of times… it’s not a problem!”

“Well… that’s good, Eric, I’m glad you’ve been brought up so liberal…” she said tilting her head to one side, “But there is one more thing…”

“What?” he asked frowning, as if there was going to be some sort of catch.

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