Not Just Another Tuesday Night

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Chapter 1

As was so often the case on a slow Tuesday night, I was upstairs in my home office, surfing the Internet for good porn and occasionally glancing out the large windows into my heavily wooded front yard. It was a muggy night, with temperatures earlier that day in the mid 90s. And summer had not even officially arrived. What I really wanted at this moment was some non-virtual pussy, but the ex-wife was a distant memory and my go-to girls of the moment were otherwise unavailable. Story of my life. Feast or famine.

As I made my way through my favorite parts of the red-light district on the Net, my skills as a porn connoisseur were unfortunately not overly challenged. The past ten years had made the acquisition process almost boring…too easy. Like hunting deer with a Howitzer. Hell, I had gone from downloading and storing literally hundreds of gigabytes of porn to simply streaming HD quality video on demand. And most of it was free. Technology. You gotta love it.

I had been web surfing in a somewhat bored fashion for about twenty minutes when my cell phone chimed, signaling that I had a text message; the sound of potential pussy. The question now was…who would it be? I let the mouse go and picked up my phone. Well, well, well…it was Katherine. You just have to love young twenty-something females trying to “be good” while only dating one boyfriend at a time. The male flavor of the month, if you will. And I had found myself escort gaziantep bayan once again playing the role of the much older, wiser guy friend. Forty seems old in comparison to a twenty three year old “woman”, but hey, work with what you have, right?

So even with the somewhat tedious evening of lackluster porn consumption, I did find myself horny as hell. Go figure. So now to see what the nubile Katherine was texting me about. “Bored silly David…what are you doing?” was her text message. Hmmmm. Time to kick the line a bit. “Just another lonely night at home with my computer and some online adult entertainment.” I replied. Throw that out and see what her reply would be.

“LOL! Sounds better than my night!” she announced. Bored young women. I definitely had a special place in my heart for them. I had met Katherine a few weeks back while getting drinks at a local place on the river, where I liked to dock my Rinker and chill, and she had been out to my house twice since then, just hanging out, drinking my good booze and watching movies with me (real movies, you pervy bastards). She confided in me that she had been a party girl for some years and, quite frankly, a bit of a whore in her sexual pursuits.

I had actually advised her to start cutting that back and focusing on herself more. I could see that she was a good girl, but simply lacking in the attention that she gaziantep escort cim cif bayan really needed. Daddy issues had raised the ugly head and casual sex had become a poor substitute. I am not a saint, so it was not that I had not visualized myself abusing her tight little pussy, but I was trying to be a voice of reason.

“You’re more than welcome to pop over to my place for drinks and a movie if you want…” I texted. With my track record lately, the odds of her coming over were slim to none. But to my surprise, she replied “Sounds fun…will be there in 20 mins.” “I’ll have the garage door open…just come on in” I responded. The evening had just gotten a bit more interesting.

I ditched the bath robe, threw on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and headed downstairs to the home theater room. My bar was stocked, so I poured myself an anticipatory Vodka and tonic with some fresh limes thrown in for good measure. I cued up some tunes via my PS3, the media hub of my theater system, and sat down and waited.

Like clock-work (and typically unlike the younger generation), twenty-two minutes later I heard Katherine pull into the drive. “Close the garage door on your way in” I shouted to her. I just love the bounce in the step of a twenty-two year old woman, and she was all smiles and giggles as she made her way into the room, giving me a big hug. “So you were bored cinsel bilgiler were you? Tired of playing like the good house wife?” I gently teased her. “Jesus, you know it David! The boyfriend is out with his guy friends tonight and isn’t coming back over to my place” she stated. I told her to pour herself a drink (she’s a bourbon and Coke girl, God bless her) and come sit on the couch. She snuggled in with a pillow, a few feet from where I sat on the couch.

“So what were you really doing when I texted you?” she asked mischievously. The game was afoot, and I fucking loved the game. I grinned, put on my most matter-of-fact voice and answered, “Actually, I was upstairs surfing porn, just like I told you.” She just nodded, smiled and joined me on the large couch. “So what do you wanna watch?” I asked her. There was a pronounced pause, and I could see that she was weighing her response. “Cat got your tongue Kat?” I joked.

She finally glanced up at me, with an almost embarrassed look on her face. Pushing her dark, brown hair from her face, she said “I was thinking maybe we could watch some good porn, if you have any.” And there it was. This was not going to be just some ordinary Tuesday night at home.

“I might have some decent porn on the old PS3 that would work. What’s your flavor?” I queried. She sighed loudly, and looked a bit embarrassed, and then glanced my way with a bit of a smirk. “Well David, I obviously don’t have the decades of perv-experience that you’ve had, so why don’t you surprise me with your vast porn expertise?” she smiled devilishly, and I could tell that she was enjoying goading me with the age difference. I also knew it probably turned her on, the little tease.

And I sure as hell was getting turned on.

“I think I may have just the perfect movie for you Kat.”

To be continued…

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