Strangers on a Train

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As I saw the train pull up I kept thinking how much I was looking forward to this trip. If my parents were to ask why I would have told them that it was because I was looking forward to seeing my cousin. And I was; even though she was a few years older than me we had grown up together and were practically sisters. After she got married they had to move away because of his job, and I didn’t get to see Hannah as much as I wanted to. Now I was going to get to spend a few weeks with her, while at the same time getting a break from my parents, school and my recent break-up from Scott. However I knew this wasn’t the only reason I was excited about this trip. Hell, it wasn’t even the main reason anymore.

I felt so naughty standing there on the platform, knowing what I was about to do. Ever since the idea had popped into my head a few days before my pussy had been constantly wet, and even now I could feel my rock hard nipples pushing against my bra. When the train stopped I glanced at my ticket to check where I needed to go, and again giggled at the information printed on it; Taylor Johansen, male. Few days ago I had been online buying my ticket into the sleeper train that would take me to my cousin. As I was booking my trip the idea of sharing a cabin with a strange woman wasn’t that appealing, and for a second I thought how nice it would be to have a guy there instead. I’d always gotten along better with boys, and now that Scott was history a little flirting with someone new didn’t sound like such a bad idea either. I could feel my pussy clench at the idea. But apparently the train company didn’t agree with my preference, as it stated on the website you had to share with the same sex if you were travelling alone.

I continued with the order, and was on the last page checking my details when the “edit” button on the corner caught my attention. I stared at the screen for a second biting my lip, and then clicked the button and altered my information from female to male. I quickly checked out before I could change my mind again.

I found my compartment easily and settled in as quickly as I could. The train wouldn’t be departing until midnight, but I had been so excited I had gotten to the station way before the departure time. While I was waiting I walked to the mirror and made sure my tits were looking their best in the tight tank top I had squeezed them in. Had my parents seen me wearing this they would have freaked, but I had covered myself with a bulky sweater until they had driven off after giving me a lift to the station. Truth be told I wasn’t used to wearing something this revealing and had been a bit self-conscious at first, but the admiring looks I had gotten while waiting for the train had made me more brazen as my pussy got wetter. I thought how it could be any one of these guys I saw. I was determined to get fucked tonight, and I didn’t really care by who.

Little before midnight I heard the door handle creak open. I had spent a good while trying to figure out how to position myself on the bed, and finally decided to lay on my stomach facing the door while pretending to read a magazine. I figured this would give a good eyeful of both my cleavage and my tight ass to the guy walking through the door. As the door swung open I threw my shoulders back for maximum effect and watched as a man walked in with his suitcases. He was probably in his late fifties, with some grey hair on his temples. Definitely some extra around the waist but I didn’t mind, and him being tall with broad shoulders had my pussy purring. I locked eyes with him, and tried to hide my amusement at his confusion. The guy had clearly not been expecting to be greeted by a young petite blonde.

“I… I’m sorry. I think I’m in the wrong place, I meant to go into number 38” he said while trying to check the number on the door.

“No, this bağdatcaddesi escort is 38. I don’t understand. Are you in the right carriage? This is 21″ I answered while trying to look as innocent and surprised as I could. Keep your babyblues open wide Taylor, that always gets them, I kept thinking to myself.

“Yes, that’s what’s on my ticket, carriage 21, compartment 38” he said obviously confused. “I thought these were single-sex compartments?”

“So did I! Let me check my ticket again” I chirped as I pulled my ticket out from my bag. From the corner of my eye I could see him use the opportunity to get an eyeful of my perky tits.

“Yeah, my information matches, I’m definitely in the right place! I don’t underst…oh no. Oh no! My ticket has me down as a male!” I said in my best mock-shocked voice. Damn it Taylor, you should get an Oscar for this performance I thought while being careful to not let my amusement show.

After couple of minutes of general confusion and comparing tickets I finally made my move: “So… I know this is my mistake and all, but I really, really need to get to my cousin’s. Would you mind sharing with me tonight?” I bit my lip after my proposition and looked at him pleadingly while I waited for his answer.

He swallowed hard before agreeing: “Hell, it’s only one night, and we both have places to be! If you don’t mind sharing with an old man like me then why would I want to kick a lovely little thing like yourself out?” He smiled and again took a quick look down my shirt.

“Oh don’t be silly, you’re not old” I said while pressing my body against his and giving him a peck on the cheek.


As we unpacked a few things and got settled in we chatted about this and that. Turned out Richard was a married father of three on his way to visit his brother who lived in the same town as my cousin. As he was about the climb up onto his bed I asked him if he wouldn’t mind staying up a little longer with me and playing a game of cards. He agreed, and we sat down on my bed and I dealt the cards. Richard won both games and jokingly teased me about having won two bags of peanuts off of me. I asked for a change to win my losses back. He laughed and said there would have to be a very good incentive for him to risk losing all his winnings.

“What if we played strip poker for a change?” I asked with a wicked smile. I could see him swallow hard again as his face turned red.

“Well, I don’t know… that wouldn’t be very appropriate in the circumstances, now would it” he stammered while moving his hands to cover his lap.

“Oh come on, it’s just a little fun! And you asked to up the stakes” I teased and winked at him.

“I suppose I did, but…”

“No buts! I’m dealing” I interrupted before he had a change to turn me down.

Soon enough we had both gotten rid of the less interesting pieces of clothing like socks, and as I had lost another hand I teased Richard about how he was taking the shirt off my back. I slowly pulled my tank top off making sure I stopped for a second when I was pulling it over my face to make sure he got a good view of my breast. I had bought a new lacy push-up bra just for the occasion, and my c-cups were looking magnificent even if I say so myself. I could see him struggle to tear his eyes away from them, and I smiled to myself while I dealt the cards again.


The last hand. My pussy was dripping excitement while Richard still desperately tried to hide his raging hard on. I had cursed under my breath at the good hand I had gotten, and changed some cards to make sure I lost. My heart was pounding as I laid out my hand and watched as he put down his winning cards. I moaned in mock-disappointment and Richard chuckled.

“No peanuts for you, missy!”

“No, I guess not. Okay, you beykoz escort won, so here goes” I got up, slid my thumbs under the sides of my lacy little panties and slowly pulled them down while Richard’s lust-filled eyes took in every inch of my young body and trimmed pussy. I stepped out of my underwear, crawled back on the bed and leaning back slowly spread my legs open. My pussy was dripping with my need as I moved my hands from my thighs up to my tits and started pinching my nipples between my fingers.

“Mmmh…so, you won, what would you like as your prize?” I teased as I dipped my finger into my pussy and brought it to my lips to taste my juices.

I could see his lust finally taking over as he lunged at me, moved on top of me and planted his lips on mine. He kissed me hard, opened my mouth with his and pushed his tongue into my mouth. I felt his hands groping me all over while his hard dick pressed on my stomach. We kept kissing like horny teenagers while I moved my hips under him, desperate to be filled with his dick. Our moaning and panting filled the room. His hands settled on my breasts and I lowered my hands to remove his underwear. He wiggled out of them and I could finally see the gloriously thick cock that was dripping precum. My pussy convulsed and I made a grab for Richard’s cock to get it inside me. The sharp slap on my wrist made me pull my hand back in shock.

“You little slut. You’re not in control anymore, I am. You’ve been asking for this the whole night, and now I’m going to use you as I see fit.”

At that Richard picked up his belt from the floor and roughly tied my hands above my head. I had no way to move, and when I saw the look on his face I for a moment thought if this whole thing had been a huge mistake.

As I lay there helpless he moved his mouth on my tits and started sucking my left nipple while using his hand on my right breast. His other hand started circling around my pussy lips, teasing me but never giving me what I wanted. I lifted my hips up trying to get his finger inside me, but received a hard slap again, this time on my wet pussy lips. I moaned loudly, and I couldn’t figure out if it was in pain or pleasure. Richard removed his hands from me, bit my nipple and pulled away from me. He stood there smirking and looking down at me as I panted and writhed helplessly.

“Is this what you want?” he asked as he started stroking his cock. I nodded.

“Say it.”

“I want your cock in me. Please fuck me!” I moaned.

He laughed again, crawled over me and brought his throbbing cock to my face. I’d only given a few blowjobs to Scott but I knew what to do, so I opened my mouth in anticipation. Instead Richard took his cock and started slapping my face with it. He smeared precum all over my face before stuffing the head of his cock into my willing mouth. I felt so filthy as I lay there with a stranger’s hard cock in my mouth while my juices were dripping onto the bed.

“Oh yes, what a good little cocksucker you are. Someone has taught you well. Take all of it, you slut.” he growled as he pushed his dick deeper into my mouth. I gagged a little as I was not used to a cock this big; Scott was my first and only one, and compared to this guy he had been hung like an elf. I tried to control my breathing and was able to take the cock deeper into my mouth. Richard moaned but was clearly not done as he kept pushing it further. Finally I could feel his balls against my chin.

“Good girl” he said while stroking my hair. Slowly he started moving his hips and soon he was fucking my face with a steady rhythm while grunting. I loved every second laying there tied up under a man old enough to be my father while he used me as his fucktoy. I moaned around his thick cock as I felt his sweat dripping on me.

Suddenly he pulled his cock out caddebostan escort of my mouth, and I made a disappointed little groan.

“Oh don’t worry sweetheart, we’re not done yet” he chuckled as he gave my face one more slap with his dick. Moving down my body he licked me everywhere until he got to my pussy. I could feel his warm breath over my lips and squirmed again trying to get some release. I felt his tongue enter me and my pussy clenched around it as he used it to fuck me. I was panting and could feel my orgasm getting closer while my juices were dripping down his chin and onto the bed.

“You’re making such a mess here, you’re creaming all over the place. I’ve never met such a willing little fuckhole in all my life” he said as he removed his tongue and pulled himself up. He pushed his body over me and I felt the head of his big cock poking around my slippery folds. When it found my hole Richard stared deep into my eyes and then plunged the head of his cock into my needy pussy with a sudden thrust. I felt like I was being split in two and screamed as his cock invaded me.

“Shut up slut, you begged for this. Oh man, you don’t get this kind of treat at home! You have such a tight little cunt” he growled as he forced his cock deeper and deeper. I whined my pleasure and pain under him as he used me just like I’d hoped he would.

He bottomed out in me, took a second to grind his balls against my ass then pulled his cock out until only the tip was inside. As I moaned he did it again, before grabbing a firm hold of my hips as he started to pound me as hard as he could. His chest hair teased my nipples while his cock plunged in and out of me. I felt so small being crushed under this grown man’s weight as he used me and I wrapped my legs behind his back. The sound of his balls slapping against my ass finally brought home what a horny little slut I really was and I came harder than I ever had.

“That’s it, good girl. Let me feel your pussy cum around my cock” he panted in my ear as my orgasm tore through me.

When I finally came down I felt him pull his cock out of my pussy and flip me over onto my stomach. “Get on your knees” he commanded, and I struggled to get up as my hands were still firmly tied.

I kneeled there and felt his hands fondle my round ass. Then his other hand pushed me down roughly by the back of my neck leaving my firm ass pointing up in the air. I was submitting to him completely and loved every second. I moaned as his cock plunged into me again and he started fucking me with long, slow strokes. He lowered his torso onto my back and I whimpered as I felt his sweat covering my back. I was like a horny little bitch in heat that was offering my pussy to any male who wanted it. Richard moved his hands to my tits and pinched my nipples while biting my earlobe.

“Little girl, I love how tight you are. Soon I’m going to fill your little cunt with my seed” he whispered before pulling himself up, grabbing my hips again and resuming the hard pounding he was giving me before. I could feel his cock getting bigger and stretching my poor pussy even further as he was getting closer to cumming in me. The thought of letting this old, strange man shoot his sperm into my unprotected womb tipped me over the edge again and my cunt clamped down on his cock. This was too much for Richard who bellowed as he shot his first spurt inside of me. I felt his hot liquid shooting into me and moaned in ecstasy. Richard kept pumping his cock in and out of me while he kept shooting and filling me up with his seed.

Finally we were both done. Richard kept his cock inside of my pussy as he pushed my hips down and laid on top of me. I could hear him panting next to my ear while his cum was slowly leaking out of my used hole. His cock was getting soft but was still firmly lodged inside of me. After a while I asked him if he would untie me and let me stretch a bit.

“Don’t be stupid. I can’t let you go yet, we have a long night ahead of us. And a hole we haven’t used yet.” He pushed his hand between us and started fingering my asshole as his cock twitched inside of me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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