Summer Days Ch. 10

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Ashley and Emily sat at the kitchen table, naked, snacking on some popcorn. Ashley sat back, her feet propped up on another chair, arms up supporting the back of her head. This position gave Emily an unrivaled view of her gorgeous breasts.

“Your boobs are so nice,” said Emily as she openly stared at her sister’s chest. “They’re like… perfect.”

“Umm… look who’s talking!” Ashley said as she pointed towards her sister’s equally prominent breasts. “I like your nipples.”

Emily looked down as she softly pinched both nipples, smiling. “Me too,” she said. From her angle, she could clearly see into the sunroom where Justin was sound asleep on the couch. She watched as he sprawled out, naked. His soft, but hefty penis hanging across his leg and the edge of the couch.

“Is he asleep?” asked Ashley, lowering her voice. Emily nodded before turning back to Ashley. “Yup. With his friggin giant dick hanging off the couch,” Both girls couldn’t help but laugh.

“What’s it feel like?” Emily asked as she grabbed a handful of popcorn.

Ashley smiled and looked up at the ceiling. “Amazing, Em. Just amazing.”

“I bet. You were a champ. You took the whole thing inside, huh?”

Ashley nodded. “I honestly didn’t even realize when it was happening. It just felt so good.”

“I wanna have sex with him too. I wanna experience what you did,” said Emily. “You were coming really hard. I could literally feel it.”

Ashley covered her hands with her face. “Oh my God, I know. I can’t believe you- WE. I can’t believe we did that.”

Emily waved her hand. “Oh, c’mon. We’re sisters. Your vagina is my vagina,” she laughed. “And I have to say, it felt just like it inside too!”

“Really? Are we vagina twins?” laughed Ashley.

“I think so!”

Ashley sat up in her chair and mindlessly scratched her breast. As Emily sat eating her popcorn, Ashley admired her tight body, large breasts and cute face. “Emily, you should.”

“Should what?”

“Have sex with him. I want you to experience it.” Ashley stood up and peeked around the corner to check on Justin. He was still sound asleep. “Let’s go check out his penis when he’s sleeping.”

The two girls mischievously tip-toed into the sun room and approached Justin. He was napping deeply and didn’t show any signs of stirring. They both knelt down next to the couch. At first, the girls just stared at his flaccid member, smiling as they watched it rise and fall with his breathing. Then Ashley reached out and picked it up with her thumb and two fingers, testing its weight. “It’s so huge,” she whispered to Emily, careful not to wake up Justin.

Emily felt his balls with her hand, softly cradling them at first, then running her fingers around his loose scrotum. “Look at the size of these,” she said so quietly that she basically just mouthed the words.

Even though Justin was asleep, his body was still very much functioning, including his penis. As the girls stimulated him, his cock responded by slowly becoming hard. “It’s growing!” whispered Ashley as they watched it expand in length and width. In a matter of seconds, Justin had reached a full blown erection even while sleeping. Emily turned to Ashley and whispered, “I have an idea.” She quickly got up and scurried into the kitchen. Ashley continued playing with Justin’s now rock hard erection. She grazed her fingertips across it, very softly and sensually. Justin’s head turned as he moved his hands across his chest. Ashley froze in place, but he didn’t wake up.

Emily returned with a box in her hand. It was a box of markers. She held them up, slightly shaking them and grinning. Ashley gave a ‘thumbs up’ signal as Emily opened the box. The two girls proceeded to use Justin’s oversized dick as their own personal canvas. They used each color in the box to paint wide stripes across the width of his shaft. The girls worked quietly, often smiling at each other as their artwork began to take shape. Justin didn’t wake up, but his penis remained strong and hard. Ashley paused to scoop up some precum that had formed at the tip. She then rubbed it on Emily’s cheek as her sister playfully swatted her away.

When they were done, Justin’s long cock was completely covered in all the colors of the rainbow from the base to the tip. It looked like one giant candy cane. Both sisters sat back, sitting on their legs, struggling to contain their laughter. Justin’s huge dick, completely covered in different colors, hovered over his stomach as he slept. Precum dripped from his tip, flowing down over the various color stripes. The girls spared his balls as they hung profanely between his slightly parted legs.

As Ashley and Emily continued to stare and fight back laughter, Justin roused in his slumber. He blearily opened his eyes to find the beautiful naked sisters kneeling by his side. He smiled at such an incredible sight to wake up to. “Well, hello you two,” said Justin as he opened his eyes wide now. “How long did I sleep for?”

Ashley gaziantep escort bayan and Emily burst out laughing, unable to contain it any longer. Justin was confused as he had not yet noticed his erection or his colorfully painted penis yet. “What’s so funny?”

Emily could barely contain herself as she continued laughing. Justin was perplexed, but it didn’t take long for him to notice. Not only did he have a towering erection, but his dick was completely painted in different colors. “What?!” he said as she examined his penis, holding it up. “You guys!”

The girls now both fell over on the floor laughing. Justin sat up, holding his penis in hand as he laughed along with them. “You guys are crazy,” he said, shaking his head as he looked at his candy cane striped penis.

“Justin, that’s a good look on you!” joked Emily as she openly gawked at his cock. “Very festive.”

“Very funny,” he said, frowning. “By the way, why the hell am I hard?”

Ashley raised her hand as if she took the blame. “That’d be me! Sorry. I couldn’t resist seeing your giant frickin dong hanging there as you slept.”

“I can’t believe I didn’t wake up! Wait, did I cum?” Justin asked, inspecting the area around him.

“Nope. Well… not yet you didn’t,” said Ashley as she rose to her feet. She took Justin’s hand guiding him up. “C’mon let’s go have some fun, candy cane boy.” The three of them walked through the house to the large family room on the other end. As Justin walked, his throbbing hard erection bounced left and right, made even more obvious with the various colors.

“Oh my God, your dick,” said Emily as she cracked up laughing. “Do you realize how funny you look right now?”

“I hadn’t noticed,” Justin said sarcastically as he rolled his eyes at Emily. After they entered the family room, Justin sat down on the couch and held his penis by the base. The girls actually managed to paint it very neatly and cleanly given the circumstances. Ashley sat down next to Justin, her large boobs bouncing as she settled in. She crossed her legs. Emily stood up in front of them both.

“Doesn’t my sister have such a nice body?” asked Ashley as she lightly grazed her sister’s abs with her toe. Emily smiled as the two of them looked her over. “She really does,” said Justin as he stroked his colorful cock. Emily bit the nail of her index finger as she quizzically pondered her next move. She then slowly approached Justin and sat in his lap. “Whoa, watch out now!” said Ashley as she excitedly watched her gorgeous sister straddle Justin.

“Look,” said Emily as she pressed Justin’s penis directly against her stomach. “Look how far up he goes.” Justin’s striped dick traversed Emily’s entire stomach, all the way to her boobs. His bloated, blue-painted penis head nestled between Emily’s full breasts.

“You took this whole thing,” said Emily as she wrapped her hand around the thickest part of his shaft. “I don’t think I can.”

“Let’s see,” said Ashley as she leaned in to get a closer look. The last color on Justin’s cock, near the base, was yellow. “I made it to yellow,” she announced proudly. “What color do you think you can make it to?”

Emily leaned back, and tucked her hair behind her ear to get a close look. She studied his entire penis, top to bottom. “Umm…” she carefully gauged her answer. “I would say… green.” Justin’s cock was painted green right at the halfway point, about five inches from the head. Emily nodded, “Yeah probably green,” she giggled.

“The more I look at him, the more I can’t believe it went inside of me,” said Ashley. It truly was impressive to all three of them that Justin managed to go balls deep. “Ohh, we forgot to paint your balls!” Ashley said sweetly as she held his tesitcles in her hand.

“Pink is the only color we didn’t have, actually,” said Emily. “And his balls are already bright pink so I think we’re good!” Justin laughed as the two sisters casually joked around with his penis. He hadn’t lost any of his magnificent erection and couldn’t wait for what was to come. “How do you like your new paint job?” Ashley asked looking up at Justin.

Justin shrugged while stroking his penis. “Doesn’t look too bad, does it? I kinda like this new look, you guys!” Emily giggled as she helped Justin stroke his massive penis. “God, you’re a boner machine, huh?” she asked as she marveled at the sturdiness of his rod. “Do you blame me?” asked Justin as he helped himself to two handfuls of Emily’s delicious breasts. She smiled, seeing his point.

“Em, you gotta try him out. Do you need lube?” Ashley asked as she reached out and felt in between Emily’s legs. “Oh.. wow, you definitely don’t need any lube,” Ashley said as she withdrew her hand, wet with fluid. Emily blushed as she bit her lower lip. She shifted up in her position while guiding the tip of Justin’s penis directly to her parted pussy lips. She then slowly squatted down on him.

“Jesus… fuck,” she said crudely as Justin’s anal yapan gaziantep escort dick head pierced her tight, wet, lips. Emily braced for impact by holding on to both Justin’s shoulders tightly. “Oh my God… arghhhh… oh shit, this is big you guys,” Emily said as she looked down.

“Ohhh, no Ash, it’s just the tip!” she whined as if she was going to cry. Ashley giggled as she lovingly caressed her little sister’s lower back. “It’s ok, Em. It’s the hardest part. Ease onto him, little by little. Work at your own pace. You got this.”

Justin held on to Emily’s mid-section. He used his strength to hold her up so that she could pace herself and not get hurt. Her pussy was tight, much tighter than Ashley’s he thought. He wasn’t sure he’d be able to slide in as easily as he did earlier that day. “Emily, just take it slow. I promise you I’ll be gentle. You feel amazing if that helps,” Justin said. Ashley admired how sweet he was. Even in the incredibly strange scenario of her watching him fuck her little sister, she somehow felt even stronger for him.

“Ok… mmm…” Emily exhaled. “Is the head in?”

Justin nodded.

“Ok… ok, ok, ok,” Emily took a deep breath. “Fuck you’re big. Ohhhh fuck, ok, ok.”

Ashley smiled, while still rubbing her back. “You got this, Em.”

Emily held her breath and slid down another inch. “Ohh, God. Ohh, shit. Fuck you feel good,” she said as she looked down. “And we’re at purple!” cheered Ashley as she noticed the red patch was completely engulfed. The purple patch on Justin’s dick was running into the orange directly below it. “Ooops, we’re smearing a bit,” said Justin. Emily’s vagina was so wet it was leaking down his shaft, causing the colors to smear together.

Emily squatted a little further, almost reaching the orange line. She now was able to bounce up and down a bit as she grew to accommodate Justin. Her moans increased as well as she squealed and grunted, bouncing on his hard cock.

“Oh, fuck… Oh, shit Justin. You. Feel. So. Good… FUCK!” Emily now had the entire orange section inside her as her pussy lips wrapped tightly around Justin’s thick shaft. Next was green, her original target. “You’re at green, hun,” announced Ashley as she smiled up at Emily. But Emily was too preoccupied to care as she closed her eyes, approaching orgasm with every bounce.

Justin didn’t have to do much other than help bounce Emily up and down on his cock. He gripped her from her side as he felt intense pleasure from her tight, smooth pussy. He looked over at Ashley and made eye contact. She seemed to be enjoying this as much as he and Emily were. He smiled and closed his eyes as Emily bounced even deeper onto his pole.

Emily held on tightly at first, but as she got more comfortable, she ran her hands all over Justin’s muscular body. Ashley took special notice as she watched her sister explore Justin’s muscles and abs. The added stimulation pushed must have pushed Emily over the edge.

“Ahhhhhh!! Yessss!! Yessss!! I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m COMING!!” Emily reached orgasm as she enveloped ¾ of Justin’s cock. She rubbed her clit aggressively while Justin tried to inch a little further. He looked down and noticed his cock was so wet, there was no distinction between the colors any longer. “Fuck!” Justin shouted as he too came closer to climax.

Emily’s orgasm came and went and she now found herself slouched over on Justin’s lap, his penis still firmly planted inside her. She rested her head on his shoulder, eyes closed, and began to laugh.

“Oh my God. Just oh my God, guys,” she said as she sat on Justin’s lap, trying to regain her composure.

“How was that?!” Ashley asked as she tried to get a glimpse of how much length her sister had taken. Emily turned to her and closed her eyes. “This feels absolutely amazing. I’m so filled up.”

“Let me see!” said Ashley as she tried to create a gap between Justin and Emily. As they leaned apart, Ashley peeked down and gasped. “Oh my God, Em! You have almost all of him in you!” All three looked closely, seeing she was right. Justin had just about gotten the entire length of his shaft inside Emily.

“Fuck,” said Justin as he closed his eyes again. “I wanna cum so bad.”

With that, Emily promptly resumed her bouncing while Justin now thrusted from below as well. They each created a graceful yet powerful motion. Ashley was now on her knees on the couch, facing them. She reached out her hand and held on to her sister’s ass, helping with each thrust.

Emily moaned loudly as she came a second time. Justin grunted and strained as he approached orgasm. Ashley leaned forward to view from behind. She watched as Justin’s heavy balls slapped rhythmically against Emily’s firm ass. Ashley reached out and cradled them as Emily continued to bounce up and down.

The added stimulation for Justin triggered another powerful orgasm. “Ok… ok,” he said as he antep escort indicated it was time for Emily to get off. Emily slid off his massive cock and sat next to Justin. Ashley grabbed it just before he spewed and put it in her mouth. “Arghhh!!” shouted Justin as he pumped a huge load directly into Ashley’s mouth. She used her hand to stroke him as he came. “Ohhhh fuck!” shouted Justin as he jutted his midsection up while coming. He clutched Emily’s thigh with one hand and Ashley’s blonde hair with the other.

White cum poured out the sides of Ashley’s mouth as she struggled to contain it. Emily, holding both her tits firmly, laughed as she watched her sister attempt to capture the substantial amount. She looked up at Justin to watch his face. He looked like he was in pain as he unloaded into Ashley’s mouth.

With a loud pop, Ashley removed his gushing penis and started to stroke him with both hands. Cum dripped from her overflowing mouth as she eagerly watched Justin spray up into the air. He groaned loudly as he shot up over the back of the couch. Ashley aimed his prick forward as he unleashed a long, unbroken rope halfway across the room. Emily decided to help out as she stroked along with her sister. “Oh my God Justin!” she screamed watching him shoot another two streams across the room.

As Justin’s climax came to an end, he sat back on the couch, covered in cum, eyes closed. Emily cracked up as she examined the scene before her. Ashley held onto Justin’s penis, slowly stroking out the last droplets. His cock was completely covered in sperm and it had changed colors due to the markers. “You look like a Picasso painting!” Emily joked as she scooped up some of his cum and held it up. “It’s like a rainbow!” she said.

Ashley laughed so hard that cum spilled out of her mouth. She must have been holding it in there from the first blasts. Emily reached out to catch some of the cum that was dripping out of her sister’s mouth before tasting it herself. “Mmmm, salty,” she said as she swirled it around in her mouth.

Ashley scooped up a hefty glob of cum and started spreading it around Justin’s toned stomach. “Can I paint you?” she asked playfully as she used the multi-colored cum on Justin as if he was a blank canvas.

Justin was loving this. He sat back and laughed as the girls had their way with his cum. Emily had now joined Ashley in spreading it all around. Justin watched her large breasts sway back and forth as she worked on her art. She even picked up some of his cum from the ground in front of them and spread it all around. As she worked, her breasts would occasionally rub against Justin’s still hard cock. Every once in a while, Emily would gently stroke his cock, but not make any mention of it. It was as if it was just something to do.

When they were done, Ashley stood up and looked down at Justin. Still naked, her perfect body glistened with cum just about everywhere. She smiled contently as she observed her sperm-caked masterpiece of different colors. Emily stood up and joined her sister. “I must say,” she said. “We make a great artist team, don’t we?”

Justin remained seated, covered in cum and hard as a rock. He played with his erection casually as he looked down at their ‘painting.’ “You guys are so funny,” he said.

“And you’re so hard!” Ashley said as she poked his cock with her toes.

“Did you go soft after you came?” Emily asked. Justin shook his head as he stroked his cock.

Ashley laughed as she noticed Justin’s cum was about to drip onto the couch. “Quick! Get up! You’re gonna get it all over the couch.” Justin stood up just in time, as cum dripped down his body. Emily fetched a towel and helped dry both of them off. Justin watched her as she wiped down her sister’s huge boobs, one at a time. It was incredibly erotic to watch and Justin couldn’t help but masturbate as the scene unfolded before him.

Emily noticed him rubbing his cock and she smiled and winked before plopping down on the couch next to him and closing her eyes. “I never knew I could feel like that, you guys,” she said as she inhaled deeply, her hands rested on her tight stomach. “Such a full feeling.”

Ashley walked over to Emily and took her hand. “I’m proud of you sis,” she said genuinely. “You took him like a champ.”

“Now,” she continued, “Who’s hungry?”


Justin and the sisters sat around the kitchen table eating some sandwiches that Ashley made. Each of them remained completely naked as they had all grown very comfortable with the arrangement.

“She’s such a weirdo. I don’t get how he likes her,” said Emily as she bit into her sandwich.

“It’s all for show. I bet she’s not even like that in real life. They just need viewers,” Ashley responded. They were discussing their favorite show, ‘The Bachelor,’ and how one of the leading characters continued to get picked each week.

“I like Stacey. I want her to win, but I know she won’t because she’s too nice,” said Emily.

“She’s hot too. She should definitely win,” commented Ashley.

“I do like her,” said Justin, wanting to be a part of the conversation. The girls had gone off on tangent after tangent on topics Justin wasn’t too familiar with. But he was very content watching the naked, gorgeous sisters chatting away while he sat with a throbbing erection.

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