Summer of 91 Ch. 2

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The night after the barbeque I slept very badly – thoughts running through my mind of what had happened that evening with Sue.

I awoke early the following, to a gorgeous sunny day – already beginning to get hot at 9am. I got dressed more quickly than normal, and left the house, heading for Sue’s.

I spent most of the walk wondering if she was being serious yesterday evening, when she told me that she was going to be on her own all day today.

I had become really nervous by the time I reached her house – and was dreading anyone else answering the door; I walked slowly up the gravel driveway with my heart pounding, but was relieved when I saw a small post-it note pinned to the door saying ‘Come round to the garden’.

I walked down the side of the house, and walked towards the garden. I stopped in my tracks when I saw her …. Sue was lying there, on her front, completely naked on her lush lawn. She obviously did this quite a bit, as she had no tan lines, and had a gorgeous bronze tan all over.

As my eyes devoured her nakedness, I felt the pressure building in my shorts, as my cock slowly filled with blood.

Without turning her head to face me, Sue asked me “are you going to just stand there, or are you going to come and join me?”

I smiled, all my nerves vanishing in a second, and walked over to her. I lay down next to her and she rolled onto her side to face me. Nothing was said – we just kissed very slowly and tenderly, our lips molding to one another’s. We both sighed. “I’ve been thinking about you all night” Sue said “I was so turned on I couldn’t sleep, and the feeling of your cum slowly oozing from me just made me want to touch myself again and again!”

I smiled & kissed her again.

“So, are you going çekmeköy escort to get undressed with me, or not?” she quizzed, tugging at my shorts. “What about your neighbours??” I asked coyly. “Only 1 of them is in, and she’ll just watch us…”

I sat up & pulled off my t-shirt, and Sue then pulled off my short & boxer shorts, and we lay next to each other on our sides, but in a 69.

Sue very slowly stroked my throbbing cock with the tips of her fingernails, and she very slowly splayed her legs, exposing her moist pussy in all it’s glory.

I gently stroked her smooth mound, and slowly ran my fingers around her entrance, exploring the folds of her labia, and around the hood of her swollen clitoris. Sue tensed as my fingertip brushed softly past her firm bud, and groaned softly.

Just then, I felt Sue’s tongue brush the end of my knob, and I heard her hum her approval at the taste of my pre-cum. “I want you above me” she whispered. I then lifted myself up & moved so that I knelt above her, and I bent my head down to start licking at her pussy. Sue splayed her legs as wide as she could, her soaking entrance opening up in front of me, showing the soft pink skin inside her vagina. I let my tongue probe in & out of her moist cavity, whilst the sensations between my legs started to grow. I could feel Sue’s cool, slender fingers closed around my rigid shaft, and I felt her guiding my cock to her awaiting mouth. As Sue started to hum with my swollen organ in her mouth, she started to move my foreskin back & forth, her hand squeezing my shaft tightly.

I slipped a couple of fingers into her awaiting pussy, and licked slowly but firmly at her bud, and Sue started to writhe her hips under my arousing tongue. Sue worked harder cevizli escort and harder on my shaft, her other hand caressing and stroking my balls, and I could feel myself getting closer & closer to the edge.

I could also feel that I was bringing Sue closer too, as I felt the muscles inside her vagina start to tense rhythmically. In moments, I felt the same sensations welling in my groin, and suddenly I shuddered to another climax, my balls constricting as I injected my warm seed down Sue’s throat. I heard her swallow hard on the thick liquid, and suddenly she too shuddered her way through her own climax, her whole body quivering as the waves of pleasure coursed through her veins.

We both relaxed, and I moved from above her, and lay down next to her. We hugged tenderly for a bit, before relaxing.

“I need a drink!” Sue uttered finally, breaking the silence, and she slowly stood up 7 went into the kitchen.

I got up & followed her. I watched her pad around the floor, naked, and images flooded back into my head of what happened last night. I was transfixed by her firm arse, and found it so incredibly arousing watching it move around in front of me.

I got up & walked over to her, standing right behind her. We kissed again, over her shoulder, and my cock started to grow again, pressing higher & higher up her back. Sue stopped what she was doing, and reached behind her. I felt both of her hands close around my now fully erect cock, and she just held it.

“How do you fancy doing something to me that I’ve never done before?” Sue asked me. I just smiled, and Sue knew what I meant! She opened the drawer in front of her, and pulled out a tub of Vaseline. She dug her fingers into it, and then started to massage erenköy escort the cool jelly onto my cock. The then dug out a little bit more, and after bending over slightly, she smeared it over her arsehole. Sue very slowly fingered her tight entrance, and I watched as she probed her middle finger in and out. Slowly her anus relaxed, allowing her to slip 1, then 2 more fingers into her. She then reached behind her, finding my cock, and guided my throbbing organ to her. I put my hands on her hips, and pushed slightly, just letting the tip of my penis enter her. Sue groaned, and bent over even more. I pushed a little more, and this time, my length slowly slid all the way into her. Sue whimpered as her arse was penetrated this deeply. Once I was fully in her, I paused, and Sue stood up. We kissed passionately over her shoulder again.

I slowly started sliding in and out of her and Sue gasped with every penetration. I reached around to her empty pussy, and quickly found her still swollen clitoris. I rubbed hard at her swollen bud as I screwed her slowly, but firmly from behind. In no time, Sue gasped aloud and shuddered to another huge climax, gasping my name as she did so.

I didn’t stop, even for a moment. I kept fingering her, and screwing her, and Sue kept twitching with a long-lasting orgasm. It wasn’t much longer before Sue reached a much larger climax. She held onto my forearms tightly as she shuddered violently as the pleasure flooded through her body. Just as I felt her arse contract around my cock, I lost control. I too shuddered heavily as wave after wave of pleasure passed over me. My balls tightened, and I injected my thick semen deep inside her virgin cavity. Sue groaned in bliss, but had gone so limp that I was supporting her whole weight. I carefully slid out from her arse, and held her upright. She turned around and we embraced. “Now THAT … was sex..” Sue sighed.

We sat down at the kitchen table and had a drink. After relaxing for a bit, we both went upstairs for a cool shower …

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