The One Exception Ch. 03

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My phone buzzed next to me on the desk, I jumped at the sudden noise fully engrossed with my laptop. Grabbing the phone, I couldn’t stop the smile that split across my face. It was a text from Laura: Hi. A distant friend is having a house party tonight. Up for it? Laura xoxox

I typed a speedy reply: Hey. Love to, what time and where? Xxx

8pm. Smart/formal. Bring friends, it’s going to be a big one. She has spare rooms. See you then xoxox

It had been over a week since that night with Laura, and I hadn’t stopped thinking about it. As soon as I got the address from her, I texted all my close friends and told them we were all going.

Sam was the first to phone me a few seconds after I pressed the send button, “I’m there. Shall I pick you up?”

“You’re driving?”

“Might as well, it’ll be easier to get there. If I can stay the night, I can sleep off the alcohol for the next morning.”

“Then pick me up on the way. Thanks…’ I paused, suddenly becoming a bit nervous. ‘What are you wearing?” I asked.

“Shirt and trousers with a waistcoat I think. You?”

“Not sure, my pencil dress I wore to the club once.”

“The black and turquoise one?”


“Hubba hubba. You want to get some? You and Laura gonna have sexy time again?”

I blushed even though no one could see me, “No, but maybe sexy time with a man this time. Laura and I were a one time thing.”

“Mmm, whatever. See you later.” Before I could say bye, he hung up.

“Whatever then.”

It took me more than 2 hours to make myself perfect. Whenever I looked in the mirror I imagined Laura was looking back at me; it made me doubt myself.

A car horn echoed around the houses. Peeking outside through the curtains I saw Sam’s small Peugeot stopped in the middle of the road. He waved frantically from the drivers seat.

Sam widened his eyes as I fell into the car. “Well hello there stranger. Who are you and what did you do with Elle?”

“Shut up Sam’ I eyed him up, ‘Nice waistcoat.”

“Thanks. We’ll look like a fine couple together.” He began driving towards the party.

“Hi Elle” Other friends, Liam and Joe chorused from the back seats.

I turned to look at them, “Hey guys, excited?”

“Hells yeah’ Liam said, ‘I’ve brought a toothbrush and deodorant just in case I get lucky.”

“I’m not looking to get lucky’ Joe said, ‘being a faithful boyfriend and all.”

My phone beeped next to me. Hey. Text me when you’re outside and I’ll come and meet you at the door. Xxxx

Sam caught my smile “Who’s that? Laura?”

“How did you know?”

“I could tell by the way you looked at it. What’d she say?”

“None of your business.”

“So… what’s going on with you and her then? Are you officially a lesbian now?

“No. I’m not a lesbian; I don’t think she is either. Please stop asking. We’re just friends.”

“With benefits.”

“Okay stop talking now. Let me top up my makeup in peace.” Fumbling around in my bag, I reapplied my lipstick and eyeliner.

It took just under an hour to get to the party. The closer we got to the house, the more nervous I became. The boys were talking loudly about some TV show or something and I didn’t hear a word of it.

You could hear the party before you saw it. Thumping music and excited shouts led us to the front door of a huge, double fronted mansion. Cars were already parked across the immense driveway.

“Here we are.” Sam parked near the road and stepped out of the car.

I texted Laura to say we were here as I watched a couple stumbling out of the front door towards us.

“Who’s house is this?’ Liam asked, looking up at the wrap around balcony on the second floor, the double garage and the grand fountain in the centre of the driveway.

“One of Laura’s friends. She knows a lot of powerful people with too much money.” I answered.


Then I saw her. She was descending the steps from the front door and already waving at the group of us. Her hair was loose and slightly curled, flowing down her back in a glossy shimmer. She wore a chocolate satin dress that stopped just above the knee with bright red lips. The dress had a plunge neckline that only just concealed her breasts; her ample cleavage bulged out of and I couldn’t help but stare.

“Hi Elle.’ She said as she walked towards us, she hugged me with a slight peck on the cheek. Turning back to the guys she asked. ‘And who are these fine gentlemen?’

I pointed to each one in turn. “This is Liam, Joe and you’ve already met Sam.”

She winked at him. “Of course, how could I forget him?’ she looked at me, ‘It’s good to see you again. Shall we go in?’

The five of us walked into the house. People were everywhere, dancing, drinking and making out. There was so much to look at I found it hard to take everything in. Laura led us to the kitchen.

“Help yourselves to a drink, anything you want.’ She placed her hand on me shoulder, ‘I’ll be right tuzla escort back.”

Being at a party where I hardly knew anyone made me uncomfortable. A party this big was enough to make me very nervous. I had finished my first drink in ten minutes and moved onto the next. A group of guys came to say hello and before I knew what was happening we were playing ‘I have never’. I couldn’t help but wonder where Laura had gone.

We were a few questions in, then Sam looked at me. “I have never licked out a girl.” The boy’s drunk, but I paused. The others didn’t expect me to, but Sam knew more than they did and waited.

“Um…Elle. You haven’t drunk.”

“Sam, don’t make me do this.”

Liam and Joe looked at me. Liam gaped, “Wait what? You’ve licked out a girl! When?”

I blushed, boring my eyes into the carpet. “Never.”

Sam normally wouldn’t care but tonight he had had a few too many glasses. “She sure did. She got drunk, made out with a girl then went back to her place and got together.”

“Who was it?” Joe asked.

“It was L-”

“Sam!’ I glared at him, cutting him off mid word, ‘It doesn’t matter who it was. It was just a girl.”

“Whatever. Just drink.” One of the new boys said.

I took a two-finger sip of gin. Then saw Laura. She was standing on the bottom step of the sweeping staircase; a man’s arm was dangled up over her shoulder and the other was around her waist. She had a champagne glass in one hand and her other hand was stroking his sandy hair. Next to me, Joe was saying his ‘I have never’ question but I didn’t pay any attention. Laura laughed and it reached me, the boy was laughing too, he leaned forward and whispered something in her ear.

My stomach tightened and I felt like I wanted to cry. Laura was still stroking his hair and the way her body leant towards him made me feel very uncomfortable. Then he kissed her on the cheek and she didn’t move away, a smile parted her lips.

“Excuse me. I have to go. ” I grumbled and stumbled up, running passed the stairs where Laura was – I felt her watching me as I passed her – and ran into the garden. There were so many drunken people lying around the place, I eventually found sanctuary at the end of the garden and sat on a bench behind a huge oak tree. Blossom trailed along the fence.

I could feel tears on my cheeks. Stop crying you idiot. Why ARE you crying? She was just being friendly, and you don’t have feelings for her, you merely think she’s pretty. Nothing more, get over it. You are not a lesbian.

It didn’t help. I could see him kissing her cheek and how she smiled. I rested my chin on my hands, listening to the distant thud of the music, the laughter and noise of excited partygoers.

“Elle?” I heard her voice. I didn’t want to see her, or her to see me, not like this. I bent my knees up to my chin and hugged them on the bench. As small as I got, maybe she wouldn’t be able to find me.

It was fruitless because she did find me. She saw me huddled on the bench with mascara running down my cheeks – I didn’t see her. Slowly, she came to sit next to me and I didn’t realise until I felt her sigh next to me.

“What’s wrong?’ I jumped at her voice and hurriedly tried to wipe the tears away. ‘Don’t wipe them away’ she placed a concerned hand on my forearm. ‘Tell me what’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” I sobbed.

“Obviously something. What’s up?”

“It’s stupid, and it doesn’t matter.”

“It might not matter to you, but it matters to me. I want to know what’s wrong with you?”

“I. I’ I sighed, staring at a bee resting on the blossom. It was useless keeping it from her, I gritted my teeth. ‘Are you interested in that guy with the blond hair?”

I felt her move next to me. Slowly, she moved her hand down to where mine was and entwined our fingers together.

“No. He was just a guy that was trying to get me into bed.”

“And did he?” I looked down at our hands.

“That’s why I said ‘trying’. No. I don’t want to get into bed with anyone tonight.’ My head drooped and I made to pull my hand away but she held it hard, ‘except you.”

I looked into her face and her eyes were glistening. “That guy is just a guy. Why do you think I invited you tonight in the first place? I really wanted to see you. I’ve missed you. All I wanted to do is have a night with you again. It’s all I’ve thought about since.”

“Laura…I.” But I couldn’t finish because she was there, lips on my lips. And then I just exploded because she was kissing me, her hands on the edge of my bum. I placed my hands on her shoulders then moved them down to her breasts. Tonight I didn’t even care about what she or anyone else thought. I didn’t have any embarrassment because I had felt what it was like seeing her with a guy, and I wanted her for myself again.

My tongue brushed along her teeth and against the roof of her mouth. She brought her tongue and licked the outline of my lips. She sighed and parted from me. “We need to find a room. Now.” göztepe escort She whispered.

“I agree.” I breathed.

With that, she pulled me up and whisked me through the house. We opened and closed many different bedroom doors before we found an empty one. She pushed me through the door, slamming it behind us and locking it. Before I could catch my breath, she pushed me against a dresser so my back hurt, but I didn’t care. Laura was squeezing my breasts, her tongue forcing itself deep down my throat. Our breathing was fast, loud and I could feel myself dripping already.

Wrapping my hands around her waist, I pulled her hips into my own and squeezed her there. She put her leg around one of mine and pushed herself against me. I felt her thigh against my dress. Moving one hand from around her waist I pulled her leg higher and held it by the back of the knee. She wrapped it tighter around my leg so I could slowly move my hand up her leg and underneath her dress, caressing her inner thigh. Laura began to moan against my mouth and I could feel her urging my hand further upwards.

I had no idea where I was anymore. I could feel Laura on me, and I could smell her and taste her lipstick. I didn’t care about anyone or anything but her.

Forcefully, I brought my fingers around her pants and began to pull them off. For some reason, I growled at the back of my throat and tore them clean off. It was a purple thong with a transparent front. I stopped kissing her and dangled the thong in front of Laura’s face.

“I have another pair with me.” She pulled a side smile.

Throwing them to the floor, I began biting her neck- I didn’t know what had come over me; I was filled to the brim with animal desire. I was acting like an animal. It reminded me of vampire movies I had seen and I was the vampire.

“I’m going to lick you out so good you’re brains going to explode.” I growled against her neck, as I nibbled.

“I don’t want you to.”

Stopping mid bite, I looked at her closed eyes “What?”

“I want you to fuck me instead.” She gazed at me through squinted eyes.


“How do women fuck each other Elle? Think about it.” As if to underline her point, she turned to eye up her handbag on the floor.

I was stunned. “You’ve got something in your handbag?”

Laura giggled. “My friend picked it up for me last night. I trust him, he wouldn’t tell anyone. Do you want me to fuck you first?”

My head was spinning with desire, but I wanted to do this. “I’ll fuck you first’ I paused, biting her collarbone, ‘…hard.” She shuddered.

With my hand still on her thigh, I moved it forwards and began stroking her hard clit.

“Oh.” Laura moaned, grabbing at the fabric of my dress, pulling it away from my skin.

Before I knew what was happening, she was pulling me away from the dresser and against the wall next to it. She went down on her knees, unbuttoning my shoes and pulling off my tights with her teeth. Once she was back up straight again, I pulled back her hair in one hand and brushed it over one shoulder. She watched me, with one hand undoing the zip at the side of her dress. It dropped in a heap at her feet. Sexily she stepped out of it, one eyebrow raised at me.

The bra matched her pants, and had a bow on each strap. Turning my back to her, she undid my zip and began kissing between my shoulder blades as she undid my bra. Then we were on fire again. This time I pushed her onto the bed, straddling her almost before she landed. I took hold of her wrists and forced them above her head, gripping them firmly so she couldn’t move. Laura was submissive, bringing her face towards me so she could crush her mouth against mine.

We both groaned and moaned as our lips moved against each other. I was moving my vagina against hers so our clits were rubbing together, mine through my underwear. I felt her hardness under me and felt my sticky wetness between my legs.

“Get my bag.” I did as she asked and watched her fumble with the zip. There was no light on in the room, just the orange shimmer of the sunset through the bay windows looking out over the garden.

I had never seen a strap on before. It was bigger than I thought and the dildo part was a bright red. It had buckles and looked a little intimidating.

Laura must have seen the doubt in my face because she said. “I don’t know how to use it either, but my friend gave a quick explanation. I’ll do it up for you.”

Standing up off the bed, I let her pull my thong down and watched her bring the straps around my waist and tie them up. The dildo looked incredibly strange hanging there; I tried not to giggle because I knew it would spoil the mood.

I said. “I’ve never fucked anyone before, not with a penis anyway.”

Laura grinned. “You’ll be great I’m sure.’ She reached down and began stroking it as she kissed me all over my face. Even though I couldn’t feel it, the idea of what she was doing was enough to turn me on. ‘Just relax.”

Taking üsküdar escort her arms, I pushed her back on the bed. She fell with her hair around her and I stood tall above her staring at how she was widening her legs.

“Do you need any spit?” I asked, looking at how her opening clenched.

She couldn’t talk, and shook her head wordlessly. Her eyes were shinning with expectation and already her hands were in fists.

I grabbed the dildo and stepped forward. I let it rest at her opening for a while, letting the tension build inside her, I rubbed it against her clit a few times watching her squirm with her eyes half closed.

Someone ran past the room laughing, and I remembered there was a party raging downstairs. This got me even hornier. People were all around us oblivious to the fact we were up here, about to fuck each other’s brains out. The door was locked, sure, but it could be broken open if someone was drunk enough to try and force it. The fact someone could walk in and see us at any moment spurred me on. Even though my secret would be out, the thought really excited me.

I pushed into her, watching it disappear right up to the hilt. Laura called out loudly. Anyone who happened to be in the rooms next to us would have heard. It was obvious what we were doing by the sounds that Laura could no longer control. She was moaning like a porn star, trying to reach forward and grab hold of me but I was too far away. Grabbing her leg by the knee, I pulled it up and towards me so that her leg was at 90 degrees to her body. Her other leg she bent and crooked round the back of my leg. I held her ankle, holding it in place next to my face and thrust harder.

Not being a man, I had never thrust like this before. I could imagine how my ass must have looked from behind. It was refreshing being the man, looking at a woman that I was filling completely, sliding up and down on the bedcovers because of my movement. The dildo was going deep; every time I went back in I made sure I could see no red plastic at all. Every time I slammed against her, she yelled out a little louder. I paused, feeling the dildo all the way in and circled my hips a little.

“Elle! Shit! Oh my god! Fuck!” she screamed.

With the hand that wasn’t holding her ankle above me, I fingered her clit. She brought her hands up to her hair and began scrunching up handfuls of brunette strands.

“You like that?” it sounded cheesy but I said it anyway.

“Oh god yes.” She was still screaming.

I sped up, watching the red dildo disappear and reappear, feeling the sweat from the excursion dribble down my forehead and my back. Laura was pink all over, her nipples pointed up to the ceiling and she was panting.

Then she reached orgasm and she bit her fingers to muffle her yell. Her leg around my own tightened. Stopping, I pulled the dildo out and let her ankle go. She kept her leg there before she let it drop. Her eyes were closed and she looked exhausted. I came to lie next to her, and watched her gain control of herself again. Laura turned to face me.

“Now that is what I call fucking my brains out. You didn’t lie.” She breathed.

“You don’t have to return the favour, you’re tired. ”

“Shut up.” Was all she said. She unbuckled me, ‘Do you want me to clean it?” She asked.


She smiled seductively as she kneeled above me strapping herself in. My bag vibrated on the floor where it was underneath my dress. We both looked over.

“It’s probably my friends wondering where I am.” I said.

“Then let them wonder.” She pushed my legs apart so they were spread wide. It didn’t feel like a penis when it was in but it still felt good.

She did me in the missionary position. I wrapped my arms around her neck and enjoyed kissing her as she went in and out, feeling her skin moving against mine and smelling her hair as it waved over my face. I was much quieter than her, but she was much softer and tender than I had been. I drew patterns with my fingers on her body, felt her hipbones and spine underneath my hands. It didn’t take long for me to orgasm. She parted her lips from mine as I did and watched my face intently as I scrunched up my eyes in pleasure. I pushed her bum towards me so the plastic was completely inside me.

When I had finished, she began licking my neck all over, licking away the sweat that had slowly dribbled downwards. Laura unbuckled the strap on and placed it carefully off the bed making sure none of the cum rubbed off on the carpet.

The sun had disappeared and the light had turned a pale yellow. Laura was flat against my body; my breathing ruffled her hair and our sweat mingled. We lay in silence for about ten minutes, listening to the sounds of the party below us.

“We should get back.” I said as my phone vibrated again.

“Yes we should.” It took us a while before we found the energy to move. I wiped my sweat using a whole packet of tissues Laura offered me. She put on her spare thong and once her dress was on, the only sign that something had happened was her messy hair and smudged lipstick.

I brushed my hair, reapplying the makeup that had washed off with the sweat. There was a ladder in my tights from her teeth but it was just hidden by my dress.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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