Working out the kinks

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Kin had gotten just a little too comfortable, Adria thought to herself as she stared him down from her space next to him on the couch. They were watching some Disney movie he’d recently grown obsessed with, and the way his tails swished as he sang along to every song they heard made her feel as though she might puke over how wholesome it all was-okay, maybe that was a bit dramatic, but there’s no doubt she’d rather be doing something a little more intimate. There was nothing in the world to her quite like unraveling the unsuspecting knots of pure kink that were her boyfriend, nothing anywhere near as satisfying as seeing his cheeks darken over the smallest pleasure. It seemed as though he’d developed a handful of hang ups in his lifetime, and the added flavor to his sexual energy was second to none. Even if she didn’t genuinely love him the way she did, the demon knew she couldn’t resist playing with him for a reaction-just a little-and it might as well be time she had a snack. It had been a bit since she’d been able to draw that sexual energy she needed to live, anyway, and she knew he would happily oblige.

“Everything okay?” The fox boy asked, catching her staring as she contemplated which of his interests to prod at for the most satisfying response this time-it might be a stretch thinking she could continue to target the same thing and still get a reaction, but she felt as though pitting his prudish nature against his tendency for humiliation might be promising. From the outside she looked almost as if she were trying to figure out how to tell him something as she plotted, her spade-tipped tail flicking from side to side in thought.

“Hmm? Oh, yeah. Everything is fine, I was just thinking about you.” The shorter girl drawled, smiling coyly at him in a way that let him know he was free to ask what about-at his own expense, that is.

“About… me? Ah…” The redhead replied hesitantly, the fox ears atop his head laying back with nerves. After a moment of thought he continued, having decided his curiosity burned more than his potential shame might.

“What about me?”

A devilish grin split the raven-haired girl’s face for a fraction of a second before she could wipe it away and try for a more innocent expression-clearly he’d chosen wrong for the sake of his pride, he thought with a jolt as the first of the butterflies erupted preemptively in his stomach. The look was gone almost as quickly as it had come, making him wonder if he had truly seen it at all.

No matter how many times he was lead into a trap in this same way, he still fell for it every time.

“Oh, I was just thinking I wanted to try something,” She elaborated finally, the change in her expression in the time after she’d composed herself making it seem as though she’d grown shy at the subject. Despite the warning bells sounding in his head at having seen the visible change from devilish to innocent, Kin could feel his interest being piqued by her suddenly nervous demeanor. As interested as she was in seeing him thrown off balance, she knew his affinity for witnessing such emotions in others was even stronger-there must be some backwards form of pleasure in watching others feel a way that you both want to feel yourself and feared feeling with everything you had, she guessed.

“Try something?” He repeated hesitantly, searching her face for some clue of where she was going with this-the movie he’d been enraptured in all but forgotten. If it weren’t for his tails twitching nervously at his back, he might have almost pulled off his puzzled and unbothered façade. How cute.

“Well, you know how you like me to… do that thing for you sometimes?” Adria asked, her gaze dropping from his in a way she knew would make her look as though she might be embarrassed about it. He had to notice by now that she was going to toy with him-if he didn’t avoid it he clearly wanted the ribbing that would follow, in her opinion. She could almost feel the metaphorical nibble on the hook that was Kin starting to analyze her movements and expressions as she caught his attention-he’d described the feeling to her as butterflies and fixation once, she recalled, and it sounded similar to her senses narrowing in an energetic target.

“Oh, uh, that thing? What about it?” He asked again, the first hint of a blush starting to touch his cheeks. She didn’t even have to say the words and he had already started to fidget-this would be too easy, she thought with a satisfied flick of her tail. The taller boy’s brows knit together over emerald eyes as he stared back at her, his expression drawing a shiver from the succubus. Nothing like an embarrassed boy in distress and under her heel to make her heart flutter!

“Yeah, you always have such a good time that it kind of made me realize… I don’t think I’ve ever heard you fart.” She replied, watching the micro expressions flash across his face at her blatant use of the word before he could contain them-a widening of his bahis şirketleri eyes, a noticeable flush, the way his tails froze behind him… it all made her feel like a predator cornering her prey and it was delicious. Now that she was thinking about it, he didn’t often even dare say the word out loud; she hadn’t thought there would still be a way to throw him off balance like this once they’d started regularly sharing in the philia as they did, and the fact that she could hear his heart pounding like a virgin seeing her for the first time once again over the same subject almost made her smile in a way that would ruin her approach in its last few minutes if she’d had less of a hold over her expression.

“O-oh, really?” Kin replied, breaking eye contact to stare at something behind her, his tone making him sound like he was guilty and caught red-handed. The way he’d all but jumped out of his skin at the observation was more than she’d hoped for, it seemed like this well of emotion was far from dry. His nervous energy started to rise around them in a way she could almost taste, cluing her in to his arousal in a way he’d claimed to be unfair many times before-she could quite literally sense his… interest in her as it grew.

“Wait, is that… intentional? Kin, honey, are you still shy about your bodily functions with me?” She asked, as if she couldn’t pick up how uptight he was from a mile away. The way he all but recoiled from her at the question nearly took her composure again, another shiver of pursuit wracking her small frame.

“Oh, uh, not exactly,” The fox boy stammered, his tails curling up at his side out of nerves. “I just, um, don’t really like to… do that. Unless I’m alone?” An uptick in tone at the end made it sound as though he were asking a question, his mouth set in a nervous line as he continued to stare down whatever it was he’d decided was so interesting all of a sudden.

“That’s really cute and polite of you sweetheart, but isn’t it a little odd that you like me to fart in your face but you won’t let one rip in front of me?” Adria asked innocently, pretending not to notice the way he flinched and then immediately flushed a shade darker at the word. Wait… could he not even hear what he liked said aloud without blushing like this?! This was a goldmine of shame and sexual energy!

“Um, I mean, I just… uh,” The redhead stuttered, his cheeks steadily darkening with every word. “I’m just, embarrassed to. Uh, need to do that. So I don’t really like to.”

“But everyone has to fart sometime, it’s fine to do that when you have to! Maybe I’ll like it too and you’ve been depriving me the pleasure-you sure seem to enjoy it,” She teased, wrapping her tail around his waist like a beckoning finger, slowly trailing down towards the growing bulge in the front of his skirt. “I’m kind of curious now, honestly.”

“I- uh, I’m just, kind of. Afraid you’ll think it’s, um, gross… and embarrassed to do that, uh, in front of someone. Especially someone as sexy as you,” He managed to get out the compliment between nervous tics, his cheeks turning her favorite shade of red-if she didn’t love seeing him squirm so much she might have let him off the hook at the flattery.

“I understand the feeling, but is there any way you can make an exception for me? Just think about it, doesn’t that kind of make it better-knowing you’re doing that in front of me, and that I’m enjoying it?” She asked, her tone sugary sweet. She’d be shocked if it were this easy, but it didn’t hurt to give him an out. “You know I won’t think it’s gross, you’d have to actually try to do anything but turn me on. You can’t disgust me on accident, trust me.”

“M- uh, make an exception…?” He repeated lamely, his gaze dropping to his hands that were doing their absolute best to conceal the tenting fabric at the front of his skirt. She didn’t know why he bothered trying to hide it when she had a very literal sense for the sexual interest of her partner, but the display was definitely cute-he hadn’t even touched on her reassurance, and she could see his nerves in his face and the twitch of his tails as they struggled not to tuck between his legs.

“Yeah, I heard that belch earlier on my way to the bathroom, so I can tell you’ve got gas. Why not let one go for me so I can see what it’s like on the other end of it for once?” The shorter girl reasoned, relishing the way his lips drew together as he grew more and more flustered. She was starting to feel little waves from him of what she could only assume was the dawning awareness that she could feel his physical and emotional state-her irises were no doubt the vibrant pink of a succubus with a locked target from which to draw energy, the contrast from her usual cool blue likely something he immediately locked onto in his hyper-aware state.

“B- um, because, I’m not ready?” Kin tried nervously, defeat already clear in his tone. He’d stopped trying to hide his crotch after a moment, his bahis firmaları hands lying in his lap on either side of his hard on in surrender-smart man. He hadn’t exactly dressed for stealth in that skirt, anyway, as if he were begging for this very situation.

“You’ll never be ready, you just gotta do it.” She assured him, feeling his heart throb in the pulse of energy that flowed to her in excess now. She knew he was hard, but she made a point to maintain eye contact anyway for the sake of his nerves. “I get nervous too, it’s hard for me to judge if I’m turning you on or grossing you out because I’m not sure which smells are good.”

“None of your smells gross me out, but um. You’re, uh, not going to let this go, are you?” He squeaked, his trio of auburn tails finally tucking between his legs. Seeing his defeat clearly in the form of his timid body language made Adria feel as though she now held the reigns in this interaction. Don’t worry baby, I’ll be gentle. She thought lovingly towards her partner. He might be embarrassed now, but she knew he would look back on this fondly as soon as it was over-he always did.

“Not a chance,” Adria agreed cheerfully. The redhead took a moment to chew on his lip in thought, his heart pounding in his chest at the situation he’d found himself in. He hadn’t been this nervous since the first time she’d gotten him to admit his preferences, and he could see now in her face that she was enjoying it. It may have seemed like he had a choice in the matter, but he knew all too well that if he tried to refuse the succubus would come up with something even worse to put him through for her own amusement-and it was true that he had been holding some things back in front of her…

“Y-you can’t look at me if I do this. I might faint.” Kin warned, his cheeks darkening to a shade that indicated he was reaching his threshold with the embarrassed energy. She’d have to tread lightly from here on to avoid making him shut down-not that she didn’t love seeing her boyfriend go limp in the humiliated defeat he almost craved, but that wasn’t what she set out to do with this.

“You drive a hard bargain, taking away some of my favorite expressions that you make there bucko,” The raven-haired girl conceded. “But since you’re working with me here, I’ll let it slide. Come sit in my lap.”

The taller boy climbed into her waiting arms without another word, going from sitting next to her on the sofa to sitting between her legs, wrapped up in her arms. It took a moment of fidgeting and re-laying his tails but eventually he ran out of nervous adjustments to make and was left reclining comfortably against her chest, his fluffy tails wrapped around him and coming to rest under his hands so there was room for the smaller girl behind him. Now that they were pressed together like this the succubus could feel his heart pounding in his chest to the beat the energy had been rolling off him to, wave after delicious wave of the sexual charge crashing over her in a way that almost made her hair stand on end. Seeing him so caught off guard nearly gave her butterflies back-she couldn’t have picked a better partner for herself, energetically speaking, if she tried.

“C- uh, can you, close your eyes?” The redhead stammered after a moment, his body tense as his cock visibly twitched in front of them-he was getting off on this without even being touched, she realized with a pleased jolt. That deserved the reward of her cooperation.

“You’re killing me, you know I want to look so bad.” She griped, but did as she was told anyway.


Almost as soon as she had her eyes closed she felt a warm puff of air on her lap, the taller boy in her arms freezing as if to confirm he was the source of the sound-he must have been really holding that in. It was the smallest, cutest fart Adria had ever heard, and the smell-or lack thereof-made her even more curious outside of teasing him. If you had told her the scent in front of her came from a fresh bag of chips being opened, she would have believed it-how did he make that smell good?! She wondered incredulously.

“I, uh, e-excuse me… sorry,” Kin stuttered out an apology after a moment, his nervous babbling breaking the silence that followed his… emission.

Something inside the shorter girl snapped, her composure disappearing as his energy nearly intoxicated her-when he made her feel like this she couldn’t help but take his pleasure to new heights, able to actually feel rather than just guess that she hadn’t pushed things too far and that they were still firmly in the realm of his fantasies.

“Don’t apologize, please, do it again,” The succubus requested, giving him a light squeeze to show she meant it. She knew he was holding more gas in, at this proximity she could all but hear it bubbling in his stomach. She would swear he’d done something to her with the way his scent made her breathe more deeply, but if it gave her the payoff with him that she knew kaçak bahis siteleri was coming, she didn’t mind adding another fetish to her already ridiculous list.

“Y-you… liked it?” The taller boy asked, disbelief coloring his tone. Instead of answering, Adria sniffed loudly to emphasize that she was enjoying herself, giving a soft moan on exhale in what was the most obvious show of pleasure she had ever given. Her theatrics were rewarded in the way Kin’s breaths grew shaky, his skin hot with need as he chewed on his lip to hold back his moans.

This time the redhead let loose a bubbly fart that vibrated against the couch they sat on, the sound unmistakable between them-he’d grown truly bold at her prompting, and the genuine display of trust in his actions warmed her heart. Nothing says I love you like someone shy going out on a limb for someone they cared for, no matter the perversion of the exchange.

“Oh, fuck Kin, why does that smell so good. Are you in heat? Please tell me I can open my eyes, this is so hot,” The raven-haired girl gushed, a slight blush coloring her own cheeks at her words. It wasn’t all just a ploy to lead him to a satisfying orgasm, though that was certainly a factor-she genuinely thought the smells that were coming from him were pleasant, as nonsensical as that sounded.

“I-I, um… yeah, I am. Y- uh, you can look.” He finally conceded, his voice giving the slightest tremble at his admittance.

“I don’t want to embarrass you too much more but I know that you know that I know you’re hard right now, and I really want to make you cum. Since you’ve been handling this heat on your own, I need to remind you that I love taking care of you, I suppose. Can I touch you?” The succubus asked, one hand stroking his thigh and trailing up under the hem of his skirt. When she opened her eyes she found him blushing and fidgeting in her arms like she was already going to make him cum in his panties, his heart pounding in his chest hard enough that she could feel it where he laid back against her.

“Uh… yes, d-do whatever you’d like to me.” Kin panted, the deeper meaning to his words not lost on her. He might as well have said “I’m yours” for the way her heart actually fluttered in response. This man was about to have the best nut of his life for making her feel so sappy, she thought devilishly as she explored his hard length with her fingers.

“Don’t mind if I do love-and if you have any more gas, please don’t be shy about it. I’m starting to see why you like it when I fart, if I smell half as good to you as you do to me.” She remarked, pulling his cock free of its fabric prison before placing her hand in front of his mouth. It only took a moment before he spit into her waiting palm-by now he knew the drill, and he was either too turned on to care or no longer ashamed of giving her what she needed to get him off. When her slick hand returned to his member, she got right to stroking him the way she’d seen him do when she watched him pleasure himself, her efforts immediately rewarded with a surprised gasp from the arching redhead in her arms. She might’ve felt a little like a jetpack straddling the taller boy like this, but she couldn’t deny that the easy access was convenient.

“Nnh, Adria…” Kin moaned, his eyes falling closed as she worked him over-the way his voice trembled and the wet sounds it made as she stroked his cock were competing for her favorite sounds in the world right then, a warm clenching of her own starting to rise.

Another burst of air slipped free, but this time Adria could feel him twitch in her hands, the way he tensed in response. The fox boy was whimpering like he was hanging on for dear life under her ministrations, and she recognized the look on his face as him trying not to ‘cum too fast’-as if it were even possible to do such a thing in her opinion-but if she knew his body language by now, he should be just about to… “Oh, fuck!”

No matter how many times she made him come undone like this she knew she’d never grow tired of the absolute tidal wave of pure sexual energy he let out on climax-if she were visualizing the energy draw as a meal, then she’d just been treated to a four-course dinner in one session. The way he whimpered and thrashed as she milked the last drops of cum from him made was music to her ears, the last little bit of air he’d been holding in his gut slipping free to vibrate against the couch.

“Mmm, that’s my good boy,” The shorter girl cooed in his ear, rewarding the behavior with a long, lingering kiss. She kept expecting him to finally let one go that would stink, but so far Kin was a walking bundle of pure pheromones, begging her to play with him. “Let it all out.”

“O-oh, my god…” He moaned, his voice cracking with embarrassment.

“In a good way though, right?” Adria asked, pulling her messier hand back to taste. The way he recoiled from his own fluids and retreated back to his side of the couch made her laugh out loud, savoring the taste on her tongue all the more knowing it mortified him.

“Jesus christ,” He whimpered, hands covering his face in shame-not quick enough to hide the way he was smiling, though. “Yeah, in a good way.”

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