A tale of a land lord

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I once owned an apartment house that was right next door ,because it was easier to maintain.

Being the land lord has it’s ups and down’s,but it also had some fringe benefits as well.

It was there where I had several three some’s with tenant’s that couldn’t pay the whole months rent .I made a habit of trying to rent to couple’s, leaning more towards the couple where the woman was attractive.

This story I am writing was about a young couple that shortly after moving in the guy was arrested and ended up doing two years in prison.

Casey was young ,there really wasn’t any thing about her that would make her stand out as a beauty queen, she was only 23, skinny about 98 lbs. She had very little in the breast department and her butt was small as well.She wore wire rimmed glasses and when she had her hair pinned up she resembled a librarian. She was quiet and shy and seldom raised her voice , she would even blush if she happened to spill out a cuss word.

It was a month after her boy friend was incarcerated that she came to me asking me if she could pay some of the rent now and the rest later. I don’t usually allow it but she was a good tenant quiet ,and kept the place clean. She gets along with the other couple and has very few visitors,so I allowed her to pay me when she could.

It was nearing the end of the month was when this story starts.Casey came up to me when I was doing some painting and asked me if I could help her. She needed to move some things around in her apartment.

She was wearing a pair of short shorts, and a tank top which accented her tiny breasts , so how could I refuse. One piece of furniture was the sofa ,when we slid it away from the wall , surprise I said. Casey’s face turned two stages of red when I pointed down to the floor ,I said this must be yours.On the floor was a 9″ dildo,grabbing it up quickly she apologized,and pushed it under the cushion .Trying to make light of the situation I said heck of a thing that your boy friend will be gone for two years.At least you have some toys to keep you busy . She said yes I have been looking for that and went to get a broom to clean up the dust.I watched her little butt wiggle thinking how would that ever fit in such a tiny little girl.

The next piece of furniture happen to be her bed,following her to the bedroom I again watched her little butt wiggle.I kocaeli escort envisioned her being nude and laying spread out using that nine inch toy. An image of her staring aimlessly as she worked it in and out of her.I came back to earth though when she sat down on the 4 poster bed .

She began telling me where she wanted it to go and how she wanted it placed.It was one of those beds with a canopy on the top , she looked so hot sitting cross legged under it. Very pretty I said you look like a little princess sitting there, she smiled it does make feel like one too she said.

While we were pushing and pulling to get the bed where she wanted .There on the floor was another toy ,it was a smaller dildo and a pair of crotch-less panties.I cleared my throat motioning to her with my finger,these must be yours too.

Casey slid across the bed on her stomach,looking over the edge she said oh my god.

She then laid her head down on the bed hiding her red face.I placed my hand on her head telling her it was nothing to be ashamed of. I was starting to get a boner seeing her there on her stomach .Her thin legs stretched out ,with her arms reaching down in front of me getting the toy.She started to move up then stop staring at the bulge in my pants.She then looked up at me then back down at my bulge. Quickly she moved to her side table pushing the items in the drawer.

You must think I am a slut she said,but before she could say any more I stopped her. Sex toys are nothing to be embarrassed about I said . Toys can enhance the pleasure of making love,even my old girlfriend and I have used them. Since your boy friend isn’t around it may be the only pleasure you can have. She was listening to me but I could tell by the way she kept looking down at my crotch she was thinking of some thing.

She finally said I know I still owe you some money for this months rent then paused . I have also been lost with out my toys too, again there was a pause.I could take care of that for you she said looking back at my crotch.

I started unzipping my shorts as she laid back down in front of me. Her tiny hands pulling down my pants,dropping them to the floor.She became fixated on my cock reaching out to put her hands on it. She gasped at the size ,wow she said wrapping her hands around it .She said this must be what dreams are made of and smiled.She had both hands darıca escort around it cocking her head from side to side. This is bigger than any I have seen she said then put her mouth down on it.

As she was sucking away at it I slide my hands down on her back pushing the tube top down.I massaged her back with each rub moving closer to her chest. She lifted her self up allowing me to feel her firm but small tits ,easing out a moan .

I was standing on the side of the bed when she rolled over on her back .She positioned her self for me to be able to slide a hand into her shorts.She spread her legs wider when I started massaging her clit. I was feeling her get wetter as her pace quickened on my cock . I was admiring her small frame , her tight belly and tiny tits. I was wanting to see what I was rubbing so I began unbuttoning her shorts. She made no effort to stop me from exposing the hairless and puffy wet lips of her pussy.

While I was listening to the slurps she was making as i face fucked her with two fingers deep in her pussy.I knew she was close to cumming when I felt her muscles tighten up . Her legs squeezed together clamping down on my hand , her hips pushing up as she had her orgasm. Her mouth came off my cock as she screamed oh my god many times until it was over.

She was red in the cheeks as she looked up at me,trying to catch her breath .I then bent down and kissed her she was so worked up she sucked my tongue deep in her mouth. I moved away from her mouth ,kissing her neck still playing with her clit.

She placed her hand on my head moving down to her chest. I licked and kissed both breasts and sucked on her hard nipples .Her chest was heaving up as I went from one nipple to the other. Her moaning continued with me finger fucking her, and sucking on her nipples. Her hands were guiding me down farther as I moved her shorts down farther.

I was taking my time licking and kissing my way down when she came again.Her pussy was shaved smooth her puffy lips were soaked with her juices. I put my mouth over her clit and began sucking, her hands held my head down .Her legs began to shake she was again screaming .yes, yes over and over until her orgasm subsided.

When she finally let go of my head I looked up at her.I want to fuck you I whispered ,kissing her softly.I was looking for a response,with her eyes gölcük escort staring at me she said no. Maybe some other time she said let me think about it,her hand still stroking my cock.You are beautiful I said sliding my hand up her body admiring her slim body ,as I traced the outlines with my hand .

She rolled back on her side and put her mouth back on my cock. She tried her best to get me deep in her mouth , but she gagged a few times then gave up.

Your pretty big she said licking up and down the side then back in her mouth. I watched her head bob up and down getting me close.I gonna cum I told her, she then pulled her mouth away,do it baby she said .She rolled back over jerking me off over her tiny tits. She was looking up at me until I finished then sucked the remaining drops in her mouth.I backed away watching her rub my cream over her tits, her belly, then sliding her hand onto her clit.

I got dressed as she laid there on her bed,that was nice she said ,it has been a while .I cant remember when a man has made me feel like this she said.I placed my hand on the side of her face and kissed her,any time for my princess I said. Any time she replied, yes any time I said and kissed her again.

She got up and walked me to the door ,wait she said with a pause I still owe you. Consider your self paid in full I said, she smiled I feel like I should pay you . Well I could lower your rent some I said, we can discuss it another time.Casey hugged me then kissed me and I left thinking the next time would be better.

Later that evening as I was laying in my bed I happened to look out my window .Surprised I seen that her bedroom light was on.We had placed her bed in direct line of my window. I wondered if she planned it since her window was less than 20′ away. I could see clearly her laying there playing with her big toy.

My light was off so she couldn’t see me stroking my cock watching her. I made sure after that night to have a light on as I walked around naked.Then after turning it off I would lay in bed waiting for her light to come on. She would walk around naked with her light on some times stopping by the window.She would then stand there rubbing her self with the big toy,this went on for weeks.

She would give me a blow job each time the rent was due . It was about 2 months later she finally started fucking me. I think she wanted to get her self used to me by practicing with her big toy. She has been a great tenant now for almost a year, I am not looking forward to her boy friend coming home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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