Afternoon Shower

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Reading “Morning Wood” is recommended but not required. Enjoy!


Lying in bed and finally able to breathe normally after the incredible fuck this morning, we decide it’s time to take that shower we talked about. We drag ourselves out of bed, and make our way to the bathroom. You hit the water to full hot, just how I like it. I feel your hands on my hips, and you pull me against you. I tilt my head to the side and smile when I feel you kissing and nibbling my neck while waiting for the hot water. You turn me by my hips, and I wrap my arms around your neck and kiss you softly. I unwrap myself from you and walk into the shower, giving you a naughty smile over my shoulder.

You follow me into the shower and see me under the water, my head tilted back and water running over my head, down my neck, to my tits and lower. I open my eyes and smile again when I see you’re looking at me like the best dessert you’ve ever seen. I grab your waist and pull you under the water with me. We spend the next ten minutes washing each other all over, teasing all the while. By the time I’m done soaping you up and cleaning you from our morning fun, you’re almost fully hard again. You turn me around ulus escort and start washing my hair for me, which I love. I close my eyes and moan as I feel your fingers in my hair, massaging. Once you’re done, I turn around and rinse under the water.

As the last of the shampoo comes out, I drop to my knees under the water, grab your hips, and pull you forward and wrap my lips around your cock. I lick at the tip and swirl my tongue before sucking harder. I look up at you while I keep at it, and see you staring back at me, hand on the wall. I take a deep breath and take your cock to the back of my throat, and make swallowing motions, making you groan. I pull off and bob my head fast, sucking hard, before going to the back of my throat again. I hear you breathing heavier and speed up. Before I can get you closer to cumming, you pull me off, and tell me to stand up.

After I do, you turn me and push my back up against the wall, making me squeal from the cold. You laugh before kissing me and apologizing, and moving on to my neck, biting and sucking. My hands in your hair, moaning as you move further down to my chest, biting at my nipples and teasing me, like yenimahalle escort you love doing. Your hand moves between my legs, to see how ready I am. You find me dripping wet, and I’m moaning, begging you for more. You oblige by dropping to your knees and pulling my leg on your shoulder. I feel your lips and tongue against my cunt and I groan loudly. You don’t hesitate and get right in, licking my clit and pussy, tasting me, and sucking hard at my clit. You hear me getting louder, and push two fingers into me. Instantly, I’m the loudest I’ve been, grinding my hips against your face, trying to cum.

You pull your face away to my protests and stand up, keeping my leg over your shoulder, and kiss me when I feel your fingers moving faster inside me. You move to my neck when I start yelling and can’t keep kissing. I dig my nails into your shoulders as you keep hitting this perfect spot inside me. You can tell from my sounds that I’m close. My legs get shaky, my orgasm building higher and higher and feels different, more intense. You look at me and tell me to just cum, hard. The dam breaks and I scream as my orgasm washes over me, and my cum sprays over your hand. I’m squirting for the first time and it’s exactly what you wanted. You watch and keep fingering as I scream your name and fuck your hand as more cum pours from me. I’ve never felt anything like it and I keep my nails dug in and look at you, my pussy still gripping your fingers when you pull them out fast and replace them with your dick as fast and hard as you can, kissing me hard.

After two hard thrusts, I’m squirting again, screaming my orgasm. You hold my face and watch as I cum hard, squeezing your cock with my cunt. You go fast drawing my orgasm out of me, and move your hands to my waist to hold me up, feeling me squirting more cum and throwing my head back as far as I can. Seeing how much pleasure your giving me builds your orgasm fast. I immediately know when you’re going to cum and pull you into me. You thrust into me as deep as you can, bite my neck and groan as your cock swells and explodes deep inside me, spraying cum over and over. We just stand there for a minute, calming down before I feel my leg cramping, and pull it down slowly, wrapping it around your waist. You lift your head from my neck and kiss me over and over, before lowering my leg and pulling out of me. You whisper to me, “There’s the cum I promised you this morning”. I smile at you feeling some the cum dripping down my leg, and get back under the lukewarm water for a rinse before following you out of the shower.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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