Beach Walk Ch. 02

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I was walking along the same beach I had been swimming at some weeks earlier. I had met a young man who I estimated to be in his twenties, half my age.

As far as I could remember, he went swimming naked for the first time that day. Being some time ago, I knew I wouldn’t be likely to see him again.

Whenever I go far enough away from populated beaches, I remove all my clothes and swim naked. I love the feeling of freedom I have without clothes, and it seems swimming adds another dimension to the experience.

I settled my towel and the book I brought to read with the other necessities in a small pile on the beach. I left them there for about twenty minutes of swimming and exploring as I usually do at this spot.

Emerging from the salt water, I walked back and sat reading for another few minutes and feeling the heat of the day, I thought it better to protect myself from getting sun-burnt, so I smeared some block-out on my legs, chest, neck and arms.

Of course, I included my penis as it needed protection like any other part of my exposed body. It felt very pleasant. It was no different from masturbating, and I guess I kept smearing it there for longer than I needed to. I resisted the temptation to continue rubbing my cock to a climax, but it was quite hard and swollen by the time I reclined with nothing but a hat covering my face.

Luckily, there were no signs of anybody nearby, and I could relax, knowing nobody was likely to be shocked or offended by my display.

As I lay down, the heat of the day caused some drowsiness to overcome me and I fell asleep for long enough to have a few pleasant dreams while lying on the beach.

I awoke to the sound of my own name and I lay on the sand awake but quite still wondering if I had imagined the sound or really heard it. The uncertainty of any unseen company had the effect of exciting me and I could feel my hardened cock pulsing, hovering above my stomach.

I heard a vaguely familiar voice ask, ‘Bryson isn’t it?’

I removed the hat from my face and had to shield the sun with my hand to focus my vision. I took a few seconds to identify who was there.

‘I’m trying to recall your name,’ I said standing up, pretending not to notice my throbbing erection.

‘Mitchell. We met around here a few weeks ago.’

‘Oh yes. We had a swim together. Now I remember.’

He blushed a little, probably at the memory of me helping him take his first naked swim, but more likely at the display of my 7 inches of pulsing hard-on.

As my erection began to lose its full height, I asked, ‘Are you comfortable naked outside now Mitch?’ I said reminding him of his reluctance at the time.

‘Yes it made a difference that day. I’m a little more comfortable this far away from the popular beaches.’

As my cock continued lowering to hang down to its full seven inch length, he looked behind me and said, ‘Bryson, this is my sister Spencer.’

I turned towards her and noticed her watching my member lowering through its exaggerated arc to hang down, still fully engorged. It began to rise up again as I was aware of her looking directly and openly at my aroused cock.

She said ‘Hello Bryson. Nice to meet you.’

I tried to remain cool after being seen with a hard-on by a woman. She was the same height as Mitchell, about five feet eight inches tall with a very nice body that I wouldn’t mind playing around with.

‘Hi Spencer. It looks like I’ve been caught with my pants down and this time it’s in public.’

‘Mitch told me he met someone here at the beach who helped him overcome his inhibitions. I’m not offended if you’re not embarrassed. Besides, my brother is here to protect me so just relax. In fact we saw you asleep when we first got here. I don’t think you have anything to be ashamed of,’ she said with a smile.

I wondered how much Mitch told his sister. I’m almost certain he left out the part where I had his hard bent cock in my mouth a few seconds before bahis siteleri he ejaculated his semen into me.

Having his sister present, I knew then I was very unlikely to engage in any personal activity with either of them in this situation. The presence of either sibling would exclude the other from any public activity with a virtual stranger. We could simply enjoy what the environment and company would allow.

I began to wonder why he brought his sister with him. Most likely was the safety of a third person, and a family member at that.

A number of possibilities occurred to me:

. Did he want to test me to see if I was really unselfconscious about being naked in a public place?

. Did he want to confront his sister with another naked man in his presence?

. Did he want to find out what my preferred gender really was?

All the possibilities were beginning to do my head in. I thought it might be better if I move further along the beach to somewhere private as I had originally sought the day I met Mitchell, a few weeks ago. On reflection, I thought it might be rude to move away from them, particularly now that they had both approached me in the full awareness of my aroused erect state. Perhaps it had established an environment that assumed a visible erection was not in any way unacceptable. I decided to remain where I was. I thought I was there first, so they could move away if they were uncomfortable in any way.

I decided to test Mitchell, confronting him with the conclusion of his actions. I was puzzled why he brought his sister to the place where he had his first physical contact with a man.

‘Why did you ask Spencer to accompany you to this beach Mitchell?’ I asked with measured nonchalance in my voice.

He surprised both me and his sister when he said, ‘To see if she would like to go naked at the beach like me.’

‘Well maybe she might change her mind in my presence. I could move further along the beach if you’d prefer.’

Spencer chimed in, ‘If it’s about me, I think it would be rude of me to expect you to move away Bryson. I’m really not embarrassed. Relax.’

‘I’ll relax when you’re naked Spencer. Otherwise I’ll assume you’re self-conscious in my presence.’

She looked at me doubtfully.

I said, ‘Why not approach it like Mitch? Wear your bathers into the water and take them off there. Then choose to leave the water how you feel most appropriate for the situation you’re in.’

Her look changed to something different.

‘There’s no need for that. I could leave my bathers here,’ she said stepping out of her revealing one-piece costume.

She casually dropped it at my feet. She walked past me and slowly approached the water. I watched her rumba-like walk from the back as she entered the water and dove in when the water was deep enough. I’m not sure but I think Mitchell was watching his sister as well.

We looked at each other and he quickly shed his Speedos and we both ran into the water to join Spencer.

After some time splashing and larking around, I said, ‘I might leave you two alone and wander off for a while.’

Both the siblings answered in unison, ‘That’s what I was going to say.’

We all laughed at the irony of the situation and finally, I said, ‘Someone should stay with Spencer. There can be worse predators than us in these isolated regions.’

Spencer looked a bit disgusted that we thought she might need protection as if she couldn’t look after herself.

We all left the water together and Mitchell said, ‘I’m going for a jog along the beach. You two obviously don’t need my protection. I’ll be back later.’

He took off at a crisp pace, naked, though he carried his bathers, wrapped around his hand. I imagined his rigid short cock leading him as he ran. I thought it would look better than a long one swinging and flopping around with every pace he ran. The thought aroused me and Spencer noticed, smiling as she followed me into the canlı bahis siteleri water for another short paddle and splash in the shallows.

Soon after we emerged from the water, and she placed her towel down near mine.

‘Something seems to be on your mind Spencer. Care to enlighten me?’

‘Oh I was just thinking about two naked men at the beach. You males are usually so inhibited when it comes to nakedness. I was just picturing it. You would probably check out one another’s parts to compare. Right?’

‘You’re probably right, but big is not always better. You appear quite comfortable naked on this beach. Is it your first time?’

‘Yes, but I feel secure with my brother and his new acquaintance. We’re a long way from anybody out here,’ she said lowering herself to a lying position on her towel. ‘Would you mind spreading sun screen on my back please Bryson?’

‘Sure. My pleasure.’

I took her tube from her and straddled her legs and spread it over her back and rubbed it in firmly down to her waist.

‘I might as well do your legs while you’re relaxing. Move your feet apart and I’ll get in the middle and do both legs at once.’

I stood and she spread her legs and I knelt between them and began spreading sunscreen along the back of her legs from her ankles to the top of her legs.

I covered her buttocks. She did not object and at this point my cock began to expand, swelling up to its full hardened size. ‘I should apply some in here as well. Lift up and move your knees apart for me Spencer. I don’t think you would want sunburn in here,’ I said running my fingers down the cleavage between her round buttocks.

I used the swollen head of my cock to spread the lotion between her buttocks, down to her rose where I stopped. Then on the third time I ran it down over her anus to her perineum.

I spread her nether lips wide open with my thumbs. I could feel her tense her genital area, twitching involuntarily.

‘I think you should stop now Bryson. I don’t think you should fuck me on the beach.’

‘You look and feel so horny. I can hardly resist you, Spencer. I felt sure you were enjoying this. What’s the matter?’

‘I can see Mitch coming back. I wouldn’t want him to see me fucking with his new friend. I hope you don’t mind. He might feel hurt by either or both of us excluding him from something this intimate.’

‘Well he thought I might be gay when we first met. You know, two naked guys together on the beach and all that, so if he sees me fucking his sister, he would know you are an adult who makes her own decisions and at the same time re-assure him I like girls. If he looks a bit annoyed, we make a big fuss of him being so free to run naked on the beach and tell him how good he looks and all that.’

She remained poised for me to penetrate her, which I took to mean she would like to be fucked without permission. I pushed her slightly forward so the only way to be comfortable was to move back and with my pulsing cock pushed against the opening to her dripping vagina, I pulled her back, impaling her twitching lower lips which swallowed my cock completely while I continued to apply lotion to her back and shoulders.

Mitch was approaching. When he was about 30 meters away, Spencer moved forward to lay back down on the towel and my cock came out of her cunt and sprang straight up.

I said, ‘I won’t tell your brother we fucked on the beach. He never needs to find out.’

She nodded her thanks. I made a show of screwing the lid back on the tube, and stood up displaying my rigid swollen cock, then placed Spencer’s beach hat over her head and offered the lotion to Mitch.

I said, ‘Did you enjoy the run along the beach Mitch?’

He gave me a strange look and said, ‘Sure’.

‘We had another swim while you were gone. Looks like we chose a beautiful day for the beach. Now it’s my turn for a bake in the sun. Would you mind putting some of that on me Mate?’ I asked, pointing at the canlı bahis lotion in his hand while sitting down on my towel.

‘OK’ he said. ‘lay down and I’ll rub some of this on.’

I lay on my back, took a deep breath and closed my eyes.

Mitch said, ‘I thought I was going to rub this on your back.’

‘No mate. On my front please, unless it’s a problem.’

‘No problem.’

By now my eyes were closed and my cock was back down to normal. Mitch began to reluctantly apply sun protection to my legs, As he neared the top of both legs I could feel my cock swelling again.

He said, ‘Do you want me to stop Bryson?’

The thought of touching a naked man with a swelling cock was disturbing him and he felt he must get out of this embarrassing situation. I had other ideas.

I said, ‘Not at all. Do my chest and stomach as well for me Mate.’

He tried to get it over with spreading the lotion across my chest as quickly as possible.

I looked across at Spencer and she was feigning sleep if my guess was correct.

‘Protect my stomach as well thanks old son. In light circles moving gradually lower as you go.’ Then lowering my voice, ‘In fact, I think it would be nice if you returned the favor I did for you last time. You really liked coming in my mouth Mitchell,’ I said as quietly and as friendly as I could sound. ‘Taste it and tell me what you think.’

My cock had swollen up to its full proportion and I was determined to get it into Mitchell’s reluctant mouth whatever it took.

‘I could never do that Bryson. You mustn’t make me do that. Please?’ he implored me as though I could save him from a dreadful experience.

‘You owe it to yourself to try it once. Don’t put any sun protection on my cock before you taste it. Just put the end in your mouth and lick under the head until you make me come. Good boy.’

I had smeared sun block on my cock before my last swim so there may have been some taste still present but I thought the sea water would remove some of the taste.

Spencer snored softly once, so I thought she was safely asleep and Mitchell was safe from being seen, sucking off his new friend, by his sister. She turned her head and replaced her hat and resumed her even breathing.

‘Time to return the favor old mate.’

He stared at my cock for a long moment, then he took his place between my spread legs and held my cock up for his inspection, admiring it for its length and thickness, delaying what was becoming something he could no longer avoid.

‘Just put it inside your mouth, then hold it with your lips and lick it with your tongue.’

He bent down and whispered, ‘Don’t make any noise please Bryson. I would die if Spencer knew I was sucking you off.’

He bent down and put his mouth over my throbbing cock. Holding it between his lips, he began licking just below the head.

‘Keep going Mitchell. You’re doing a good job.’

He resumed sucking and licking the cock that had recently been inside his sister’s tight wet little cunt. He made no comment about the taste.

Before long I could feel my climax approach. Remaining quiet intensified the sensation and just before I came into Mitchell’s skilful mouth, his sister sat up and looked directly at us but out of her brother’s line of sight. I ejaculated four of five long jets of semen into her brother’s mouth and she resumed her position lying down as the spasms from the aftershocks subsided.

I lay still for a few seconds, then ruffled Mitch’s hair and when I stood up, my cock was still pulsing.

The situation was amazing and quite complex on reflection.

>I sucked off Mitch the previous encounter. Did he tell Spencer that detail?

>I fucked his sister. He tasted her cunt when he sucked me off. Was he aware?

>His sister watched him suck me off from behind him. Would she tell him?

>Spencer knew her brother must have tasted her cunt on my cock.

>The siblings both had secrets from one another. Neither could reveal anything about me without exposing their own secrets.

This was doing my head in. I decided to let them take their secrets home with them as I dressed and left them to their own thoughts.

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