Boss Bully

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“You fucking asshole!” I yelled out the car window at some piece of shit that almost side swiped me. “Learn how to drive!”

The blue BMW had to fade back in traffic a bit after that incident. “Good, drive like that and you deserve to be in the back.” I thought.

A few blocks later I pulled up to a red light. Seconds later I look over at the car that had arrived right after me and it was the same BMW. The windows were tinted dark and the passenger’s side began to descend into the door cavity.

“Would you like to pull over and say something to me face to face?” The rather large muscular man wearing a suit in the sports car asked. “I haven’t beat anyone’s ass in a few weeks.”

And there it was. That fight or flight feeling of adrenaline rushing through your body. Some guys get that courage to battle, their muscles get a pump, and they accept the confrontation. Not me. My penis retracted inside my body, my scrotum tightened up, and my face turned flush. “Sorry about before sir. I don’t want to fight.” I said meekly hoping the man would just leave me alone.

I’m your basic mid 40’s married guy with a somewhat slim build. I’m 5’9″ and although I’m not skinny, I don’t have any muscle at all. I have low testosterone and have all my life. This made me slow to grow much body hair, I don’t have much aggression, and I believe it stunted the growth of my 4″ penis (that’s fully erect).

With such a small dick and basic body, you’re probably wondering how I landed a wife. I fit in around women and I have a substantial bank account. Having low testosterone, I’ve always been somewhat emotional (woman I dated seemed to like that to an extent) and like to do things that women like (shopping and chick flicks). Being a lawyer, I make a good salary but that pales in comparison to the large home that was paid off, $250,000 cash, and a decent stock portfolio I inherited from my parents when they passed.

Luckily the scary guy rolled his window up and drove on when he light turned green. I heard him muttering as the window ascended something about me being a pussy. Oh well, on to the interview at a new law firm.


About 20 minutes later I pull up to Kane, Howes, and Turner Law. I worked for a smaller corporate law firm since passing the bar and decided to try my hand at working with the big boys. I am rather good at my job if I do say so myself.

“I’m here for a 9:30 interview.” I told the gorgeous young receptionist. She must have had DD tits and they were straining to pop out of her tight button up blouse.

“Have a seat. They’ll be out to get you shortly.” She said in a southern accent. Must not be from around her.

A few minutes later the large oak door behind the receptionist opened and a gentleman looks at me. “Wayne?”

“Yes sir. Wayne Maxwell sir.” I answered.

“Come on back.” He said.

I got up and followed him through the door and down a hall lined with offices on either side. “I’m John Kane, one of the senior partners. Your resume is impressive.” He told me.

“Thank you, Mr. Kane. I hope to be useful here in the near.” I admit that I puffed my chest out a little feeling good about myself.

We rounded a corner and entered the first conference room. “This is Wayne Maxwell.” Mr. Kane told the 2 gentlemen already seated at the long table. One facing us and one facing away.

“Pleasure to meet you both.” I said walking forward and reaching my hand out to shake.

The closer chair spun around and seated there was the large suited gentlemen that drove the BMW. My jaw dropped, my balls tightened again, and my penis shrank up. I didn’t know what to say or do.

“Nice to meet you as well.” The muscular man said standing up. “I’m Tim Howes. Have we met before?” His 6’3″ large frame almost cast a shadow over me.

“I don’t think so sir. You don’t look familiar.” I squeaked out knowing full well where we saw one another.

After greeting and shaking hands with Jack Turner I sat in the seat that appeared to be separate and placed so that I could easily be questioned by all three gentlemen.

Surprisingly the interview went great. My heart rate got back to normal, my penis left my başakşehir escort stomach, and I showed them that I’m very capable of being an asset to the firm. They even presented me with an offer. A very substantial raise from my current position.

“I’d love to be a part of the firm gentlemen.” I affirmed although still wondering if Tim Howes would ever realize who I was. I’ve already left my other firm so I can start as soon as you’d like.”

“Great. If you would like to sign the contract today, we can have you start next Monday.” Mr. Kane said.

“Sounds perfect.” I leaned forward and scanned the desk for a pen.

“The contract is in my office. Why don’t you follow me and we’ll take care of it?” Tim said. Then turned to the other partners and said, “I can take care of this. You two can get back to whatever you were doing.”

Tim lead me further down the hallway to a corner office and told me to close the door behind me. It was a great office with about 12 windows and a 5-mile view. I looked out wondering if I could see anything I recognized but was redirected.

“Wayne. Did you think I didn’t recognize you from the road?” Tim asked. He had removed his suit coat and was standing with his beefy arms crossed in front of him.

“Oh, that was you?” I pretended not to know. “Sorry about that. My wife was nagging me this morning and I was a little charged up when I left the house.” There went my little dick back up inside my stomach.

“Bullshit. You knew the second you saw me. I could see the look on your pussy face!” Tim barked while rolling up his shirt sleeves.

“You’re right Tim. I’m sorry. I was wrong to yell out the window and I did know it was you. I really want this job and I think I’ll be good at it.” I pleaded my case. “I hope this doesn’t prevent me from signing on with the firm.”

Without a word Tim unzipped his fly and fished out a long thick veiny cut cock that must have been 6 to 7 inches flaccid. “How bad do you want it?” He said wiggling his cock like a cat toy.

“I do want it. But I’m not gay sir. I’m married.” I fumbled through my words not being able to take my eyes off such a magnificent cock. I very briefly imagined what it would be like to wield such a weapon.

“No one said you were gay Wayne. But you are a beta sissy and you will suck my cock if you want this job.” His cock was stiffening and getting thicker as he wagged it. “Now strip down, get on your knees, and suck my dick!” He ordered.

“Strip?” I was embarrassed for anyone to see my penis, especially someone that has a huge one. “But sir…”

“Maybe you’d rather I beat your ass for the road incident first. Then I’ll fuck your mouth as you lie on my floor unconscious.” Tim was aggressive and apparently violent. He was just like the guys that bullied me in high school.

“I don’t want to fight Tim. I just want to have this job and go home.” I regressed to my younger self getting pushed around and beat up on the walk home after school. One time a guy made me lick the bottom of his shoe.

“Well you obviously can’t take your eyes off my cock, so you are definitely a sissy cock sucker.” Tim said waving around his now hard 8.5″ monster dick. “Now strip bitch!” His voice became very hostile.

I took off my suit coat and placed it on a nearby chair, kicked my shoes off, unbuttoned my shirt and laid it on my coat, then let my pants down and also set them on the chair. I stood there and looked at Tim.

“I said strip and get over here and drain my balls. I’ve got appointments. I can’t fucking waste my time with you faggot.” Tim was angry and demanding.

“Yes Tim.” I said. I was defeated. At the same time I’d never been talked to that way and it was somewhat appealing. I pulled the t-shirt over my head and pushed my underwear down to step out of them.

“What the fuck is that?! Do you have a dick down there somewhere?” Tim was laughing hysterically. “Is that a clit sissy? Surprised you weren’t wearing panties!”

I reached down and popped my hiding penis out and pulled on it to stretch it as far as possible. When I let go it poked out at my usual 1″ length when soft.

“What the fuck. And you’re married? I know your wife hasn’t kadıköy escort cum EVER!” Tim belittled me. “If you need me to show your wife a good time, I may be able to help you out if she’s not ugly and fat.” Tim’s ridicule was somehow making my insides tingle and my penis started growing.

“Oh, you like the thought of me fucking your wife with my fat cock don’t you pussy?” Tim pointed to my crotch. “That little thing is growing. Big turn on for you sucking your boss’s cock while he talks about your wife.”

Tim walked around his desk, meaty cock swaying back and forth, and smacked me across my face. “What the fuck are you waiting for?” This was the moment of truth. I get on my knees and suck his cock, get the job, and be bullied by him for my career. Or get dressed and walk out. I want the job but don’t need the money.

“Tim it’s just that…” I started to explain.

“Shut up and get your mouth on my cock!” Tim shouted as he pushed me down by my shoulders. Being muscular and much larger he easily manhandled me. Before I knew it his large round cock head was pushed past my lips. “Let’s go faggot!”

To be honest I was a little afraid that he would beat me up if I didn’t acquiesce. My body told a different story as my little prick was rock hard and already leaking precum. Was I discovering something mew that turns me on? So I began swirling my tongue around Tim’s cock head.

“There you go sissy. Lick my fat cock dome.” Tim placed one hand on my head. “It’s going to be nice having a fag cock sucker available all day long.” There it was. His intention to abuse me forever.

Never having sucked a dick I just did what seemed right. I bobbed my head forward until his unit poked the back of my throat. I gagged and pulled back off his giant man cock. Then I grabbed his member at the base and took his cock into my mouth again. Maybe halfway in his bulbous head slammed my throat again and I choked.

“Don’t worry about gagging sissy. I don’t mind. Let it enter your throat. Breathe through your nose.” Tim coached me with no regard to the hard time I was having. “You’re going to be a good cock sucker by the time I’m done teaching you.”

My mind was still resisting but my insides were so turned on and exhilarated that I knew I couldn’t deny the pleasure I was getting not only from blowing Tim but from the demeaning language he was using towards me. I absolutely loved the humiliation I was feeling.

“Can you imagine the places inside your wife’s cunt that my fat cock would touch? Spots you don’t even come close to tickling with that tiny penis.” Tim thought out loud. “Put in your code.” Tim said after grabbing my phone out of my suit coat pocket. “I want to see pics of this unsatisfied wife of yours.”

With his dick still in my mouth I looked to the side and pushed my unlock code into my iPhone. He raised the phone to look through it while I went back to bobbing my head.

“Play with my balls too sissy. It’s a three piece set down there.” Tim instructed. “I like them sucked and licked too.”

“Mmhmm.” I assented.

“Wow! This is your wife? She’s way to pretty for a pin dick like you!” Dam I’ll bet she has big dildos to use while you’re at work. Does she even know when you’re inside her?” He asked rhetorically. “She’s probably fucking other men on the side to be honest.”

For some reason the degradation and dirty talk about my wife was driving me insane. I was as horny as I’d ever been. And this with a dick in my mouth.

“Is this your daughter? Sexy little cunt. How old is she?” Tim asked while scrolling through my pics.

Tim pulled his cock out of my mouth so I could answer him. “She’s 19 Tim.” And without prodding I dove back on to my boss’s thick meat. I was beginning to realize that this is what I have been missing in my sex life. Don’t get me wrong, my wife and I have good sex (for me) but I’ve always preferred giving her oral to having actual intercourse. I actually cum myself rather often while servicing her. Especially when she cums in my face.

“I’ll fuck her too then. She’s legal.” Tim said of my daughter. “Wonder if I could arrange a threesome with both of them? Would you like to clean my dick esenyurt escort bayan off after I fucked your wife and daughter?”

I just kept bobbing away trying to get Tim’s fuck stick deeper into my mouth. It was almost a game now. I was kneading and massaging his massive nut sack as well. My saliva coated his shaft and ran down onto his clock weights. My toddler size penis was leaking profusely now and I was near orgasm.

“You’re getting better fag. I knew you were innately a sissy cum whore. You’re going to learn how to swallow semen in a few minutes.” He warned me. “Are you going to suck my cum out of your wife’s pussy after I fuck her?” Tim asked.

With that I couldn’t hold my orgasm any longer. It was such a turn on to imagine my wife being satisfied by a much bigger man that I shot my load on the floor at Tim’s feet. That was more intense than any orgasm I’ve had in recent memory.

“Awww. The sissy cock sucker likes sucking man size cock so much that he blew his load! How cute!” Tim teased. “Get ready for my load faggot.”

Tim grabbed my head and held it tight in his powerful hands. He began pumping his hips to use my mouth like a pussy. He fucked my head with no regard to the gagging, choking, and gasping I was doing. Drool was running down my chin. My eyes were watering so much I could barely see. I put my hands on Tim’s thighs to push myself back but he was too strong. He continued fucking my face for what seemed like forever but was probably a minute or so.

“Here comes Timmy’s hot spunk fag!” He announced. “Drink it all down like a good sissy.”

I felt his cock head swell up and suddenly it burst forth a spurt of hot man juice that smacked the back of my throat past my tonsils. I swear I was going to drown but I swallowed as best I could with his large meat in my mouth. About 5 to 7 shots of semen followed filling my mouth as fast as I could drink it down.

“That’s it cock sucker. Drink my fucking cum like the faggot you are!” Tim told me. “There’s a lot more where that came from so don’t worry, you’ll get more.”

I nursed on Tim’s dick for a few seconds after he was done shooting ropes. I was letting his dick drain the last bit of surprisingly tasty cum. I sucked the head and licked the slit while Tim continued to talk about using me. I didn’t want to stop sucking it actually.

“Yeah you’ll be draining my dick pretty much daily starting Monday Wayne. I’ll bet you will be able to deep throat me within a month.” He said as he stepped back letting his semi soft dick fall from my mouth. “Lick your cum up off the floor and then get dressed.”

I couldn’t take my eyes off of Tim’s still thick cock. I didn’t want him to tuck it away yet. Hell, I wanted to suck it more. I leaned forward still naked and licked my cum off the floor as Tim had instructed. It was so humiliating that I started to get hard again. When I was finished I got dressed and stood in front of Tim’s desk where he now sat.

“Couple things Wayne. While you were enjoying my cock I took a few pictures with your phone and sent them to your wife. So, you’ll have some explaining to do when you get home. Second, when you show up on Monday, and I know you will because you want more of my cock, have some naked pictures of your wife for me to look at. And third, you only wear panties from now on.”

“Wait what? You sent her pictures?” I freaked out looking at my phone to see if he was telling the truth. “How am I going to face her? I can’t explain this to her!” I told Tim after verifying he sent point of view pics of me sucking his massive cock.

“Tell her you’re a cock sucker. I mean it’s true.” He said matter of factly. “I don’t care what you tell her but have those naked pics on Monday. And tell her if she likes what she sees I’ll be happy to let her have some cock too. And be happy I’m not making you take naked pics of your daughter. I’ve done that before.”

What a fucking asshole bully. These guys are so used to getting everything they want that they just do whatever without thinking about how they might destroy someone else’s life.

“Now get the fuck out of my office. Oh, sign this contract if you want to work here.” He said pushing the document to the edge of his desk.

I grabbed a pen and scribbled my name on the bottom line. I don’t know how I’m going to explain this to Meghan, I don’t know what exactly is going to happen, but I do know that I want to be humiliated and degraded while sucking Tim’s cock again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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