Coin Flip

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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.


“So, what are you lads drinking?”

The chestnut mare smirked and hopped on to the bar stool beside the stallion and wolf, resting an elbow upon the bar. The grey horse twitched one ear but otherwise paid her no attention at all, allowing his friend to turn curiously in her direction. It was not often that they were bought drinks, much less by a lady. It was usually the guys that came on to Solus, the straight pup. Leaning forward, Amethyst caught the wolf’s eye with a cheeky wink, breasts pressing as if by accident against her arms, limbs pushing over the high bar-top.

“Why do you offer?” The wolf, a traditional grey, patterned intricately in black and white markings that set him apart, raised an eyebrow. “I’ve seen you around the last couple of nights but you’ve never spoken to me, or Mugs. What gives?”

“You looked thirsty.” The mare’s eyes twinkled. “Hard up on your luck, perhaps?”

The wolf ran his fingers through his dark hair and leaned back, holding on to the bar for support lest he topple backwards and make a scene. It would not have been the first time: he usually had a few more drinks in him before falling off furniture, however.

“We don’t need charity,” he scoffed, sliding his empty pint glass from one paw to the other, stalling for time. “We own a brothel. A very successful brothel.”

The dappled grey stallion threw his head back and laughed as if at a private joke, slapping his thigh. Clapping his friend on the shoulder with enough force to shove him forward, he stroked down the wolf’s back, brushing over the wolf’s lats, strong through his shirt – a touch gleaned as he drew away.

“She’s having you on, Sol,” he said, a twinkle in his eye, leaning over to grin at his friend. “Hey, Ammy. How was the trip?”

Solus tossed a paw in the air and rolled his eyes, thrusting his empty glass away. Well, there went any chance at a free drink.

“Oh, I see,” Sol huffed, affecting affront and not giving Amethyst a chance to reply; her lips quirked unconsciously. “You’re having me on, think you’re being funny, do you?”

“I think he’s being very funny.”

Amethyst fed fuel to the fire with an innocent smile and tugged her black shirt, bare over one shoulder, into place, smoothing it down over the curve of her waist and hips. The wolf glared at the equine, Mugs, who held up his paws, as devoid of blame as a foal and above the realm of suspicion.

“Mugs says you wind him up,” the mare said, chuckling politely behind her paw as Mugs eyed Sol from under his forelock, hardly covert in his flushed study of the wolf.

“I do not! Wait…so you do actually know each other?” Sol’s ears pricked. “Well, if we’re not to be introduced, I’m Sol.”

“Nice to meet you, Sol, though I wish our introduction had been less of a trick,” she grinned. “I’ve heard much about you, from the one and only stallion here, of course.”

She licked her lips, mouth dry. Only part of her attention centred on the two males as Mugs leaned in close to Sol, speaking into his ear as a group of female furs passed behind, giggling like hyenas though there were none amongst them, to Amethyst’s eye. So noisy. Some kind of hen party – not her scene at all. The pink was garish and she shuddered, turning back to the lads, and the one that she had come to meet in particular, taking only a brief moment to order a Pinot Gringo from the bartender. She hoped the glass was worth the price, as wary as always of ordering unknown wines abroad. A mare had her favourites and standards, after all.

“What brings you here?” Sol caught her attention as the wine glass clinked on to the bar top. “You are clearly not from this area – that’s quite an accent.”

Amethyst raised an eyebrow.

“Favour to a friend.”

“Yeah, I got that,” he snorted, relaxing as he laughed: maybe she was not so bad, though he would reserve judgement.

“It’s Friday night, I need a bit of a break. Over here on a holiday of a kind, so to speak – a working holiday.” She shrugged and took a sip from her glass. “What are you drinking? It really is on me. Same again?”


Sol pushed their glasses towards her and got the attention of the bartender, ordering a beer that she had not heard the name of – a local brew. The stallion blew his forelock out of his eyes and rapped his knuckles on the bar, jerking his head towards Sol as he caught their attention.

“He’d like to have something else ‘on’ you,” Mugs quipped with a barely concealed, coltish grin. “If you catch my drift.”

The equine and canine stared at him, Solus caught off guard in a rare instance of speechlessness.

“What on earth are you on about?” He asked bluntly ardahan escort after a few stunned seconds, holding one paw up to deliver his point of confusion. “That doesn’t even make any sense. You’re talking gibberish.”

Mugs huffed and folded his arms across his broad chest, Amethyst following the line of muscle with her eyes and imagination. Though he wore a blue, branded t-shirt, the finely toned muscle was evident beneath his clothing, shirt pulling taut across his chest when he moved. He had changed since she had last seen him.

Not bad at all. Such a shame he’s gay.

Oblivious to Amethyst’s internal musing, Mugs dropped his paw on Solus’ thigh, moving up quickly to tease across a very evident bulge. The wolf slapped his paw away as if he had been stung, a disbelieving, barking laugh bursting from his muzzle.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” The words tumbled forth in a rush. “You know I’m not into that, Mugs!”

“Yeah, yeah,” Mugs waved him off. “That’s why you’re always sneaking touches and looking at my arse, straight dog that you are. Oh, and Amethyst?” He added, swinging his large, equine head towards her. “Just so you’re aware, he’s been hard this whole time.”

Solus stared sullenly at the selection of alcohol behind the bar as if contemplating further poison, paws folded carefully over his lap.

“You’re a dick.”

“Did you think you could tease me all night and not get any payback?” Mugs nickered out a laugh. “Seriously?”

The wolf shivered, sitting up straight as he regained some of his earlier confidence. Amethyst half-turned her muzzle away, expression contorting. The fierce urge to laugh was almost overpowering. She had no idea the pair would be so comical together! They could have their own comedy show. Did she have more free nights to spend with them? She had her hooves crossed that the answer would be affirmative. She could not deny that Solus deserved the ‘payback’, as Mugs phrased it, if what she had been told was true. The truth was always best coming from two parties and she was sure to get both sides. It was certain already that the dominant wolf had the tendency to be quite the wind up to the poor horse. Solus was due a dose of his own medicine.

“You had your payback,” Solus snorted, shifting on the stool for comfort that was not to be had. “Double or triple if you count bringing your mare-friend here.”

Mugs rolled his eyes as if he could not be shocked by anything that came from the wolf, but his words made Amethyst pay closer attention, fingers curling around the stem of her wine glass, beads of moisture dripping on to her red coat. Her eyes widened and she cast the wolf a flirtatious look, contemplating the prospect and sliding her eyes to her left. The outline of a plan was already formed. If Solus had an interest in her, it made everything much easier. And, with a generous dose of luck, everything would go off without a hitch.

Raising her glass to Solus, who smiled in a strange combination of shyness and male arrogance. Satisfied with the wine blossoming on her tongue, she fished in her coin purse for a tip, flipping a single dollar in the air so that it turned over and over before bouncing into the feline bartender’s paw. She added another to his tip and turned to the wolf, toying with a silver coin, tapping it over her fingers in a demonstration of dexterity.

“I think we’re going to get on very well…Solus.”


Sol stumbled into the room after the mare, drink making his legs buckle unsteadily beneath his weight. Amethyst walked backwards into the hotel room, twisting the collar of his shirt in her paw by way of a ‘lead’. Coming from overseas, it had been necessary for the mare to secure a room in the Hilton, even if she had not expected to make use of it for anything besides sleeping so swiftly. She had left her blue wolf at home for the trip and the room was hers and hers alone to do with as she wished. And, for now, she would have a different canine with a hard cock to enjoy.

The wolf in question licked his lips and kicked the door closed behind him, paw sliding over the curve of Amethyst’s breast.

“Shouldn’t we have a bridle for you if we’re going to play that way?” He suggested, muzzle dipping coyly.

Taking the mare’s paw away from his collar, Solus slid his arms around her waist, drawing her in close to his chest. She tilted her head to the side, considering how best to answer as her body flared with arousal, though never from the prospect of being bridled, Solus’ paw dipping between her thighs to where her tightly fitted jeans cupped her sex. She inhaled slowly.


“We can play both sides, wolfie,” she laughed, once she had reclaimed control of herself. “But you’ve got work to do if you want a mare on her back. Think you’re up to the challenge?”

Her brown eyes dared him and Solus groaned, hips bucking into the mare instinctively. She nipped his neck, paws stroking twin lines down his artvin escort back, resting above his buttocks as she arched her hips up to his.

“I can agree to that,” the wolf moaned, eyes half-lidded as she lapped over the sore spot of the bite on his neck, a deliciously sensitive spot.

“Excellent,” she breathed.

Exactly as she wanted.

Her paws eased under his black shirt, lips meeting in a hurried, messy kiss. Alcohol coloured the edge of their liaison and their lips parted, tongues battling between their muzzles for dominance. Their builds were similar and, despite Solus boasting greater than Amethyst, neither of them could take the upper paw. In the back of her mind, Amethyst huffed at the thought of any fur ever bridling her, the notion lingering in unrest. She relished in the challenge he presented and forced Solus towards the bed, stepping with him without breaking the kiss.

As the bed hit the back of his calves, the wolf hesitated, fingers light upon the mare’s neck where her coat met the hair of her mane. The duo parted, breath mingling as they breathed heavily, Amethyst’s breasts pressed to his chest.

Meeting Sol’s eyes, Amethyst flashed a grin and yanked up his shirt, gripping the edges to. He tried to help by raising his arms but all they managed to do was entangle him further in the fabric until they finally tossed it aside in a fit of tipsy giggles and drunken laughter, respectively. Wrapping an arm around the wolf’s waist, Amethyst pushed him back on to the bed, climbing over and grinding over the obvious bulge in his jeans with a low hiss of desire.

Solus bucked up against the mare as if he was already inside her, scrabbling to undo his jeans and pull them down past his boxers, clumsy in drunken need. The mare helped eagerly and pulled them all the way off along with his socks – sneakers had been lost somewhere in the process of entering the hotel room – leaving him solely in his underwear. Looking up at him through her eyelashes, which were tipped with mascara, she lapped lightly over his bulge, tasting the pre cum soaking through the dark blue fabric. Under her attention, the wolf groaned and twisted, fingers running through her mane.

“Put your paws over her head,” the mare said, lifting her muzzle with an intense look that stirred molten desire in the pit of his stomach.


Enough tricks had taken place that evening for him to think twice about what she had in mind. He so desperately wanted everything to continue as it had started though and was not in any mood to be stubborn. Amethyst smiled and held up her paws as if to show she had nothing hidden in them.

“I have something in my bag for a little more fun,” she elaborated without truly saying anything more. “You wouldn’t want to keep a lady waiting now, would you? You did want to play both ways?”

“I guess…” He muttered, shifting his weight. “Come back here.”

Amethyst frowned. She was losing him. Placing her paws on her hips, she struggled not to snort her disapproval.

“Maybe you don’t want this then.”

Without waiting for a reply, Amethyst pulled her slim-cut blouse over her head and dropped it on the floor, revealing a midnight blue bra with black, vertical ‘ribs’ raised from the lace fabric. Her nipples perked between the ribs, hardening in the cool air, and she allowed little time to appreciate before turning her back on the wolf, bending over to sensuously slide her jeans down her long, shapely legs, showing off muscle and a firm rump. Her thong matched the bra and barely covered anything, leaving her tight buttocks in a distinct heart shape as she remained bent over to untangle the jeans from her hooves.

Unable to tear his eyes away, Solus groaned, hard-on straining a tent through his boxes. Amethyst snatched up a single item from her travel bag, spun about and stalked to the bed, one eyebrow raised. She slipped over him, paws stroking up his sides to catch the wolf’s wrists, lifting them above his head with a length of purple silk twisted between her fingers.

“Now, will you play nice, wolfie?” Amethyst breathed, winding the silk over and between his paws. “Or would you like to go home?”

“I’ll play nice,” he growled, playfully licking her nose. “But you’re next.”

Amethyst laughed and straddled his waist, tying the silk scarf expertly around his paws. In a few moments, his wrists were lashed to the slotted headboard of the bed, knots tucked away from questing fingers. She tied off the knots and sat up, running her paws over his toned chest and ruffling fur in their passing.

Solus’ heart pounded and instinct bade him to struggle against the bindings, finding them tighter than he could have imagined. Hooking her fingers into the waistband of his boxers, Amethyst pulled them down past his knees. She inhaled sharply, nostrils flaring.

“Now that I was not expecting.”

Removing his underwear, she rubbed her paw over Solus’ twin erections, each rising proudly ataköy escort once released from the confines of the fabric. Tapered to a tip, they were shaped like a traditional canine member with a deflated knot at the base of each one. Amethyst shivered, anticipating how they would feel sinking into her pussy and tail hole simultaneously, swelling to lock them together. Oh, there would be much to come that night.

Splaying her paw over his thigh, Amethyst nuzzled up the length of his cocks, scooping a bead of pre cum from the tip of each with a low murmur of satisfaction. The mare traced her tongue along both in turn, tail flagging at his fresh, clean scent mingling with that of abject arousal. Wickedly, she sucked upon the tip of the shaft closest to his abdomen, coaxing a grunt from his lips as her paw curled around the other, pumping the length as if promising the thrusts to come: deep, bed shaking fucking. Groaning, the wolf arched up, paws clenching into fists around the silk.

The knock upon the door made both of them jump and, much to Solus’ disappointment, the mare rocked back on her heels, attention called.

“Come in,” Amethyst said, stroking his cocks and teasing him into an arching moan as his ears pricked.

Solus jerked up from the bed, paws scrabbling against the headboard.

“What are you doing? Are you crazy?” Solus hissed. “You can’t just invite anyone in!”

Amethyst blinked as the door opened behind her, blocking Solus’ line of sight so that he could not see who entered.

“Are you going to stop me?” She grinned and turned to greet the fur entering the dimly lit room. “So glad you could join us, Mugs.”

“Mugs!” Solus twisted to get a better look. “What the fuck are you doing here?”

Glaring, the wolf narrowed his odd-coloured eyes, anger battling with incredulity. The dapple grey stallion tugged at the collar of his shirt, fanning his flushed muzzle. Amethyst reached out to him and drew him insistently to the bed, the horse following her direction as compliantly as a colt obeying a stallion. She smirked. She could have a bigger tool at her disposal than a stallion, she would have him know. They gay horse was a quintessential part of her plan. Mugs shook his head and brushed back his mane where it had become sticky with a faint sheen of sweat.

“Getting what you’ve teased me with for all this time,” he answered, swaying with the grin of a fur with no more thirst to quench: he had spent some time in the bar after their departure.

Ignoring Solus’ curses and protests, Mugs stripped to reveal a coat gleaming with good health. Flagging his tail, striped through with black and white, the equine reached into the offered bag, Amethyst holding it up with a conspirator’s nicker. He retrieved the desired bottle of lube and quickly squirted a generous dose on to his fingers, reaching behind to lubricate his own tail hole. His knees buckled as he pushed two fingers under his tail, teasing his passage with a practiced paw, need swelling like the rise of the tide.

Amethyst patted the bed, encouraging the horse to take her place, and he crawled over Solus with a whinny, scrambling into a squat. Perfectly positioned to ride the wolf he had lusted after for so long, Mugs gave his twin members a squeeze, imagining how good they would feel finally sunk inside his rump. Before the night was out, he would have both stretching his pucker.

“Why are you doing this?” Solus raised his chin. “If you didn’t want to be wound up, you could have said at any point. I’m straight, not gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with that but we are different. You can’t do this.” “Because,” Mugs paused, rump poised over the wolf’s crotch. “As much as you complain, you never once said no to either of us. And that is why we have not stopped.”

Solus gulped. The word had never even entered his head. Satisfied at winning the battle, Mugs smiled and lowered his body, placing the tip of one cock at the pucker of his tail hole. Sinking lower, Mugs moaned lustfully as he was impaled, the fat length pushing into his tightness all the way to the knot, now half-swollen in the wolf’s eager arousal. Knots only grew when a male was about to spill his seed and the horse felt a rush of pride at getting his friend worked up so swiftly. Solus gnawed the inside of his cheek and swallowed a groan, keeping his hips pinned to the bed through sheer crumbling, fading willpower.

“Oh, come now.” Amethyst frowned, tapping a hoof on the carpet as she enjoyed the show, directing proceedings. “You can do better than that.”

Gripping the stallion’s tail, she lifted it until he was forced to follow, rising off the phallus he so craved. Though he feigned a look of relief, Solus’ body ached to have that tight passage squeezing around his cock once more and he whimpered, desiring that pleasure against his will. Amethyst stroked the second shaft, paw slick with lube, holding both of the wolf’s cocks together, preparing. She positioned them near the stallion’s winking pucker, drawing him down by the tail with a smug glint in her eye.

Mugs squirmed and yanked his tail. Nostrils flared and the whites of his eyes showed in a fearful rim as he was stretched and stretched and stretched to his limit.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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