Don-Donna, Ken and Nancy

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My name is Don, my wife is named Donna as is by coincidence my mother.

I come from a lumber town where all the houses were company owned. It was my grandfathers house. My mother and I had moved there after my fathers death several years before. It was an unusual house in that the second floor consisted of two large rooms separated by a stairway. The company had added the plumbing only a few years back and for that reason the bathroom while large, was on the first floor adjacent to the kitchen. My mother and I shared one room which contained two double beds, one Donna’s (my mother) and the other mine.

Gramps was a great guy and loved the outdoors and outdoor activities. He taught me about tools and repair and hunting and fishing. He took me with him often on trips and visits but he was not one to be comfortable with personal subjects.

My mother whose name was Donna was a sixth grade teacher and she was the one with whom I would discuss school problems and relationship problems and sex problems. Somehow just after we moved in with gramp’s I had started calling her Donna and I do to this day. Since she was only sixteen when I was born and because dad had died early on we were very close.

For example, when I came home one day and asked her “Donna, the guys were asking me how often I jerked off, what do they mean?”

“Well Don, what did you tell them?”

“Well Jimmy had already said that he did it four or five times a day and Bob said he did it three times a day so I just said that I did it three times a day too.”

“That was a smart move, But I can’t discuss it right this minute. I’ve got to fix supper, but I will come up after you get in bed and explain it to you.”

She did come to my bed and she did explain. She watched as I did it for the first time and made a couple of suggestions. It was then that I began that exercise that gives us all so much pleasure. For a while I was doing it five or six times a day when I could. Then after a few months I settled into a routine of morning and night. Still later to just once most days deciding that the extra time between just built up the pressure and made the release more pleasurable.

While Donna and I did share a bedroom, it was very large taking up about half of the second story from front to back. The room was divided in two by a heavy curtain which allowed us a lot of visual privacy but very little sound privacy.

Donna by then had just turned 36. She was about 5’6″ tall and weighed about 135. I got curious about the size of her tits and I checked her bra label. It said 35 C. She liked to run when she could and there was exercise equipment at the school that she used.

So her body was pretty firm. As I started to appreciate such things I began to notice that she had great nipples and they sometimes got hard and showed through whatever she was wearing.

Me? I’m 5’11” and weigh 175. I run middle distance and cross country so I keep in decent shape too.

I must have been a bit over 18 when I happened to hear a little yelp from the other side of the curtain. Concerned I almost shouted “Donna! What’s wrong?”

It’s funny, even though I masturbated often I never gave a thought to the fact that women did also. In hindsight it was dumb of me. I was always very quiet when I jerked off so it came as a surprise to learn that Donna did also.

So I was totally shocked at her reply. “Dummy, I’m just finished doing what you do most every night.”

“Oh.” Was all I could think of to say, but then as I began to consider what her masturbation must involve, I found myself aroused by the whole idea of female masturbation.

When I was about 19 I enrolled in college. It was only about forty miles from home to college. Because it was close I came home often sometimes for just minutes to pick up something, and sometimes overnight.

Just before college started we had a family picnic. When leaving my uncle’s car broke down and so we had to come home with seven in each car. When we rode back I had mom on my lap. She held my arms which were wrapped around her tightly pressed up against her boobs. She was wearing only a T shirt and I got a big hard on.

Then she started to wiggle her bottom against my erection till I almost came. Before she got out of the car she kissed me for “being a gentleman” when she did she gave me a flick of her tongue. I masturbated over that for a month.

One night the following spring I came home and went to bed late. Donna was already in bed.

My date and I had petted but not to any kind of real completion for either of us. As soon as I got in bed I started to jerk off. I brought myself to completion, this time making a bit of noise. Just as I finished wiping off the cum I heard a familiar sound from across the room. This time though it was a soft whimper and 3 muffled little yelps.

“You OK?” I quietly asked.

After a couple of minutes I heard mom say “Sorry if I alarmed you. When I heard you come I was almost there myself samsun escort and I had an extra special orgasm. Thank you.”

“What do you mean, extra special?”

“Well, women’s orgasms are different sometimes. If everything is just right they go on and on. They roll over you something like when you’re body surfing in the ocean and you get caught up in it as wave after wave rolls over you. It really is hard to explain.”

“Mom.” I don’t know why I called her mom at that moment. “May I watch you do it some time?” I had a blazing hard on as I waited for her to answer. After what seemed like forever she did answer me.

I heard her whisper “Sure honey, you come over and kneel beside me and watch. It’ll be fun for me, I really am in a horny mood.”

I did just as she said and I was kneeling beside her as she took her two fingers and slid them up and down between her pussy lips. After a few strokes up and down she would stop near the top and do something different there with her fingers.

I was very, very, hard and near eruption when I croaked out. “Why do you stop and just finger yourself near the top?”

It took her several seconds to come out of her fog and say. “Why to do my clit of course. You do know about a woman’s clitoris don’t you? Maybe not, I never told you about it so it’s my job to show you. Give me your finger.”

Without waiting she took my hand then folded back all but the middle finger and then guided it to her pussy which she was holding open with the fingers of her other hand. She moved my finger around until it was on a little nub and then explained what it was and how it entered into making love to a woman. She was whispering the whole time.

Then she added. still in a whisper “Now I want you to play with my clit and I will take care of my own cunt.” I started moving my finger over and around the nub and I could feel her response and see it in her face.

Then without warning I could feel her trembling and arching against my finger and I knew without her saying it that she was having an orgasm. Her two middle fingers began to plunge in and out of her cunt as I watched.

I got so excited that like her and without any warning I started coming too. The hot cum was hitting Donna all over but mostly on her boobs. I could tell that she wanted to scream out but that she couldn’t. She held her hand against her mouth and muffled the erotic sounds that she was making.

When both our orgasms were over she gave me a push toward my bed. I picked up my underwear off the floor and wiped up what cum was on me. As I finished I looked at Donna and she motioned me to give them to her. She wiped herself off and then pulled the covers up, turned on her side and fell asleep.

It wasn’t so easy for me and I ended up going down and turning on the TV until I went to sleep.

Easter vacation started the next weekend. I guess maybe my mom and I had a little case of the guilt’s. For the first few days we seemed to be getting on each others nerves a lot.

Finally we went up to Blackwater Falls and rented a cabin for a few days. As we enjoyed the walks among those beautiful surroundings and resting by the pool we got close again. On our final night there we lay in one bed side by side holding hands and had “confession” time. I told her all of the sexual events of my young life. I do mean everything.

She told me of her own sexual frustrations and about having taken my friend Ken to bed once when he spent the night with us and gramp’s was gone. How she had taught him what she had taught me and how he had brought her to a most fulfilling orgasm with his fingers.

I told her about hearing it and how I had figured it out for myself. Then she said that I should also know that they had capped the night off fucking till dawn. The rewards of having a young lover, she stated, was their endurance.

Later we took off our clothes and masturbated side by side naked in the bed. I fell asleep holding hands but she awoke me to ask if I would do it again so that she could watch and had me kneel beside her and cum on her breasts as she fingered herself. She came as I finished and the look on her face was one of total satisfaction.

The best memory of all is when Gramp left one time for a week and mom’s best friend Nancy came to stay with her. Mom said that she had a bit of a crush on me so maybe I might get lucky.

Nancy showed up around ten and we kidded around for a while teasing each other with sexual jibes. I had a date at two and left in plenty of time. I was about fifteen minutes from the house when I noticed that I didn’t have my wallet. “Damn it,” I said to myself, “now I am going to be late.”

I remembered that I had left it on the dresser. I pulled up in front of the house and without shutting off the engine ran to the front door hoping that it would be open. I charged up the stairs and without a second thought burst into the bedroom.

There, both obviously naked and only partially covered by a sheet were Donna and Nancy. They were wrapped in each others arms and were kissing when I startled them bursting in the door.

I was suddenly reminded of an old joke defining savior faire. “Pardon me,” I said “please continue.” reciting the punch line of the joke and I departed.

To say that I walked around with a hard cock all day might be an under statement. I did manage to keep my excitement concealed pretty good. I went to a local family type restaurant for supper and ran into my friend Ken. He said that my mom had called him and invited him to try to find me and to come home with me.

Donna wanted him to come home with me and be Nancy’s date. I told him that I had a movie date so that it would be pretty late before we went home. Ken also had a date so it was after 11:00 PM when we left for home.

We arrived home and found Donna and Nancy at the kitchen table dressed to kill and having wine. Nancy greeted us with “Here come a pair of handsome young studs. Maybe we will still get lucky tonight. Hey guys, we are a couple of sad sacks? We couldn’t seem to get laid, even though Donna is naked under that chiffon and I’m sans-bra myself.

I think we over did it, no one would allow their significant other to dance with us. We were at the Moose in Redville, lots of guys but they were all repressed.”

First I looked at the girls again. Both were obviously naked under their dress. Both had big hard on type tents where their nipples were.

I looked at the wine bottle and saw it was almost empty which explained Nancy’s rambling. I put on a pot of coffee and kissed them both giving Nancy a little tongue of my own. She held me for a second as she responded prompting Donna to say “Hey, the party is getting dirty, THANK GOD.”

I took Ken by the arm saying to the girls “Pardon us, we are going to slip into something more comfortable, as the saying goes.” and we headed up to the bedroom. Ken and I quickly got rid of our street clothes and put on knit shorts and T-shirts. We were both partially erect and couldn’t do much to conceal that fact.

The coffee was done and we sat around and drank it down. Ken was hot to get into Nancy but I had a thing about dealing with people under the influence. The girls rapidly sobered and then Donna went to the hi-fi and started some soft dance music.

Nancy claimed the first dance with me saying that we had something to discuss. We had started to dance and when she whispered to me. “I want to thank you for this afternoon and also want to ask if you told Ken what you saw?”

“I don’t know what you mean.” I replied, “what did I see? I can’t talk about something I didn’t see.”

She gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and said “Thanks pal, as they say on TV, ‘I owe you big’ I’m not sure if he could handle that” We started to dance again and after the song ended I pulled Ken aside and said “Go for it guy, Nancy is hot and ready, mom says that she had not had a man for months. She needs you.”

As I finished talking Donna walked over holding Ken’s hand. She put Ken’s hand in Nancy’s and said “He’s all yours, and enjoy yourselves, both of you.”

Nancy started to dance with Ken. Meanwhile mom stopped and began arranging the lights so that we were bathed in a soft pleasant glow.

I took Donna in my arms and started to dance and it was immediately apparent that Nancy was not kidding. Mom was naked under her dress. I had a sudden erection even though it was my mom. When she started to press her crotch tight against mine my erection to got even harder.

At that point I decided to forget that she was my mom. She became my date whose name was Donna and I would treat her as such. I quickly lost myself in that illusion.

We were soon kissing as we danced and she was rotating her lower body against mine and creating incredible sensations. “It’s very nice dancing with you,” she said into my ear, “It has been a long time since I felt anything like I feel now, I don’t want this to ever end.”

But end it did, at least for a minute and we started kissing till the music started again. I caught sight of Nancy and Ken and they were engaged in much the same way as Donna and I.

The music started and we continued kissing and rubbing. I was beginning to wonder if I would make it to the end of the dance without an orgasm when the music ended.

I looked toward the other room and saw Ken lead Nancy toward the stairs. I began to massage Donna’s buttocks through her through the thin dress. It was a very nice feeling.

Then her hands were at my waist her thumbs inside the elastic of my shorts and she was pushing the down. Somehow she got them past my erection and they were on the floor. I unzipped her dress and began to pull it off her shoulders. She stepped back slightly and hunched her shoulders forward with her arms at her sides and her dress slipped off and fell on top of my shorts.

The next song started. With that we were kissing again and then dancing, this time naked. Donna was taller than average and my erection had found it’s way between her legs and our dance movements caused it to rub her clit. Just as I thought that I could take no more Donna whispered to me “Please sit down on the couch, I want to feel you inside me. Just for a minute.”

“It’s OK if we do it for just a minute, isn’t it?” she added.

I didn’t answer. I backed up and sat on the couch pulling her down with me. She sat facing me kneeling and straddling me just above my quivering erection. I cupped her breasts in my hands and could feel her begin to tremble as she began to lower herself, one hand holding my rock hard erection and she took me into her.

I was going to cum, I wanted to hold it back but just as soon as she had me inside of her as far as I could go she started to kiss me and cry into my mouth as I felt the pulsating movements of her orgasm around my cock and she spoke into my mouth “I’m coming, I’m coming, it feels so good, it feels so good!”

With that I came too my cock moving fast and hard in and out of her. I don’t know how much cum I released but it felt like an all time record. I pulsed and humped and contracted and quivered for what seemed like forever. Donna matched every thrust, every tremble and every other movement my body made. She kept repeating “It feels so good, It feels so good!”

Eventually we did stop and come down from our joy and we remained in the same position and my erection lagged for only a minute before it returned to it’s full hard state. “God, I needed that!” was her only comment.

My crotch was soaking wet from cum, hers and mine until I felt some contractions against my erection from deep within her pussy. Gradually we began to move against one another again.

Our movements became stronger and stronger. Suddenly I had a desire to be on top of her and I rolled us over and twisted around till her head was against the arm of the couch and her knees were against my chest. I don’t think I could have gotten further inside of her in any other position. We humped and thrust against one another as Donna came again and then once more.

She was almost up to her third orgasm when without warning I started coming and as the fluid and the heat from me spread within her Donna came again.

This time we were done and we just lay in each others arms recovering.

After a while Nancy and Ken came in and stood over us and Nancy was saying “OK sad sacks, we girls are going to shower, guys, you’re next. We all got to get nice and fresh for phase two.”

Sleepily I asked “What’s this phase two?”

“You’ll find out, but I’ll give you a clue. What is it that you guys have not experienced yet?”

I came half awake, the only thing that came to my mind was BLOW JOB. Could that be what she meant. Minutes later they were out and it was our turn. In the shower we soaped and rinsed each other but were chased out of when the hot water ran out and the well water turned the shower bitter cold. We dried and wrapped beach towels around ourselves as we departed the bathroom to find coffee and cake awaiting us and Donna and Nancy at the table.

It was a quiet snack and the females looked slightly damp and disheveled and very, very sexy. They had both however applied lipstick and it looked fairly heavy to me.

It had been storming outside and it was starting to lightning and thunder. Just as the table cleanup began a nearby bolt of lightning hit a pole and the lights went out. It was totally dark and Donna said that she would finish as she knew her way around the kitchen.

Nancy said that would help so Donna told us guys to find our way to our beds and that they would be up quickly. “We can’t wait to give you guys lesson two.”

With that I lead Ken through the house and upstairs and flopped into my bed pushing Ken toward Donna’s bed. Although filled with anticipation I must have fallen asleep. I woke up to an incredible sensation around my cock. I immediately knew that lips and mouth had enveloped it totally. I could feel that it was all the way into her mouth.

Then I felt her start to move her mouth up and down and I could feel her tongue working furiously and I could feel my cum rapidly developing. Soon it would be crying for release. Then all too soon it was demanding release, I was holding it back the best I could.

Then she removed her mouth for a minute and replaced it with her hand stroking furiously, then it was both hand and lips. I couldn’t hold back any longer and I began to cum. And cum I did and I felt her take it back into her mouth and begin gulping it down.

Wow never had anything felt that good, I couldn’t wait not only to do it again and to try licking pussy. But right then I heard a noise downstairs and realized there was a storm going on and that the back door had blown open.

I separated from her and ran down stairs to tend to it followed by the others.

I needed to pee so went in the bathroom and did so and then as I was rinsing my hands I decided that maybe I should wash my penis. I turned on the hot water and soaked a wash cloth and wiped myself off.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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