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Big Tits

This is not your typical Mailgirl story. There is very little sex and no degradation. Happy reading.

“Come in number 12. I understand that you are leaving us tomorrow. I just want to say we will miss you here and I wish you the best of luck.”

Number 12 is Teri Andrews, she is 35 years old, she has been a Mailgirl for the last 10 years. Teri was one of the few Mailgirls in the country who actually applied for the job right out of college. She had intended to do a single two year contract and then move to another state. There she would use her degree in business. But, that isn’t what happened. Sometime during the first contract Teri realized that she enjoyed the work. The conditions at this company weren’t bad in her opinion. The Mailgirls didn’t eat or drink out of bowls on the floor. The punishments were not physical or sexual either. They were of course always naked and shaved below there heads. They lived in the company Mailgirl Dorm in the basement so for two years at a time they were naked 24/7. The showers were glass walled and viewable by everyone who went down to the basement to watch. But that didn’t bother Teri after the first few weeks.

“So number 12, tomorrow morning your check will be available by 9:00 AM, or if you prefer we can deposit the full amount into a bank of your choosing at no cost to you. You will also be provided shoes and a dress, and your personal identification documents will be returned to you. Do you have any questions?”

“Yes sir, is there any more paperwork I need to complete before tomorrow? And can you split my check? I would like a bit of walking around money and have the rest put on deposit to this bank (she handed him a paper with the banks details written out). Also, I was told there would be a letter of recommendation?”

“Oh, yes I will have that in the morning for you. It will give you a glowing recommendation for exemplary service for the last ten years. As is our policy here the job title and duties will be altered to show that you have been working in our supply division, which is technically correct as the Mailgirl section is a sub-section of the supply division.”

“Thank you sir.”

“Unless there is anything else number 12, you can return to your duties.”

Number 12, got onto her feet (she had been kneeling on the Mailgirl Mat, knees spread shoulder width apart. The only difference to the standard pose was during this kind of situation she was allowed to talk with the supervisor as a normal subordinate of a company). As she walked out of the office he changed her status from busy to available. Almost immediately her MMU flashed with her next task. She had to go to the top floor executive suites. The executive suites were 30 floors up. She took the stairs, as required. She kept a pace that was efficient, but wouldn’t get her salty (what Mailgirls called sweaty). She arrived well within the given time allowed.

“Good afternoon number 12. The package is just on the desk here. Take it to the loading dock. Give it to Frank personally.”

She took the package. Nodded her understanding and left. The loading dock was of course on the first floor. The rest of the day was more of the same. This was the company’s way of saying goodbye to retiring Mailgirls in good standing. It was intended as light duty. On the last day the time allotment for these tasks was increased by 25%. Therefore she wasn’t even tired at the end of the day.

She went down to the dorm room after her last delivery. Normally she would head straight to the showers, but today her last delivery had been to the top floor again so she was later than usual getting to the dorm. This of course was planned. All the other Mailgirls were waiting for her. They had a small party. There were no presents since none of them had any money (there entire pay was held until their contracts were competed). They were provide complete room and board, including medical, vision, and dental (all taken care of in-house by the company’s doctors). What they were allowed was the ingredients to make a cake, which they did. Since this was a small company and the average length of time Mailgirls worked here was six year, one cake every couple of years was nothing to worry about per their diet. Nobody was going to get fat off one cake every couple of years.

After the celebration was done. Number 12 went into the showers. She ulus escort was followed by all of her other Mailgirls. They proceeded to turn on all the shower heads and then took her by her hands and guide her to the center of the room. They soaped her body from head to toe. She had 24 hands running all over her body. The girls were very efficient. They divided her up into sections. Some of them did her front and the others her back. Further, one did her hair, one her face and neck, two to her breasts, one to her stomach, two to the front of her legs, one to her back, two to her butt, and two more to the back of her legs. How they managed to all gather close enough to do their work was a sight to behold. And many people did behold this shower. They watched and the Mailgirls attended to their retiring sister. They watched as the Mailgirls made love with their hands to her and had her cumming over and over again. The shower was a Mailgirl tradition when a Mailgirl was leaving the job having worked for more than four years. The shower was completely loving and erotic for the Mailgirls and the company staff that watched it. The only non-Mailgirls allowed to watch a shower like this were those who had no disciplinary actions related to any Mailgirl and had been an employee for at least as long as the honoree Mailgirl. The shower lasted more than 30 minutes. Nobody who saw it saw it as anything less than a tribute to number 12, (in truth, the CEO had cameras observing the watchers. If anyone had shown anything less than admiration they would have found themselves on the fast track out of the company. The CEO truly appreciated all the Mailgirls. The program had proven a major benefit to the company. Their program had more women on the waiting list than they could use. A testament to the working conditions of their program.

After the shower number 12 went back into the living area to the dorm. They all started telling funny stories. This went on for a few hours before they went into the bedroom. The bedroom was filled with a dozen queen sized beds. Each bed had a bottom sheet and a set of pillows. No other covers were allowed. There were no cameras in this area, but the idea was to keep the women used to absolutely no coverings of any kind ever. Since this was her last night she was allowed by tradition to choose who would be her bed partner. Normally the sleeping arrangements we set by Mailgirl numbers (1 with 2, 3 with 4 and so on). Number 12 chose number 8 for her last night. Number 8 was the next senior Mailgirl. She had nine years on the job and was going to sign another contract after this one. She was only 27 years old. Having signed up right out of high school. She figured she could work for another twelve years or so and retire with at least $1,500,000.00 in the bank.

Number 8 and 12 climbed onto the bed. They embraced each other and kissed. Their hands began to rub all over each other. Number 8 leaned down and sucked on Number 12’s nipples. She rubbed Number 12’s outer lips and pulled her butt cheeks apart. Her fingers found Number 12’s pussy, clit and sphincter. Number 8 wished at this point that she had another couple of hands of her own to massage Number 12’s breasts. She really wanted to send Number 12 into outer space tonight.

They had been admiring each other for the last nine years. But the sleeping assignments are absolute. The only other opportunity beyond the bedroom was the conjugal room. The conjugal room was available to Mailgirls for dates, either male or female. The downside was they were only allowed one visit per quarter. And then only with company employees. Under no circumstances was the conjugal room to be used without the consent of Mailgirl. If there was any doubt as to consent both parties were questioned with a polygraph. If it was determined that pressure had been applied the offender was disciplined up to and including termination of employment. Number 12 and Number 8 had twice used their conjugal room visits to enjoy each other.

The alarm clock went off at 5:00 in the morning as usual. Number 12 climbed out of bed and made her way to the shower room for the last time. She took her shower and shaved just like she had for the last ten years. The other Mailgirls were all doing the same thing. Nobody even looked anymore to see if there were any watchers this morning.

At 6:00 the Mailgirls took yenimahalle escort their MMU’s off the chargers and strapped them to their arms. They made their way up the stairs to begin their morning tasks. They waited in the lobby for the fruit and donuts, and newspapers to be delivered. Then took them to the many break areas throughout the building. This took them to 7:00. They then had breakfast back in the dorm until 8:00 when the real day began. Number 12 helped them out one last time. She wouldn’t be officially retired until she had signed all the papers, and gotten dressed.

At 9:00 Number 12 was at her supervisor’s desk in the waiting pose. He had all her paperwork ready for her. She completed the exit interview form. He gave her a folio with her Social Security Card, Birth Certificate, employer recommendation and reference, $200.00 cash, and her new account paperwork and deposit slip. Also in the folio was a cell phone with her bank’s app preinstalled and her temporary password. She logged onto the bank app and confirmed her balance. She was happy to see that she had over $500,000.00 on deposit. She closed the folio. She was then directed to follow her supervisor to the lobby.

She was led almost to the exit before being given the dress and shoes. She was told to put them on. Her supervisor then said, “Best of luck to you Teri.” This was the first time in 10 years that anyone had called her by her name. She opened her arms and smiled at her former supervisor. “Are you sure?” he said.

“Yes, I am,” she said. “Thank you so much. You are a great Mailgirl supervisor Jack.” With that she walked out the door into her new life.

She had a plan. First thing to do was move a thousand miles away. Then she would take her degree, letter of recommendation and her 10 years of experience in an office to get a job in her field.

Two months later found Teri working at a good company. At a job in her career field and earning a high five figure income, with expected raises every six months with good reviews.

Teri was very happy with her job. She was doing work she liked. She had some great new friends. And lived in a quiet neighborhood. Every night when she got home she stripped off all her clothes and went about getting dinner, doing any work she brought home, and if she had time catching up with friends on the phone or computer.

She was naked at home almost all the time. Seems that staying naked for 10 years had an affect on her. Clothes still felt strange to her. She purposely wore conservative business clothes at work. She had to force herself to put them on each work day. On the weekends when she went out she wore much more casual clothes. Often she wore summer dresses and sandals without anything underneath. When she wore those dresses she always left a couple of buttons undone at the top and bottom.

One weekend at a friends house party she accidentally was bumped into the pool. When she got out of the water everyone noticed how little she was wearing. They could clearly see her breasts and pussy through her thin dress. “Ah, Teri you must be cold now. Let me get you a towel to dry off with.”

“Thank you, I don’t want to ruin your furniture.” She took the towel and rubbed herself down with it. She was no longer dripping water everywhere, but the dress was still showing everyone everything.

“Teri do you want to give me your dress? I can put it through the dryer.”

“No, it is warm out tonight. I should be fine. My dress should dry soon. It isn’t like I’m naked is it?”

“No.” None of the guys wanted this beauty to have dry clothes if she was fine wearing the clinging transparent dress.

This was the first time her friends found out that Teri was comfortable showing herself off. There were many more such times. And the frequency of those times became faster and faster. She wore very skimpy bikini’s at pool parties. Eventually just wearing thong style. The guys were treated to many down blouse views and up skirt too. None of these were ever intentional. She was just extremely casual in her dress when not at work.

After so many peeks at her breasts, butt and pussy her best friend decided to talk with her. So she called Teri one evening and set up a date to come over and talk. Of course that isn’t what she told Teri. She thought it was going to be a day out shopping or whatever.

On the day her best friend showed up at her door. Teri let her in. Teri in her typical current attire. A light summer dress with nothing on beneath it and a few buttons undone. They sat in the living room. Teri didn’t man splay, but she didn’t keep her legs closed either.

“Uh, Teri. I don’t want to upset you or anything, but we have all noticed that you don’t wear any underwear. We have all, the girls and boys, seen almost every inch of you. We are not trying to judge you. We are curious though.”

“Oh, my. Of course I don’t wear underwear that is obvious I guess by now. I haven’t worn any for a very long time. I wasn’t aware that I have shown that much to everyone. I am sorry if it has upset anyone.”

“No. Nobody is upset. In fact the married girls are reaping the benefits from their husbands. So they are quite happy. That is if you are?”

“That is a relief.”

“Teri, why?”

“Why what?”

“Why no underwear and all the undone buttons?”

“I am just comfortable.”

“No. Really why?”


“Come on you can tell me. I am your friend. You are a good person. Nothing you can say will change that.”

“Are you sure you want to know?”


“And you won’t tell anyone without my say so?”


“I spent ten years as a Mailgirl. I retired just over a year ago. Being naked 24/7 for ten years means I am not very reserved anymore. In fact if you weren’t here now I would be naked. I am always naked at home.”

“Really. That is so cool,” she said. She lowered her eyes and quietly said, “If you are uncomfortable dressed, you can take it off.”

“Lucy! Are you asking me to be naked?” Teri smirked.

“Ah,” she blushed.

“It’s ok. If you are sure. I would feel better without the dress. If you are sure?”

“Yes, I am,” she choked out.

Teri stood and pulled her dress off. She stood naked in front of her friend and turned around slowly. For the first time she saw Teri completely nude. She saw that she was still completely hairless below her head. She saw that Teri had very little extra body fat. Her breasts seemed to defy gravity. They were a solid B cup without any sag. Nor was there any sag in her ass. How could it sag really, she had almost no fat there.

“You like?”

“My god you are incredible.”

“Benefits of running up and down stairs for ten years. Also, I think if you don’t wear a bra your muscles don’t get lazy so your boobs stay put.”

“Wow, I wish I ever looked that good.”

“Yeah, Mailgirls and convicts have it easy. Lots of free exercise. So what now?”

“For me, you can wear whatever you want. If you want to be naked that is fine with me. I would go as far as saying that none of us will think less of you if you want to be naked at our houses either. I won’t tell them about the Mailgirl thing, unless you tell me to.”

“Thanks, I think. Are you sure you just aren’t trying to get me naked? Sorry, just teasing.”

“Well, of course I am. Anybody would!”

“We’ll see. I mean I can’t just strip off the next time I am over, can I?”

“Sure you can. Like I said, everyone has already seen your tits, pussy and butt many times. If you are comfortable naked, then just strip off. As you said.”

And that was it. The next time she went to one of her friends house for a party, Teri just said, “since you have all seen everything already, does anyone object to me just taking everything off?”

After a chorus of no’s, she pulled her dress and shoes off. And from then on out she was always naked whenever at her friends house as well as hers. Nothing sexual happened at these gatherings, other than the husbands got horny and their wives received a little extra attention.

Teri’s life continued like this for another year. She did well at work. She received a promotion. So now she was a department supervisor. Not the boss, but one of four supervisors. Off work she was naked as much as possible. Her circle of friends had grown. All of them accepting her nudity. She dated regularly. Taking several men and a couple of women to bed. Though she was feeling somehow incomplete. It bothered her. What is missing? She talked with Lucy about it. She advised some therapy. So Teri made an appointment.

After four months of therapy, it was clear.

“Good morning Frank. Give a girl her old job back?”

“I can even give you your old number back if you want it. But, I am not sure you really want it. You aren’t in uniform.”

Number 12 just smiled and stripped for the last time.

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