First Glory

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I have always considered myself totally straight. I’ve only had relationships with women. After the last one didn’t work out, I decided it was much more enjoyable to just look at some online porn and not have to put up with any bitching. It was also much cheaper! After a few months however, I began to get bored with surfing porn. There’s only so much you can watch, I guess. I did start to have some “strange feelings” though as I watched these women. I started noticing the cocks a lot more than I used to. I always enjoyed receiving a good blowjob and I had always loved watching some girl suck off a nice, big cock. My mind began to run wild and I found myself wondering a lot. I know it sounds strange, but I began to think that since all of my relationships with women had failed, I didn’t want to try again. I didn’t want a relationship with anyone, period.

As I would watch these videos of these gorgeous women sucking some lucky guy’s cock, I began to wonder what it would be like. I began to wonder what it would feel like for once to be the one doing the giving instead of the receiving. I had never had any of these feelings before but it started running me crazy. All I could think about was wishing I could just drop to my knees and take a nice, thick, hard cock in my mouth and suck it long and slow. I was also curious about the feel of some guys’s hot, creamy cum flooding my mouth. I had tasted my own before while I was masturbating and izmit rus escort I loved it. Just the thought of holding a hard cock in my mouth and feeling it spasm as it pumped that juice on to my tongue made my precum start to flow like a faucet.

Finally, one Friday night, I couldn’t stand it any longer. I drove to the local adult book store and was determined to leave satisfied. I went into one of the movie booths and started to watch a flick. I dropped my pants and started to slowly stroke my cock while I watched a sensual blowjob on the screen. I looked over to my right and saw a hole cut in the partition between my booth and the next one over. I peeped through the hole but it was dark and not in use. I had heard about these “gloryholes” before but I’d never seen one. I went back to watching the movie for probably another twenty minutes when I heard the door on the booth next door to me open and the dim light of its movie came on. I got down on my knees and peeked through the hole again and saw a perfect example of masculine art.

My movie neighbor was watching a flick and stroking a beautiful, long cock that continued to grow as the movie went on. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of it. I guessed it to be at least eight or nine inches long. And his balls hung down very low. I quietly thought to myself, “I’ll bet those big balls are just FULL of cum. I couldn’t take it anymore. Just the sight of watching that cock izmit escort be stroked had me dripping my precum all over the floor without me even touching myself. I stuck my finger through the hole and gave a “come hither” motion. The hole was about as big around as a coffee cup. Plenty big enough to accomidate my neighbor. I had wondered what this moment would be like for quite a while and I couldn’t wait to find out.

I pulled my hand back and watched in amazement as that hard cock slowly slid through the hole in the wall and into my booth. It was so unbelievable. Its veins were so defined on the sides and it twitched and pulsed just inches from my face. I could smell a thick, musky scent coming from those big balls and in through the hole, too. I couldn’t hold back any longer. I grabbed it and began to stroke it slowly. A drop of precum started to form at the slit of the head. I stuck my tongue out to catch it and at that moment, I tasted my very first cock. It felt so different than anything I had ever experienced. I slowly licked it all over like an ice cream cone and then took it in my mouth and began to suck on it like a vaccum. I had never done this before but I felt like it was what I was born to do. I just felt like a natural. And judging from the moans of pleasure I heard coming from the other side, I think I had it figured out pretty good.

I was sucking his cock for all it was worth and pumping it with my hand just like the kocaeli escort sluts I had seen in all those movies I had watched. I kept it wet and slurped and slobbered all over it. It felt like it was starting to get harder after a few minutes of my sucking and I wondered if he was about to cum. I wanted to taste his hot jizz so bad. I was determined to swallow ever drop of it and savor the flavor. I kept sucking and sucking with my lips wrapped tight when I felt a spasm shoot through to the head of the magnificent dick that was in my mouth. I knew it was about to give me the nectar I had craved for so long. I stopped sucking and opened my mouth and started to jerk that cock like crazy. I spit on it and jerked it some more and I felt it turn rock hard in my hand. And just then, it happened.

Thick, warm ropes of cum started to shoot out of his cock and onto my lips, tongue and face. It was so hot and so thick. The taste was unbelievable. It was so sweet and rich. Its consistency was like Elmer’s glue; it sat on my tongue in huge drops and I began to swallow it down in earnest. Oh God, it tasted so good. I knew I was hooked from this moment on. I knew I had become a cocksucker that night and that I would have to come back here again and again. I wondered why I had waited so long to give in to these fantasies that had been stuck in my head. I put it back in my mouth and began to suck it some more and I could hear the beautiful moans of exctasy coming from my new friend in the next booth. It started to get hard as a lead pipe again and I wondered if those huge balls could give me more of that sweet, creamy cum in my mouth. It was going to be a long and very interesting night indeed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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