My Time with Roni – Submission Ch. 02

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Mason and I have been friends since shortly after I first arrived in Germany. Now, he was more like a brother. Mason is quiet, polite and shy, like Roni, in the “normal world”, in the Army, it was a different story.

Mason worked in the Military supply system and was what people in the Army would call a “Germany for life” Soldier. He had the ability and knowhow to find anything, anywhere, whether across town or in the outer reaches of the galaxy. His “network” was opaque and as webbed as the Matrix. If something was needed, he could find it.

In the Army, when any good senior Non-Com or Officer finds one of this unique breed, they do anything to keep them, with the unwritten rule that they, if wanting to stay where they are, are passed to the next Commander. This pretty much wrote Mason’s meal ticket to stay in Germany as long as he liked, within the same command. Everyone referred to him “Yoda – the Supply Master.” Mason liked that.

People liked Mason. So did Roni.

Roni envied his ability to be quiet most of the time, yet fit in and be funny. She usually felt awkward in crowds and didn’t talk much. She liked talking with him and felt very comfortable around him. She was also one of the few women he felt totally comfortable around.

Mason wasn’t the stealthiest person. I caught him staring at Roni’s tight little ass and legs all the time. Each time I caught him I’d say “busted dude” and he would apologize. I’d shake my head and say “no issue dude, I know she’s hot, no apology needed” with a smirk on my face. It was comical, and It happened so often that I switched to saying like “look at that bird or Squirrel” or whatever came to mind. That way I could bust him with her right there and she’d never know it. It got to be like a game. I knew it would only be a matter of time before it happened again, as sure as I knew the sun would rise.

I knew Roni also found him attractive, which I guess he was. He and I were about the same height, he slightly thinner than me, but well muscled. I actually envied his 6 pack. Being that we workout at the gym together I also knew she’d love his cock. With him, a girl would definitely like what she’s getting. Even limp he was at least 6.5-7″, but a bit thin. Fully erect, I would guess he’d be a hefty 9″ and average thickness, somewhere between my cock and Roni’s “ass add-on” dildo, which she had really taken to in recent weeks.

It was nearing the end of August and had been a few weeks since Roni’s awakening with Claudia and we were sitting out on the patio around 10pm with friends. We had a fire going in the fire pit, drinks all around, having a great Friday night.

Roni and one of the wives from next door were standing near the fire chatting away. Mason and I were sitting on the bench next to the house. Because Roni was standing between the fire and the two of us, we could see right through her sundress. Her feet were about shoulder width apart and Mason was transfixed on her legs, ass, and of course, the fire highlighted gap between her legs. My cock started to get hard too, good thing it was dark. I quietly muttered, “Look, a shooting star!”

Mason didn’t even hear me. I tapped Mason on the shoulder, breaking his trance and causing him to turn toward me. I said to him, “Dude, get a room, she can feel your tongue between her legs from here” with a sly laugh and smirk on my face. Then, before giving him any chance to react or apologize again, I got up and walked to the cooler and got another beer. I walked over, glancing sideways at Mason to make sure he was still watching and stopped next to Roni and put my arm around her waist. Slowly, for Mason’s enjoyment, I slid my hand down and cupped Roni’s ass.

As I stood there with my hand on Roni’s firm ass, I thought, it was official; Mason would be Roni’s first new cock. I knew it, soon they would too. Now to put my plan in place.

It was starting to move toward fall in Southern Germany. A great time of year for outdoor activities. Still somewhat warm days and crisp, perfect bonfire-type nights.

It was the Wednesday before the upcoming 4-day Labor Day weekend. Roni took both Friday and Monday off so we could spend time together. We were talking over dinner I said that I thought it might be nice to drive to Bavaria to go hiking over the weekend. She thought it was a great idea. I knew she would – that was the part of the plan… I love predictability!!

I told her I would try to get reservations at a place we’d been to before while she was at work the next day. This place had nice thick-walled log cottages next to a lake, each cabin centered on a 1.5-acre, tree filled plot. Being Germans, they only took out the trees they needed to in order to build out the area. Each cottage had 2 bedrooms – one on the main floor, plus a loft and an open Kitchen, Dining, Living area with a fireplace. There was a big bathroom in the master and a small one in the loft. They were very nice places to stay for a weekend and not at all hard ones budget.

Each cabin also had two other extremely desirable selling points I plan samsun escort on putting to good use – Huge walk-in showers and all the privacy one would need to watch one of his best friends fuck his girlfriend for the first time! Or should that be watch his girlfriend enjoy taking the large cock of his best friend? Semantics – potato, potato; it will all be same in the end – yes, pun intended.

Hmm, I’m pretty sure none of that is listed in the brochure. Maybe it should be?

Truth being told. I had already made the reservations on the previous Monday, three days after I watched Mason drool over Roni’s ass and sundress shrouded, fire enhanced pussy gap. I had also already broached it with Mason in the gym earlier that morning before talking with Roni, as he and I did our workout. Our basic conversation follows

Me: Hey, Mason, Do you have any plans for next weekend?

Mason: No, nothing planned, four days of whatever I guess.

Me: Roni and I were able to get reservations down south near Neuschwanstein Castle. We’re thinking of doing the tour and some hiking.

Mason: Are you staying at the Army hotel nearby?

Me: No, I got reservations at a German place, Nice log cabins by a lake. Close to the Castle

Mason: That sounds cool, never been there.

Me: Really?

Mason: Nope, want to go some time, just haven’t gotten to it.

Me: (trying not to change the tone of my voice) Would you like to go with us?

Mason: Seriously?

Me: Yes, it would only cost you food money. The cabins have 2 bedrooms, so one would go to waste otherwise. Your call.

Mason: (wheels turning in his head) I guess I can go. Thanks for the invite

Me: Excellent. It’ll be fun. I’ll text you the info once we finalize the details.

Job done and workout finished, I packed my gym bag and went home to shower, where I blew out the load that had stored up.

From work, around 10:30: I start a text string to Roni.

Me: Hi Sweetie

20 seconds

Roni: Hey, what’s up

Me: my cock!

8 seconds

Roni: smart ass, lol

Me :o)

Me: We got Lucky, I got the last cabin.

8 seconds

Roni: YAYYY!!

Me: Was thinking before I called. They have 2 bedrooms, should we invite someone to use it?

14 seconds

Roni: we could, but who?

Me: hmm…

2 minutes

Roni: I just asked Kirsten (her best friend, not my favorite person) but she can’t get time off

Me to self immediately- WHEW!!

Me: how about Mason, it’ll keep him from spending the whole weekend alone?

2-minute pause

Roni: sorry, boss came over.

Translated that to new Roni: OH hell yeah, you know I secretly think he’s hot

My unsaid reply to translated Roni – I do know!

Me again: Mason?

20 seconds

Roni: Sure, he’s nice

Translated to new Roni – I really wish you knew I want to fuck him

My 2nd unsaid reply to translated Roni – I do

Me: OK, I’ll go over and talk to him and see what he thinks may take a bit.

10 seconds

Roni: Awesome!

Me, waiting for time to pass: Shuffle papers on desk, drink a coke while standing outside to get some air, think about needing to masturbate soon thinking about Roni getting double teamed by the lake… another coke.

Me: I talked to Mason, He thought the castle sounded cool. He said if we’re OK with it he’d enjoy coming with us.

Roni immediate response: GREAT!! Looking forward to a really fun weekend!!

Roni’s responses are always slow when typing on the phone keys, especially when her fingers are probably trembling. The only way a longer than normal response like that one could come from Roni so fast, is if it were pre-typed and sent the second she read my text. Hehehe – everything was falling in to place. This will be a weekend to remember.

For privacy I went to the top floor restroom, which is a single room with a lock. I emptied my load thinking of both Roni and Mason masturbating with what they assumed was only their personal thought of fucking each other. Neither knew yet that the other one wanted it; Or that I was planning it making it come true.

I then made a quick trip to the PX to get a new pack of floppy disks for the Sony camera. (Oh, if only we had today’s technology back then!!)

Thursday evening, I decided to have some fun. We were sitting on the sofa around 8pm and I told Roni that Mason wasn’t sure at first about joining us. The look on her face was special, almost sad? … disappointed? – all of the above.

I told her he was unsure she would be 100% comfortable with it since she was shy, having to share such a close space. I told her I reassured him that she liked him wanted him to come (cum?…lol), but that he may still be unsure.

I know!! I said, trying to sound all proud of myself. Why don’t you use my phone and send him a text to reassure him? Her lip quivered. Nervous, she said she would. I got up and got my phone and handed it to her. Watching her over the shoulder:

From my phone: Hi Mason, It’s Roni.

That text took her trembling fingers 20 seconds to type with backspaces and changes.

Mason: Hey, what’s up. You guys change your mind. (my predicted response)

Roni: No, not at all

Mason: OK, good

Roni: loookign forward to the wekend (including the typo’s)

Mason Me too

Roni: See you in the Morning

Mason: OK

The next morning, Mason was at our place at 6am sharp. Roni isn’t usually a spritely morning person but was all bubbles and cheer that morning for some “unknown” reason. We were already loading the car when Mason arrived and tossed his bag in the trunk with ours. Roni gave him a nice hug that lasted just a bit longer than usual. Neither of them noticed, but I did and smiled to myself.

Traffic was light since we left town early. The drive, including a breakfast stop, took just a shy of 4 hours and we arrived just before noon. We checked in and got settled in. After relaxing a bit and having a light lunch, we set off to the castle about 4. We were all dressed in jeans and t-shirts, Roni braless as usual, as it was a bright warn, cloudless day.

Roni doesn’t wear jeans often, but when she does they are tight and her ass is amazing. Of course, Mason noticed it, he always does. He spent the entire walk up to the castle following her ass.

We were walking around outside the castle, as our tour didn’t start until 6pm, the last one of the day. As we were walking the trail, we came to a footbridge that has a view out over the valley more than 1200 feet below the castle. I asked Mason if he’d take our picture. He said sure so I gave him the camera and showed him what to do.

Roni and I stood on the edge of the bridge with the valley view behind us. SNAP! Roni must have liked the thought of Mason’s eyes checking her out through the viewfinder, as it took him a while to frame the shot. By the time he took it, her nipples were fully hard and impossible to miss.

I asked Roni to take one of Mason and I. She took the camera and we both gave her our best “man pose” which made her laugh loudly. She liked that shot. “My two castle conquerors” she said with a giggle.

OK, now I need one of the two of you, I said. They both sort of stood silently for a second. Mason broke the silence first. OK. Roni said the same thing immediately after him.

They stood next to each other, hands by their sides. I said “no, you have to move closer so I can get more background view in the picture.” Closer, closer… Mason, put your arm around Roni. I swear I saw them both gulp, hard, as he slowly put his hand in the middle of her back in an uncomfortable way. Right then, Roni shocked him and me. She said no silly, like this as she reached back and pulled his hand all the way around and down to her hip. I zoomed the shot out as far as I could while I pretended to fiddle with the camera. Just long enough for his erection, now in the field of view, to grow a little, then took the picture.

We finished our walking and got back to the castle with 5 minutes to spare. We went in and the tour lasted just over 1.5 hours. We took a bunch of pictures. Mostly of Roni. She had never been there before and really loved it. Her current fetish porn video is period related to the days of that era. I knew she was thinking about that while touring. I enjoyed that thought.

At one point she was leaning to look out a window over the valley, on the tips of her toes since the window was high on the wall. I knew Mason would see it so I took the picture of her ass with him in the frame staring down at her ass. Roni moved to the next interesting thing.

I took the chance to say: Mason, under Castle Conqueror honesty pledge, you really enjoyed the window view, didn’t you? He got the reference and saw the “give me truth” look in my eye. Yes, a lot. Then smirked as his face turned bright red. I just gave him a broad smirk in return.

The tour finished just after 7:30 as the sun was going down. By the time we got back to the cabin after dinner it was 9pm. I suggested we make use of the fire pit and everyone agreed.

Mason and I changed in to sweats and went out to start the fire. It was chilly, but not cold.

Roni came out a few minutes later in one of the warmer longer fall dresses she brought, long enough to just fall below her knees. In the cool air her nipples stayed hard permanently. I could tell Mason liked it, but I said nothing. We broke out the beers and sat back on the lounge chairs, about 15 feet from the fire.

Mason got up to put another bigger log on to our now full-fledged fire, bending to pick it up. Roni’s eye locked on to his ass in his sweats. Once the log was on the fire he went in to use the bathroom. Roni thought I didn’t see her eyes follow him but the second she turned back to me, back she knew I had seen it and to my surprise, she didn’t blush. She stuck her tongue out at me. I immediately thought to myself. “Yes dear, get that little tongue ready.”

I didn’t let her off the hook. “You like that don’t you.” She opened her mouth to speak but before she did I said: “Truth pledge, dear.” She waited for a second, diverted her eyes, blushing, and said, “Yes, I do.”

I moved over and lifted her chin gently with my left hand and held her right hand with mine. Looking in to her eyes, seeing her lip quivering and feeling her hand trembling told me the moment was perfect… so I took it.

“You want to fuck him, don’t you?” I said as I narrowed my gaze, pausing just a moment before adding, with emphasis: “Slut”

Roni panted heavily for a few seconds looking in to my eyes before saying “Yes. Please Master, I want, I NEED HIS COCK. It has looked so nice getting hard in his jeans today,” Her breathing picking up pace, almost a look of relief in her eyes to have finally been able to verbalize her desire.

“OK, Mäuschen” I said. Just before Mason returned, I instructed her on what I expected her to do when he does.

When Mason returned, Roni’s demeanor changed, once again fully bubbly and babbling. I said it might be nice to have pictures by the fire. Both agreed. Roni took the camera and told us to stand by the fire. We did our “man pose”, eliciting a giggle from her. She said “My Conquerors” leaving out the Castle part from before. Nice touch I thought. Next came Mason taking our picture. Snap and done in an instant.

Now for Mason and Roni. I told them to stand together, like on the bridge. No pausing this time. Mason put his arm around her on her hip. As previously instructed. Roni put her hand on his. Ever so slowly, she slid his hand down until it rested on the side of her ass. Snap. I plead innocence and said don’t move, it didn’t work; the disk is full, I was of course, lying.

I slowly dug around in the bag pretending to not be able to find one, they were right on top. I could see out of the corner of my eye that neither of them had moved. “Finally”, after a minute, I inserted a new disk in to the camera. Putting it up to my eye, I could plainly see in the flickering light Mason that had a raging hard-on. Snap.

Mason and Roni started to separate so I said, No, one more. Mason pick Roni up. Roni do your head back movie pose we did at the carnival for pictures. Neither gave any argument.

As instructed, as Mason picked her up, she slid her dress up so his hands would be on her bare legs. She wrapped her arms around his neck, leaned back and laid her head back, smiling toward me. Also as instructed, she had unbuttoned the top 4 buttons on her dress so her cleavage and most of each breast was showing. Mason never looked up as I snapped. His hands on her bare legs and his eyes locked on her tits wouldn’t let him.

I paused for his enjoyment for just a second before saying, “OK, that one will be nice.” Just before Mason set her down she pulled up and kissed his cheek saying, “Thanks for being such a good sport!” He mumbled a quick “No! Thank you!”

Roni announce, as she was told, that she “needed” to go use the bathroom and walked off toward the cabin. Leaving Mason and I alone.

He sat back done and gulped down the second half of his beer. I laughed out loud. He looked at me confused, “WHAT?”

Me: Dude, we are good friends, almost brothers right.

Mason; Yes, we are.

Me: Conquering heroes!! I gave some weird hand sign

Mason: Back at you, giving the same sign and laughing.

Me: Then I think it is time you admit to me, your hero brother, that you want to fuck Roni silly.

Mason: Big eyed blank stare. Dude?

Me: Mason, I’ve caught you a million times staring at Roni’s ass, legs, Her pussy through her dress in front of the fire the other night. It’s OK, Admit it, She’s hot and you want to fuck her. It’s not rocket science man.

Mason: No response, searching for words

Me: Here are the “words” you’re looking for.

I picked up the camera.

Me: Here on the view finder is the response you are looking for. – 1 picture, big hard-on, staring down at her tits with his hand on her bare thigh.

Mason looked at me.

Mason: Busted huh?

Me: Big time Dude. But it’s all good

Mason: Really, you’re not mad.

The big admission/reveal

Me: Nope, actually, I want to watch you fuck her, right here, this weekend.

Mason: really?

Me: Yup, I set up the whole thing for that purpose.

Mason: How will I know when?

Me: Oh, You’ll know.

Mason: (with eager intensity in his voice) OK, I do want to fuck Roni, a lot.

Me: Good, here she comes. Be cool.

Roni came back down as Mason was grabbing another beer, so Roni took that second to wink at me. I knew she followed her instructions.

Time to begin.

After a few minutes the tension in the air had grown to a point that even I needed a release. Neither of them knew the other one felt the same way. Roni, can you bring me the bag? Sure honey, even though she had no idea why. I took the bag from her and she started to walk back to the other side of Mason, who was next to me.

No Roni. Stay, stand in front of me. Confused, since I didn’t give her instruction beyond coming back after removing her underwear and giving me 10 minutes with Mason.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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