Oh, I Love the Mature Woman Pt. 03

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Female Ejaculation

From Chapter Two:

As I began to regain consciousness, I first noticed Candace on the floor, kneeling at Jill’s feet. I looked over at Candace, and she caught my eye briefly before looking back to the ground.

“Sir, I think your mistress wishes to ravish me,” Candace said quietly. There was a slight tremor in her voice.

“Yes I do,” Jill said boldly, drawing my attention to her nude body, sitting up with her knees at her chest and her cunt in full display to Candace. “I think it’s time to see the degree to which our pet is willing to serve.”

Since I knew the answer to that question, I knew this next chapter was going to be even more interesting. What is an experienced mature woman able to coax out a submissive woman’s offerings? Plenty, as it turns out. Plenty.


It only took me a minute to get my wits about me.

“Pet, I’d like you to make sure my pussy as clean. And my ass. Take care of that now, please,” Jill said. Despite the polite request, it was clear this was not a request. Jill had intentions with Candace, and those intentions were about to play out.


Candace looked up at me. We have had a clear understanding for nearly a year. In all things sexual, Candace responds to my needs, does what I say, and is my pet. We have shared our adventures before, with me bringing a new face to the party on occasion. But in all of those situations, it was on my terms and of my choosing. Having long worked out the trust issues, we were already bonded as a team.

I looked over to Jill. She looked between Candace and me, and asked, “Am I overstepping here?” You could see a moment’s hesitation, something not expected in such a strong woman.

“Well, yes. You see, she’s my pet. But the good news is I’m willing to share.” I continued to look into Jill’s eyes. She waited for me to do something. I did nothing.

“I see,” she said. She was clearly working this out in her head. “So . . . do you give permission?”

I stared Jill straight into her eyes. She stared back.

“Excuse me?” I said.

Jill looked at me again, carefully gauging the situation. I could see her big brain cranking through question after question.

“I said . . .” Jill started. I quickly interrupted her.

“I heard you,” I said.

Jill continued to look at me. I said nothing.

“So, do you give permission . . . sir?” Her voice nearly gave out at the end. I think this was a difficult moment for her. Her eyes pierced my own.

A smile very slowly spread across my face as I realized that the order had been established. Yes, Candace was available to me and anyone I wanted. And now Jill was settling into a similar position, at least for a moment. I expect she was wondering how this pecking order was going to go. Was Candace going to be her pet, or . . .

“Candace, Jill is going to ask you to do some things. I want you to do them. All of them. And Candace?”

“Yes sir?”

“As always, I expect you to do them exceptionally. Can you do that?”

“Yes sir.”

“Jill?” Her eyes flew to mine. “Enjoy Candace’s many talents as you wish, but after a few minutes of watching you two, I expect I’m going to need some relief. I’m expect you to help me with that.”

Jill looked at me, smiled demurely, and then quietly said, “Yes sir. Just ask. Anything.”

The music of those word in my ears started the flow of blood to my cock. I had no idea how long I was going to be able to last when the fun and frolic began. It was a nice problem to have.

“Pet,” Jill said. “My cunt. Now.”

Instantly Candace was over to Jill, her long arms entwined in Jill’s legs as she leaned in to Jill’s pussy and gave it a big, long lick. Jill’s eyes closed as Candace began to minister to her sexual needs.

I took the opportunity to slip into the kitchen just around the corner from our “love pit,” and pull out some delightful nosh. I was going to need protein, that was certain. And something to drink.

My wonderful assistant Deborah had done just as I’d hoped and gotten the provisions together. I have no idea when she did it, as I was in my office only a few hours ago. I didn’t try to understand the administrative super powers she possessed. I just paid her a ridiculous salary, outrageous benefits, and helped her tailor the job to be perfect to her needs. Then I just let her shine.

And for this particular task, she had shone brightly once again. I pulled out some goodies for our enjoyment: -Berries of all kinds, but especially big fat strawberries. Summer in the Northwest. Nothing better. -Crudités, including, of course, sliced celery. -Sliced turkey breast, gouda cheese, and almond nut crackers. -Fresh pineapple and mango. Tropical deliciousness. That was Candace’s influence on Deborah, I could tell. -Wine. Lots of wine. I opted for what seemed perfect for the moment, a Billecart-Salmon Cuvée Elisabeth manisa escort Salmon 2002. Rosé champagne. What a concept.

I pulled the various items out of the frig and placed them on a tray. In the center of the berry bowl was a small note. “Look in pantry cupboard.” I did as instructed and found a small dish with a note attached: “Ephemere Semisweet Chocolate Sauce, 30 seconds in microwave.”

Holy shit. How perfect was this? One minute later, I was making my way back into the main room, only to be greeted with a wonderful image. Candace was sitting on the floor, leaning back onto the couch, her face and neck supported by the couch seat. Jill was sitting on the couch, her cunt smashed into Candace’s face, queening her in glorious fashion. Jill clearly was getting into it, and Candace was leaning into the challenge.

I quietly slipped into the room and took the things off the tray. I grabbed a flute, poured some champagne, and dropped in two raspberries.

“Thirsty?” I asked?

Jill slowly opened her eyes, focusing on my outstretched hand as she ground her pussy across Candace’s face. “Yes, please.” Jill took the glass, took a delicate sip, and then closed her eyes again. She was in her zone. I decided to help.

I went back to the food tray and brought over a couple of morsels. I gave her a bite of carrot, and finished the stick. I then gave her a bit of cheese, and finished the slice. Together we had a small little feast, all the while, Jill grinding and grunting through the outstanding oral going on below.

I gazed at Candace, working hard to get a breath in between heavy licking and sucking action. Her body was sprawled out from the couch, her only purpose and focus the connection between her mouth and Jill’s cunt.

I looked at Jill, riding up a crest of another orgasm, barely able to keep the wine in her glass. I understood immediately how good Jill was getting it. I love licking a pussy, or “giving face,” as I call it. In fact, I believe was very good at it. But I was never going to be as good as Candace, or any other woman who loves licking pussy as much as I do.

Jill was clearly building up toward a peak. I gently dislodge the glass from Jill’s trembling hand just before the waves crashed over her. Jill immediately grabbed her tits, pinched her nipples, and vigorously increased the pace of her grind. I moved slightly to take in the sight, only to be witness the full waterfall of Jill’s passion. Her pussy was erupting as her taut stomach spasmed above. Candace held on for dear life, struggling to keep tight to Jill’s pussy as she was sexually waterboarded with Jill’s squirt.

Jill rode the orgasm hard, and Candace never let up. I could see her moving her mouth around, but was unable to see what was exactly happening. For Jill, you could see her struggle from zenith to nadir, and back up the ladder again. The transition from resolution back to excitement was almost instantaneous. Jill, it seemed, possessed the capacity for multiple, immediate orgasms.

Candace delivered. Jill rolled from the first orgasm straight into the second. The third might just have been a bump in the second orgasm’s journey, but at this point, Jill was becoming unraveled. Her determination to keep riding her mount was obvious. But Candace was very, very good, and was keen on showing it.

As I casually observed the slow-moving train wreck that was Jill’s continuous orgasm, I reached down and casually stroked my own cock. I was increasingly stimulated, but after three orgasms with these two beauties, it was hard to say I was horny. Okay, I was horny. I guess I’m always horny. I’m a guy. But at least I was not in a hurry.

Jill finally finished her dressage performance and slid off of Candace’s face. She was a mess. Bright red, her face had definitely been rode hard and made wet. Dripping wet. She looked at me and blinked a few times, looked over at Jill sprawled in a lump to the side, and then looked back at me.

“Was that satisfactory, Sir?” Candace asked quietly.

“Jill, was that satisfactory?” I repeated.

Jill took a minute and then raised her head enough to exclaim, “Yeah, more than satisfactory. Fuck.” She then collapsed again in a heap.

Candace’s face beamed. She looked up at me and then at my cock. “May I, Sir?”

“In a minute, pet. First come up here and join me. Would you like some champagne?”

Candace’s face lit up and she slid up onto the couch beside me. I slowly fed her nibbles, first of veggies, then of fruit. I handed her a piece of pineapple, and she held my hand back. “That’s for you, I think.”

Candace had taught me long ago that my cum was made sweeter with a little intention and care. Consequently, my diet was now replete with celery, pineapple, bananas, wheatgrass, and cinnamon. And my intake of garlic and onions — some of my favorite complements — was kushinagar.net restricted for times away from the sack. I was skeptical at first, but have heard too many times about the interesting taste of my jism.

“I’m happy to share,” I said. She took a piece of the paradise fruit and chewed in sensuously. Just about everything Candace did was sensuous.

“Sir, would you like a massage?” Candace asked. She was primed for service tonight.

“Yes, I would. But first, suck my cock, please.”

Again, the politeness was unnecessary but still present. “Yes sir.”

Candace went after my cock, and with firm direction, was kept from overwhelming my cock for a moment. Her tendency to swallow my cock like a Hoover cannister was mostly wonderful, but at this moment, I was going for subtle.

So I held her head in place and slowly fucked her face. Her lack of a gag reflex gave me latitude to use her face as I wanted, varying the depth but maintaining a slow pace. For a few minutes, I enjoyed the fun.

I noticed that Jill has returned to the living and was watching us. I then pulled Candace’s head off of my head, and started to get up. “Let’s get that massage started. Jill, if you care for some more food, please help yourself.”

Jill leaned over and picked up a giant Hood strawberry and dipped it in the chocolate. She sensuously placed the candied fruit to her lips and closed her eyes. “Oh. My. God. This is just too good.”

“Try the pineapple. Even better.”

“Pineapple, mangos, and celery. Do I notice a theme here?”

It seems Candace’s knowledge was Jill’s as well. “That explains a lot, doesn’t it?” Jill said almost to herself.

Candace and I made our way over to the table. I laid down, face down, and settled in for a quick massage. I didn’t ever need to tell Candace what I wanted. She knew my muscles better than I did. But I was surely looking forward to the “flip.” In this crowd, anything could happen.

Face down into the cradle of the table, I couldn’t see anything but the floor below the table. As the activity progressed, I could tell more shuffling and activity was going on. I thought about taking a look but challenged myself to try to figure it out on my own.

What I was able to surmise was that Candace’s best efforts to give me a quality massage were being hampered by Jill’s distraction. I could hear an occasional moan slip from Candace’s lips, bet never Jill’s. I felt the hands on my back, butt, and legs, but also noticed sudden shifts of weight and position. I figured Jill was testing Candace’s focus.

As Candace moved to work on my shoulders from above, I felt an extra set of hands grabbing my ankles and gently spreading them apart. Soon I was spread eagle on the table with my shoulders and butt cheeks each getting treatment from a pair of hands. Then, my butt cheeks were gently spread and I felt Jill’s weight on the table.

Then I felt her tongue. Demurely at first, and more aggressively as she went, Jill licked and lathed my butthole and balls. I could feel Candace losing focus, and her touch became lighter and less directed. I could tell she was completely distracted by Jill’s initiative.

Realizing I was unlikely to get any good massage action now, I lifted my head and looked into the crotch of Candace at the head of the table. “Candace, would you like to help Jill out?” I asked.

Candace’s response was immediate. “Yes sir.”

Now I’m a very big fan of rimming but it’s not something I ever ask for. I figure this is something that needed initiative by the provider, not the receiver. So I’m not sure I’d ever had Candace’s tongue in my ass. We’d done plenty, and as a lover, she was outstanding. But her strengths were more about intensity than finesse.

Once again, the strengths of the mature lover emerged to the fore. Jill was about to teach her young friend some lessons.

I listened carefully as Jill and Candace massaged, manipulated and munched on my ass. I could hear Jill giving quiet instructions, explaining how to use the tip, how to use the flat, how the tongue could be a penis or a paint brush. Once this became a lesson, the intensity stepped up. I was feeling more and more discomfort with a hard dick pinned below my stomach as my balls and butthole received the tender attention of two talented tongues.

“Sir, are you ready to flip over,” Candace asked.

Was I ever. Gathering my composure, I gently rolled over onto my back. As I looked up, Jill was on one side and Candace was on the other. Both were looking down at me with big smiles.

“Sir, Jill would like to help me with this massage. Is that okay with you?” Candace was a very well-trained sub. I know — I trainer her.

“Yes, Pet. You need to do whatever Jill says. Is that clear?”

“Yes sir,” Candace answered enthusiastically.

I closed my eyes and took in the sensations. Four hands were working over my skin. At this point, the feelings were more sensual than sexual, but it was all good. No, it was all great. Very great.

After some period of time, Jill asked Candace to come to her. I kept my eyes closed and waited for what was coming. A few whispers later, I heard Candace say, “Yes Mistress.”

“Jill will do.”

“Yes Jill,” Candace replied.

A short minute later, I felt shifting of the table and looked up to see Candace’s lithe frame climbing onto the table above my head. Just then, I felt the same thing happening on the lower part of the table. I watched carefully as Candace first squatted and then lowered her pussy to my face. She rested on her leg muscles so that without having to lift my head, her smooth pussy lips were at my mouth.

Below I felt the shifting transfer into a hot envelopment of my cock. As I gently licked at Candace’s petals, Jill sat down on my cock, squeezing tight all the way down. After a moment, Jill sat down tight on my cock, and Candace was poised just above my face.

Then it happened. Jill began squeezing and then lifting and dropping on my cock. At the same time, Candace dipped her sex to my lips and began sliding back and forth across my face. Feeling a bit like a sexual carnival ride, I tried to focus first on my mouth and then my cock in an effort to engage these two beauties. Then I stopped and decided to leave it to them.

I just relaxed and let them ride me. I could feel them leaning toward each other, and suspected they were kissing. Like so many guys, two nude women kissing is a bit of a turn on (such an understatement) and I tried to imagine the image from above. I struggled to concentrate and focus on one sensation or another. I caromed between the two intense sensations.

Jill had adopted a “squeeze and grind” approach, rather than a “buck ’em bronco” approach. Good enough for me. I liked it all. I loved the variation between the tight squeeze and release, and marveled again at the tightness of her cunt. This was a well-maintained muscle: toned, trained, and talented beyond belief. And her years of practice were perfectly suited for exactly this moment, to my great enjoyment.

I could tell Candace was getting into it. Her pussy was dripping onto my face, and her grind on my face was getting harder. At one point, she pulled her pussy back and ground her clit on my nose. It was a bit uncomfortable, but who in their right mind would ever complain about this. Breathe, I told myself, breathe.

Well, I’m not sure how this was happening but from my compromised position, it seemed that we were all about to come into the station together. I had no control over that, but hoped that the miracle of simultaneous orgasm could meet the challenge of these unlikely odds.

Candace started things off. With a loud gasp, she plunked down hard on my face. I sent my tongue deep into her pussy, and she popped, shuddering and flailing above me. I felt myself about to explode when I just barely heard Jill through Candace’s gasps and thighs. Just about the time I realized she was indeed about to cum, I climbed over the peak myself and relaxed into a full orgasm. Boom.

I was now gasping for my own breath and had to push Candace up a little. She immediately responded, giving me a slight gap in the crotch-mouth relationship and some much-needed air. Jill herself was bouncing hard on my cock, now riding me like a bull.

As I finally came down from the peak, I felt Candace get down. She moved to the bottom of the table, and helped Jill get down. They both went to the couch and cuddled together, leaving me lying on my back with a slowly shrinking dick feeling the cool menthol air from Jill’s wetness.

I moved off of the table and joined the women on the couch. We sat close together and began eating up the tray of food. Candace was particularly famished and ate the food with great relish.

For the next several hours, we ate and talked, laughed and talked some more. We were all satiated for the moment and done with sex for the evening. (Or so I thought.) We all climbed into my massive bed with a direct view of the small bay my house sat on. We watched together as the sun set into the waters to the west, and gradually talked less and slipped off to slumber.

It was relatively early still, but our workout had been complete. Our short naps were offset by our intense coupling (tripling?) and I slipped into the dreams of the dead as my body actively sought to regain strength.

Jill had only started her adventure, and this was just the first day. Candace had given us our first evening’s delights, but we had a couple more days ahead of us. I tried to think about some of the fun things I had planned for the next day, and struggled to keep the ideas in my head.

Just before I fell way, I felt a hand from my right side snake down and take my cock. Just one moment later, a hand from my left side joined the first, and nestled around my balls. Feeling safe and protected in the hands of these fine women, I drifted away.

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