Poker Night

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“Marie has really grown up,” Tommy remarked as he took another sip of cognac. “She doesn’t have time to hang out with me anymore with all the boys she’s stringing along,” he continued.

“Yeah, I kinda noticed that. She’d always have a different guy pick her up after filming,” Eric said. He accepted the glass from Tommy to take his turn in drinking.

They were in Jake’s apartment for poker night. It’s a new thing Jake got them into. He says it’s easier to talk during poker instead of while playing Dragon Ball, the favorite pastime of these actors.

The conversation turned to Marie when Jake thought of inviting girls over to play poker but he didn’t know any ladies who were any good at it. That’s when Tommy revealed that Marie was really good in poker but because of her heavy dating schedule, he doubted she’d have time to play with them.

Puffing a thick cloud of fragrant smoke, Jake remarked, “So Marie’s a playgirl now, huh? She didn’t strike me as such but hey, girls can be deceiving.”

“Dude, you got it all wrong. She’s still a virgin. It’s just that she doesn’t know which guy to favor,” defended Eric.

“Whatever. I just want to find out if she can defeat me in poker. It’s getting kinda lame winning against you two all the time,” Jake said. He took another puff at his cigarette.

“It’s ‘coz you refuse to play for money. I’m not feeling motivated enough to kick your ass,” Eric said defensively.

“We’ll play for stakes when you guys can get Marie in here to give me a run for my money,” replied Jake. “But I doubt she’d give you jerks the time of day so my money’s safe,” he grinned.

“Hah! She can’t refuse me,” Tommy said. “It’s only Eric that she can turn down but not me,” he stressed, pointing to himself.

“Eric! What the—,” Tommy reacted. He reached out to smack Eric on his head.

Eric ducked from Tommy’s blow. “She’ll be here next week, Jake, and she’ll impoverish you,” stated Eric, smirking.

“Oh, I can’t wait…” replied Jake with a contemplative look on his face.

x x x x x

A week later, Jake found himself at the losing end of a poker game. Incredulity was written all over his face.

He was just thankful that he will be spared from having Eric and Tommy witness his failure. His two friends had already passed out on the couch after a few rounds of drinking cognac. “This is really good stuff,” Eric said right before he began snoring softly against Tommy’s chest.

Marie calmly studied Jake. “Jake, are you ready to turn over that huge pot to me?” she asked.

“You’re not fooling me with this sweet and innocent act of yours, Marie,” Jake said. “I bet you asked Eric to give you an advantage when he shuffled the cards earlier,” he accused.

“You’re totally a sore loser, aren’t you? I know from Eric and Tommy that you have a gargantuan ego but I didn’t think you’d go so far as claim that I didn’t win fair and square… AGAIN,” she said firmly, arching her left eyebrow.

“Ah, finally, she showed her temper,” Jake remarked with relish. “I knew that nice girl image is only skin deep.”

Marie was incensed with fury. “Hah! Whereas you can’t even pretend to be a gentleman by admitting defeat. Let me remind you that I’m your guest, Jake. If I’d only known you’d act like a total jerk, I would’ve made other plans,” she retorted.

Noticing that Marie was dialing her phone, Jake said, “Are you going to call one of your boyfriends to pick you up now? Retreating from the battle already, Marie? Too bad all your boyfriends are too dumb to notice you’re just playing them. I bet they really believe you’re a virgin when in fact, you’re already skilled in bed.”

“Now stop right there, Jake,” she said as she placed her right hand over his mouth. “I’m not a slut like you,” she stressed.

Jake couldn’t help but be fascinated by how Marie’s face was flushed with fury, how fast her breathing had become due to anger. He licked the back of her hand which was still covering his mouth.

Marie was startled by the wet heat of Jake’s tongue on her hand. She pulled her hand back and stared at Jake, confusion filled her gaze even as heat unfurled below her navel. It was the first time she ever had a reaction like that towards a man.

“I’m sorry, Marie. I—I’ll take you home now, okay? No need to call one of your boyfriends,” canlı bahis Jake said.

She shook her head.

“I’m really sorry for the things I said. I know you’re a virgin and I apologize for insinuating otherwise,” he said. “Your first lover would be one lucky bastard to have a skilled poker player like you,” he said jokingly. He lowered his eyes. “Make sure not to choose a slut like me, okay?” he uttered with a trace of bitterness.

Grabbing his keys from his pocket, Jake turned to stand up from the poker table. “Let’s go,” he told Marie.

He watched as she slowly stood up and approached him, an unreadable expression on her face. She sat on his lap and wrapped her arms around his neck.

“Since you’re such a slut, you wouldn’t mind teaching me about sex, would you?” she asked Jake.

“Marie, please. Don’t tease me like this. I already said I’m sorry,” Jake replied as he tried to remove her hold on him.

“I’m serious, Jake. I’d have to have sex anyway. I’d like my first time to be with someone who knows what he’s doing. I choose you, if you want me,” she declared, meeting his stare even as she felt her face heat up from embarrassment.

“God, you’re beautiful,” Jake said as he held her face to read the sincerity in her eyes. “I can’t ensure that I won’t be fumbly this first time… I’ve wanted you since you walked in the room tonight,” he confessed.

Smiling up at Jake, Marie pulled his lips towards her for a kiss. Shyly at first, then with more enthusiasm, she met his tongue with her own. She splayed her hands in his hair, removing the fedora on his head, as the kiss deepened. Lost in the kiss, Marie did not notice that they had moved to Jake’s bedroom until she felt the softness of the thick bedspread on her back.

Jake ended the kiss to remove her pink strappy shoes. His hands caressed her calves, then her thighs, making heat travel up her body, centering on her womanhood. He reached for the hem of her black jersey dress, pulled it up and slowly revealed her black skimpy panties, the smooth skin on her flat stomach and her lacy bra.

Gently removing the dress from her head, Jake said, “I love your choice of lingerie. Black lace always gets me worked up,” he stated.

“I only wear black underwear,” she replied and smiled when she noticed the pupils in his eyes get more dilated.

“Are you sure you’re innocent?” Jake asked as he tried to control his libido.

“I’m innocent but not ignorant,” she replied.

“Then you wouldn’t be shocked if I undressed right now?” he inquired as he started pulling off his white shirt.

“Of course not,” she replied saucily. “I’ve seen your body in magazines, Jake.”

“Oh, yeah? Then you wouldn’t mind helping me out, right? You know, Marie, a guy likes it when a girl helps him get naked,” he said matter-of-factly. Not one to back out from a challenge, Marie got up from the bed and reached for the waistband of his jeans.

Trying to act sophisticated as she unbuttoned his fly proved to be difficult for Marie since his jeans were tight and she couldn’t ignore the bulge beneath the denim. Failing to undo the third button a second time, Jake groaned and covered her hands with his own. “Don’t be shy around me, Marie. We’re going to be more intimate as we continue. I’d like to have your hands all over me, like this,” he said as he placed her hand on his cock which was still confined in his jeans.

x x x x

Marie lightly tugged at Jake’s hard shaft. She heard him groan deliciously, the rumble resonating from his belly. She pressed a kiss on his bare stomach, which made him gasp.

He pulled her face from his body, caressed her cheek with his thumb, then pushed her gently on her back. Unsnapping the rest of the buttons on his jeans while keeping his eyes on Marie, Jake said, “Take off your bra.”

She reached for the hooks on the front of her bra, undoing them and allowed the straps to fall off her shoulders. Swallowing visibly, she tried to overcome her nervousness as she bared her breasts to his heated gaze. The cool air that greeted her nipples caused them to pucker up.

“Touch yourself,” she heard him say as he tugged his pants off.

Marie traced the tip of her left breast with her right index finger, feeling the nipple harden. Suddenly, her right nipple was bahis siteleri buried in heat as Jake sucked on it, causing her to moan at the sensation. His hand wandered to her belly button, encircling it at first, then dipping a finger in the shallow indentation. When he applied pressure against her belly button, she felt electricity course down her body. The heat centered in the apex of her thighs and intensified as his mouth attended to her left nipple, biting it lightly then laving it with his warm and wet tongue.

Overwhelmed by desire, Marie said, “Jake —,” but Jake placed a finger against her lips.

“Marie, when a guy is licking your nipple, allow him to concentrate on the task,” Jake said, laughing.

Slightly irked, Marie replied, “Well, I’m glad you find this amusing, JAKE, but I just wanted to ask you to stop teasing me and to get this show on the road already.”

“A little impatient, are we? I don’t want to hurt you so I have to make sure you’re ready for me,” he explained, brushing her bangs from her face.

“I—I think I’m ready, Jake,” she said as a throbbing sensation began between her thighs. She wrapped her arms around Jake’s broad chest and placed close-mouthed kisses along his neck and collar bones. She pressed her torso against his chest, enjoying the feel of her nipples rub against his own. She was also very conscious of his erection against her inner thighs.

“Let’s see how ready you are, shall we?” Jake asked as he pulled aside the crotch of her skimpy panties and pushed her legs apart. Marie felt mortified as Jake continued to stare at her pussy without saying anything. She grabbed a pillow, drew it against her face, and tried to close her legs.

“Marie, don’t be embarrassed. You’re very pretty here, all pink and wet and ripe,” he said as he drew his finger against her slit, then circled her clitoris with its tip. Marie was drowning in new sensations. Her breathing grew louder when she saw Jake lick the finger that was slick with her essence.

“I think you are ready, Marie,” he groaned, pulling her panties off. He reached for a condom tucked underneath the bedspread and proceeded to encase his hard cock with it. Marie felt the heat between her thighs intensify as she watched Jake’s hands move over his erect shaft. She also noticed the muscles in his stomach tighten as she splayed her hands over his belly.

He grabbed her right hand from his navel and placed it over his erection. He wrapped her hand around his length, and guided her on how to caress him. “This is how I like to be touched,” he whispered in her ear as he moved their hands on his cock.

His other hand went back to the place between her thighs, seeking her clit. He pressed her clit lightly then caressed it with a finger slick with her wetness.

“Jake, please,” Marie pleaded, pulling his hips against her own.

Detecting the need in her voice, Jake placed her legs over his shoulders and gently introduced the tip of his cock to her slit. Pushing slowly, his penis entered her pussy. Marie felt the folds of her womanhood being stretched to accommodate Jake’s thick length and after a few seconds, a burning pain developed in her depths as he pushed in. She couldn’t help but gasp at the discomfort she was feeling.

Jake tilted her face to look deep into her eyes.

“I’m sorry, Marie. I don’t want to cause you pain but it’s unavoidable,” he tried to soothe her by giving her light kisses and caressing her hips.

“Breathe deeply, Marie,” he coached her. One of his hands went between their bodies to rub her clit. She felt his fingers trace her slit which was stretched to encase his cock, pressing lightly. His fingers then returned to her clit, circling it.

Feeling liquid heat flow from inside her, Marie sighed and pulled Jake towards her. Understanding her movements, Jake continued to push his cock deeper in her tight, wet canal. When finally, the whole of his cock was enveloped in her warmth, Jake released the breath he’s been holding.

“You feel amazing, my lady,” he told her, peppering her neck with gentle kisses.

Marie adjusted her legs around his shoulders which caused the throbbing sensation deep inside her to start anew.

“Jake,” she said, tracing his mouth with her thumb, “kiss me.” Their tongues mated as Jake started to move his canlı bahis siteleri hips. She felt the head of his cock rub the flesh inside her pussy, the tempo increasing then decreasing, drenching her in euphoria.

Moaning against Jake’s mouth, Marie started meeting his hips with her own, tightening her hold on him.

“You’re driving me crazy,” Jake groaned into her ear as he increased the pace of his thrusts.

When Marie felt Jake’s hot mouth tug at her right nipple, she arched into him, spreading her legs wide. When he began sucking on her nipple, heat burst from her core, making her cry out in ecstasy. Feeling her inner muscles tremble all around his hard flesh as she came, Jake’s control broke and he released his seed deep inside her body.

Carefully, Jake extracted himself from within her. He kissed her cheek and pulled her against him, wrapping the bed sheet over their naked bodies. Together, they fell into a deep slumber.

x x x x x

It’s been two weeks since they last saw each other. Jake’s last visual of her was of her face lined with exhaustion but flushed with the rosy glow of orgasm. Her last memory of him was of him sleeping, holding the pillow she placed against his chest in order to leave his bed undetected.

They were in the party hosted by a TV station for drama awards. When Jake went to the bar to ask for a beer, he spotted Marie sitting in a corner, chatting with her co-star Shane.

He approached them. “Shane, congratulations,” he said.

“Thanks, and congratulations, too, Jake,” replied Shane. “Of course you must also greet Marie who is the best actress to your best actor,” remarked Shane.

“Oh, yeah. I already know she’s a REALLY good actress,” Jake uttered. Their eyes met and neither one of them said anything. Noticing the tension between then, Shane excused himself, saying he’ll get a drink from the bar.

“Are you not going to invite me to sit down?” Jake inquired as Marie kept her silence.

“Why should I?” she replied. “I’m sure your harem is waiting for you here somewhere,” she declared, trying hard to keep the anger she felt from showing in her intonation. “I don’t think you should keep them waiting, Jake,” she added.

Noticing how she shivered in her spaghetti-strapped, lacy ecru-colored blouse, Jake took off his green jacket.

“Here, looks like you’re getting cold. I can’t believe you don’t even have a coat with you,” he said as he drew near her, trying to place the jacket over her shoulders.

“No, thanks. I’m okay. I’ll be leaving in a while, anyway,” she answered as she held off his hands.

She flipped her phone and started making a call. He flipped her phone closed. “No need to call your boyfriend, I’ll drive you home,” he offered.

“Ugh, please. The last time you told me that… Well, you know what happened. I learned my lesson so just please let me leave,” she said, avoiding his gaze.

“Are you pissed off at me about what happened that night, Marie?” he asked. “I wonder why when I’m not the one who left in the morning without saying a word. I guess you wanted to protect your pristine reputation and so dating me is totally out of the question,” Jake uttered.

“Date you? What are you taking about? If you were even remotely interested in dating me, you would have at least given me a call in the past two weeks, jerk!” she pointed out. The color on her cheeks turned red as she realized how upset she sounded.

Sitting beside her, Jake reached for her hands. “I was stuck on location, Marie. I did want to call you but I thought you just wanted to gain experience from me so you could go your own merry way and entertain yourself with your long line of suitors,” he said.

“I don’t just sleep with anybody, you know. I thought how I felt was already too obvious since I jumped into bed with you and that is despite the fact that we haven’t even gone on a date,” she snapped, fuming in anger.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know you’d go for a slut like me,” he explained as he pulled her hands against his lips. “I’m crazy about you but I had no inkling if you even liked me.”

Feeling heat suffuse her as she felt his mouth on her hands, on her wrists, she said, “You really are an idiot, Jake. Thank goodness you’re great in bed and too good-looking to resist.”

As Marie hugged him, Jake inquired, “Are those the only things you like about me?”

“Well, you can add the way you roll your hips in the list. But really, what else is there? You even suck at poker,” she said, laughing, as she pulled him for a kiss.

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