Power Play

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“Dammit! I don’t know what I’m supposed to do!” came my friend Jeanie’s sobs through my cell phone, ” I mean…well, shit! It’s not like I have any fucking money now, y’know?!”

“Wait a minute,” I prompted, “Isn’t today payday for you?”

“YES, dammit! So what? All of THAT money has to go toward last month’s rent or else I’ll be without an apartment instead of just without power!” She went on from there but began crying so much and at such a high pitch that I really couldn’t understand a word until she settled back down with a shaky, “Oh, S…S…Stanley…What am I g…gonna do about the electric? They want all the past due PLUS a reconnection fee PLUS a deposit! I mean…(Sniff!) Help me, please!”

“Look, sweetheart,” I said calmly, “four hundred bucks is more than I can handle right now. I mean…I know I said I’d help you out until you got back on your feet after that last job screwed you over but I meant a little gas money, some groceries… but four hundred dollars…y’know?”

“Yeah…Yeah, I know. What I DON’T know is what the fucking hell I’m supposed to do now!” she yelled into the phone. “Damn! It’s all my own fault!” With that the tears began again.

As always, Jeanie was being her own worst enemy. She was 24 and had quit what should have been a perfectly good job recently after what she described as a temper tantrum only to end up working in a grocery store at about half the salary and fewer hours a week. The only plus for her in all that was that it was twenty miles closer to her apartment. That would of course be the apartment that was now completely in the dark as Jeanie’s power had been cut off while she was at work due to lack of payments.

” Look,” I started carefully, “I don’t…I know I’ve come through for you before but I’m at a loss here, sweetie. You say your boyfriend’s broke, your parents wouldn’t help you in a million years and I’m…Hmmm…” Suddenly a strange thought hit me.

“What?” she asked with a hopeful turn to her voice. ” What are you thinking?”

“Not yet. Not yet and it’s a long shot to boot but…”

“Stanley, what is it?”

“Honey,” I blurted out with a cautious excitement, “light some candles or just go to bed or something for now. I’ll call you tomorrow and let you know if this’ll work.”

“Okay. I really doubt if I can get any sleep though.”

“Well, try, okay? I gotta go!” With that I clicked off and darted for the mound of bills and junk mail I kept on the bookcase in the living room. I pulled the trashcan over and started frantically tossing out garbage until I finally found what I thought I’d seen before. My eyes strained to focus on the fine print on the back. Yes. Yes, this could work!

The next day she went on in to work and so did I but after work I made a quick stop before heading to her place. It was a little past dusk to be exact when I pulled into the parking lot at Jeanie’s apartment complex. The closest spot I could find was on the opposite side of the quad from her place so after I got out I had to hoof it. All the way over, I had been rehearsing a dozen—no, a hundred ways to tell her. As I rang her up on my cell while I walked, my mind suddenly went blank.


“Hey, babe. Uh…you home?”

“It’s really dark in here,” she said rather placidly.

“Ah, then obviously you ARE home! That’s good!”

“Really, really dark…,” she continued.

“I get that, okay? Now do me a favor and stick your head out the window long enough to toss me down your keys.”

“You’re here?”

“Yes, I’m here and I have some good news for you. I’m just coming up on your building. Toss me down your keys.”

“Okay,” she said as she clicked off. By that point I was standing directly underneath her third floor window. I heard her open it and started to say, “I’m right over h…” but before finishing the statement, her loaded to the gills keyring smashed me on the foot. “OWW!”

“Sorry, Stanley,” came her usual apology from somewhere in the darkness above.

“It’s okay, sweetheart. You’re getting better. Missed my head all together this time and got me on the foot.”

“Hey! That bump healed pretty quickly so I don’t wanna hear it! Not my fault I throw like a girl. I AM a girl, dumbass!”

I shook my head as I retrieved the wayward keys. “Be right up.”

Jeanie bahis siteleri met me in the well-lit hallway after I bounded up the stairs. I stood panting and trying to catch my breath as she impatiently crossed her arms and frowned. “WHAT??” she finally yelled.

“Oh, come on, ” I wheezed, “Gimme just one sec to breathe. I don’t have as much enegy as I used to.”

“Well, I don’t have ANY energy, okay?! Stanley, I am freaking out here on SO many levels. If you came over here expecting me to be a gracious hostess, well…fuck you, okay?”

“Listen…Even better. Here.” With that I reached into my pocket and handed her five crisp one hundred dollar bills.”

“Ohmigosh!” she said slowly in genuine surprise. “I mean…what? How did you…? Is this for me? Can I keep it?”

“No,” I mocked. By that time my breathing was back to normal. “It’s counterfeit. Just pulling your chain. Of course it’s real and yes it’s for you sweetheart! Can we go in now?” She stepped aside and ushered me in through the door to her hot, candle-lit apartment as a big grin grew on her face.

After we were inside, she sniffed the bills, jumped up and down a few times and yelled, “Yay!!” Her eyes met mine and she said, “I can always count on you, Stanley. Thank you so much!”

” ‘Twas nothing, m’lady. I remembered the Pony Express Loan Company had sent me an unsolicited check for a thousand bucks to be paid back 35 dollars a month. Hell, I can handle that and if we split the money it helps both of us right now…so after work, I deposited it in my account, then took out 500 for you.”

“You took out a LOAN for me?” she questioned in absolute amazement.

“Well…for us but…well, yeah. Actually. Yeah.” Then, totally off-the-cuff and unexpected, I said, “You owe me one HELL of a blowjob for this one, sweetie.”

“Oh really now?” she asked with a raised eye and exaggerated indignation. She set the bills down on her kitchen table and began rubbing my arms tenderly.


“Oh, I don’t think so, honey. I think you DO deserve a BJ for this one and I ALWAYS pay my debts.”

“Jeanie, I was just being a smart-ass. Look, I got you the money because you were my friend, not to try to get something out of you.”

“I know that, Stanley,” she cooed as she stared right into my nervous eyes. “Like you helped me paint the kitchen, took care of my cats when I was gone for a week last summer, fixed my dishwasher and argued with the bank for me when they screwed up my checking account. And what do you ever get…? Hmmm…?”

“Jeanie…” At that point her hands moved to my thighs and she rubbed softly up and down and across to the front but being careful to avoid the kill zone.

“Will you shut up or do I have to shut you up?” With that she moved her lips slowly and deliberately to mine and pushed them together hard, pulling away a second later with a resounding smacking sound. Her fingers now teased over my crotch, no doubt feeling the erection whose growth was being stifled only by the tightness of my khaki work pants. Apparently, she decided then and there to make things easier for me by unbuttoning my belt. She kissed me again, this time lingering a second longer to wipe across my lips with her tongue. Then she went for the zipper. No slow tease now, she just pulled it down fast and it felt so damn good I just continued to stand there like an idiot. I’m not sure but I think I may have even had my eyes closed for a second thinking this had to be all in my imagination!

“Jeanie…I…this is a big step. Are you sure?”

She dropped to her knees and looked up at me with her so-innocent looking face framed perfectly by her long blonde hair. “You do deserve this. You really do! You have saved me so many times. I mean…beyond words. I can never really pay you back for all you do but please just shut up and let me make you feel good tonight.” With that, she pulled down my pants and pulled my still thickening rod through the hole in my boxers. “Oh, my!” she exclaimed. “Here, honey, let’s move you over to the couch, okay?”

With my pants down around my ankles, I waddled the ten feet or so to the candlelit living room and plopped down on Jeanie’s wide couch. Still fully dressed in shorts and a spaghetti-strap top, she resumed her position on her knees and grasped me firmly canlı bahis siteleri for the first time. “Oh, Stanley,” she said as she gave it a few introductory pumps, “I can’t believe this is the first time I get to see this beautiful, thick cock of yours!” All the blood was rushing to my groin so if I said anything beyond a long moan in response I’m certain it was unintelligible.

My dick wasn’t really all that impressive and I knew it. Having had more experience than many girls her age, Jeanie obviously knew it, too, but didn’t care. At that exact moment the only thing that mattered to me was the almost slow-motion effect that the candles were giving the situation as I watched my beautiful, sexy friend lower her soft, opening lips to taste my cock for the very first time. When the already oozing bulb of my dick went into her mouth, I instinctively grasped her head and held it to me as if never wanting her to let it go.

Jeanie began a slow bobbing with her lips pulled back over her teeth and her tongue swabbing my smooth knob. Her eyes looked up at me as she watched me panting for a solid breath more and more every second. “Wait…wait…,” I said in a kind of whisper on a couple of short outward breaths. “It’s been so damn long… I’m too close already and…and I don’t want it to end this quickly. Stop for a minute, okay?”

She pulled her mouth of me loudly and I could see strings of wetness still connecting her to me in the candle light. “Who says it has to stop after one?” she asked with a playful twinkle in her eyes. “Let’s see what we can do about taking that edge off, ‘kay?”

With that she used her hands to pump my now squishy prick hard and fast as I threw my head back and let out another long moan. In a matter of seconds I was there. My dick twitched hard and she could tell, too. She grasped my hairy balls and squeezed softly as the first volley of my long pent up cum shot out at what seemed like 50 miles an hour, hitting her on the cheek and sliding slowly down right away. Immediately, she stuffed the sausage back in her mouth and seemed to milk the rest out of me. I’m sure I felt at least three more strong jets hit the back of her throat before I started to dribble. She pulled off of me with a big dirty grin on her slightly slimy face. She coughed a couple times, then threw her head back and swallowed twice, ending with an “Aaaahh! Niiice!” My playful friend used her left hand to wipe my jizz from her cheek and then licked it, too.

“Oh my fucking GOD, that was…was…” I fought for descriptive terms in my mind but since I had no blood in that particular head at the moment, words failed me. “Gonna collapse now.” I said.

“Oh, no, no, no, no, no! No you don’t!” Jeanie grasped my still hard dick and began licking its sticky flesh noisily again. “What? Did you think I was kidding? I’m not stopping now. That was just to make the second one last longer, asshole.”

“Come on, I thought you were trying to make me feel good here, not kill me! What just happened was earth-shattering, babe! I’m gonna need some time to recover.”

“Too…” she said as she went down on me again, “fucking…” she added as she came up for air before taking me even further inside her hot mouth, “bad!” she finished before actually sliding the head of my dick all the way into the back of her throat so that her lower lips were actually touching my balls! One thing was sure. I was nowhere near losing my erection!

My cock felt snug in her mouth and I tried to make out exactly what she was doing to it with her tongue but it was so sensitive from before that I couldn’t really tell. I just knew it felt almost too good and certainly more than a little surreal. I had fantasized about Jeanie going down on me a thousand times but now that it was actually happening every little moment of the reality was strangely heightened. It was like my mind was clicking digital shots to commemorate the event. Her thin pink lips wrapped around my wet, veiny flesh. The strap over her left shoulder falling down just enough to reveal the curve of her tit in the pale roomlight. The kind of low snorting noise she made through her nose when her mouth was full of me. Her long hair fluffing back and forth over my body and hers as she pushed back and forth. The scent of the low-burning candles—was it jasmine? Most canlı bahis of all, I wanted to remember the intense electrical feeling I was still having when her mouth squeezed in on the slick head of my dick every time she would slide her lips almost all the way off of it. I started to become convinced that I had died on my way over to Jeanie’s house and what I was experiencing now was heaven!

Jeanie’s hands weren’t idle, either. With her right she reached under me and grabbed my ass but with her left she was fondling my balls like they were playdough, kneading and squeezing almost painfully but in a way that somehow heightened the sensuality of it all even more! My own hands alternated between gripping the couch pillows and running through her glorious hair as she sucked. My heart was beating so rapidly I could hear it in my head and my breathing was coming in short spurts…like something else would soon be doing.

“You, okay, baby?” she asked breathlessly as she paused for air.

“Hell, no!” I answered truthfully. I am…SO much…fucking better than just okay…!Okay?” Jeanie laughed a long, low, naughty chuckle and pumped my pride and joy fast. “Take off your top,” I almost whispered.

“You need extra stimulation? Hmmm…? Is that it, sweetie? I’m not enough to make you come again with just my…Mmmmmm!…mouth?

“No. Sweetheart, that’s not what I…”

“Oh, shut up. Kidding, okay? Here. Look.” With that, she pulled her straps down and revealed two luscious looking melons that bounced and swayed with abandon in the candlelight, happy to be free.

“Oh, my God!” I mumbled as I reached out for them.

“Uh, uh!” she said as she pulled back. “I’ve got work to do down here. Without letting go of my oozing prick, Jeanie leaned down and licked her way up my thigh to my nuts. She teased underneath them for a second but then plunged my left nut into her mouth for yet another all new sensation! She repeated with the right and then somewhat miraculously pulled both balls into her mouth at the exact same time for the weirdest feeling yet! She came up laughing and squeezed her smooth titties around my shaft, pumping it with her breast flesh. “You look so…” Unable to come up with the right words, my now completely uninhibited friend just laughed again and lowered her lips back down over the head of my cock.

This time, I held her in place almost as if by reflex. I could feel that familiar feeling and began to moan incessantly. “A moaner, eh? I wouldn’t have guessed,” she murmured almost incoherently without taking my meat out of her mouth.

“Didn’t anybody ever teach you not to talk with your mouth full?” I joked. I kept moaning, though, too. Not that there was anything I could do about that. Finally, I tried to give her warning in the time-honored manner, literally gasping out, “I’m…I’m coming!”

I half expected her to respond with something like, “I hope so, you idiot, or else I’ve wasted all this effort!” but instead she kept her lips and tongue busy and her soft hand and long fingers pumping my cock. She wanted it. She was ready for it and she was going to take it all. I actually felt a bit dizzy when I threw back my head and gave in to an orgasm that tingled the little hairs all over my body. I moaned long and loud enough for the neighbors to hear as I fired a surprisingly intense volley of hot, white cream directly into the back of my beautiful friend’s throat.

She kept licking and sucking until I pushed her head away. “Give me a break, woman! I think you just generated more energy than the electric company will when we get your power turned back on. I’m dead, now, okay? Sheesh!”

Jeanie struggled unsteadily up off the floor and fell beside me on the couch. I looked at her and she smiled a jizzy smile. I wiped her cumstained lips a bit with my finger and she pulled my sticky hand down to her still naked boob, so round and hard-tipped. My erection began to deflate finally and I said, “I am exhausted!”

“Hey! Who did all the work here?” she argued.

“I just mean I need a nap or something, sweetie. I’m…” She held my hand to her breast. “Uhh…”

“You mean, ‘Say, Jeanie. Now that you’ve gotten me off twice and gotten yourself real horny, how would YOU like it if I went down on you?”‘

“Oh, honey, you know I’d love to anytime but…Jeanie?”

“Snore!” She had quickly fallen asleep at my side. I leaned over onto her shoulder and promptly did the same. Tomorrow the power would come back. Hers and mine. Tomorrow I could pay my friend back in kind.

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