The Year of the Cat Ch. 26

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100% Fiction. All sexualized characters are adults.

“Special Delivery!” Matt called out from the front entryway of Ladies’ Day Massage for Women.

“Is that my lunch date?” Linda’s voice answered, unseen beyond a closed door.

Linda’s smiling face emerged from the middle room on the right side of the central hallway. “Grab a seat, Baby Boy. I got about five more minutes to go in here.”

Matt passed the time sauntering about the empty lobby area, taking the opportunity to cast a casual inspection over his handiwork. The interior of the studio walls, paint, windows and fixtures were all in pristine condition still after the two months of the business’s operation. The lighting was subdued and relaxed, casting shadows of tall, potted bamboo shoots upon the walls and hanging art canvases. A calming trickle of water could be heard, softly punctuated by random tinkling bells. Matt smiled contently, the peace he felt guided his mind back to the immersive calm of the Buddhist and Shinto temples of the Far East, as was his intention during construction. He sighed, satisfied with his craftsmanship.

“You were sent directly from heaven, Linda!” a woman’s voice spoke. “Like always… you were incredible!”

Matt turned to see Linda walking a tall, smiling brunette woman towards the door. Matt tried not to let his gaze linger upon the woman’s blouse stretched tight across two much larger than average breasts, which couldn’t help but to bound up and down with every step. “Thank you, Mrs. Smith. It was my pleasure!” Linda smiled holding the front door open. “See you next week!”

Matt was only mildly surprised to see the woman’s extraordinary bust. In fact, after several visits to the studio, during it’s operation, he had come to nearly expect it. The strategic location of Lady’s Day Massage Studio for Women, next door to Dee Dee’s Specialty Bra Boutique, had proved advantageous to both businesses. As a result, the two shops had become a sought after destination for busty women across the region.

“Alright, cutie!” Linda smiled, grabbing her purse. “Let’s go eat!”


“So how’s business?” Matt said to Linda once the waiter had taken their order. Her navy blue dress with white polka dots allowed only a few inches of billowy cleavage to be shown from its dipping neckline.

Linda pantomimed wiping sweat from her brow and sighed deeply. “Ever hear of someone being cursed with success? I’ve been booked solid for weeks! I can barely keep up!”

“That’s a hell of a lot of work for just one person!”

Linda rolled her eyes in exasperation. “It’s enough work for THREE people. I’ve been trying to hire some help… I sure didn’t count on it being so tough to find someone!”

“That’s too bad. I wish I could lend a hand, but I’m guessing your lady clients wouldn’t appreciate being touched by some random guy.” Matt chuckled.

“You’d be guessing wrong!” Linda said, flatly. “I’ve gotten SO many requests for a male masseuse!”

Thoughts seemed to swirl in Linda’s head as she sipped her tea in silent contemplation for a moment. “You know, Matthew… ” she finally spoke. “If you were interested, I’d love to hire you as an employee. I could give you ‘on the job’ training and log your hours until you qualified to take your exam and then you’d have a license of your own.”

Matt blinked. “Seriously!? I mean, I’m not opposed to the idea! My work with Tracy is kinda thinning out since she’s started focusing on webcam shows.”

Linda grinned at Matt with a wink. “You’d be perfect! I already know you got the technique down, we can just work on your finesse a little.”

His eyes settled on the ice floating in his glass. “Do you mind if I run it past Janice first? She might have something to say about me touching other women’s bodies… besides family.”

Linda glowed a warm smile at Matt. “Of course not, my dearest!”

Matt took a deep breath. “Uhh, speaking of Janice…”

“I’m guessing that this is the reason you invited me out to lunch..?” Linda smiled.

“It is…” Matt replied before gathering his composure. “Ms. Paige, I know that Janice and I haven’t been officially together very long… ” Matt held his steady gaze into Linda’s widening eyes. “…but, I haven’t ever been so sure of anything else in my entire life before: I want to be with Janice forever!”

Tears were already pooling in Linda’s eyes as she finally released her held breath. “Oh my god, Matthew…” she barely managed to squeak.

Matt reached across the table and tenderly grasped her hand. “Ms. Paige, may I please marry your daughter?”

Linda threw aside all public composure and let out a loud, brief shriek of joy, which surprised nearly every diner in the entire eating area, including herself.

She immediately cupped her free hand tight across her mouth in embarrassment. “Fuck!” Linda whispered.

She deftly slid out of her bench seat and had quickly rounded the table in a flash. Before Matt was completely aware, he found himself wrapped in the tightest, warmest embrace çukurambar escort he had ever received from Linda yet.

“Oh, jesus! Yes! Yes! A million times: YES!” she cried in his ear as she covered his face with kisses.

Matt held Linda in silence, letting out a sigh of relief. Linda chuckled, releasing her hug to see his expression.

“You were actually worried I was gonna say ‘no’?” Linda laughed, wiping her tears away.

Matt shrugged. “I’d never just assume you were okay with it.”

“I’m MORE than ‘okay’ with it! But, thank you for asking me. You’re such a sweetheart.” Linda said before leaning over and placing a soft kiss on his forehead. “I’m so excited for you to be my son for REAL!”

“Thank you, Mom.”

“So, when are you gonna pop the question?” Linda asked, nestling back into her bench seat across the table.

“I was thinking: next week at the beach house in the Outer Banks. Maybe on her birthday. What do you think?”

“Perfect! Did you pick out a ring yet?”

“No, but I’ve got some money saved up for one. I’m hoping that maybe you’d have some insight on what kind of ring she would like.”

“Oh, I have more than ‘insight’!” Linda chuckled, pulling out her touch screen phone from her purse, eagerly. “I have the exact ring she wanted to get! Her and I did some window shopping online back when we were all assuming she’d end up marrying Bobby… thank GOD that never happened!”

Linda slid her phone over to Matt. The bright image of a beautiful, diamond encrusted engagement ring was seen. His complexion paled a shade at the five figure number price tag.

“It’s beautiful! I… uh… T-twelve thousand, eh?” Matt stammered as beads of sweat prickled his hair line.

“Yeah…” Linda smiled. “We knew Bobby’s family was loaded, so we kinda shot for the moon.”

Matt seemed to shake himself out of his uncertainty. “Janice is worth it… for sure! I’m just a little short.”

“Oh, she’s never been bothered by your height.” Linda grinned playfully. “We all know you carry your inches elsewhere.”

Matt rolled his eyes, trying not to smile. “Not what I meant.”

Linda scrunched her nose at Matt as she blew a kiss to him from across the table. “I know, silly!”

“Okay!” a man’s voice suddenly spoke over Matt’s shoulder. “We have two soup d’joures, a Caesar salad and a club sandwich on rye.”

“Hold that thought, doll.” Linda smiled to Matt as she spread her napkin open. “Time to eat!”

The enticing plates of food were slid into place before the two diners.


The conversation was mutually paused long enough for the two to enjoy the first bites of their meal.

“Mmm! The food here is great!!” Matt exclaimed.

“Isn’t it? Dee Dee and I always come here for lunch when we get a chance.”

“That’s really nice.” he smiled, contently. “I’m glad that y-“

Matt’s ears suddenly became aware of the song playing over the restaurant’s radio in the background.

“Here I go again on my own!~” sang the lead vocalist in a gruff tenor over a mid tempo, arena rock anthem.

“Hey! Whitesnake! It’s your boyfriend! David… uh… Cloverfield…? I never heard how that Rock n’ Roll Cruise went!”

Linda turned a shade of red attempting to cover her entire face in her hands as she moaned in cringing pain.

Matt immediately regretted bringing up the subject. “Oh… uhh… no go, huh?”

“No! And it’s COVERDALE.” Linda exclaimed. “‘Here I go again on my own’…” she mocked the singer’s lyrics. “Really, David? The guy brought his whole damn family with him. When I saw them all so happy together having fun… of course I just couldn’t go through with trying to seduce him… Hell… I ended up making friends with his wife for fuck’s sake!”

“Aww!” Matt cooed.

Linda rolled her eyes. “And just because I was still horny, my drunk ass picked up one of the young bartenders one night, who proceeded to give me thirty seconds of awkward sex and then started saying shit like he’s fallen in love with me.”

“Ohh..!” Matt winced.

“Yeah! So…” Linda waved her fork dismissively in front of her face. “The old saying holds true: ‘Never meet your idols’!”

“I’m sorry. I feel kinda responsible for giving you the idea of going!” Matt said in a subdued tone.

“Don’t be. I still had a great time! No regrets!” Linda smiled, taking Matt’s idle hand. “Now… about the bill…”

Matt blinked at the sudden course change in their conversation. “Oh…for lunch? It’s… it’s my treat. You know that, Mom!”

“Not for lunch!” Linda chuckled. “For building my gorgeous massage studio… for finding me my perfect condo and moving all my furniture… not to mention being wonderful to my entire family!”

Matt chuckled as he shook his head, bashfully. “There’s no charge for any of that, Linda. There never will be…. My dream is to be a PART of your family!”

“None of my dreams here would have come true without you, Matthew, so it’s time for me to make a dream become reality for demetevler escort YOU!” Linda grinned. “Finish your sammie. We’re going ring shopping, Baby Boy!”


“Five whole days on the beach in our very own vacation house!” Janice exclaimed, rooting through her drawer, picking out every swimsuit she owned. “Oh my god! This is gonna be the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!”

Tracy sat nearby, on the bed, petting Bubsy. The frisky feline was attempting to nudge her loose robe open by nuzzling her bare cleavage. “Is just going to be us, Matty and your friend Kendra?”

“I don’t know… Kendra said something about trying to bring her friend along.” Janice said, folding the tiny fabric swimsuit bottoms. “Some girl named ‘Molly’, apparently.”

Tracy sighed, deeply. “Well, that sucks!” she said, her eyes lingering over Kendra’s bright smile in the small, framed picture from Janice’s bedside table. “I was kinda looking forward to getting to know her. She looks hot- I mean, FUN!”

“She is! Oh my god, Kendra isn’t just a babe, she’s a blast!” Janice exclaimed. “Don’t worry, chick. I’m sure you’ll still get a chance to make friends with her.”

Tracy sighed. “Maybe…. It just sucks that I go from being the third wheel here to the fifth wheel there.” she pouted.

Janice smiled over her shoulder at her sister. “Aww. You’re forgetting your boyfriend, Bubsy, there. He’s coming along with us too!”

Tracy looked down at the purring cat, trying to climb inside her robe. “My number one fan. Looks like I’m all yours, Bubs.”

Just then, a text message alert chirped on Tracy’s phone. It was from Matt. “Hey, Trace.” the message read. “I’m downstairs right now. Could you do me a favor and keep Janice distracted while I run up to my room and find a place to stash her birthday present?”

“Sure. Give me two minutes.” Tracy replied back.

“Hey, girlie-girl…” Tracy spoke to Janice after setting her phone down. “I think I may have borrowed a few of your little bikinis last week for a webcam show. Wanna go see if they’re in my room?”

Janice nodded. “Sure!”

“Ok. It’s a mess in there right now. Might take a few minutes.”

Bubsy followed the two sisters across the apartment to Tracy’s room. As the women dug through the various piles of clothes strewn about, the front door of the apartment opened.

“Hi, ladies!” called out Matt’s voice. “See you in a second! Pee-pee emergency!”

Tracy craned her neck to the doorway to see Matt scuttling into his room holding a small, fist sized package and closing the door.

“Hey. I have the night off from the show tonight. You and Matty wanna watch a movie?” Tracy asked.

“Sure! Let’s pop some popcorn!”

The girls continued to sift through Tracy’s garments until three matching bikini sets were found.

“That’ll do!” Janice stuffed the last swimsuits into the small, yellow tote bag and laid it on the dresser, next to where Bubsy sat perched, ever watching. “I’m just going to keep them all in here so there’ll be plenty of options.”

A relieved looking Matt appeared in the doorway. “Phew! Barely made it home without wetting my pants!” he said, giving Tracy a subtle nod.

“I’m glad.” Tracy said. “Because ‘Matty-Splatty-Puffy-Pissy-Pants’ is just too much.”

Janice smiled, approaching him for a greeting kiss. “Hey, Sexy Man! How was lunch with Mom?”

“It was good!” Matt pursed his lips with concern. “Poor woman is stressed though. I can see it on her face. That shop is putting her through it!”

“She’s having THAT much trouble finding help over there?” Tracy asked.

“Yeah, apparently…” Matt answered, meeting Janice’s eyes. He drew her body close to his as he spoke directly to her. “She offered me a position at the studio, if I wanted it.”

“I BET she did!” Janice chuckled with a smirk.

“No! I mean a job, as a…masseuse.” Matt said, quietly.

“Cool with me.” Janice shrugged.

“Uhh… are you sure, Jan?” Tracy interjected. “His job is gonna be groping other women’s bodies all day!”

Janice peered deeply into Matt’s eyes for a moment. Her probing pupils regarding Matt’s bashful, but unwavering gaze. “I can trust you… right, Baby?”

Matt blinked, trying not to appear too taken aback. “Of course you can, darling!” His arms tightened around her waist, drawing their bodies in pressured contact. “I’d never do anything that would screw things up with you! I’d be an IDIOT!”

Janice grinned, giving him a quick peck on the lips. “Good enough for me!”

“You’ll have more than HER to deal with if you DO ever fuck up, bucko!” Tracy growled from her perch on the bed.

Janice chuckled, turning her head to shoot her sister a wink of solidarity. “I’m pretty confident that’s not gonna happen. I know my Man.”

Janice’s proud smile beaming up at him made Matt feel as though he was able to leap over a mountain. He leaned close, giving her a deep kiss.

“Sooo…” Tracy exclaimed. “We were gonna have ‘movie night’ tonight with popcorn. Does demirtepe escort that sound good to you, Matty?”

“Hell… to the… yes!” he managed to say between placing light kisses along the side of Janice’s neck.

“I’m in the mood for a sappy rom-com tonight.” Tracy giggled. “You gonna be okay with that?”

Matt was still kissing Janice’s neck with increasing passion as he gripped her body, pressing it against his. Janice had her eyes closed, cooing in blissful surrender.

“Uhh… I guess that’s a ‘yes’.” Tracy said, her smile faltering.

“Yeah!” he said, suddenly snapping into awareness. “I don’t mind watching whatever… as long as I got my baby close by.”

“Mmm!” Janice hissed as she cradled his face in her hands and kissed his lips with a slow, deliberate intensity.

Tracy quietly sighed, watching the two lovers shower each other in tender affection.

She picked Bubsy up from the bed, cradling him against her warm, exposed cleavage and silently stepped out of her room, leaving the distracted couple to continue their erotic cavorting.


Later that evening, after dinner, the three gathered at the living room couch in front of the flat screen television. The aroma of buttered popcorn wafted through the apartment as the movie was queued up on the screen. Janice set the large bowl of popcorn down between where Matt and Tracy sat and nestled her toned, yet plump buttocks down on top of Matt’s lap.

“Best seat in the theater!” she chuckled, wiggling her butt against his crotch.

The movie had a wholesome charm to its predictable plot. During the film, Matt felt Janice take his hand and quickly stuff it underneath her night shirt to allow his hand access to her warm, bare breast.

Janice giggled in his ear. “Don’t worry. You won’t need that hand. I’m your personal popcorn assistant now.”

Matt smiled, his mouth opened to receive the buttery, popped kernels as his fingers slowly kneaded the divine softness that filled his grasp.

“Mmm! Mmm! Thanks, Sexy!” said Matt.

Janice felt a familiar charge of erotic thrill when she detected Matt’s cock thickening beneath her butt cheeks. “Mmmm. My pleasure, sweety!” Her head turned to find his lips.

“Shh!” Tracy interjected. “Come on, guys. Cool it.”

Janice giggled. “Yeah! Behave yourself!” she playfully admonished Matt, kissing the end of his nose.

As the movie played on, Janice cast a side eye at her sister before subtly removing Matt’s hand from under her shirt and lowered it between her legs. He felt the moist fabric of her panties fill his palm as his instinctual duty took over and he began pressing tight, rotating circles with his fingers against her clitoris.

Janice did her best to stifle the moan of pleasure, however, an involuntary squeak escaped her lips, drawing Tracy’s attention.

“Seriously?!” Tracy exclaimed, her eyes filled with disappointment. “Are you two even watching this stupid movie?!”

Janice blinked, realizing that she had completely lost track of the storyline on the screen. “I… uhh…. Sorry.”

Tracy threw her hands up in exasperation. “Fuck it.” She raised herself to her feet and tossed the remote beside them on the couch. “Have fun, you two.” her voice was shaking as she stormed out of the living room.

Matt and Janice both pouted, regarding each other with a shamed silence when they found themselves alone in the room.

Tracy loudly closed the door to her bedroom and leaned back against it. Closing her eyes, she let out a sigh of frustration. “You didn’t have to do that…” she thought to herself, shaking her head. “Matt and Janice love each other. Why did you have to react that way, Tracy?”

Just then, a familiar chime sounded from her desktop computer, signaling a new message from one of her FAN page subscribers. Coming closer to inspect the screen, Tracy’s face softened to a warm smile when she saw the sender’s profile name:

CandyLicker69: Hello, gorgeous. Are you there?

KatieCupcakes: hey you… I’m here.

CandyLicker69: Uh-oh. What’s wrong?

KatieCupcakes: Wow! Is it THAT obvious?

CandyLicker69: It’s that obvious to ME. You really think after all this time that I wouldn’t know when you’re feeling down?

KatieCupcakes: I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at this point. No one gets me the way you do.

CandyLicker69: That’s right, girl! I’m in your corner- 100%! Now, go ahead and tell me what is wrong.

KatieCupcakes: It’s… it’s silly. I’m just feeling a bit lonely tonight. That’s all.

CandyLicker69: Oh god… I’m sorry. I wish there was any way I could make you feel better. You know that I’d do anything to cheer you up.

KatieCupcakes: You’re already helping. Just being heard is huge. Thank you, my sweet.

CandyLicker69: Anytime!

Just then, a light, cautious knock was heard at her bedroom door.

KatieCupcakes: Can I talk to you a little later? I think my sister wants to visit.

CandyLicker69: Of course! TTYL!

Tracy couldn’t help but smile as she closed the chat window on her computer scree. “Come in.” she called out.

“You okay, lady?” Janice said in a quiet voice as she meekly entered her sister’s room.

Tracy’s eyes fell to her lap. “Yeah… I’m sorry for snapping at you and Matty. I just got caught up in feeling sorry for myself.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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