Was The Drive Worth It? Ch. 02

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Big Tits

After spending a wonderful evening with Michelle and curling up with her in bed for a good night sleep, I was having one of the most fantastic dreams one could imagine. Michelle was lying on her side, kissing and sucking on my nipple, while at the same time encircling her fore finger and thumb around my penis and gently stroking my semi-erection. The dream was so real that I could feel the heat from her body. As Michelle continued stroking me, her gentleness became a little more forceful and my semi-erection turned into a full-fledged erection. I quickly realized that I wasn’t having a dream when she brought her head up to my ear and whispered very softly, “I need you in my pussy. Please, my pussy is calling for you.”

I turned my head to see Michelle’s face inches from mine. From the look on her face, I could tell she meant every word she just uttered. I reached for her pussy. As I was rubbing her juices on her swollen lips, she was cupping the head of my cock with the palm of her hand and in a circling motion, smeared the pre-cum she had just created. I leaned forward to kiss her. Her mouth was open waiting for me. Our tongue’s found one another and as we sucked on each other’s, there was moaning coming from within both of us.

Michelle let go of my cock and rolled on top of me. Straddling me, she sat up and placed her hand between her legs and gathered some of her juices and brought her fingers up to her breast. As she rubbed her nipples with her juices, she placed her other hand back between her legs and started rubbing her clit. What a sight to see, a woman playing with her nipples and clit at the same time. As I rose up, my face was starring directly at her breasts. I glanced up to see her eyes closed and her head tilted backwards. I could hear faint moans while Michelle was licking her lips. Looking back to her beautiful breasts, Michelle’s glistening nipples were fully erect and were screaming for me to suck on them. As I placed one in my mouth and started sucking, I could taste the juices from her pussy. Michelle stopped playing with her clit and rose up on her knees and reached for my penis. She massaged her clit with the tip of my penis. I thought I was going to explode. Then she moved the head of my cock to the opening of her pussy. Without any effort, she lowered herself down onto me. Michelle’s pussy engulfed every inch of me. Her pussy was on fire. I continued sucking on her beautiful nipple as her pussy was sucking on my cock. Michelle’s breathing started to get shorter and her moaning increased. I couldn’t let go of that nipple and as she started to cum, Michelle reached out and placed a hand behind my head and pulled me into her breast. As our fucking increased, she started to yell, “Don’t stop sucking. Please cum, oh, I’m cuming. Don’t stop. Oh, fill my pussy, please fill my pussy. Oh, oh, fuck me, fuck me, harder, don’t stop! FUCK ME!!!”

As our bodies made one last thrust at each other, I placed my hands in the small of Michelle’s back and pulled her down hard onto my cock. We exploded together and with every orgasm Michelle experienced, her body quivered and her pussy would pulsate on my cock. I swear it took Michelle a good two or three minutes for her to come back down to earth before she could say anything. I laid back while Michelle continued sitting upright with me still in her. I could feel our juices seeping out of her pussy and running down onto my balls. I broke the silence by saying, “Michelle, you are a very special woman. Quite often, I make love to you in my dreams or while daydreaming driving down the road and it is wonderful. Last night was wonderful but this morning Michelle, no one has ever made me cum with such intense as you did. I feel so honored allowing me to plant my seed in you burning pussy.”

Michelle smiled and fell onto me and gave me a big kiss and then said, ” It has been some time since my pussy burned like that and thank God you knew what to do with it. I hope you will make it burn again before you have to go home.”

I responded with, “there is a good possibility of that happening.”

Michelle rolled off me and said she was going to jump in the shower. I just relaxed while lying there in bed and massaged our juices on my cock and balls while thinking of her in the shower. It wasn’t long before I was getting hard again. I climbed out of bed and went into the bathroom. As I walked in, I found Michelle just finishing trimming her pussy. “Need any help?” I asked. She opened her arms and I walked into them. I reached down and placed my fingers on her newly shaved pussy. What a wonderful feeling rubbing those soft swollen pussy lips. As I inserted a finger in her pussy, Michelle whimpered and asked if we could wait for a little while. I smiled and gently pulled my finger back out and then we kissed as the water cascaded over our bodies.

While eating breakfast, I mentioned to Michelle that a friend of mine has a boat and he said that I could use it anytime I was in town. It was a beautiful sahabet güvenilirmi day and I asked her if she was up to go out on the water. “Just you and I?” she asked.

“Yes, just you and I. We can go and get some sandwiches and have a picnic out on the water. I didn’t bring a bathing suit but I don’t think that will be required.”

“I might have one here that you can use. Let me go and gather some stuff and we can be on our way.”

While Michelle went to gather her things, I cleaned up the breakfast table and then gave my friend a call to tell him I needed his boat for the afternoon. He said there was no problem and told me were the key was hidden.

When Michelle returned she had on a halter-top with shorts. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail. She looked absolutely gorgeous. “I’m ready if you are.”

I responded, “The way you look, I think we are going to have a wonderful time. Let’s go.

On the way to the marina, I kept looking at Michelle and thinking what a lucky 60 year old man I was. I was picturing her naked lying on the deck of the boat sunning herself. I was sure this was going to be an unforgettable afternoon. As we drove, Michelle reached over, rubbed my arm and told me she was excited to be able to go out on the water. My thoughts were the same. I was just excited because I wanted to screw her brains out there on the water.

“What a beautiful boat,” Michelle said as we pulled up. I boarded first and she handed me the stuff we brought. As I reached out for Micelle’s hand to help her step on board, she smiled and said, “I think we are going to have a wonderful time. Don’t you?” I pulled her to me and gave her a big kiss. I didn’t have to say a word. Michelle could feel my excitement against her thigh. “I better leave you alone or we will never leave the dock.”

I laughed and told her she might want to go down below and change while I prepared to get moving. The water was like glass and the sun was glistening off the water. It didn’t take long before we were out by ourselves traveling along. I couldn’t believe it being such a beautiful day and there was hardly any boat traffic.

Michelle returned wearing a red bikini. Her nipples were protruding almost through the fabric. She walked over to me and hugged my arm and gave me a kiss. What a fantastic feeling having her breast pressing against me. “You know?” she said, “I’m the luckiest person in the world having a Uncle like you.”

I took my left arm and reached out and placed it around her and squeezed her into me. “No, I’m the luckiest person alive. Do you realize how many men would love to be in my shoes having a niece like you? Michelle, you make me feel so wonderful when we make love. There’s nothing I can’t say to you.” She hugged me back and laid her head on my shoulder as we cruised along.

I pick out a point where I thought we might be by ourselves. As we headed in that direction, Michelle unbuttoned my shirt and helped me out of it. She reached in her bag and grabbed some sunscreen and rubbed it on my back and chest. She spent a little extra time rubbing my chest making sure my nipples were covered. I asked if she wanted me to rub some sunscreen on her too. Michelle handed me the tube as she stepped in behind the wheel. I showed her the spot I was heading for and I started applying the lotion on her back. When finished with her back, I squeezed some lotion in the palm of my hand and rubbed them together. As she continued to steer the boat, I untied her top and let hang from her neck and reached around in front and started rubbing the lotion on her chest and stomach. I spent a little extra time rubbing lotion on her breasts because I wouldn’t want them to get burned, now would I? Michelle’s nipples were extremely hard. I couldn’t wait to get them in my mouth. She thanked me and climbed out on the deck and placed a towel down and lay facing me. After lifting her top over her head, Michelle started applying lotion to her arms and legs. When she got to her legs, she made sure to spend a little extra time on the inside of her thighs. Once finished, Michelle laid back with her legs partially open so I had a beautiful view.

“Don’t you want to get a total tan?” I asked. “You might as well take your bottoms off so you won’t have any tan lines.”

“You would like that wouldn’t you?”

“You bet your sweet ass I would.”

With that, Michelle raised her ass up a little and slid off her bikini bottoms and grabbed the lotion once more and started applying to her shaved love mound.

“Feel pretty good does it?”

“It would feel better if you were doing it.”

I responded with “I’ll apply the second application. I want to get to our love cove so I can drop anchor or whatever you want to call it.”

She finished up applying her lotion and laid back down. You can’t imagine how difficult it is to look at your niece lying there, stark ass naked, with her shaved pussy staring you straight in the face and trying sahabet yeni giriş to steer the boat at the same time. I don’t know if my cock could get any harder.

We finally arrived to our spot I picked out and dropped anchor. I walked out on the deck where Michelle was lying and picked up her lotion and started applying it on my arms and chest.

“Here, let me help you.”

Michelle stood up and took the lotion and applied some more to my back and neck. Then she came around in front and rubbed some on my face and then she started unbuckling my belt. “If I’m in my birthday suit, you will be too.” With that she pulled down my shorts and rubbed lotion on my cock and balls and legs.

As she stood up I placed her face in my hands and pulled her in so I could kiss those wonderful lips. Michelle has the softest lips imaginable. I searched for her tongue and oh, how she responded. I could feel those rock hard nipples pressing into my chest. Michelle was grinding her pussy against my rigid cock. Thank God we had the water to ourselves.

We sat down and I took her hand and squeezed it and said, “I might have to take a ride out to see you a little more often.”

“That’s not a bad thought.”

As we laid there soaking up the sun, I felt Michelle’s hand move to my stomach and she started rubbing my fully erect penis every so gently. I looked over at her and she was lying there with her eyes closed and smiling.

“Penny for your thought’s” I said.

She smiled and rolled her head towards me and said, “I was lying here thinking it was probably a good thing that we didn’t start having this relationship before you moved because I don’t think you would have left.”

“You are probably right.” With that, I rolled onto my side and started fondling her breasts while she continued rubbing my cock. I placed one of her fully erect nipples between my thumb and forefinger and started rolling it back and forth. Michelle issued a little moan while rubbing the pre-cum from the tip of my cock with her thumb. I couldn’t help it; I had to have her breast in my mouth. I sucked in as much of her tit that I could in my mouth and flicked her nipple with my tongue.

“Here, let me make it a little better for you.” With that, Michelle reached down and gathered some of her juices with her fingers and coated her nipple so I could taste her pussy at the same time I was sucking on her tit. I was in heaven.

Michelle then asked, “Would you do me a favor?”

“What Honey?”

“Please kiss my pussy.”

I didn’t have to be asked twice. After reaching up and giving her a big kiss, I moved down between those lovely thighs to find one of the moist pussies I have ever found. The smell of her pussy was so enticing. Her lips were swollen beyond belief. I opened my mouth and sucked her swollen lips in while searching for her clit with my tongue. I just couldn’t get enough of her pussy. When my tongue reached her clit, I felt her hands on the back of my head. Michelle let out a yelp as my tongue flicked her love button.

“Don’t stop! My God, it feels so wonderful. Please oh, please, fuck me with your tongue. Let me feel your tongue in my pussy.”

As I entered her pussy, Michelle raised her ass up off the deck so I could place more of my tongue into her. I shoved my hands under her ass and started squeezing her cheeks while eating her pussy. She started screaming that she was cuming. I kept fucking her pussy with my tongue as fast as I could. Michelle continued pressing my face into her pussy with her hands while at the same time trying to fuck my face. “Make me cum, Oh, please make me cum. Oh God, fuck my pussy, don’t stop, I’m cuming, Oh I’m cuming.”

I grabbed a hold of her ass and shoved my tongue into her pussy as far as I could and just sucked on her while she came. Her body quivered a few times as I held my tongue motionless in her. I could feel her pussy gripping my tongue. When she released her hands from my head, I pulled out my tongue, flicked her clit, and then moved up to give my precious niece a most rewarding kiss. As our lips met, she sucked my tongue in and tasted that wonderful pussy herself. When we finished, I smiled and said, “You are the most wonderful person one could ask for.

Michelle smiled and told me to lie back. “It seems my pussy has been getting all the attention.” With that being said, she took a hold of my penis and leaned down and started circling her tongue around the head of it. After circling with her tongue licking off the pre-cum, she lowed her head to engulf my cock. Taking about half of it in her mouth, she started to suck on me while jerking me off.

What a wonderful feeling, having Michelle just sucking away. When she released her hand from my cock, she lowered her head, to the point, where her lips were against my pubic hairs. I thought I was going to explode in her throat. I could feel her throat muscles massaging the head of my cock. She released my cock and placed one of my sahabet giriş balls in her mouth and used her tongue on it. I didn’t know how much more I could take. After releasing my ball, she looked up at me and said, “Would you like to fuck my tits?”

With that, Michelle moved up and placed my cock between her tits. My God, her tits felt so great massaging my cock. As she held her breasts around my cock, I started pulling on her nipples. I was afraid that I might be pulling too hard but she said it felt wonderful. As I kept fucking her tits, my balls started to burn and I knew I couldn’t hold out much longer. “Michelle, I about ready to cum. Oh, oh, fuck, I’m going to shoot my cum in your tits.”

She knew just when to release her tits from my cock and shoved it back in her mouth Once again she went all the way down on me and I started shooting my cum in the back of her throat. She didn’t mind at all that I had my hands on the back of her head pressing her firmly onto my cock. Not one drop of cum escaped from her lips. As she continued swallowing, her throat kept milking the cum out of my cock. When she rose up her head, she smiled at me and asked, “Did I do OK?”

“OK?” I responded, “Where the hell did you learned to suck like that?”

She just smiled. “I guess you liked it then? You know, you have some of the best tasting cum that I have ever had. I hope there might be some more before you leave.”

We decided to have some lunch. We couldn’t believe what a beautiful day it was. It seemed we had the whole ocean all to ourselves or maybe just this spot. However, we were enjoying ourselves, making love in the open air, could it get any better?

After lunch, I suggested we better apply some more lotion as the sun was beating down on us. Once we were lathered up, we both decided to just lie there and enjoy the rays. I must have fallen into a deep sleep, because I awoke with Michelle straddling me and gently grinding her pussy into my ass while at the same time massaging my back. I gave a little moan and she laid down on me and started massaging her tits into me. I raised my ass up a little to press against her pussy. Michelle’s pussy juices were already dripping because I could feel them on my ass. I knew she was working up to having another orgasm because she started grinding her pussy harder and harder while moaning that she needed me in her pussy. All of sudden she started fucking my ass like the was no tomorrow while raising herself up with her arms. Arching her back, she gave one last thrust with her pussy. She screamed out, “O God, yes, oh, oh, I can’t stop cuming. I don’t know how you do it but my pussy is always drenched when we are together or just talking to you on the phone.”

As she exploded, I could feel her juices working there way all the way down to my balls. She rolled over onto her towel. I rose up and leaned over and kissed her. I reached for her pussy and gather some of that sweet nectar and placed it on her nipples. As I fondled her breast, I started pulling on those gigantic nipples; I lowered my mouth and placed one in my mouth. As I was sucking on it, Michelle brought her hand up and started stroking the back of my neck and said, “I just love the way you suck on me. Let me feel how much you enjoy sucking on me.” With that I sucked to the point I could feel her nipple touching the roof of my mouth. I never wanted to let go of it. As I raised my head up, I watched her tit become elongated and all of a sudden, it popped out of my mouth. “Don’t forget the other one,” she responded.

As I rolled over onto Michelle, she spread her legs and my cock took no time finding her entrance. She reached down and immediately pulled my cock back out and massaged her clit with the head of it and then placed it back where she just took it from. With the heat from the sun beating down on my back, I shoved my fully erect cock all the way into her burning pussy with one big thrust. She responded with wonderful groan. While fucking her, I started sucking on her other nipple. Again she reached up and started stroking the back of my neck and head and softly said, “You can fuck me and suck on me anytime you want. I love having your hard cock in my burning pussy.” As we continued, our bodies became quite lathered from fucking our brains out. Michelle couldn’t hold back any longer and started with, “Oh, please fuck me. Make me cum. Don’t stop sucking. Fill my pussy with your hot cum. Oh yes fuck me, yes fuck me.” Michelle reached down and vigorously started rubbing her clit while we were making love. As I felt my loins started to boil, I let go of her gorgeous nipple, rose up on my arms and slammed into her awaiting pussy. Michelle started to scream, “Yes, yes. Oh, my God, Oh yes, make me cum. Please, please make me cum. Fill my pussy, yes please oh yes, please, fuck me. Don’t stop please.” As we exploded together, her pussy gripped my cock with vengeance. As I continued in and out of her, Michelle’s body kept shuddering with each and every orgasm. “Yeeeeesss, yeeeeessss, oh my God, that was absolutely just fantastic” she said as her body continued to shudder.

“You’re absolutely right, honey. The whole day was fantastic. I wonder how many times I’ll cum thinking about today while driving back home.”

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