Morgan’s Organ

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I showed up on time for my hair appointment and Morgan, the young lady who was going to cut my hair, was just finishing up with a client. This was my first time to this salon so I took the opportunity to look around while she finished up.

When she was done with that client, she cleaned up and called me over. “James, I’m ready for you now”. I sat down in the chair and she put the plastic drape on me. “Just take it off the ears and off the neck. Then just even it out on top. And the part generally goes on the right. I take a number 4 comb on the sides.” With that she proceeded to cut my hair.

Morgan is a very pretty woman, about 25 years old, and about 5ft 6in tall. She was wearing a black denim mini skirt, black ankle length lace up boots, a white tank top, and a sheer ¾ sleeve top over that. And she was obviously not wearing a bra. She didn’t really need one to hold up her perky little tits. She has jet back hair, big brown eyes, and a body to make most women jealous.

She started by spraying my hair with water, then combing it. She ran her fingers through it as she contemplated where to start, which sent a shiver through me. I could feel that I was getting aroused as I watched her in the mirror.

She took about 20 minutes to cut my hair. “Now I get to go home!” she declared, explaining that I was her last client of the day. She said she just had to clean up the shop and she out of there. “What’s on your plate for the rest of the day?” she asked, seemingly making small talk while she processed my credit card.

“Nothing much. Just home, some TV, and maybe dinner if I get really motivated,” I said.

“Sounds a bit like me,” she replied. She finished running my card and gave me the slip to sign.

“Hey, wanna grab a bite with me?” she asked. “You seem tame enough. And I don’t have many friends here. Get’s kind of depressing eating alone all the time. We can take it back to my place, or yours if that’s more comfy for you.” I stood silent for a moment, processing what she just said. I’ve never been asked out by a woman before, much less one as gorgeous as Morgan.

“Um, sure, your place is good. Mine is kind of a mess right now,” I replied.

We picked up some Thai food and went over to her place. It was a cute little cottage-like house, in a neighborhood but on a nice sized lot so as not to be disturbed by neighbors. “Make yourself comfy there on the couch. I’ll get us some plates and stuff. What are you drinking? And don’t say WATER!” she said rather emphatically.

“Um, you have beer?” I asked.

“Good answer! Beer it is!” she replied.

She returned with plates, flatware, and two beers already opened. “Cheers!” she said as we clinked bottles. We never really watched what was on TV. We sat and ate and talked about “stuff”. We traded stories about childhood, family, work, and life in general. Before I knew it we were about 6 beers and 4 hours into the evening.

“Wow, it’s getting late.” I said. “And I’m sure you have to work tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow is my day off so that makes it still early, unless you have somewhere else you need to be?” she replied with a grin.

“Okay, maybe one more beer!” I replied. She went to change into more comfortable clothes before getting our beers.

“Why don’t you kick your shoes off and get comfortable?” she suggested. I complied.

She returned with our beers and my Pendik Türbanlı Escort jaw about dropped. She was still wearing the little tank top but had shed the skirt and the sheer top. Below the tank was a baggy pair of shorts, cut high to the hip showing off her long stunning shapely legs. “There, now I feel better,” she said as she sat down. I crossed my legs as she sat down next to me. It was all I could do to not show the growing bulge in my pants.

She began flipping channels on the TV. “What shall we watch now?” she asked, presumable to herself as she selected the next program we would view. It was a sex thriller, complete with young women and firm tits. About halfway into the program she must have finally noticed my hard-on.

“I guess you kind of like this type of movie” she muttered with a grin, looking down at my bulging crotch.

“Oh, that. Sorry. How embarrassing!” was all I could muster.

“Don’t worry about it. Like I haven’t experienced anything like that before!” she replied. I kind of laughed it off, not knowing what she meant by that.

We had a couple more beers before the movie was over. By now I was pretty buzzed and not really able to drive. And I was pretty horny, too, after watching a titty movie sitting next to the nicest pair of tits I have ever seen through a shirt! Not to mention those legs… my god!

“You should probably crash here. You’re in no condition to drive,” she said, as if reading my mind. “You can have the couch or… you can share my bed. It’s pretty big, and I don’t bite unless asked to!” she joked. But wait, did she just invite me to sleep with her? Or was she just joking about that too?

“I’ll take the couch, thank you.” I replied.

“Suit yourself.” She said. “But it gets pretty cold out here and I don’t have any heat in this room.”

She went to her room and I started settling in on the couch when I heard her call my Name. “James? Can you come in here for a moment? I need your help real quick.” As I entered her room, she was over by her dresser, reaching behind it for something.

“What’s up?” I asked.

“I dropped my phone back there and I can’t reach it. Will you try?” she asked. I walked over to her dresser, reached behind, and retrieved her phone.

“Here you go.” I said as I handed it to her.

“Sure you don’t want to crash in here tonight?” she asked once more, as she pulled her little tank top over her head.

There they were. The most perfect tits I had ever seen. Bare naked tits. Tiny, with big nipples, and very firm. Maybe a B-cup. MAYBE! I was speechless, just standing there staring at those little tits. And the grin on her face. And her long gorgeous legs. I was hard as a rock and apparently not able to hide it.

“I can see you are at least thinking about it!” she smirked. She walked over to me and took my hand. She led me to the side of her bed where she unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned my jeans, and pulled them down to the floor. My briefs followed quickly, then my shirt disappeared.

She pushed me gently onto her bed. I was still kind of in shock. Those perfect little titties were now staring right at me. She moved in closer, pressing them to my face. “I take it you like the little titties?” she asked. I answered silently by taking one into my mouth, gently sucking and licking the soft skin I had been thinking about all Pendik Otele Gelen Escort evening. I placed my hand on the other one and softly massaged it, gently squeezing her nipple between my fingers. She sighed as I made time with her beautiful little bumps.

I started to slide my hand down her smooth, soft torso toward her shorts. She took my hand and placed it back in her breast. “In due time.” She whispered as she began to kiss and tongue my ear. Then she kissed me on the mouth and gently played with my tongue. I kept fondling her tits, something I could have done all night long! Then she started to go down on her knees in front of me.

“Wait a minute!” I said. “Why am I naked and you still have your shorts on? I want to see all of you!”

“I told you”, she replied. “All in time! Now don’t be in such a hurry. Don’t ruin the surprise.” And she dropped to her knees.

She took my cock in her thin hand and began to stroke it. She leaned in to kiss it and then commenced with the most amazing blow job I had ever experienced! I didn’t even notice her reaching under the bed. But when she stood back up after sucking on my cock for a few minutes she had a vibrating dildo in her hand.

“Ever play with toys?” she asked.

“Um, I have from time to time. Is that for you or for me?” I stammered.

“You’re the naked one. You tell me!” she replied. This must be the surprise she spoke about! I had played with toys by myself, but never with anyone else. I certainly didn’t want anyone knowing I liked my ass stuffed! Once again, she went down on her knees. Suddenly I felt something cold on my ass and I quivered. “Don’t worry darling, it’s just some gel.” She told me. “I don’t want to hurt you!” Then I felt the dildo pressing against my tight hole. I tingled as she turned on the vibrator. Then she began pushing it inside of me. Slowly at first, stopping for a few seconds with each push to make sure I didn’t feel any pain. “How’s that?” she asked softly. I moaned and quivered. “I thought you’d like this!” she said as she continued to push it deeper into my ass.

As she began to pull it out I felt like I was going to explode. I groaned and my body tensed up. “Not yet!” she insisted. “I’m not done with you. We still have that surprise I mentioned earlier.”

Still have that surprise? I thought THIS WAS the surprise! What the hell else does she have in mind? I was a little nervous. That went away as she once again pushed that vibrating dildo into my ass. She began slowly fucking me with it, careful not to go too deep or too fast to make me cum.

She pulled it out and stood up, her perky little tits standing more firm than before. She was hot and she was turned on, I could tell. “Did you like the toy? Did you enjoy getting your ass fucked?” she asked.

“Very much!” I replied, still wondering what was yet to come. Her next question was curious.

“Have you ever had a real cock in your ass?” I had not so I shook my head no. “But you enjoyed the toy?” she asked again? I did so I nodded my head yes.

So this is where my mind began to wander. Was there someone else joining us? Perhaps another guy? Was I going to be the third part of a threesome? Was I going to get fucked by a guy? I was a bit worried, but turned on somewhat by that thought. What seemed to be an eternity thinking this over actually only took about two Pendik Ucuz Escort seconds.

“Do you want to take my shorts off?” she asked, almost whispering. Still speechless, I again nodded. She took my hands and put them on the waistband of her baggy shorts. “Okay, slide them off.” I closed my eyes as I pulled her shorts down. I was thinking about her sweet pussy. Was it shaved bald or just trimmed? Maybe she was pierced. I slid her shorts down until I could feel them on the ground. I sat up straight as she fondled my hair like she did when she was cutting it. I opened my eyes and again my jaw dropped. But this time there was no hiding my surprise.

“Whoa!” I must have yelled because she stepped back, somewhat startled. Just inches from my face, attached to this stunning beauty with the perfect tits, was a long, hard, fat cock! Wasn’t expecting that!

“Is this for real?” I asked, rather startled.

“Are you angry?” she asked nervously.

“You’re hot! You have a rockin’ little body! You have the perfect little tits and they’re REAL! And this too?” I took a moment to compose myself and figure out how I felt. Then it hit me. I like my ass fucked. And I like girls and little titties. Here before me was a beauty with little titties that can fuck my ass! How PERFECT!

“How PERFECT!” I repeated out loud. I was more turned on than ever at that moment. I didn’t even take time to explain my reaction. I pulled her back toward me. Her big thick cock was now almost touching my chin. I took it in my hand as I looked up at her with a smile. “Morgan, you don’t have any idea how great this is, do you?” She looked puzzled as I continued to stroke her cock. But she was as excited as I was, that’s for sure!

I started kissing her flat toned stomach, using my tongue to play with her belly button. Then I went for the prize. I placed her cock against my lips and opened my mouth. Before I knew it I had my nose to her belly! I sucked and stroked my first cock for what seemed quite a while before she pulled away from me.

“My turn!” she declared. She had me lay on my back, with my legs over her shoulders. She placed that big gorgeous cock against my very eager hole and slowly pushed it in. It felt awesome like the toy did, but this was better. This was a real cock attached to the most beautiful girl I have ever seen! She pushed all the way in and then slowly backed out. Then back in and out again. She continued with this rhythm for a while before taking ahold of my cock.

“I want to cum with you!” she said. I could tell she was close because she was pumping faster and harder, and quickening her pace stroking my cock, and making lots of noise! I could feel climax building up as I watched her fuck and stroke me.

She gave one real hard thrust and held it there. I could feel her explode inside of me. At that moment I let loose and sprayed cum all over her hand and my chest and belly. It was the biggest orgasm either of us had ever had! She collapsed on top of me, her little swollen and perky tits pressing into my chest.

She then proceeded to lick the sticky goo off of my chest and stomach. She also cleaned my cock with her mouth. Without swallowing a drop, she crawled up my body and placed her mouth to mine, releasing a wave of cum into my mouth. What a sexual rush! First, I get seduced and fucked by a hot girl with a big dick, then I’m swapping cum with her! BEST NIGHT EVER!

We showered together and finished cleaning each other up. Then back to bed, this time to sleep as we were both exhausted. We decided to continue seeing each other, actually as boyfriend and girlfriend. No one would ever know and I couldn’t let the “girl” of my dreams slip away!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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