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He was staying in a hotel across town. I had met him online and could not believe I was going to meet him face to face. I spilled my fantasies over instant messages for months before he was sent here on business. I chose a simple outfit for today, a black pleated skirt and white blouse, and underneath a black lace thong and matching bra. The inch high heels I wore clicked on the pavement of the parking lot. I shivered, wondering what I had gotten myself into. I started to walk back to the car and changed my mind, entering the lobby instead.

It was a nice place, not quite the Hilton but close as I had ever been. I walked down the perfumed hallway on the first floor. His room was at the end, and the rooms nearby were all vacant. He planned it that way. I knocked on the door, hesitating at first. He opened it slowly. I was in awe. He had not exaggerated. He stood in the dim light looking at me as I studied him. He was six feet tall and had a medium build. He wore his brown hair short, parted in the middle, with a little gel to hold it. I looked at his frame for several minutes.

His was clothed in a gray suit. It looked like it had been tailored to fit him. He was a little older than I was, which made a perfect authority figure. I finally looked up into his marble green eyes after a few moments. He looked back down at me, mirroring my own interest. I was flattered and blushed a little.

He did not speak, just ushered me into the lavish suite. I entered demurely. He walked over to the table and opened a bottle of champagne. “Welcome. I am glad you came,” he said, pouring two glasses of the effervescent liquid.

“My pleasure, um, what should I call you?”

He smiled slowly. “Well, you know my name, but you will call me Sir.”

“Yes Sir,” I replied meekly. I noticed that Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata was playing in the background. I tried to recall if I had told him that it was one of my favorites as I sipped from the elegant glass.

He looked at me again, and Pendik Olgun Escort I felt as though he could see my soul. His eyes narrowed. “Strip,” he commanded. I put down the glass and started to remove my shoes. He watched as I took them off slowly. I felt subconscious and shy. “Move with haste. I expect you to obey quickly.”

“Yes Sir,” I said, quickly removing each garment. I felt my skin tingle in the cool air as I stood there naked. He moved closer to me, sometimes lifting an arm or my hair as if he was examining me. He nodded and sipped from his glass. It felt like an eternity that I stood there in front of this commanding man. At last, he spoke again.

“Alright, now you know that you can back out. But I am not giving you a safe word or anything like that. If you think anything is going to be too much for you, redress and walk out the door. Otherwise, you have been teasing me too long over the internet. It is time I punish you for all the days you frustrated me.”

I gulped. Nervous tension filled my body. I was excited and scared, but intrigued. He grabbed a Victorian style chair and placed it in the center of the room when he realized I was not moving for the door. Then he walked over to me again, and grabbed the back of my neck roughly. The sudden movement through me off balance. He led me that way to the chair, which was only a few feet away, though it felt like more.

“Spread your legs to straddle the chair, and lean over the back of it as much as you can,” he barked.

I jumped to obey. I realized that the odd position was so I could not easily close my legs. We had talked about that before. I leaned over as much as I could but felt awkward. My breasts were smashed into the velvet back of the chair. I could feel the air hit my already moist cunt. I sighed in anticipation. I heard the tinkling of a belt buckle and knew what came next. There would be no warm up for me.

I tensed and waited for the first blow. He took his time about Pendik Sarışın Escort it, and I heard him swallow deeply. Must be the champagne I thought. I heard the swish of the strap, but it did not fall on me. I tensed as if it had though. He laughed menacingly. I heard the swish again then a sharp ‘smack’ as it landed right in the center of my bum.

I yelped in surprise, even though I expected it. He let it fall again and again, and soon I was heated. I could feel the juice from my pussy dripping down my inner thigh. I could feel my tender flesh bruising under the strap. He moved to work on my thighs, causing welts to form. I was moaning and rocking on the chair under his unmerciful strap. Abruptly he stopped, and dragged me off the chair onto the floor.

He sat on the bed, and told me to stand. I scarcely heard him. He spun me around so that I was facing away from him. Then he pulled me onto his lap, wrapping my legs around him, bending me forward. I could feel the tailored slacks under my heated body. The rough material aroused me further. He pulled hard on my right nipple, eliciting a moan from my lips.

He grabbed a handful of my red hair and yanked my neck back. It was then I noticed the mirror. Oh no! He was going to make me watch and see my face. I flushed with shame and squirmed accidentally. “Now you know better than that,” he growled and smacked my ass once. I yelped in response.

I felt his fingers pry open my tight anus, exploring the very inner ring. I tried not to squirm but it was nearly impossible. Under his expert touch I felt I might come at any moment, and I did not want to anger him. I saw him smirk when I looked at his image.

He withdrew his two fingers and spread my legs a little further. I felt the air caress me, and wondered what I looked like to him spread so. “Aw, look at that. You got your pussy juice all over my suit. I will have to punish it for that,” he sneered.

Electric chills filled me. He popped my shaved Pendik Şişman Escort cunt several times, quickly making me squirm. My face was blotched and red in the mirror. I panted heavily and he started again, making my body quake. I moaned in pleasure and pain as he beat me. He stopped and grabbed the nearby belt, folding it twice in half. He resumed holding me by the hair, and beat my ass and pussy with the folded leather.

I was crying now. Lost in the sweet pain and pleasure an orgasm rocked my body. I saw the anger come over him. “Did I tell you to come? Answer me you fucking cunt. Did I tell you to come?”

“No Sir,” I cried. “I’m sorry.”

“You will be,” he threatened. He shoved me hard onto the floor. “Stand up and put your hands behind your neck,” he said coldly. I scrambled to obey. At least I could not see the mirror anymore. He kicked my legs apart and I stumbled, but quickly regained my posture. He took the belt again in his hands. He snapped it a few times in the air before striking my breast. Fresh tears flowed from my eyes. He smacked each breast in turn, making my whole body shake.

He hit each one ten times then smacked my cunt with three full-blown hits. I screamed as each blow fell, feeling his complete control. He tossed the belt to the side and studied me again. I looked down at the floor, seeing my red splotchy body through my wet eyelashes. “On your knees,” he demanded.

I fell to the floor, feeling the plush carpet under my heated skin. He unzipped his slacks and pulled his cock from his maroon boxers. It was wide, five inches around. He shoved it into my mouth, making me gag. I slurped at it, tasting his salty sweet precum. He pulled out and pointed to the bed. Not quite understanding I walked toward it. He pushed onto it, face first. “Ass in the air,” he instructed. I complied and felt him slide into my dripping pussy.

The need to release had gripped us both. My tight walls clenched his throbbing member, making us both come in a few short strokes. We both relaxed, him still laying over me. Without a word we both moved. “You ok?” he asked. I nodded and picked up my glass again, feeling greatly relieved.

“Well, that was a nice start,” I said. He nodded and grinned at me. Yes, I was glad I had taken this chance.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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