An Oral Fantasy

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She showered and stepped out and dried herself. She slipped on her robe and then prepared herself for an evening in the bedroom, brushing out her hair, putting on only a hint of makeup and perfume. Once ready, she went into the bedroom and stood near the bed where her husband was waiting. Her husband slowly slipped off her bath robe and she dutifully placed her hands behind her back so he could bind her wrists in leather cuffs that clasped together. Then he placed a blindfold over her eyes and made certain it was tight fitting and certain not to slip off. She then knelt down onto her knees and awaited what until then she had only fantasized about to happen next.

Four men then entered their bedroom. At this moment, due to her blinded state, these were strangers to her and that fact caused her the fear she had imagined and also the arousal that went with it. She knew they were to be expected but had been told nothing else. She did not know if they were friends of her husband or strangers to him too.

She wanted to be helpless as she was and her heart beat fast as she tried to imagine who they might be and how they might treat her. Unknown to her, each of the four men lined up and each in turn would force her to suck his cock. She had long fantasized about being blindfolded and not knowing any of them unless she could imagine how his dick looked from how she remembered it feeling in her mouth.

The first man took her by the hair softly, running his fingers through the hair hanging over the blindfold, and complimented her beauty before gently teasing her lips with his cock. She kissed him in reply and parted her lips to take him into her mouth as she slowly moved down unto its full length. Proudly she bobbed back and forth confident it would not take her long to make him cum. Indeed, she was very skilful with her mouth and rightly proud of her ability to give an awesome blowjob. He spoke more soft words of encouragement as she worked and it was only a few long moments before she heard him gasp ad felt him jerk as that man came in her mouth. And as her husband had sternly instructed each time he had erupted in her like this, she kept sucking until the man finally pulled free and she gladly swallowed all he gave to Pendik Esmer Escort her.

The next man was equally considerate, even if too eager to replace in her mouth his own cock. She had hardly had a chance to lick her lips before he was poking her lips with his swollen hard cock. It was much thicker and longer too, too long to fully take if totally hard but luckily like many well-endowed men he didn’t seem capable of making it fully hard. She felt a hand grasping at her breast, roughly squeezing it, but she focused on taking all she could of this man’s member into her mouth, and was saddened she had no hand to grab the rest to better serve him by both jerking him off as she sucked on him. But she was almost surprised at how quickly he came from her mouth only, but selfishly proud in overwhelming him so quickly, especially since he had been so cocky in his words while the first had been served. This one was a braggart she thought and she enjoyed getting him off so fast and embarrassing him as she knew he would be in front of other men.

The third man was a pig, and the one who had grabbed her tit and called her a whore. She had always enjoyed her husband playfully using such words in bed and her fantasy was to be treated to humiliation now, but it wasn’t nearly as sexy at first from a stranger to hear a barrage of “cunt”, “slut”, and “whore” punctuated by “suck it bitch” every other time she went down on that second man. But he was all talk and like the second man he jerked in orgasm after only a few bobs of her head on him. His little cock popped right out of her mouth as he let loose a stupid scream and streams of his cum spurted out uncontrollably. Thankfully his aim was as horrible as his language and he failed to even put a drop on her. This made her laugh in her own mind at how she had bested this one too.

The last man was more silent and his grasp was firm as he took her by the hair at the nape of her neck and put the tip of his hard cock right at her pursed lips. She tried to kiss it like she had the others but he held her back.

“You will kiss it,” he said in a deep and commanding voice, “like a lover.”

And obediently she loosened her lips to a more natural kiss and he let Pendik Eve Gelen Escort her move only slightly to it so she could give it a kiss. He had her kiss it several times before he pushed it into her lips a little more each time to meet her genuinely loving kisses. She was ecstatic at how dominant he was and how submissive this made her feel.

“Open you mouth and put out your tongue,” he then instructed matter-of-factly.

As she did she then felt his cockhead move unto her tongue and felt the rest of his cock slowly move into her mouth. Instinctively she closed her lips on it and now felt his shaft pass through her lips until its tip was nearly at the back of her throat.

“Tell me you love my cock,” he commanded confidently.

She spoke the words as he asked of her as best he could in a garble given her full mouth.

“Your husband tells me that you love cock,” he said more softly and knowingly.

Again she tried to speak and managed to murmur her agreement.

“I will fuck your mouth and you will be used by my cock,” he said menacingly, “it means nothing that you enjoy it or not, you are only to serve, understand?”

She nodded this time and no matter how much she loved to suck a cock, and in truth she had loved each of the three she had just taken, she finally was experiencing her fantasy, to be truly used and abused by a cock, to be face fucked by an angry cock that wanted only her mouth for how it pleased him. And her already hard nipples grew now painfully hard at her excitement, and her wetted pussy would now be drenched as she realized this man knew her fantasy fully.

She indeed gagged on this cock as he forced it into the back of her throat to show her what she was soon to feel more fully. It was just an average size cock, easy to take fully into her mouth really, and her lips felt his bared skin at its base each time he went for a full stroke into her. Her husband had a full bush, but this man was clean shaven and that was a new turn on for her. The smooth skin here seemed so confident and so erotic to her about a man that she desperately wanted to satisfy.

Soon he stroked from his tip to his base in her mouth and then angrily rammed it into Pendik Evi Olan Escort her throat nearly choking her each time, and each time she was helpless as he held her head tight to his blows. She had dreamed of this often and was trying to enjoy it, but now the enduring of it alone brought her the most pleasure. He only took a few breaks as he seemed to take forever, thrust after thrust, gag after gag as he freely fucked her mouth as sadistically promised.

She loved the taste of a man and gladly awaited the filling of her mouth with cum. Her husband had often called her a “cum-slut” at the eagerness she showed for sucking cock and willingness to swallow its conclusion. She was growing angry that this man simply refused to come in her mouth because of all the cocks she had sucked, this one she felt most honored in making come and most wanting to impress with her talent. Her mouth was sore and her throat hurt at his cruel forcing of her. So she was relieved when he finally stopped but disappointed that he had denied her the reward she had always gotten in her use of all other men’s cocks to date. Proud of her ability to make a man loose control she was mad at this one suddenly as she realized he was teasing her lips with his head and was seemingly immune to her gifted mouth’s pleasuring skills.

He took a few more strokes, softer and slower ones now but just as forceful in their depth and use of her whole mouth to please himself seemingly. Many tortured minutes had passed and she was weary of still serving him orally until she felt the hot wetness of his orgasm that coated her lips and face as he finally released. She could only use her tongue to try and get what he gave to her, renewed in her greed for his gift as she shamelessly tried to lick her mouth and amazingly she thought she had her own orgasm as this fantasy was finally fulfilled. Her body was abuzz with pleasure at having four different and strange cocks enjoy her mouth, but most of all at worshipping this man who understood that her mouth was for him to enjoy cruelly.

She knew that each man had only just begun, the blowjobs were just an appetizer really and as she had asked her husband, each man he had chosen for her would use each of her other openings before the night was done. Each man understood that hers was a free and wanting submission to him, a true consent to be abused or pleasured as he decided or pleased. And now she was excited at realizing that this beginning was realization of the fantasies she had long dreamt of experiencing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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