Mom’s in Town Ch. 09

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Christine lay back against the headboard after the two men left. Her legs wide apart, her tits, stomach and cunt covered in the two huge loads of semen.

“I did this for you.” she said as she swept up a glob of hot wet silky cum and placed it on her left nipple. Looking at Bri’s erection sticking out the leg hole of the lace panties, she adds: “You did want to lick it off didn’t you? I hope I guessed right or we have a real mess on our hands.”

“Why don’t you lick it all off me, and if you want, we can snowball.”

Bri was shocked at what her mother said but it was exactly what she wanted to do. She loved cum as much as her mother, but had been too embarrassed to say anything about her fetish. This was the chance of a life-time, she climbed on the king sized bed and dropped to her knees between her mother’s wide open legs. Bri looked at the long trails and copious globs of cum. So much cum and so little time before it grew cold and dried up.

Bri leaned forward, touched her tongue to her mother’s glazed nipple and sucked up the pearlescent cream. Licking off ropes and gobs of cum, she worked her way down between her mother’s breasts, then her stomach, then her hip…finally reaching the dark red gash where the real cream-pie was waiting. She slid her hands along the silky smooth thigh high’s to the naked skin above them. Her hands slid further up, under he mother’s bum to cradle the toned middle aged ass. She lift-up and tilted her mother’s hips for a better angle to eat her out.

Christine looked down as her newly revealed daughter swished and swirled cum around in her mouth, making room for the new load of rich sperm covering her vulva. She realized one of her ultimate fantasies as she felt Bri’s tongue licking up the protein rich goop like a Labrador drinking from a puddle. She reached down to hold her quivering lips apart, allowing full unimpeded access to her inner folds. She offered herself up and was rewarded when she felt the tip of her daughter’s tongue searching for cum.

With a loud …sssssssllllllllllllluuuurrrpppp… the last of the sperm was sucked out of her.

She moved her hands to the back of Pendik escort bayan her daughter’s head and caressed the fine hair and gently let her fingers fondle the teenage ears. She held her head tight and kept the face tight to her twat, enjoying the sublime moment.

“Now darling…let’s share.” she said as her hands moved from her daughter’s head to draw her up on the bed so their faces and lips were even. She pursed her lips, opened her mouth to receive the erotic present.

Bri closed her mouth, using her lips and tongue, formed a ball of cum from the two men. Then, opening her mouth, she let it cascade like a gentle water fall into her mother’s waiting mouth. She deposited the load and then kissed her mother gently and watched as her mother savored the texture and taste. Bri had done a great job of cleaning up and it was a big load. She saw her mother’s cheeks puff out and knew that she must be squishing it back and forth between her teeth before combining it again in it large orb of male protein.

Christine leaned forward, took the back of her daughter’s head in her hand, pressed her lips to her daughter’s and shared the prize. They let it flow back and forth as they kissed open-mouthed. The primal viscous seed ebbed and flowed between them as their lips touched and their tongues intertwined. She ultimately pulled away and without swallowing snuggled, then kissed the neck of her daughter. Then began to stroke the nascent chest and then touched the small hard pubescent nipples.

Bri felt her mother begin to slide down the bed and watched as the red lipstick on her lips traced a path to her nipples. Propping herself up on one elbow, her mother let a thin thread of cum drip, like thick honey, down onto her daughter’s breast. The silvery semi shear cum created a warm puddle around the left nipple, before her mother bent to suck it back up.

Looking further down, Bri watched as her mother touched, then caressed, her boyish cock. It was lying upright against her stomach signaling the rising excitement within her. Christine’s soft tanned fingers closed around her daughter’s white rigid organ before her Escort Pendik fingers extended to cradle the firm smooth hairless balls.

“Will you let mommy suck your cock? She really wants to.” she said, with her mouth still full of cum, continuing to fondle his she-male clit.

The upward thrust of her daughter’s hips, sent the cock sliding through her hand, a sure sign of an urgent need. Christine kissed and suckled gently on each nipple before sliding down over her daughter’s feminine thigh. Now, nestled between her daughter’s legs she got her first close of look of her child’s cock. It was beautiful she thought, as she ran her fingers from crown to base. A nicely developed and defined cock head was flared in anticipation. She was so glad they had had Bri circumcised when a baby. It was a beautiful sight. It was her’s – she had made that. Now she wanted it.

Christine bent her head and lightly kissed the youthful cock head. It bobbed and twitched in response. She placed her lips around the head and slowly opening them, accepted the corona into her mouth. She nursed it like a vanilla milkshake and could feel the goose-bumps develop along Bri’s thighs, but it was when she felt Bri’s hands pressing her down on the cock that she knew for sure it was going to happen. Her mouthful of cum meant smooth slippery lubrication to the cock that was fully in her mouth. The gooey sperm coated the cock, stimulating immoral thoughts in both of them. The lips locked around the base of her daughter’s cock as her tongue worked the rigid underside ridge feverishly to encourage release. She felt the cock stabbing at the inside of her cheek and probing the opening to her throat. The tenseness in the body underneath her gave it all away and Christine knew that her daughter’s orgasm had been triggered and within milli-seconds ropes of boy cum were jetting into her already almost full mouth.

She eagerly drank in her daughter’s sperm. She coaxed as much as she could out seeking to add it to the snowball in her mouth. She was not disappointed with another full load of hot thick boy cream.

She nursed and suck and, when the sensations became Pendik Rus Escort too much for Bri, she moaned and gently removed her mouth.

“Too sensitive. Your mouth is heaven but my cock can’t take any more.”

“Yes, it can. If there is anything I know it is teenage boy cocks and I know you can come again.” her mother said as she pulled herself up the bed and rose to kneel over him. She straddled her waist, then reached behind to grab the still hard cock and guide it into her waiting hole. Her cunt was on fire as she pushed herself back and impaled herself as deep as possible.

“Ride’m cowgirl!” she shouted as she squeezed her Kegel muscles around the deeply inserted cock and began to buck. Her tanned body began to rise up and down as her tits flopped from the action. The large breasts, white protected from the sun by the bikini bra, stood out against the tanned dark body. Her areolas had gone bumpy with excitement, gone puffy with stimulation and her long nipples drew crazy arcs in the air.

Christine leaned forward and put her hands on either side of her ersatz daughter’s head. She let her nipples raked across the small soft chest as she leaned forward to look down at the young face on the pillow below her.

Pursing her lips, she let Bri know what was going to happen.

Bri tore her eyes away from her mother’s breasts, smiled and opened her mouth. She saw a waterfall of cum spill from the red lips and anxiously awaited the liquid gift. It tasted different now. It tasted like her own cum. She loved the taste of her own cum and impatiently received it.

“Keep and swallow it just as you cum.” her mother implored as she rocked back and forth on the erect intruder filling her cunt. She rode, squeezed knowing it was only a matter of minutes before her daughter would discharge another load – this time deep in her cunt.

She watched her daughter’s face and, at the moment of release, felt the flood of semen enter her womb and saw her daughter swallowing the snowball they had been sharing.

She felt her own orgasm ripple through her body before the two lovers collapsed together.

Bri, took hold of one corner of the top sheet, flicked it over the two of them as the intensity sated them to the point of exhaustion.

“I guess I am a she-male lesbian who likes beautiful older ladies as well as cock.” thought Bri as she and her mother let the darkness overtake them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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