Justin’s Secret Ch. 02

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“Jason!” Justin tried to be cool. “Brent told me you came here.” He rambled, feeling his face grow increasingly red.

“Yeah. I know so many people here but it’s so big no ones in my classes.” He snickered, setting his bag on the table.

Justin admired him, thinking to himself how impossible it is that Jason had gotten even more gorgeous over the summer. He had a tan now and his light brown hair had been colored with a few blonde streaks by the sun. It made him look so much more attractive – not to mention how much more toned he’d gotten too.

“Um. Yeah. Me too.” Justin finally conversed.

“Mind if I sit?”

“Oh, of course!”

‘Jason’s in my class. Sitting next to me. Talking to me. Omg. Xx’ Justin sent into the group chat, mainly to make himself look like he had a lot of people to text, and also because he was excited.

‘He mentioned he was taking Psychology 🙂 xx’ Brent replied.

‘You’re such an asshole!!! You could have prepared me!!! omg xx’

Trying his best to seem more attractive, he pursed his lips a little, showing off what most guys went crazy for and his favorite part of his body. He knew they were pink, plump and perfect for his favorite activity.

“Do you stay in the dorms?” Jason asked, making conversation as eyes flicked down to his mouth.

His pursed lips stretched into a sly smile – he’d got him. “Uh yeah actually, sucks dick for privacy though.” Justin chose his words carefully and cleverly, using a tone he hoped came off as sexy but not too obvious.

“You’d know about that.” Jason remarked, taking his own lip in between his teeth.

Justin’s eye brows raised and eyes widened. “Excuse me?” he asked, flushing.

Snickering, Jason replied: “I’m just playing – but I’ve heard certain rumors.”

Justin was in shock he’d bring up such a thing when they didn’t really know each other that well and had only spoken a few times before. Was he hitting on him or just being a jerk? He never would’ve thought Jason was a jerk, but he didn’t think he’d hit on him either.

“Rumors. You have no idea if they’re true.” Justin smiled sensually, oddly liking the attention. He’d always liked male attention, especially sexually, but no one had ever confronted him on rumors before. He was shocked how much he was responding to it – but then again, it was Jason. He suddenly felt hot that Jason knew of his tendencies. He didn’t think this is the direction his day would go but he definitely wasn’t complaining.

“I have a pretty good idea.”

Justin was still red, but not with embarrassment. “Yeah?” Jason just smiled. “Well I’ve heard some things about you too!” Justin retorted with a smile – were they flirting, he thought? They couldn’t be. Not with Jason Anderson. It seemed so unreal to Justin.

The conversation from then made Justin happy, more than he could comprehend. He’d always been a content person, never had anything to complain about other than his secret, but this had sent him over the moon. Jason made him laugh, and although they talked about literally nothing, the conversation was never dry at any point.

That is, until just over five minutes later, where the teacher announced that we needed to mingle with others and that was the point of the ice breakers. So, Justin and Jason were separated and put with another pair every few minutes to talk with. It was beyond awkward and Justin found himself wishing to be paired with Jason again, but to his dismay it never happened.

After class, Jason did stop him though, and it made Justin’s heart rate pick up.

“That was terrible.” He laughed. “Sit in the same seats next lesson though? You’re the only person I could really talk to properly ’cause I know you.”

Justin thought he’d melt right there. “Of course.” He swooned. Jason smiled, clapped him lightly on the back and then turned to walk away. Justin stared at, of course, his ass as he walked with his backpack hanging smoothly off of one shoulder. He walked with soaring confidence and Justin loved it.

‘Done, meet me outside 🙂 xx’ Justin texted his friends with a smile and a dreamy sigh, ready to tell them just about everything.

Which he happily did so as they met up outside the college – on the short walk to McDonald’s, Justin didn’t spare a single detail, and finished when they’d sat down with their food. He finished what he was saying with another dreamy sigh.

“Sorry to go on but…” Justin just smiled, sipping his vanilla milkshake.

“Aw, that’s so exciting!” Becca encouraged, getting a look from Brent. “What’s your problem?”

He rolled his eyes. “You’ve heard the rumors Justin. He wasn’t in a relationship with those guys – he used them and that was the end of it. He’s a good guy yeah, but I don’t want to see you hurt.” Brent explained, biting into his burger.

Justin just smirked. “I’m like the king of one night stands – I know what I’m doing.”

“He does have a point though.” Becca’s voice sounded strained. “Don’t get yourself hurt.”

“I won’t.” Justin complained. He didn’t Pendik Fetiş Escort want to hear this, he wanted his friends to be excited for him and that wasn’t what he was getting.


The weekend had finally come – it seemed like forever even though their first day was on a Wednesday. Justin hadn’t had class with Jason since to his dismay, and was still getting little lectures from his friends whenever he even mentioned his crush. It had him frustrated and so on his Friday night, he was sitting on his front on his bed with a book in his hands, relaxing in just underwear.

“How do you have a party already?” Justin mumbled, flicking another page over, although a little excited Brent was going out so he could use his toy for the first time while at college. The limited time in the shower every morning really wasn’t cutting it, and as much as he loved his best friend he couldn’t wait for him to leave.

“It’s college?” Brent snickered. “I invited you – why aren’t you getting ready?” He asked, picking the book up out of his friend’s hands and closing it, placing it on the bedside table.

“Brent!” Justin whined, sitting up. “Parties just aren’t my thing. Why’d you do that?”

Brent rolled his eyes. “They are now. Come on.” He pulled his smaller friend up so he was standing, pulling him over to his closet.

“No!” Justin protested, pushing back. “You’ve never wanted me to go to one before, why now?” He asked, looking up at Brent, hating being almost an entire foot smaller than him. It had its disadvantages, and this was definitely one of them.

“Jason will be there.” Brent tempted.

“You’ve been saying all week not to get with him and now you’re tempting me with him! What’s your deal? Gosh.” Though Justin was seeming as if he was against the party, he was definitely more swayed to go now that Brent had mentioned who was going. He felt pathetic but he really couldn’t help it – he felt just one night with Jason would make his life.

“Because you never enjoy yourself!” Brent fired back, pulling clothes out of his friends’ wardrobe, picking an outfit for the smaller boy. “You would be sat here reading all night if you don’t come – I’d rather you be with Jason than that. I want you to actually have fun for once, I’m not having you spending your college years sitting around.” He pulled out a leather jacket and looked at Justin, wondering why he had it, but he picked it out for him to wear anyway.

“That’s ridiculous. I enjoy reading, you enjoy parties.”

Brent just rolled his eyes and left it at that, picking out a pair of dark wash slim fit jeans and a white t-shirt to go with the jacket. Justin protested the entire time, even though he wanted to go now that he knew Jason was there.

“I’m not drinking though.” Justin mumbled, feeling defeated as he pulled on his outfit. He preferred his previous plans, and was almost gutted he wouldn’t have his release he so badly needed tonight.

“You say that.”

Although Justin was actually petrified for what the night would bring him, it was actually quite nice when him, Brent and Becca turned up at the party that had started an hour ago (Justin insisted on being fashionably late). It was full of people from their high school – obviously everyone had parted ways to do their own thing, so to be with everyone again was a nice feeling. It did pair with the feeling of running off somewhere to hide in Justin though – as he looked around, all he could see was the faces of boys he’d given a favor to. It felt to him as if they were mocking him with their friends, he’d never felt more of a whore in his life.

He hid it well though, clinging to Brent’s side. No one would mess with him while he was with his best friend, he was one of the biggest guys at the party.

His friend had already cracked open a beer and it made him feel uneasy. After he’d started drinking, there was no going back to the college unless Justin was willing to walk the whole way in the dark. He knew straight away this was a bad idea.

“I want to go.” He whimpered, thinking how pathetic he’d sounded as he hid into Brent’s chest, taking his eyes off of the mass of teenagers grinding, drinking, making out – he didn’t like this scene, not one bit.

“Lighten up.” Brent offered, palming his back comfortingly with his hand. “Have a drink. Just a beer. It’ll help you chill out, okay?”

Justin cringed at the sour taste of the drink, but he kept drinking it anyway. He hadn’t had alcohol before, he never really wanted or needed to, but if he wasn’t going back to the college he at least didn’t want to be in his right mind. He knew Brent would take care of him no matter what state he got into, so the beers kept coming. He hoped he wasn’t being annoying, clinging onto Brent while he drank, but he really didn’t know what else to do.

“This was a bad idea.” Justin whimpered, now on his second drink in just ten minutes. He could feel the alcohol taking it’s toll already and he wasn’t sure if he liked it.

Brent sighed. “I’ll walk you Pendik Gecelik Escort back soon if you want? I didn’t realize you wouldn’t like it this much.”

“No – then you have to walk back by yourself. I’ll just go.” Justin mumbled.

“It’s rough here – no. I’m walking you or you’re staying.”

“Stop acting like you own me.” Justin snapped, pushing Brent away. “I’ll go if I want to go.”

He rolled his eyes. “But you won’t, will you? You wouldn’t even walk by yourself, especially now it’s dark. Just stay, it’s not so bad.” Brent offered, which was enough to coax the pouting boy back into his arms.

“Isn’t there anything else to drink?” Justin asked with a cringe, mid way through his second beverage.

“Probably.” Brent mumbled, wandering off to the kitchen with Justin following closely. Justin watched him pour orange juice into a cup with something that looked like just water.

“What is it?”

“Try it.”

Hesitating, Justin lifted the drink to his lips. Whatever the watery stuff was, he definitely couldn’t taste it over the strong taste of the orange juice, but the slight burn in his throat that made him feel warm was enough to indicate it was strong.

“What is it?” He repeated.

“Orange and vodka. Nice isn’t it?” Brent asked with a smile. Justin just nodded, drinking it like it was actually orange juice. It went to his head straight away.

“I want more.” Justin mumbled with a giggle, actually detaching himself from Brent for the first time since they arrived to go fetch himself another of the drink that made him feel so nicely dizzy. He could feel his best friend’s eyes on him as he went to the kitchen, pouring himself a second glass.

“You might want to slow down.” Someone said to him with a soft laugh.

“Matt.” Justin almost slurred with a smile, taking a sip of his fourth alcoholic drink that night.

“Like I said, slow down.” Matt offered with a smile, pulling the cup from his lips. “You’ll be sick before you know it.”

Justin made a face. “Brent will take care of me.” He decided, but didn’t raise the cup to his lips. He wanted to chill out, not make himself sick. That would only lead to embarrassment.

“Are you two fucking?”

Justin blushed. “No, he’s my best friend! Don’t be so crude.”

“Good.” He smiled, pulling Justin’s drink away from him completely to put it on the side. Justin whimpered, letting himself be pulled away by him. He was quite tipsy by this point, so he wasn’t about to resist any sort of company, even if that company was pulling him to the upstairs bathroom.

Justin knew instantly what he was getting at as he locked them inside.

“No kissing.” Justin reminded Matt of his rule as he got onto his knees. Matt had tried to kiss him last time but Justin hadn’t had his first kiss yet – he wasn’t about to have that with someone who only wanted head from him. Plus, he didn’t know how and he didn’t want to look silly.

The tiled floor was cold and uncomfortable, but nothing was going to stop him from his favorite thing to do. Though the alcohol was having its effects, he knew exactly what he was doing – he’d done it literally countless times. He pulled the familiar tool out from it’s confines, and went to work straight away.

Matt stared at Justin’s lips as they bobbed up and down his cock enthusiastically. It was a sight he couldn’t get tired of – lips so perfect belonged in porn, he thought, not exactly the most charming of boys. He’d never had head so good, feeling the vibrations of the boy kneeling before him moaning. It made the experience a million times better for him – he’d never had anyone so enthusiastic than Justin.

Sooner than he would’ve liked, he was getting extremely close just from watching Justin take his whole length in his mouth – something else that had also not been done by anyone else before. It amazed him to the point of finishing early; the only downfall.

“On your face.” He managed to grunt, pulling out, his mouth spilling a series of moans.

Before Justin could protest because it would ruin his makeup and probably his hair, the far from charming boy had already clenched his hair in his fist and was already releasing streaks of cum onto his face. Justin whined, trying to catch most of it in his mouth but he didn’t really succeed, feeling it splatter over his cheeks, eyelids and up to his bangs.

Once he’d finished, Matt only muttered a quick ‘thanks’ before unlocking the door and leaving.

Justin whined again, wiping the mess from his eyelids so he could open them, only to find he’d left the door wide open. He’d also left five dollars on the sink – Justin never felt so degraded by someone, but he couldn’t explain why he was absolutely soaked and throbbing between his legs. He’d loved every moment of the disrespect.

To make matters worse than cum in his hair, once he’d gotten up and taken a look at the mess in the mirror, Brent found him.

“Really?” He asked. “I turn away for one minute and you’re already off with some Pendik Genç Escort guy?” Justin thought he was mad but then he started to laugh. “You look a right state!” He chuckled, locking the door.

Justin just sighed. “It’s in my hair.” He mumbled, turning the sink faucets on and putting in the plug.

“Slut.” Brent remarked with a chuckle, grabbing a bottle of shampoo from the side of the bathtub and putting it beside the sink. “Money?” He asked, sounding confused. “Are you selling yourself?”

“No!” Justin shrieked, wiping his face with a towel. It seemed weird being with Brent in a state like this. He narrowed it down to the alcohol taking his cares away. “I wiped my eyes and it was just there, I didn’t ask. So embarrassing.” He mumbled, dipping the hair that had mess in it into the warm water, rubbing shampoo into it. “Plus, I would’ve charged at least ten. Who do you think I am?” He joked, making both of them chuckle.

“Are you going to take it?” Brent asked curiously.

“No.” Justin mumbled. “You have it. I feel gross about it.” He offered, already stuffing the note into his friends pocket.

Brent shrugged, not seeing the point in rejecting some money. “Dan has a sister – let me text him and ask if we can find some makeup in her room. I don’t think she’s in.” He asked, pulling out his phone.

Justin almost moaned. “You’re a beautiful friend.”

“Come on then.” Brent said once Justin was all cleaned up.

The pair headed blindly towards Dan’s sisters room, not knowing which one it was. It was awkward opening the door to Dan’s room, as there was a couple going at it in there. Once found, they were relieved that no one was occupying the room, and Justin tried not to use excess amounts of makeup as that didn’t seem right.

The foundation was a shade darker than his tone, but he managed to work it in fine. He also found a blow dryer and a rounded brush to sort out the front of his hair, and within ten minutes he was as presentable as when he arrived.

“Stupid Matt.” He mumbled as they left, rising a chuckle out of Brent.

To Justin’s delight, his drink was still on the side. The strong alcohol washed out the taste of cock on his tongue, but he wasn’t sure which one he preferred. He liked them both he decided, swirling the drink around his mouth.

“People are already talking.” Becca mumbled in Justin’s ear. He wasn’t sure if she was sober as she gave him a stern look that almost frightened him.

“About what?” He asked innocently, but of course he knew.

She rolled her eyes. “Just be careful. You went up with Matt and came down with Brent. It’s looking suspicious.”

“I would never with Brent!” Becca cocked an eyebrow. “A few times two years ago! That was all.”

She rolled her eyes a second time, crossing her arms. “Just be careful. I don’t like this reputation of yours. Are you being safe?”

“God, you sound like my mother.” Justin avoided, walking the short distance to the snack table, munching on a few crisps while sipping his drink.

“I mean it Justin – you don’t know who’s got what these days.” Becca placed her head on her friend’s shoulder, genuinely concerned. “Did you use a condom?”

“All I did was suck him off, Jesus!”

He got a little shove for that comment. “Even still! I’m assuming you didn’t. I’m so taking you to the clinic soon.”

Justin gave an unsatisfied grunt, continuing to pick on the little party foods. “Why do I feel like all you and Brent are doing lately is bitch at me? Am I really making that terrible decisions? I was going to stay home and read tonight until he dragged me out!” He downed the rest of his drink out of frustration, putting the cup down on the table.

“We’re just trying to protect you – what if you get an STD? You might have one right now and you could be spreading it. Just be safe, that’s all I’m trying to say.” Becca stated sympathetically, pulling her clearly stressed out best friend into a comforting cuddle. “I’m not bitching. I just want you safe.”

“I know.” He sighed, not realizing how much he’d needed a cuddle. “I probably could be more careful…” He admitted.

“And as for this reputation! Keep it on the down low you slut.” She joked, smiling wide at her friend.

Justin rolled his eyes. “Shut up and pig out with me.”

“I’d be happy to.”

Three more of the lovely orange and vodka’s Justin had taken a liking to, drunk was an understatement. He was clearly a lightweight and did anything but put a small amount of the spirit in ratio to the orange juice, resulting in him getting absolutely smashed for the first time ever. He was trying to act sober but it wasn’t really working for him, clinging onto Brent because he could barely stand for himself.

“Sorry.” Justin mumbled sheepishly, but then was in hysterical laughter.

Brent smiled down at him, finding the situation hilarious. He’d made sure that he hadn’t gone upstairs with anyone else despite Justin’s protests – that might reveal his secret while he’s in this state. A lot of guys had wanted something from him upon hearing the rumors he was on Matt so quickly (and the suspicions of his best friend afterwards too), so Brent had put a stop to all of it. The last thing Justin wanted was to be found out because of one drunk night after eighteen years of hiding so well.

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