Amy and Hope’s Bad Weekend

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Big Tits

As soon as I saw her I knew she was the one. I was just back from a business trip to Boston & was shopping for dinner when I saw her. She was blond, about 5’8”, I would say 110/115lbs, athletic looking with a killer ass. She turned in my direction and I saw her beautiful face and green eyes. I guessed that she was early to mid-twenties. I thought to myself that this one would be a lot of fun to rape and video tape. I went to cash out and waited in the parking lot her to come out so I could follow her home. I am not just a grab & go guy, I like to scope out my victims for a few days so I know if and when I can have time to play with them. This is one of the many reasons that I have not been caught yet after 5yrs of raping women and selling the videos online to out of county buyers.
After a few minutes my girl came out and got into her car just like any normal person would do. I pulled out about 2 cars behind and followed her home. She led me to a somewhat secluded housing area so I peeled off and went up a block from where she turned. Her car would be easy to spot driving around so I had no fear of losing her. I took a couple of turns to get back to where I thought she might be and sure enough, 3 houses down from where she turned, there she was getting her bags out of her car. I happened to notice an apartment building where I could watch her house without being noticed. About 15 minutes later I saw a SUV pull in the driveway and a man with two little blond hair girls got out. I thought,” great husband & kids! Fucking wonderful!” To my surprise the guy came out a minute later and left. So my vic has two little girls and an ex. I like that!! Later that night I’m guessing her boyfriend showed up. I called a buddy of mine who happens to be a cop to run the plates for me. Just as a little background on my buddy, he knows about my side hobby and asked me to help him grab his 16yr old niece a year ago. Seems that he was playing with her since she was 14 and was nervous she would tell. We had a lot of fun with her and we both split the 5k I got from selling her to a gang out of Mass.
Anyway, he called me back on a private line and gave me the info. Her name was Amy Barter, 32, clean record. “32” I thought, “with two kids and a body like that. Yep, she will be fun!” Jack off’s name was Matt Hill, 31 also clean record. Well might have to do something about him I thought, we’ll see. My buddy left with, “have fun & show me the vid!”
Friday night I saw the ex pull into the driveway and pick up the kids with their overnight bags. Guessing he has them for the weekend. Takes care of that problem. Later that night, I notice no boyfriend. Maybe in the morning I thought, “get her the whole day. Maybe over night?” I left to pack some of my gear that I use, toys, rope, cameras (both photo & video) and my stun gun and of course my little blue pills in case I need them. LOL
Saturday morning I went to the florist to buy a dozen roses for my victim as a way to get her to open the door for me. I arrived at her house at 815 and parked on the street. I grabbed my gear and the roses and went up to the deck and knocked on the door. She came to the door wearing a towel with her hair wet and asked, “Who is it?” I told her I worked at the flower shop and had some roses for her from a Matt Hill. She opened the door with a beautiful smile and just as she reached for the roses, I hit her with the stun gun knocking her back into the house and on the floor. I was on her immediately with a towel full of chloroform to put her out. She barely struggled while I held it over her face until she was out. Once she was out, I grabbed my gear and closed the door. I looked around for a minute or two to make sure we were alone. Once I found a spot to tie her down to, I got out my camera and took a few of her on the floor with her towel open. “God, what a body on this girl!!!” I thought. She even shaved her pussy for me, how sweet!!! Her body was tighter than it looked under her clothing the other night. Perfect size “32 C” cup tits that were nice and firm, flat stomach, beautiful shaven pussy and when I turned her over, there was that killer ass!!! I am going to LOVE ripping that open I thought!!!
She had an open concept house so I chose the living room to play in. I tied her to the coffee table on her knees so that she was open to me with whatever hole I wanted to use. I even put pillows under her knees to raise her up so I could lie on my back and eat her pussy with ease. I also put a “deep throat gag in her mouth so I could fuck her mouth whenever I wanted to. I put a blindfold on her so she would not see my face. It also adds to the effect on video. Once that was done, I took some more photos of her and filmed her body close-up for a bit, getting every angle. I have a lap-top that I use with my video cameras so I came make sure it is all caught on film. I stripped off my clothing and started to feel her up while videotaping it. I couldn’t wait to spread that ass and look at her little rosebud. Man did that look good. I had to stick my tongue in it just to get a quick taste. How sweet that was… Man was it tight!! I set the video cameras up so I could start taping her violation. I then slid on my back under her so I could eat her pussy. I started at her clit and ran my tongue all the way to her asshole and back. I used a finger to open her up a bit and soon added a second one. After a bit, she started to get wet and my fingers slid into her up to the second knuckle. She tasted better than I had hoped for. With my tongue and fingers working her pussy and clit, Amy started to buck her hips and wake up. I could hear her crying and every now and then a moan would escape from her. I paid attention to her clit and worked it with my tongue until I could feel her cumming. She was crying while her body betrayed her and she had several orgasms while I played with her. When she came down, I slid out from under her and gave her ass a swat that made her jump.
“Hello Amy” I said. “Yes, I know your name. You will call me Sir or Master. From this point on, you are nothing more than a fuck toy, a cum dumpster, slut, whore or a piece of rape meat for me to use any which way I chose. I am also videotaping this to be posted on the internet for everyone to see. As you can tell, you are tied down so that I can enjoy the use of you pussy, mouth or even that incredible ass of yours. I have placed an open gag in your mouth so you can’t scream or bite me while I am fucking your throat.” Amy was sobbing and shaking her head as I was telling her this, reality was setting in that she was going to be raped in every way and there was nothing she could do about it. “So slut, anyone coming over today to look for you? And before you think about lying to me, I know about your two little girls” “Just shake your head yes or no.” Amy shook her head no. “Good. Then we have all day to have fun!” I could see Amy’s body shaking in fear and from crying. “I think I will start with that lovely mouth of yours. You do know how to give blowjobs don’t you?” “Answer me Whore!” I said as I slapped her. Amy tried to pull back but the ropes held her tight. “Don’t make me ask again.” Amy shook her head yes. I was about to place my cock in her mouth when I heard someone coming up the deck stairs. I jumped down and whispered in her ear, “I thought I told you not to lie to me slut!” Amy shook her head and tried to say no. I heard a knock at the door then a female voice. “When I take this gag out of your mouth, you will call whoever that is in here. If you scream or give any warning, not only I will rape your oldest daughter, but I will sodomize her until she bleeds to death. I will make your youngest choke to death on my cock while I hold it down her throat. All the while I will make you watch. Understand?” Amy had tears streaming out of eyes when I told her what I would do to her kids. She shook her head yes. “I will take this gag out; you will count to 10 and then call her in. Say that you are in the bathroom and come in. Do you understand?” Again Amy shook her head yes. I removed the gag and grabbed my stun gun and chloroform towel and moved to the door. Amy did what she was told. I heard her say, “Come in. I’m in the bathroom getting dressed, be right out” The door opened and I could see that it was one female. She came in about 4 steps before she saw Amy tied naked to the table. Just as she froze, I hit her with the stun gun and watched her fall to the floor. It jumped on her fast with the chloroform towel and held it over her face until she was out. I could hear Amy sobbing in the living room begging me not to kill her or her friend. I closed the door and ran to the front window and looked out. Nobody in the car. Good!! I went back and told Amy to shut up as I put the gag back into place. I then went over to her friend, not bad I thought as I looked down at her. “two for the price of one.” I found her friend’s ID – Hope Williams, 30, 5’10, 125lbs, brown hair & eyes. I went and got my camera to take some photos of Hope as I stripped her. Great body on her also. Bigger tits, 34Ds, not as firm but nice, a little bit more gut, nothing to dislike however. Still looked athletic, nice toned legs. Hope had a pathway to pleasure instead of shaved. She also had a great ass that I was going to enjoy using. Once I had her stripped naked and had taken the photos I wanted, I carried her over to the coffee table and tied her across from Amy in the same manner, including the “deep throat” gag and blindfold. I then walked around to Amy who was crying and told her that I was going to remove her blindfold so she could see that her friend was still alive. I had the video camera on Amy’s face so I could record her reaction. Amy’s eyes went wide when she saw her friend Hope tied just as naked as Amy was. I asked, “are you two good friends?” Amy just shook her head yes. I put the blindfold back on Amy’s face. “Now I think I am going to sample your girlfriend’s pussy. What do you think Amy? Should I eat her just as I did you or should I just ram my cock into her?” Amy was crying, I could see the tears running down her face. “I know, maybe I should have her suck my cock like I was going to have you do. Hhhmmmm, let me think.” Man was I horny and needed to get off. I figured I might as well taste this one too before I rip into her. I adjusted the cameras and slid under Hope’s body to start licking her pussy. She also tasted great. Again as with Amy, I started to finger Hope with one then two fingers until she was wet enough for me to finger fuck her up to my second knuckle. I could not believe how tight these girls felt. Soon Hope’s body started bucking as she neared her first orgasm. I could hear Hope moan through the gag and watched her struggle against the ropes holding her down and her legs apart as she started climaxing. I slid out from under her as she was coming down and gave her ass a slap also. I chuckled as I told Hope that she taste fantastic. I saw the tears run down her face as well. “I think Hope, since you interrupted me, I will fuck you first. What do you think?” Hope started to tug at her binds and shake her head back & forth in a “no” way. I adjusted the cameras again and walked behind Hope. “Hope, you have a beautiful pussy, I must say. And that ass… I can’t decide where to stick my cock first. Ass or pussy?” I told Hope that I was filming this for later use. Watching Hope struggle, I decided her pussy first. I stepped up to Hope’s ass and placed the tip of my cock at her pussy. She tried to pull away but the rope kept her firmly in place. I pushed the tip of my cock into her pussy, as wet as she was from her climax from me eating her, she was tight. I’m not a big guy, 7 ½ inches long but not very thick. I got about half way in and was amazed at how good she felt. I pulled my cock back until the head was still in her and thrust hard sinking my cock balls deep into her. Hope had her head on the table crying and trying to scream though her gag. I looked at Amy who was also crying knowing her friend was being raped in front of her and there was nothing she could do. I savored the feeling of Hope’s pussy on my cock. “Wow you are tight!” I told Hope. I pulled out and started long, deep strokes in and out of her. Soon her body started to betray her and she was getting wetter. I could hear the sound of us fucking and I knew Amy could also. “Just like a whore! No matter what is being done to you, you still get wet. Can you feel how wet you are? I want you to cum for me you fucking whore!! Cum! Cum for me you slut!! I can feel you getting close.” I started slamming it into her hard and deep. The whole time she was crying but her hips were bucking back to me. “I’m going to cum, you slut! I’m going to cum right inside this pussy of yours, you fucking slut!” I felt Hope tense up and try to pull away as she realized that I was going to cum in her unprotected womb. Hope was crying and begging me though the gag not to cum in her but I didn’t care. She was a fuck toy, my cum dumpster for the day and cum I did. Hope could feel me cumming inside her and she just laid her head and body down on the table and sobbed. I waited a minute before I pulled my cock out of Hope’s used pussy. I slapped her ass and told her what a good fuck she was. She laid there defeated knowing that I had made her cum while raping her and had cum inside her. I grabbed my camera and took a few photos of my cum dripping out of her pussy and down her leg. Love those cream pie shoots. Her pussy looked good, all ready and open. Almost wanted to go again but I had other plans for these two girls.
“Alright.” I said. “Time to answer a few questions. I am going to remove your gags so you both can talk. However, I already told Amy here what I would do to her lovely little daughters if either of you decide to yell for help. You do remember, don’t you Amy?” Amy shook her head yes and Hope was still laying on the table in shock after her rape. I walked over and hit her. “I asked a question Whore! Do you understand?” Hope jumped and shook her head yes also. “Good.” I removed both of the gags from the girls. Amy was crying and pleading, “Please, let us go. Please! We wouldn’t tell anyone. Just don’t hurt us.” “I will let you two go later, after I have my fun with the both of you. Now, shut the fuck Ankara escort up and answer my questions! Seeing as you are in a more talkive mood Amy, why don’t you go first. Do you like to give your boyfriends blowjobs?” Amy hesitated. “Answer me me bitch before I get mad! Do you?” “Yes” “Do you deepthroat & swallow?” Amy put her head down and said, “yes”. “Good slut” What about you Hope? You like to give your boyfriends Blow jobs?” Hope shook her head yes. “Do you swallow?” “No” she whispered. “No? Do you spit or just jack him off until he cums?” “Spit” she said. “Well Hope, you are going to swallow from here on out.” I said with a chuckle “No please. Please, no more.” she whined. “Either of you two ever had sex with another girl?” Hope shook her head no. Amy hesitated and shook her head yes. “Well, was it just kissing, did you dive face first into each other’s cunts or was it fucking each other?” “We eat each other and used vibrators on each other” “Wow. Very nice. How many girls have you played with?” “Three” “Just three?” “Yes” “How many times have you played with these three girls? Was this in college or after?” “One in college, the other two after.” “You haven’t quite answered my question Slut. How many times have you eaten each of there cunts?” Amy started turning red and her voice starting shaking. “In college, my roommate, several times. After college, one girl and her boyfriend picked me up at the bar. The other girl is a friend of mine. I don’t know how many times with her.” “A girl and her boyfriend? Did you let him fuck you while you ate her cunt?” “Yes.” Amy sobbed. “When was the last time you ate your friend? Is it Hope?” “I have never done anything with Hope. The last time with my friend was 2 months ago, with my boyfriend.” “Wow you are a fucking little whore aren’t you? Hope, did you know about you friend’s liking for pussy?” Hope shook her head no. “What about that killer ass, Amy? You ever let anyone fuck you in the ass?” “No!” Amy shook her head. “No? What about a finger or a tongue?” I asked as I walked around behind her and pulled her ass checks apart to reveal that little rosebud. Amy tried to hold her ass together and pleaded, “No! Not there! Please, not there!” “Are you telling me that I found a 32yr old with a virgin ass?” Amy choked “Please, not there. I’ll do anything you want! Please not my ass!!” “You really are in no position to make deals whore. I will do anything I want to you. As I told you earlier, you are both nothing but my fuck toys, cum dumpsters, sluts & whores to be used as I please. However, play your cards right and I might let you keep that cherry” I lied, I had every intention of ripping that ass open before I was done. I bent down so I could stick my tongue into Amy’s ass and give it a few good licks. “I haven’t had a virgin ass in a long time. That tastes sweet.” I said as Amy was gagging. “Please, I’ll be a good whore.” Amy pleaded, “Just not my ass. Please!” I pretended not to hear her. “What about you Hope? That ass yours ever been fucked or at least fingered?” I was walking around Hope’s body enjoying the view and lightly touching her just to watch her shudder. “Yes” she said meekly. “You have? How many times?” “Twice. Only twice? Did you like it?” “No. I was drunk and it hurt.” I was behind Hope and reached down to spread her ass apart so I could look at it. Hope squeezed her ass together and pleaded, “Please. Please don’t” She started sobbing more. “Please. Don’t hurt me anymore” “Ahhh, Hope, loosen that ass for me or it will hurt. I don’t care either way, so make it easier on yourself and let me see it.” Hope knowing she had no choice loosened her ass so I could spread it wide. I looked at her rosebud winking at me as she quivered not knowing what I was going to do. I bent down and ran my tongue over it a few times. “Ummm, tasty” I chuckled. I watched Hope’s body heave with her sobs. “So Hope, besides the fucking I just gave you 5 minutes ago, when was the last time you got fucked?” Hope was sobbing, “please, no more” “Not what I asked Whore!” “6 months ago.” She sobbed. “No wonder you’re tight and got so wet.” I laughed while watching her face turn red with shame. “I would ask Amy but her boyfriend was here the other night. Right Amy?” “I don’t know about you sluts but I’m fucking horny still and want to fuck!” Both girls cringed at hearing that.
“We are going to try something different I think.” I pulled out my spreader bars and moved in behind Amy first. After I secured the bar in place, I went and placed one on Hope. While I was doing that, I played with her pussy some more keeping her nice and wet. “Love the way your pussy is open to me, almost begging me to ram my cock back into it. And still so wet!” Hope again begged, ”Please, no more. Please!” Don’t worry slut, I’m not going to fuck you again. Yet.” I said as I stood up and reached around to place her gag back in her mouth. Hope tried to twist away but I held her head down to the table. I then untied her arms from the table and secured them in front of her, wrapping the rope around her waist so her reach was short. I then picked her up and sat her on the couch with her legs wide open to the cameras. I then untied Amy’s arms and tied them behind her back. “Well Amy..” I said and I moved her in front of Hope. “Seeing is how you have eaten pussy before, you get to go first!” “Noooo! Please, No!” Amy cried. Hope was shaking her head back & forth trying to scream through the gag. “Oh yes Amy. I want to see you eat my cum from your friend’s pussy. I want to see you lick every last drop! You said you swallow your boyfriend and love the taste of cunt! Let’s see how you do with Hope’s used pussy. Oh, and one more thing. I am going to be fucking this beautiful pussy from behind so I can watch. But here’s the thing. If I cum before you make your friend cum, I will fuck your virgin ass hard. If however, you make Hope cum, I will fuck her ass. “Oh God, Please don’t..” Amy started to beg as I pushed her face into Hope’s pussy. “Better start eating slut unless you want me in your ass.” I held Amy’s face to Hope’s cunt while I reached down with my other hand and started to play with her clit. Hope had tears streaming down her face and I could hear Amy gagging a little bit as she started to lick my cum on Hope’s thigh. I continued to play with Amy’s clit until she started getting wet. I then removed my hand and placed my cock at her pussy lips. I started to push into her slowly savoring the tightness of her pussy. Amy lifted her head up, “Please don’t ra..” I cut her off as I pushed her face back into Hope. “Amy, I’ve wanted to fuck this pussy of yours since I saw you at the grocery store earlier this week and so far it has been worth it. Now shut up and eat that pussy!” I started to rock my hips back & forth doing long, slow deep strokes into her. “God Amy! Your pussy is amazing!” After several minutes of me fucking her pussy her body started betraying her. She was getting wetter the more I fucked her. She was also started doing a good job at licking Hope’s pussy. I was watching Hope’s hips start to buck and her hands make fists and reach down to Amy’s hair. Both girls were moaning softly in between crying. I loved the way her pussy muscles started to contract around my cock as her body built itself up to a having an orgasm. I started to drive in and out of Amy’s pussy harder which drove her face deeper into Hope causing Hope to buck and jerk as she neared her climax. Amy was licking Hope’s pussy for all she worth like it was her girlfriend’s while she bucked her hips back at me building up to her orgasm. I was pulling my cock out to the head and slamming it back into her hard. I reached down and played with her clit which sent Amy over the edge, climaxing all over my cock as I was raping her hard and fast. She had 3 rapid orgasms while she bucked her hips and ate Hope’s pussy. I kept up my pace and said, “better make her cum fast Slut ‘cause I’m about to cum deep inside you!” Amy’s head flew up like she had been hit by lightening and started begging and crying. “Please. Nooo! Don’t cum inside me! Please! I’m about to start. I might get pregnant. Please.. Noo!” I laughed as I drove my cock as deep into her as I could and came hard inside her unprotected womb. “NNNOoooo!” Oh God! Amy cried as she felt me cumming. I pushed her face back down into Hope’s pussy to shut her up. Hope was sobbing and shaking from hearing her friend begging and knowing that I gave her what she had gotten earlier. I lay there on Amy’s back for a minute catching my breath while she lay sobbing under me. I pulled my cock out and sat back watching my cum leak out of her used cunt. “Amy, Amy, Amy… That was one of the best fucks I’ve had! You are a real fucking whore aren’t you? You started fucking me and cumming like you were fucking one of you boyfriends. If that is how you fuck while being raped, I bet you are wild when you are willing! And the way you were eating Hope’s pussy… Damm, what a slut!! I couldn’t tell if you were trying to save your virgin ass or if you loved the taste of my cum and Hope’s juices!” I said with a laugh. “About that making Hope cum before me thing… though you might pull it off but, but you lost. I can’t wait to rip that virgin ass open!! The way you were acting Hope, I would say that she made you feel good. Except that you didn’t cum!” I had to chuckle. I gradded my camera and snapped a couple of Amy’s open pussy dripping my cum from behind. I then grabbed the video carmera and moved in for a close up of it and her still laying between Hope’s open thighs. I lifted her head up and showed her face smeared with my cum and Hope’s pussy juices along with the tears streaming down her checks.
“Perfect Amy. You could be a model”. I laughed. Amy was sobbing, “Please, no more. Please. You got what you wanted. Please don’t hurt us anymore.” “No, I haven’t had that killer ass of yours yet. And besides, I think it is only fair for Hope to have her turn at you.” Hope realized what I had said and started screaming through her gag and shaking her head. Amy started to beg but I put her gag back in her mouth. I retied Amy’s hands in front of her like I had with Hope’s. I then retied Hope’s behind her back. I picked the girls up and rearranged them on the couch so that Amy was on her back with her freshly used pussy exposed. I placed Hope so her face was just above Amy’s cunt. I removed Hope’s gag and told her to start licking. Hope started to beg me not to make her but I pushed her face deep into Amy’s cunt and held her there. Amy’s body was heaving from her sobbing so hard. “If you do not start lapping that pussy and my cum, I will fuck your ass here and now as hard as I can. Do you understand me? You are nothing more than my fuck toy and you will do as I say you fucking whore!” I slapped Hope’s ass to get my point across. Hope jumped and I could hear her crying. I stuck my hand under her upturned ass and played with her clit and stuck a finder in her. After several strokes of my finger, I pulled it out and placed it at her asshole. Hope raised her head and begged, “please! Please don’t! I’ll do it, I’ll do it! Just please don’t rape my ass.” “Good girl”. I said. I pushed Hope’s head back down into Amy’s cunt and started hearing Hope gag as she got her first taste of pussy. As I watched Hope slowly lick my cum from Amy’s used open pussy, I was thinking about what to do next. I got up and adjusted one of the cameras to get a better view of what was next. I moved up onto the couch and stood next to Amy’s head and rubbed my spent cock against her face. Amy jumped and tried to pull away but I grabbed hold of that long blond hair and held her still. “That’s right Amy, you are going to suck my cock while your friend eats that used cunt of yours. Let’s see how good you are at deep-throating shall we?” Amy was moaning through her gag when I stuck my cock in here. I moved it back and forth a couple of times enjoying hearing her sob around my cock. “Come on you slut! Suck my cock like it’s you boyfriends. I want to feel you use that tongue of yours licking it like a lollypop!” I had a hold of her hair still and I started to pull her face down to my pubic hair and held it there for several seconds at a time. I started to feel her tongue licking my cock everytime I would slid it into her mouth. “Hope, just so you know. That same deals works for you. If I cum down this whore’s throat before you make her cum, I will rape that great ass of yours hard.” Hope raised her head and begged again, “Please don’t hurt me anymore! Please!!” “Get you tongue back in her fucking cunt you whore! Now!!! I didn’t tell you to speak, I told you to eat my cum out of this whore’s cunt!! Hope lowed her head and sobbed while licking Amy’s used pussy. I was pulling Amy’s head back and forth on my cock harder as I drove it down her throat on each downward stroke. “You have an advantage Hope, I have cum twice now so it may take me longer this time. Of couse I am going to use your friend’s mouth like her pussy!” I said while laughing. I was enjoying the way Amy was gaging and trying to lick my cock as much as she could. “How do you like the knowledge that the cock you are sucking is going to rip that virgin ass of yours wide open soon? I bet you will love it and cum just like the whore that you are while I’m doing it!” Amy was sobbing and choking on my cock at the thought of getting raped in the ass. Hope found a good rhythm of licking Amy’s clit and pussy because Amy’s body started to betray her again and soon she was bucking her hips to meet Hope’s tongue when she licked her clit. “What a true slut you are Amy. I bet this reminds you of when you and your boyfriend shared your friend.” I had let go of her hair and watched her move her head up and down on my cock on her own. After several more minutes of Hope’s eating Amy out, Amy started to really buck her hips and her hands found Hope’s head and push her deeper into her pussy. Amy was moaning around my cock as she started to climax under Hope’s tongue. I loved the way her stomach ripped and her body heaved as she lifted her ass off the couch while cumming all over Hope’s face. When she finally settled down, I took hold of Hope by the hair and pulled her face up so she was facing the camera, I looked at my lap-top and saw that I had Ankara escort bayan a perfect shot of Hope’s face smeared with Amy’s juices. Hope was whinning “Oww, oww, ouch” I told her that I wanted to see her lick her face and stick her tongue back in Amy. Hope did what she was told and I watch as Amy’s hips jumped when Hope touched her clit. Amy had stopped sucking my cock on her own as she tried to catch her breath.
I figured this was as good as any time to finally rip Amy’s perfect virgin ass open. I got up and started to rearrange to the girls on the floor. Placed Hope on her back on the floor. She looked good laying there with her legs spread open and wet. I then retied Amy’s hands behind her back and picked her up off the couch placing her on top of Hope in a 69. “You two better start licking each other’s cunts or else.” I threatened. “Please don’t rape my ass, please!” Amy was begging. “Start eating your friend or I will fuck your kids instead!” “Nooo, please.” I pushed Amy’s head down into Hope. “Think you better make things up to her, Cunt! She made you cum while you left her hanging the last time.” I looked down and saw Hope licking Amy’s thighs with tears running down her face. “I want to see you lick that asshole Slut! I hate a dry hole!” Hope’s tongue moved up Amy’s cunt to slowly lick her ass. Hope gagged when her tongue touched it. Amy again lifted her head to beg for her last virgin hole. “Please, please don’t do this. Please” I slapped her ass hard several times bringing shreaks of pain and surprise from her. “Next time you lift that face of yours from your friend’s cunt I will hurt your friend and fuck your daughters in the ass! Understand?” I hit her ass again to drive my point across. Amy was sobbing hard but shook her head “yes” as she lowered her face to the open pussy under her. I got up so I could reajust the cameras. Once I had the cameras in place, I walked around my fuck toys and watched them lick each other as I took photos. I then took some lube out of my bag and walked over to Amy’s upturned ass. I spread her ass cheeks apart and poured some lube in her ass. It dripped down onto Hope’s face and I watched her try to move. I didn’t use it for her comfort, but I see no need to rip the skin off my cock while I’m enjoying a good ass fuck, and this was going to be a good ass fuck! I ran a finger up and down Amy’s ass crack and over her tiny asshole applying some pressure as I went. I loved watching her body shudder as I did this along with hearing her sob. I started to work my finger in her ass and she tried to close it. I laughed, “You can make this easy or hard on yourself. Relax or it is going to hurt. Well, it will hurt anyway but it hurt less if you push your ass open for me. Besides, you have Hope who is turning into quit the cunt lapper, aren’t you Slut? I think she likes the way you taste Amy. Better hope that she sucks on that clit of yours while I’m fucking your ass this way you might enjoy it more!” I was chuckling while watching Amy’s face on the computer screen as I inserted another finger into her tight ass. I loved when she tried to pull away from me, it only brought her pussy down onto Hope’s tongue even more. “I am going to enjoy ripping your tight ass open slut! I am going to fuck your ass hard just like I did to your pussy!” I removed my fingers and watched her asshole close tight while pouring some lube onto my dick. I climbed over Amy’s spread legs and Hope’s face as I lined my cock up with Amy’s unprotected virgin asshole. “Here we go Slut, that ass is now going to be mine!” I said as I placed my cock against her rosebud and pushed. I watched Amy’s face twist with pain as my cockhead pushed passed her virgin anal ring and sank in. I paused with my cockhead just inside her so I could enjoy the feeling of her ass muscles ripple grip my cock. Amy lifted her head and cried, “Aaaawwww! Aw Gawd! (Sob) Please take it out,(sob) it hurts!” I smacked her ass and pushed her face back into Hope’s spread pussy. “I haven’t even gotten it in more than my cockhead. Don’t worry, I will though!” I laughed as I pushed more of my hard cock into her ass. I got about half way in and again I paused to enjoy the tightness of her ass as her muscles rippled over my cock. “Glad I have cum 3x or I would be cumming now!” I thought to myself. I watched Amy’s body heave with her sobs as I pulled out just to my cockhead and pushed back in sinking even more into her. After a few more strokes, I finally got all 7 ½ inches in Amy’s ass so my balls were smacking her open pussy and Hope’s face. “Please (sob) take it out! Please! (Sob.) Aaaawwww, it hurts! You’re ripping me open!” Amy was sobbing. “Bitch, you lift your fucking face from that pussy one more time!” I yelled at her. I reached down and punched Hope in the side to get my point across. “I will fucking hurt her! Do you understand me?” Amy nodded her head “yes” and put her face back down to Hope’s pussy. “Good Slut! Remember what I told you, you are nothing but a fuck toy to me. You were put here to be used anyway I want to use you! And right now, I am going to use this ass of yours as my new cum dumpster!” I pulled my cock out and slammed it back in just to prove my point. “MMMmmmmmm! Mmmmmmm!” I heard Amy scream into Hope. I could hear Hope crying underneath me also. “While you are down there Whore, lick my balls while you eat that pussy!” I told Hope. “And she better cum before I do!” I felt Hope’s tongue on my balls for a few licks before she went back to Amy’s pussy. I left my cock buried to my balls in Amy’s ass for a minute to savior the feeling of how tight she was. “You better make each other cum before I do or Amy’s beautiful tight little ass is not the only one I’m going to rip open! You understand me?” I pulled my cock out half way and pushed it back in slowly enjoying the fit and hearing Amy sob. I looked down and saw a trickle of blood on my hard cock and starting to run down Amy’s spread thighs. I started fucking her virgin ass a little faster and deeper while I watched my cock spread her asshole. I could her Amy sobbing into Hope’s pussy and looked at the laptop to see her still eating and lapping Hope’s clit. I loved the way Amy’s back arched when I shoved my cock into her ass. I pulled my hand back and slapped her ass several times making her jump and bounce on my cock while I fucked her. “You like my hard cock buried in your ass Amy? Does it feel as good to you as it does to me?” I knew it didn’t but I asked anyway. “Please, ple..please take it ooutt.. Plea..please! It hurts! You’re ripping…. (sob) me in …(sob) half! AAAwwww Gaaawwwdd! It burns!” Amy begged. “Don’t worry Slut, I will stop after I cum deep inside your ass. You really should have let a few boys enjoy this great ass of yours bitch. It is so fucking tight!” I laughed enjoying the rippling of her ass on my cock. “Please, don’t.. (sob)..” I pushed Amy’s face back down, “I didn’t say you could stop eating that pussy did I?” “I’m going to start fucking your ass just like you pussy, hard and fast!” I pulled all the way out and rubbed my cock on Hope’s face then lined up Amy’s asshole and slammed it into her. I heard her grunt and scream into Hope. “AAAAwwwww, Mmmmmmm!” Picking up my pace, I fucked her ass harder. Soon Hope was doing something right to Amy because she started to buck her hips and moan into Hope as her body betrayed her again. “That’s it Whore, make this Slut cum while she is getting her ass raped!” I told Hope. Amy lifted her head from Hope’s pussy and begged “Please…(sob) Don’t… Stop! (Sob) Nnooooo! AAAwwww Gggaawwwwd! I’m cummmmiinng! Aaaawwwwww! MMmmm! Awwww Ggaaawwwdd. NNNnnnnoooo!” I looked at the laptop and saw Amy’s face was twisted in pain & pleasure, covered in tears and Hope’s pussy juices while she climaxed. Hope didn’t let up and continued to suck on Amy’s clit bringing her to another orgasm. I stayed still while Amy’s body bucked and jerked making her ass fuck my cock. As Amy tried to catch her breath, I started fucking her ass again with long, deep hard strokes making her jump and cry in pain. “Better get to it Whore! Make that pussy in front of you cum, Slut!” I pushed Amy’s face back into Hope and watch her lick her open pussy and clit. “I’m getting close!” I really wasn’t but I wanted Amy to think I was. Soon Amy found a rhythm and was getting close to bring Hope off. Hope started to buck her hips up to meet Amy’s tongue and I could her her moaning underneath me. Hope arched her back bringing her ass off the floor as she came all over Amy’s tongue and face. Amy also didn’t let up an Hope’s clit and Hope continued into one climax after another. I was getting close myself and picked up the pace driving it hard, deep and fast for several more minutes. I had a good solid hold on Amy’s hips and I drove it deep into her ass one last time before I blew what felt like my biggest load of the night. I felt Amy trying to pull away as she felt me unload deep into her torn bowels. She was sobbing as I finally pulled out of her now gapping ass. “Please, (sob) no more. Please..(sob) It hur..huhhh…hurts!” I watched as a mixture of my cum and her blood dripped down her thighs onto Hope’s face. “That was one of the best asses I have ripped open in a long time, Slut!” I said as I slapped her ass. “Nice, small and tight! You really were an anal virgin huh? Well now you know how to use it.” I moved off of Amy and Hope and shut the video cameras off. I grabbed the regular camera and took some shots of Amy’s gapping asshole with my cum seeping out of it.
“I think I need a rest for a bit. You two need to shower up before we start the next round.” I rolled Amy off of Hope and left her on her back with her legs spread wide showing me that open pussy and ass of hers. I also placed the gag back into her mouth so she wouldn’t scream while I was with Hope in the shower. I took the spreader bar off Hope but left her hands tied. “Ok Whore, lets get you into the bathroom so you can get cleaned up. Try anything stupid and I don’t have to tell you what happens.” Hope nodded and I lead her to the bathroom. After going to the bathroom, Hope climbed into the shower and started to wash herself the best she could with her hands tied. She looked good all wet and soapy and I started to get horny again. I knew I wasn’t going to cum again anytime soon but I wanted to fuck Hope anyway. I climbed in the shower and Hope coward in fear to the other side while shaking her head “no”. “Come here, Whore!” I took hold of Hope and bent her over exposing her ass and pussy to me. I lined my cock up to her pussy and pushed it in. She was still wet from the sex and the soap so I slid all the way in on the first try. I started to fuck her with hard, deep strokes while reaching down and fingering her clit. I wanted Hope to cum while I was fucking her in the shower just to add some more humiliation to her. Sure enough, after several minutes of me fucking her hard and playing with her clit, I felt her stiffen up and heard her let out a long moan as she came all over my cock. Hope was shaking and crying when I pulled out of her. “What? Don’t like to cum while fucking, Whore?” I asked while laughing. I told Hope to hold her hands out and tossed her a towel to dry off with. When she was done, I lead her back to the living room and found Amy in a fetal position and passed out where I left her. I placed Hope on the floor bent over the coffee table and tied her to it like I had done earlier. I then moved over to Amy and removed her spreader bar. I slapped her in the face to wake her up and she jumped while screaming into the gag. “Now that you are awake Slut, your turn to use the bathroom. Get up!” I took hold of her and lifted her off the floor and led her to the bathroom while Hope was left sobbing on the table. When Amy got into the shower, she reached for her blindfold. “Try it and see what happens!” I warned her. She put her hands down and started to feel around for her soap. After getting all soaped up, I climbed in the shower with her and as with Hope, I turned her around and bent her over. Amy was sobbing knowing that I was going to rape her again. I placed my cock at her used asshole and gave it a little push and Amy screamed while trying to pull away. I held her tight and chuckled, “Don’t worry Slut, I’m not going to fuck that ass again right now.” As I said this, I drove my cock as hard and deep as I could into her pussy. “Mmmmmmmmm! MMmmmmmmm!” was all Amy could scream as I fucked her hard and fast for a few minutes. I pulled out of her and she almost collapsed to the shower floor but I held on to her. I spun her around and drove my cock into her mouth making her gag as I hit the back of her throat. I held her there and watched her buck in surprise and try to move away. I pulled my cock out and she gasped for air while thick wads of drool fell from her lips. “Relax Slut. Pretend I’m your boyfriend and just enjoy it.” I pushed my cock back into her mouth and started to fuck her face slowly at first then picked up the pace while occasionally holding her all the way down to my crotch. I stopped and let her finish washing herself off. I handed her a towel and when she was done drying off, I lead her to the living room and also tied her to the table same as before. Knowing my new fuck toys weren’t going anywhere, I sat on the couch and got some shut eye.
I awoke a few hours later and found that my two toys had passed out from exhaustion and were lying in pools of their own drool. I got up to relieve myself in the bathroom and decided to walk around the house for a bit. While searching Amy’s room, I found a nice hiding spot containing a box with several vibrators of various sizes in it. “What a dirty little whore.” I chuckled as I lifted a thick black dildo out of the box. “Hhhummm, I think I can put this to good use.” I set the dildo aside while I continued to look around. I didn’t find anything else of real interest to me beside some fancy underwear. As I left the room to go back to my toys for some more play time, I took the black dildo and a purple vibrator with me. I was getting hard as I walked back into the living room while think of what to do next. I walked passed Amy and cupped a feel of that fine ass. I walked up behind Hope and looked at that ass and pussy spread open and waiting for me to taste it, finger it and fuck it. I still had Amy’s toys Escort Ankara in my hand and decided that she should be kept busy while I played with her friend. I walked back over to Amy and bent down so I could run my tongue over her asshole and pussy getting her wet for me. After a minute or two of my tongue hitting her clit, she started to get wet enough for me to slid two fingers into her. Once she was wet enough, I slid her vibrator into her and turned it on to medium speed. “That should keep you nice and wet for me to use later.” I said as I licked her clit several more times. Getting up, I readjusted the cameras so one would be on Hope’s face and one would be beside me so I could hold it while raping Hope’s ass. Once that was done, I got down to run my tongue from Hope’s ass to her clit. I worked her clit with my tongue and lips while my nose was tickling her asshole. Hope started moaning and moving her hips while she slowly came out of her sleep. Her body bucking back at my tongue as I slipped a finger, then two in her working her up to cumming all over my face. Sure enough, Hope started to cum as I licked and fingered her pussy and I didn’t let up until she rolled into her second climax. I could hear Amy moaning into her gag as the vibrator worked her into her own climax.
I got up and placed my cock at Hope’s opening and pushed it all the way in on the the first thrust banging her hips and thighs into the table. Hope was now awake and realized that she was still tied to the table and was getting raped again. She raised her head to shake a “no”, and I laughed while she fought against the restraints. I continued to fuck her for a few more minutes then I pulled out and placed my cock at her tiny asshole. I leaned down over her back and said to her, “Good morning Slut. Time to wake up and and enjoy the ride!” I pushed my cock into her ass and slid past her tight ring. “MMmmmmmm!, MMMmmmmm! Aaaaaaahhhh!” Hope was screaming into her gag and I pulled out and pushed back into her harder and deeper. I had a firm hold of her hips as she tried to buck and get away while I continued to get more of my cock deeper into her bowels. She was sobbing hard as I finally got balls deep in her and I watched the camera to see the tears running down her face. I picked up the video camera and held it so I could get a good view on my cock going in and out of her ass. “God, what a tight ass you have Slut! I love the way you grip my cock!” I looked over at Amy and saw she was crying also knowing what was happening to her friend. “Don’t worry Whore, you’re next!” This made Amy cry even more. “Come on Slut, Fuck me!” I said to Hope as I spanked her ass. Hope was still sobbing and trying to pull away which caused my cock to slid in and out of her without me moving that much. “Ok Slut, I’m going to remove that gag of yours so you can tell our viewers how much you enjoy getting treated like the fuck toy that you are. Scream, and I will hurt your friend even more! Do you understand?” I slapped her ass again even harder to help get my point across. Hope was sobbing but shook her head “yes”. As soon as I removed her gag, Hope started begging, “Please! Please! (sob) Stooopp! (sob) It…hur(sob) hurts!) Aaawwwww Gaaawwwwwddd!” I grabbed hold of Hope’s hair and pulled her head back and made her face the camera while starting to fuck her ass harder. “OOOooooowwwww!” she screamed. “Ok Slut, tell everyone your name.” “No, (sob) please! No!” “Tell them!” I said again. “My name(sob) is, is …(sob) Hope.” “Wrong answer.” I said. “Try again” “Aaaaaaa Gawwwddd! No! (sob)” I slapped her ass again causing her to jump and bang into the table. “My (sob) name is Slut. (sob)” “And what are you?” I asked. “(sob) I, I (sob) am a fuc….(sob) fuck toy. (sob)” “You love being used like a fuck toy don’t you? You love having a man fuck you anyway he wants to. Anytime, anyway right?” “Please! (sob) Stop, pleeeaassse!. It (sob) hurts!” “Answer my question Slut” “Yes… (sob) I love (sob) being used” I let go of her hair and reached down between her legs and started to tickle her clit bringing a moan from her lips. I continued to play with her clit while fucking her ass hard. “Feels good huh Slut!” You going to cum for the camera while I rape your ass? I love the way your ass muscles ripple across my cock. You going to cum for me Slut? Huh? You going cum all over my hard cock while I’m ripping your tight ass open?” I asked while fucking her ass like her pussy. Hope’s body was again betraying her and she felt herself getting close to cumming. “Please! Don’t (sob) Don’t make … (sob) me! Pleeeassse!” I felt ass tighten on my cock, watched her back arch and heard the long moan escape from her mouth as her climax hit her hard. “Aaaawwwww Gaaaawwwwdddd! Nnooooo! I’m cummmming! Aaahhhhhh, Mmmmmm!” The tightness of her ass and the crying and begging of both her and Amy brought me off and I came hard in her ass with one last hard thrust. I felt her body stiffen when she felt me cumming, causing her ass to grip my cock even tighter. “That’s it Slut! Milk my cock even more!” I collapsed on her back pinning her to the table as my cock slipped out of her used asshole. Hope lay sobbing on the table as I got up and slapped her ass. I grabbed the video camera and brought it in for a close up of my cum and her blood leaking from her destroyed ass. I pulled the camera up and pointed it at Amy who was sobbing and said out load,” Guess who’s ass is next?” making Amy sob even more.
I got up and walked around to where Amy was tied down and stood behind her with the video camera getting a great shot of her ass and the vibrator deep in her pussy. I reached down and ran my hand over her pussy mound and found her to be nice and wet. “Either you really love that vibrator or the sound of your friend getting raped turns you on.” Amy shook her head and moaned though the gag and I chuckled as I ran my finger over Amy’s bruised asshole. Amy’s head came off the table and she tried to get away. I moved away from her so I could rearrange the cameras to catch her ass raping. Hope was still sobbing when I reached down and gave her clit a feel with my fingers causing her to jump. Once I had moved the cameras to where I wanted them, I bent down over Amy and ran my finger tips up the center of her back making her shudder. “So, as you can tell I found some of your toys that you had hidden in your room such as the vibrator that is deep inside you. I also found a large black dildo that I wonder how many times you have used.” Amy was crying and trying to speak though her gag. I leaned closer to her head and whispered in her ear, “I will remove your gag so you can speak, scream and I told you what I will do to your girls. Understand?” Amy nodded her head yes. I removed her gag and of course she started begging me not to rape her again. “Something you need to understand. You are my Whore, my fuck toy and my cum dumpster and I am going to fuck you in the ass again no matter how much you beg me.” “Awwww Gaaawwwwwd! Please, no more! (sob) Ple..(sob)please don’t.(sob)” “So tell me about this black dilbo of yours. You like the idea of a black cock fucking you?” “No..(sob) it, it (sob ) was bought as,(sob) as a joke by a friend (sob) at my wedding. (sob).” “Have you used it?” “No.” “Well you are going to try it now.” I said as I picked it up and moved so I could slid under her body. Her pussy was still nice and wet from the vibrator and looked so good that I had to run my tongue over it to her clit making her jump. I spread her pussy lips open with my fingers and pushed the head of the dildo against her opening causing her to beg me not hurt her. I ignored her pleads for mercy and pushed the dildo into her watching her tight white pussy stretch around it. I got it about half way in and she was crying and begging me to stop. “Please, (sob) Please stop! (sob) It’s to (sob) to big! (sob) It hurts! (sob) AAAaaaaawwww Gggaaawwwddd!” It hurts!” The sounds of her begging and crying along with seeing her pussy stretched around this big black dildo was turning me on even more. I lifted my head up so I could lick her and suck on her clit while I continued to push more of the dildo into her until it was all the way in. I pulled it half way out and slid it back in watching her slick, wet pussy lips cling to it. “Pleas..(sob) please take (sob) take it out! It’s (sob) to big! It (sob) hurts!” I continued to fuck her with the dildo while sucking on her clit making her buck and jerk around. The vibrator had done what I had hoped it would do, keeping her body turned on so it wasn’t long before her cries of pain so turned into cries of ecstasy as her body started to betray her again. “AAaaaaawwwwww Gggaaaaaawwwwdddd! Nooooo! Please Stopppp! Please! Nnnnoooo! I’m (sob) cummmmminnggg! AAAaaaaaawwwww Gggaawwwddddd!” I watched her body buck as her climax hit her and her pussy coated the dildo with her cum. I sucked on her clit making her climax continue while listening to her moan and cry. When her climax subsided, I slid out from under her leaving the dildo inside her.
She was laying on the table with her head down crying and I leaned over her, “What a good little Whore you are! I think you really do like having a big black cock fuck you.” This caused her to cry even harder. “Please, please (sob) no more!” “Oh there is still more to come, Whore. I told you I was going to fuck this beautiful tight ass of your again. Only this time, I’m leaving that big dildo inside you so you are getting double fucked.” “Oh God, please! (sob) Please, (sob) no more!” I leaned back and added some lube to my hard cock and her tight ass. I lined my cock up at her rosebud and pushed, sinking the head of my cock in. I could feel the dildo through the membrane and it added to the tightness of her already tight ass. I continued to push deeper into her with every thrust causing Amy to cry out with pain. Once I finally was all the way in, I stayed still enjoying the feel of her ass muscles rippling on my cock. I reached under her to make sure that the dildo was not in danger of coming out while I raped her ass. I also started to play with her clit again so she would cum again for me. When I was sure that the dildo was all set, I started to fuck Amy’s ass with long, slow and deep strokes. Her ass looked and felt so good I thought as I looked down and watched my cock fuck her. Amy was crying and begging me to stop. “Please (sob) please, stop!” Plea(sob) please. It (sob) it hurts! (sob)” “I want you to cum for me Whore! I want to show the world what a Whore you truly are! Cum for me while I’m raping this beautiful tight ass of yours!” I said to her as I really started to play with her clit. Between my playing with her clit and the dildo buried deep inside her, Amy’s body soon started to betray her again as climax started building. “That’s it Whore, cum for me.” I siad as I watched Amy’s body start to buck back onto my cock. “Nnooo! Please! (sob) Please don’t, don’t (sob) make me cum! Please! (sob) Aaaawwwww Gggaaaawwwwddd! Nnnnoooo! (sob)” I continued to rub Amy’s clit harder and faster as Amy begged me not to make her cum. “Aaaaawwww Gggaawwwddd! Nnnnnooo! Please, Nnnooo! Aaaawww, Cummmiiinng!” “That’s it you Whore! Cum all over that big black dildo while I rape your ass!” I yelled at her while Amy’s orgasm hit her hard. Amy tried laying her head and body down on the table and was sobbing in shame but I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head up forcing her face the camera. “What a whore you are. Cumming all over that black dildo streaching your pussy wide while getting fucked in the ass. You like that huh? You like getting double fucked?” I asked while picking up my pace fucking her tight ass. “Nnnooo! Please! No more! (sob)” “Did you or did you not just cum?” “(sob) Please! (sob) I can’t (sob) can’t take anymore.” “Answere my question Whore. Did you just cum while getting raped in the ass?” “Yes. (sob)” “I think you want to cum again, don’t you?” “No, please! (sob) No more.” Amy begged. I let go of her hair and reached under her and found her clit again and started rubbing it hard and fast while fucking her ass harder. Her body still coming down from her climax was easy to bring to the point of another orgasm. I watched Amy’s body start to buck again and heard her cries turn to moans of pleasure. “Cum for me, Whore! You’re going to cum again aren’t you?” “Aaaawwww Gggaaawwwdd! (sob) Nnnoooo! Please!” I could feel Amy’s ass muscles ripple as she neared her climax. “I can feel you getting close Whore! You going to cum for me?” Amy could not hide or deny it as she let out a whimper and a soft “Yes.” “Tell me that you are a Whore and you love getting fucked in the ass! Tell me!” I yelled at her. “Yes. (sob) I’m a …(sob) a whore. Mmmmmmmm! Aawwwww! I’m cummmmiinng! Aaaaawwwww!” I started to pound her ass hard as I neared my own release, feeling her climax sent me over the edge and I drove my cock into her ass as deep and hard as I could sending my load deep inside her abused ass. “Tell the world that you are nothing but a whore who loves to get fucked.” I ordered her. Amy was defeated with all her will and strength gone. “I… I am a (sob) Whore. I love (sob) to be (sob) used and (sob) and fucked.” I slapped Amy’s ass as I pulled out of her. “Good Whore.” I said as Amy collapsed onto the table. “Well girls, that was fun. Well, at least for me anyway.” I chuckled. “Now to get you girls cleaned up.”
After getting the girls showered and cleaned up, I placed them still naked and tied up back on the couch. I gave them both a warning about going to the cop and reporting any of this. I then used the chloroform to put them both to sleep. Once they were out cold, I spent some time cleaning up in case they did call the cops and headed home with a smile on my face a the knowledge that I got some great videos of a good weekend. About three hours later, I was sitting at my desk stroking my hard cock while editing the videos when I heard the front door open. “Oh Baby, that was fucking amazing!” I turned to see Hope stripping naked for me. “How is our little Whore doing? She going to the cops? Does she suspect anything?” I asked as I was getting up. “No. We talked about it but we decided not to and she doesn’t suspect a thing!. And our new little Whore is doing good. I had her begging to eat my pussy while I fucked her with that black dildo before I left.” “Why don’t you tell me all about it in bed.” I said as I took Hope by the hand and led her into our bedroom.

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