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Big Tits

Every touch from Naomi reverberated with the precondition for pain. Liam knew that, but fuck her hand closing around his dick blocked out the warning from his brain. All thoughts melted away with the mere friction of her wrist stroking up and down the length of him. Naomi was barely even clenching her hand or working it in careful motion; just the feel of her skin on his dick was enough after four days in chastity.

“You’re so easy,” Naomi murmured to her submissive boyfriend. He didn’t have to look up to know she was smiling. The amusement coated her voice thick and honeyed with the dangerous attention of a sadistic domme.

Liam didn’t reply. It was safer that way, he thought. Safer, easier, couldn’t think coherently enough to form words that wouldn’t get him in trouble. Was there a difference anymore?

“How are you going to handle the next round when I increase the difficulty? I’m thinking five days. Maybe seven,” Naomi said. Left to take care of her own boredom meant Naomi was at her worst. Well, the worst she’d get with Liam. It was significantly better than how she treated the sissy they shared, Tiffany. Liam was below Naomi of course and Tiffany was at the very bottom of their three-person relationship. Liam had no clue the last time Tiffany had been let out of chastity. It had been longer than a week. Perhaps two weeks? A month? He had a vague memory that it had only been to clean the chastity cage.

“Yeah, I think seven,” Naomi said, tightening her grip on Liam’s dick to keep him from protesting. He moaned softly and leaned back against the bed, head resting on the pillow. Liam closed his eyes and focused on the steady rhythm of Naomi’s fist pumping up and down. When her fist reached the head of his dick she tightened it around the head, squeezing closer, before releasing to go back down.

Naomi trailed her fingers down Liam’s dick. Her touch was slick with his precum and the sensation felt both smooth and electric. Every time Liam was out of chastity he was rock hard and dripping from the slightest touch. Naomi’s fingers slipped past the end of Liam’s dick and she cradled his balls, rolling them against the inside of her palm and experimentally squeezing them.

A moist and warm sensation encircled Liam’s dick. From the gentle but urgent swirl of her tongue Liam knew it was Tiffany. Naomi might have given him oral, but she would have been all teeth and torture. Naomi didn’t give pleasure until you suffered for it. Tiffany on the other hand was forced to give pleasure. Liam opened his eyes to watch Naomi guide their shared sissy’s head down onto his dick, taking it all the way in and gagging lightly when it hit the back of her throat. Naomi forced Tiffany to keep Liam in her mouth. Tiffany’s bright red lipstick that stood out against his dick like a candy apple. She was perfectly made up to Naomi’s specifications, from her long black eyelashes to the skimpy pink lingerie she wore barely covering her breasts. Even the breasts had been Naomi’s specifications: surgically created double Ds with silver barbell piercings through each nipple. Everything about Tiffany was fake over the top femininity that you only expected to see in porn. She didn’t even own a pair of underwear that wasn’t a thong. Tiffany’s dick had shrunk with years of chastity cages and hormones. It had been small to begin with and couldn’t even get hard anymore. Tiffany’s pink chastity cage was largely ceremonial now, a permanent symbol much like the silver eternity slave choker Naomi had bought her. Naomi wore the keys to both on a visible chain around her neck. The key to Liam’s cage would soon join them, when he became a bit more practiced with chastity.

Naomi continued to cradle Liam’s balls with one hand and tugged Tiffany’s long blonde hair with the other to force Tiffany’s head up and down on Liam’s dick. “That’s right slut,” Naomi said encouragingly. “Take it all in like my good girl. You’re going to get him ready for me.”

“Ready for what?” Liam asked.

“I haven’t decided yet,” Naomi said.

“Well maybe you-” was all Liam got out before Naomi clamped her fist onto his balls and dug her fingernails into the delicate skin. “FUCK!” Liam shouted in surprise. “That hurt!”

“If you finish that sentence I will do the exact opposite of whatever it is you were telling me to do,” Naomi said. Training a switch in the nuances of when to dom and when to lay there and keep his opinions to himself took a lot of fine tuning and delicate work. To be fair Naomi’s whims were difficult to keep up with. One day she wanted Liam locked in chastity and fucking her with a hollow strap on. The next he was tied up to a bed and given forced orgasm after forced orgasm, mecidiyeköy escort none of them pleasurable. But fair wasn’t really Naomi’s style. Naomi yanked Tiffany off of Liam’s dick. Soundlessly Tiffany slipped to the side of the bed and waited, her eyes downcast. Naomi crawled on top of Liam and pinned him down, bringing her face an inch away from his.

Liam was silent and didn’t move for several long seconds. Naomi was playfully sadistic with him, but it wasn’t often that she was mean or hurtful. She reserved her rage and frustration for Tiffany. Liam was an object in an entirely different way. While Tiffany had gone to the gym to lose weight, slim down, and get a perfect hourglass figure to match Naomi’s toned one-hundred and thirty pound body, Liam had gone to bulk up and get visible abs. In the beginning Naomi had only let Liam fuck her after he’d gone to the gym. It wasn’t long before lifting weights made him hard. Naomi had loved that. She’d done it on purpose. She wanted him as aroused as she was at the thought of turning him into the perfect model boyfriend, from his vegan diet to his muscled physique. Naomi made him into arm candy she was happy to have around and rewarded his subservience with affection.

In that moment Naomi stared down at Liam unblinking and taunting. A very long time ago she’d learned to make punishments into something she would enjoy. In her early days as a domme she’d stumbled through punishments when subs dragged their heels and complained. It usually wasn’t worth the trouble to force a sub to endure a spanking, but then the misbehaviour continued. To deal with it Naomi indulged in her favourite kink that every sub she’d met legitimately hated: making them do something they despised. It wasn’t as sexy as humiliation and degrading might suggest. If a sub hated lines Naomi would make him do a hundred before answering his texts or calls. If a sub wouldn’t kneel, he had to crawl on hands and knees in her presence. It was legitimately unsexy to the sub, and if it wasn’t, she’d pick something that was. Naomi got wet to real torment, the kind that made a man limp and his blood boil.

Eventually Liam regained his composure and said, “I’m sincerely sorry Mistress and will gladly take any punishment you think I deserve.”

“At least you remembered how to say that,” Naomi replied.

“I remembered because I mean it,” Liam said.

“Fine,” Naomi replied. She slid off the bed and walked towards the closet. “Make sure he’s hard and ready,” she said over her shoulder. Tiffany returned to Liam’s dick and eagerly resumed sucking it.

Naomi opened the closet and rifled through a bag on the floor. She pulled out two vibrators of varying intensities and dropped them on the bed. “If you can get me wet, you can fuck me,” she said to Liam.

He instantly sat up, shoving Tiffany aside and crawling across the bed towards Naomi.

“Not so fast,” Naomi said with a smirk. “Tiffany has to have your dick in her mouth the entire time.”

“Okay, that’s not that hard,” Liam said with a shrug. “Come over here then, Naomi, please.”

“We’ll see,” Naomi replied with a knowing smirk. She walked towards the bed and lay down beside Liam to face him.

Liam spread his legs. “Slut, get my dick in your mouth,” he instructed Tiffany. Tiffany wiggled between their legs and opened her mouth to take Liam in. As she was adjusting Liam bucked his hips and forced his dick all the way in, causing Tiffany to gag.

“Can I touch you?” Liam asked Naomi. That sentence alone made Naomi a little moist, although she’d never have admitted it out loud during the game. She loved when Liam obviously treated Tiffany and her differently; one like the whore she was, the other like the goddess she was.

“You may,” Naomi said.

Liam slid his hands around Naomi’s waist and lightly caressed her skin. He brought his face towards her and inches away from her lips said softly, “can I kiss you?”

“You can do whatever you need to to get me wet,” she said.

Liam arched an eyebrow and smirked.

“Whatever within reason,” Naomi corrected herself with a faint laugh. Before she could get the whole sound out Liam kissed her roughly and cut off the laughter. His hands slipped down to Naomi’s ass and squeezed. Even though Naomi was a domme he knew she liked activity in her subs and a little aggression. He pulled her jeans down to mid thigh and kneaded the soft skin of her ass. Liam’s fingers traced from her ass to her thighs, ever so gently passing over her clit. The first motion was only a brush of fingers before he went back to her thighs, massaging them as well. He bumped his hands into Tiffany’s head, bobbing vip escort istanbul up and down on his dick. He’d been so focused on Naomi he’d barely noticed the rhythmic motion of her sucking.

“Could you please move, Naomi, so your pussy is by my head?” Liam asked. He didn’t want his dick to slip out of Tiffany’s mouth and lose.

Naomi crawled up higher on the bed and lay back down so her pussy was directly in Liam’s face. She lifted her top leg and rested it over his back.

Liam gently kissed the inside of Naomi’s thighs as his fingers brushed very carefully over her clit. He traced the outer lips of her pussy, ever so softly spreading the wetness. He continued the same patient movements for several minutes. It was difficult to go slowly with Tiffany sucking and swirling her tongue urgently around his dick. Her mouth could barely keep him in, pressing against her cheeks and precum dripping down her lips and likely smearing on the comforter. He was going to order Tiffany to do the laundry when they were done playing. Liam remained patient though, trying to wait out Naomi. Naomi pushed her hips against Liam’s face. It was such a slight motion she probably didn’t even realize she was doing it, but it was the sign Liam had been waiting for. He picked up the vibrator from the side of the bed and turned it on the lowest setting, lightly dragging it across Naomi’s clit. She moaned appreciatively.

“Make sure my dick is ready for Naomi when I fuck her,” Liam ordered Tiffany.

“You that confident?” Naomi said.

“Absolutely,” Liam replied, tracing the vibrator across her clit again. Naomi rocked her hips against the vibration and moaned lightly. “I know how to get you off babe.”

For a minute Liam carefully moved the vibrator back and forth across Naomi’s clit. He went slowly enough that she’d be begging for him to increase the speed if she was a sub, but Liam was smarter than waiting for the pleading that would never come. If he waited too long Naomi would probably kick him off the bed and finish herself. When he was dangerously close to that line Liam put the vibrator in his mouth to coat it with saliva. He teased it along the entrance to Naomi’s pussy and very gently prodded inward. After it was in half an inch Liam brought his face closer to Naomi’s clit and licked it back and forth in a steady motion. He eased the vibrator in and began to fuck her pussy at the same speed.

“How’s that feel,” Liam asked against Naomi’s skin.

“Good, better than your dick,” Naomi said with a laugh.

“Really, not too small?” Liam asked. He increased the speed slightly. “Don’t you want to be filled up?” As soon as the question came out Liam knew it was the wrong one, but he couldn’t take back the words. While he was doing his best to ignore Tiffany and block out her sloppy blowjob, she’d gotten better at sucking dick and was a pretty decent distraction.

“Sure, you can get the bigger toy and fill me up with that,” Naomi said in a teasing tone. Filled up was too close to the way Liam would have talked about Tiffany. Any second now she was going to kick him off the bed. Naomi was incredibly temperamental and even revelled in how difficult she was to please. She wasn’t impossible, but rather needed a very careful observant.

“How about this,” Liam said. “I’d love to fuck your ass. You hold the vibrator so you get off exactly how you like. When you’re done I want to fuck Tiffany’s face until I cum. And you can just relax and unwind and not even move or worry about either of us. Could I please do that?”

Naomi pretended to think about it for a few seconds. “I guess that’s acceptable,” she said with a smirk.

“Can Tiffany stop now?” Liam asked.

“Yes. Slut, go get us some lube,” Naomi ordered.

Tiffany obediently stopped sucking Liam’s dick and went to grab a bottle of lube from the play cabinet. Liam took the lube from her and gave Naomi’s clit one final lick. He eased out the vibrator and grabbed the larger one on the bed. He handed it to Naomi and slicked his fingers up with the lube.

“Slut, rim your mistress to get her ass ready so I can fuck her,” Liam said.

Naomi turned the vibrator on and held it against her clit as Tiffany came up from behind her and licked her asshole. Naomi hadn’t showered since first thing in the morning and had gone to the gym recently. Tiffany could smell Naomi’s sweat from her cardio workout on her skin and breathed in deeply. Tiffany licked into Naomi’s asshole while Liam slid a finger inside against her probing tongue. Liam added another finger and by the time he get to three he felt Naomi was ready.

Liam gently pushed Naomi onto her stomach sarıyer escort and put a pillow under her hips. He lined his dick against the entrance of her ass and shoved inside. Even after working up to three fingers she was incredibly tight around his dick. He slid all the way in and lay his stomach against Naomi’s back, softly kissing her on the cheek. “Thank you,” he murmured into her hair.

“Make it hurt just a little bit,” she said back.

Liam grabbed Naomi’s hair and tugged gently, causing Naomi to arch her back against him. “Like that?” he asked.

“Harder, and when you fuck me,” she instructed.

Liam grabbed her hair harder and eased his dick back until he was halfway out, and then pushed back a little rougher into Naomi’s ass. He eased in and out, waiting for her to adjust to the rhythm and his size. Naomi was a masochist, but certainly not as much as she expected out of him. Out of the corner of his eye Liam noticed Tiffany standing next to the bed watching them.

“Slut go get your big plug in while I fuck your mistress,” he ordered. “I want you filled up like a dirty whore.”

Without a word Tiffany went back to the toy closet and pulled out a butt plug with a shiny red heart on the end. Naomi had bought it for her the year before. For years all of Tiffany’s birthday and holiday presents had been sex toys to get her closer and closer to her sissy life. It had started some time ago, but the most memorable had been on her thirtieth birthday when Naomi paid for Tiffany to get her belly button pierced. She’d still been living as a man at the time and it had been incredibly embarrassing and arousing to be forced to go to the piercing shop and for Naomi to request a girly butterfly pierced through Tiffany’s navel.

Liam shoved back into Naomi’s ass, literally pounding as he increased speed. “God you feel so good,” he moaned. Naomi shoved back against him and increased the speed on her vibrator. Liam used one hand to tug on her hair and encircled the other around Naomi’s neck, very lightly giving the illusion of cutting off Naomi’s air.

“I wish I could always be inside you,” Liam gasped.

Naomi ignored him, increasing the speed of the vibrator again as she bounced back against Liam’s dick. He slowed down the pounding to let her control the pace and fuck herself on his dick. He grabbed her ass and dug his nails in. For the fraction of a moment he considered slapping but thought better of it.

Naomi leaned forward into the pillow and rubbed the vibrator up and down against her clit and pussy. Liam took the change in position as a sign to resume fucking her and did, slamming his dick into her ass. Naomi dug her fingernails into the bedsheet and moaned as she orgasmed. Liam kept fucking her and did so through two more orgasms until her last moan trailed off into a satisfied sigh. Liam pulled his dick out and Naomi rolled sleepily over onto the bed.

“Bitch, get the fuck over here,” Liam said.

Tiffany walked towards the bed and kneeled at the foot of it. Without cleaning his dick off Liam shoved it inside of Tiffany’s mouth. She gagged at the sudden intrusion but he grabbed the back of her head and forced her to take it all in. “You’re such a pathetic sissy,” Liam degraded her. “Watching me fuck your mistress with a real dick a million times better than the clit you have. But I’m happy to show you your place with it.” That’s what their relationship was: Liam repeatedly reminding Tiffany her place over and over again with every fuck.

Naomi shifted on the bed and slipped over the unders, watching her submissives with a happy smile. “It’s a pretty good dick,” she purred. “I like it a lot.”

Liam laughed. It wasn’t the hottest cuckolding talk, but it was incredibly high praises from Naomi. “Thanks,” he said.

Liam rammed his dick several more times into Tiffany’s face. He’d already been close with Naomi, but he’d waited to orgasm for this moment. Liam pulled his dick out of Tiffany’s mouth and unloaded ropes of cum all over her face, hair, and breasts. “You’re such a worthless whore,” he said crudely as he did it.

When he was finished cumming Liam smacked the side of Tiffany’s face with his dick. “Clean it up,” he said. She licked the remains of cum off the tip. “Good, now go wash the vibrators and make Mistress her favourite tea. You can wash that cum off tomorrow morning. You’ll be sleeping on the floor tonight.”

“Yes Master,” Tiffany said. Liam smacked her ass on the way out the bedroom door.

“That game with keeping my dick in Tiffany’s mouth wasn’t too difficult,” Liam said as he crawled onto the bed and joined Naomi under the covers.

“It wasn’t meant to be. I just wanted to get fucked.”

Liam snorted. “You could have just asked.”

“Where’s the fun in that?” Naomi said as she snuggled into the nook of Liam’s arm.

Author’s note: I already have a Tiffany in my life so please do NOT contact me about sissy kink.

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