Tales of Old China

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This is a true story by the way. It doesn’t matter too much, but I guess it’s worth you knowing that.

My name is….. Well my name isn’t important. What’s important is that I’m now in my late 20’s, male, tall, fit, dark haired, blue eyed and have been told that I’m good looking. Got that in your mind? Ok, let’s go.

Three years ago, I spent about fourteen months in the Far East, first in Korea, but mainly in China. Around February comes the Chinese New Year, which is a big deal there (obviously) and I was given a month off from my job as a middle school teacher. I used that month to travel. I went down the Yangtze into Yunnan Province then up into Sichuan, where I came to the city of Cheng Du. A place famous throughout China for its liberal lifestyle. My second day there, I’d just been buying a train ticket for the next day’s journey onto Chongqing, when a smartly dressed Chinese man addressed me in perfect English as I was crossing the street. We made small talk and he invited me to share some tea with him. The place he suggested was by the river and looked intriguing, I decided to accompany him and continue our conversation. He was very intelligent, a professor of English at the local University. We discussed many things, from Shakespeare to Politics, he also asked me a number of questions about myself. Where I was from exactly, my education etc. After an hour or so, a friend of his showed up. He was another well dressed, cultured Chinese gentleman, but without the fluent English. It was getting late; they invited me to dinner with them.

Now, at this point I was wondering what the hell was going on. This was beyond simple politeness on their part. They obviously wanted something from me, but I didn’t have a clue what it was. It didn’t feel like a sensible thing to do, but my curiosity took hold and I went with them.

They drove me to what remains the most exclusive restaurant I’ve ever been to. The car park was filled with the kind of long black sedan only used by Communist party leading lights. The restaurant itself was filled with chic, nouveau riche Chinese, noisily spending money and stuffing their faces. My new found friends were intent on spending as much money as possible. Soon, the pijou (beer) started flowing. We did a few rounds of the “Gambe!” toast (shouting Gambe! Then draining your bayrampaşa escort glass.) Then the food was brought. A steaming pot of spiced oil shaped like a ying yang symbol was placed in the centre of the table, with various delicacies set around it for dipping into the steaming hot oil. Ducks intestine and Ox’s stomach are a few of the treats I recall.

Then came the most interesting treat.

A glass of rice wine, but no ordinary rice wine. I was told it cost 150 yuan a glass. That’s nearly twenty American dollars, for one glass of red liquid. It was put in front of me, I dutifully downed it. Then another. And another. At that point I noticed the grins on the faces of my new friends. I asked what was in it.

It was made from tiger’s penis. They told me, with perfectly straight faces, that it was better than Viagra, and no matter how much I drank it would give me a rock hard erection all night.

I dismissed the idea. More beer was drunk, more toasts made. It was at that point that the two guys revealed why I’d been brought there. They wanted me to enter into a partnership with them. Be the front man for a new business. They were old friends, the guy who spoke the poorer English was a big noise in the local communist party. He was a guy who could “get things done”. More toasts were made, apparently we were all now brothers and would make each other very rich.

Yeah, right.

Now way was I getting involved in some dodgy Chinese business. But, they were spending all the money, so I played along! We went on to a few more bars. It got to be around 1 in the morning. We were all thoroughly plastered. And experiencing incredible horniness. The yarn about the tiger’s prick liquor was true. My face was red with sexual desire. I’ve never experienced an erection like it. Not since I was 13 and pulling myself off over my English teacher have I felt so horny. I was full of alcohol, yet my cock was a loaded weapon. The tiger dick rice wine had made the three of us into sex beasts from the planet Fuck. The Communist big shot left first, announcing that he was going home to wake up his wife and fuck her. Me and the professor started staggering home. He went off in the direction of a brothel. I decided to head back to my hotel.

Walking drunk, through streets of a city I barely escort bayan istanbul knew… guess what? I got lost. After 30 minutes of walking almost deserted streets with a white mamba coiled in my pants, I realised that I should have turned left on the other side of the bridge I’d crossed. I started walking back. As I crossed the bridge again, I saw two people coming the other way. Two girls. Two Chinese girls who started giggling uncontrollably when they saw me. A conversation ensued, I don’t recall what I said or who started the talking, but I do recall them looking at my groin where my tiger inspired cock was still as thick and juicy as it had been an hour earlier. At some point, me and one of the girls started kissing. The feel of her tongue on my mouth started really unleashing the tiger. I grabbed her ass. It was small, tight like all oriental asses. I grinded my thick cock against her hips through the fabric of my jeans. She ahhhed in response, she liked the rough treatment I was giving her. I was ready to fuck her then and there, on the bridge. If she’d just slipped up her skirt I’d have pulled my straining dick out, pushed my way into her and screwed her in full view of the world. It’s a good thing she was willing to go the whole way that night, otherwise I might have ended up raping her.

She had her mind made up, clearly she wanted it but at least she had a bit more sense (and a lot less alcohol in her system) than me. She said goodbye to her friend and led me off the bridge and down a street which led down the riverbank, past my hotel. We sat on a park bench together and began kissing again. It was then that she unzipped my jeans and I felt my throbbing dick exposed to the cold night air. Then I felt a small wet mouth embrace my dick. She sucked me hungrily, but tenderly. She knew exactly how to treat my dick. I pushed her head down further, I instinctively began pumping her mouth. Blow jobs are good, but on this night I really wanted to do some hard fucking and started using her mouth like a pussy. She broke away. I looked over my shoulder. The security guard from the hotel was giving me a shocked look. We ignored him, she led me down the street again. We turned onto a side street. Then another. We eventually came to a ramshackle little house. She led me into a small room, one taksim vip escort lamp, one single bed. There was nothing else. I don’t recall who undressed first. I do recall that she left her bra and panties on while I took every stitch off. I recall her pushing my fingers away from her front then turning onto her back and pulling down her panties as she lay face down. I remember my head being guided toward her naked buttocks, her soft little ass pert and sticking in the air deliciously. I pushed my tongue between her buttocks. I wet her asshole with my spit and she moaned her delight. Her ass gradually loosened and I gently pushed my thumb into her. If the girl wanted my cock in her ass, that’s where she’d get it. I reached around to work on her clitoris.

That was when I realised.

Expecting to find the soft folds of her pussy, my fingers were touching something longer. It wasn’t very big, not very thick at all and quite short. But it was obviously a cock. I pulled my hand away. She looked over her shoulder at me, looking at my reaction. She got on her knees and pushed her ass high into the air. My cock was pulsing, my sexual appetite screaming for my dick to be fed. I sat up on my knees behind her, pulled her ass down in line with my cock and slid my ravenous length between her buttocks. She squealed as my dick prodded her asshole and gasped as I slowly my length pushed up her passage. The tight hot Chinese ass pipe gripped my dick better than any pussy has. I began moving slowly inside her, the bed shaking slowly beneath our weight. I gripped her hips tightly and thrust hard into her, she grunted in response. I pumped like an animal, knowing that I was fucking a man and not caring. With one last mighty thrust my cum exploded and flooded into her asshole. I stayed in her until I gradually became soft and withdrew, satisfied but numb. Her dick was still hard, it couldn’t have been more than four inches long. I took it in my hand and jerked her off, franticlly. It didn’t take long for her cum to wash over my fingers. I rubbed it into the bedclothes, where a pool of own jism soaked through the covers below where I’d fucked her ass.

We dressed silently, she gave me a tissue to wipe my hand. We said nothing, she spoke no English, I knew some Chinese but was lost for words. I left her apartment soon after. Never knew her name. I walked into the hotel, not making eye contact with the guard. I left town with a splitting hangover the next day. Giving the slip to the two businessmen who were waiting for me outside the hotel.

And I’ve never told anyone what happened.

Until now.

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