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You hear the garage door open. You panic. You get in the closet and pull the door shut, leaving it open enough to see the bed. The cellar door closes and you hear my footsteps. They are coming towards the bedroom.

You hold your breath trying not to make a sound. Your heart races. You can’t get caught…

The light turns on. You hear me gasp. I’m taken by what I see. “Come here, now!” She commands. I go to my wife. She is waiting. Her hair is pulled back in a tight ponytail. Black stockings, black heels…and a strap on.

I begin to protest, but she stops me. “I said now!” She growls. I obey and stand obediently in front of her as she strips me.

I’m naked. My erect cock jumps with each heartbeat. Your excitement grows. From the closet you have a near front row seat to the show. Your hand slips down the front of your panties and you absentmindedly tease yourself as you watch. You’ve been dreaming of this moment. Dreaming of watching her dominate me.

“On the bed,” she demands. I do as I’m told getting on all fours, in a doggy style position. You cautiously try to move further back in the closet afraid of being seen. You can see me staring at the crack in the closet door. You lock eyes with me, unsure if I can really see you. It feels like I’m staring deep in your soul. You shiver with excitement.

My face cringes slightly as she enters me from behind. Your hand instinctively goes back to teasing your pussy. You are dripping. You tease your erect, aching nipples with your other hand. You let out a soft moan. Her head snaps towards the closet. She heard you. But did I?

My eyes close as she begins to fuck me. She is slow at first. Your fingers dip inside your pussy. You match kağıthane escort her pace as she begins to fuck me harder and faster. I begin to moan. You can clearly see the precum dripping from my cock. A long string hangs from the end, dripping onto the bed. She is hitting the right spot within me.

Suddenly, I tense. My cock erupts spilling my cum all over the bed. You cum with me. You place your hand over your mouth in an attempt to muffle your own moans. Again her head snaps towards the opening in the closet. You can see the anger in her eyes.

I collapse on the bed as she pulls out of my well fucked ass. “Now, go clean up. And be quick about it. You have work to do.”

Again I obey and head off to the bathroom. Once I’m gone, she moves towards the closet. You tense. This wasn’t part of the plan. The door opens. She grabs your hand, it is covered with your cum. She angrily pulls you out and throws you on to the bed. “I said no touching!” She scolds.

Your heart race nervously. “I…I’m sorry.” You struggle to get the words out.

She closes and locks the bedroom door. Your eyes lock as she moves back towards you. Her hand touches your leg. You tremble. She runs her fingers up it lightly from your knee to your inner thigh. Your legs clamp shut. She pushes you back and pulls your legs up over her shoulder removing your panties as she does. She gently kisses your calf. You relax a bit. She spreads your legs. Your pussy glistens with your cum. She kisses her way down your leg to your inner thigh. You squirm, you can feel her warm breath on your pussy. You close your eyes. The anticipation is killing you.

*knock, knock, knock *

You jump and push away from elit escort istanbul her as I knock on the bedroom door. You look at her, then back at the closet. “Stay,” she commands. You start to get up. “I said stay,” she scolds as she pushes you back on the bed.

She opens the door and pulls me in. “Make her cum again,” she demands as she points at you. Without hesitation I move towards you. I pick up where she left off.

You close your eyes. Your heart is racing. My tongue feels good lapping at your pussy. You are close, very close. You feel her grab your wrist and pull your arm back.


My mouth finds your clit, distracting you from the sound. I insert a finger as I suck and tease. It’s too much. Your body tenses as the first wave of your orgasm takes over your body. Your hips buck wildly. Your free hand is on the back of my head. You force yourself against me, grinding your pussy on my obedient mouth. You cum a second time, then a third covering me with your juices. Your eyes open as she grabs your other wrist, pulling your hand from my head.


“You know the rules. No touching!” She scolds as she locks the second cuff.

You struggle to get free, but it is no use. She’s right. You knew the rules and you broke them…twice. Now you are hers.

“Fuck her,” she commands. I look at her, puzzled. I open my mouth to question her, but I am cut off. “I said fuck her! Now!”

I look at you. I can see your heart beating rapidly in your chest. Your breasts heave with every breath. I can tell you are scared. Yet excited.

My cock twitches. I look at her again to make sure this is what she really wants. She just glares at me, her arms fatih escort crossed. I dare not question her.

Slowly, I slide my cock into your waiting pussy. You gasp. Your pussy is swollen and tight with excitement. You’ve never felt so full. I start slow, allowing you to get accustomed to my cock in you. You close your eyes, savoring this moment. You’ve wanted this for a while, you just never dreamed this is how your first time with me would be. Never dreamed it would be today. Today wasn’t supposed to end up like this. Today was to only be about her fucking me.

I start fucking you faster. You wrap our legs around my waist holding me tight, pulling me deeper in to you. You are close to cumming. You can feel it building. Suddenly, I stop. You feel movement on the bed. You open your eyes. She has moved in behind me. My eyes close and my head drops to your chest as she penetrates me again.

“Fuck,” she demands as she smacks me on the ass. I obey. Slowly, I thrust in to you. She has matches my rhythm. As a pull out, she pushes in to me. As I thrust in to you, she pulls out of me. We are in perfect unison. It is too much for us. I feel you tense up as you start to cum. I stop and let out a loud grunt as my cock starts to explode in you. She fuck me harder intensifying my orgasm. Your pussy clenches and releases my cock as you cum, making sure to milk every drop from me. I collapse on you trying to catch my breath.

She pulls out of me and I roll beside you. A river of cum pours from your pussy as I do. “Clean her,” she says as she points to the mess. I move between your legs and start to lap up our cum, making sure to get every last drop that is leaking from you. She unlocks your cuffs.

“Now you may touch.”

You smile. You run your hands through my hair as I clean you. You grind your pussy on my lapping tongue making yourself cum one more time before I am finished.

“Rest up,” she growls as she leaves the room. “Your punishments aren’t over!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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