Teach Me Trans-Mistress Ch. 03

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Chapter 3 The Seduction/Domination Begins

At precisely seven the bell rang, I answered the intercom and Ryan announced that he was in the lobby. Without bothering if any one else was in the lobby I decided to use the feminine name I had chosen, “Yes Nancy, come up to your Mistress!” and opened the lobby door. I walked to the elevator to wait for him not even wondering what would happen if some of the other tenants saw me in my erotic attire. When the doors opened he looked at me, stunned by the sight I was giving him and stepped out with a smile. “Good evening Leah, you look ravishing and so sexy.” I looked at him with a wicked smile and while we walked back to my apartment the slit in my skirt parted frequently and exposed my stocking tops, “I only wanted to look more provocative and desirable so you would not withdraw from your promise. After all you did agree and pledge that you wanted to become my slave!”

As we entered the apartment he said, “Seeing you like this tonight, how can I refuse succumbing to your will!” I looked at him again with a look that let him know I was pleased with his answer. “First you will undress completely and take a special bath that will make help you relax and get rid of your body hair.” I helped him undress and when I removed his underwear he was already hard. I then led him to the bathroom and told him to soak in the bath until I came back. I went into the bedroom and removed my skirt and blouse to replace them with a white nurse’s micro-mini-dress and white latex gloves. Then back to Nancy.

As I watched him soaking in the bath I took out a razor and shaving gel from the cupboard. “Now to start transforming you into my slave.” I pulled a small stool beside the bath and took one of his legs and spread the shaving gel on it. With the razor I proceeded to remove his hair from the leg. “Nancy, watch how I perform this, because in the future you will have to do it yourself.” And I kept on shaving all his body hair, even his crotch and asshole. I then emptied the bathtub, took the hand-held shower and rinsed all the gel from his body into the tub as the water went down the drain taking with it all his body hair. He looked so good like that, just like the day he was born, no hair at all.

I then refilled the beşiktaş escort tub with hot water, this time adding some feminine bath perfume. “Now Nancy I want you to slip into the tub and let your body soak while you relax. When I come back you will smell wonderful, just like the woman you want to be. You must have noticed that I have been calling you Nancy since you rang downstairs. From now on and whenever you are with me it will be your feminine name and the only one I will use and further more I will always refer to you in the feminine tense.” With those words I helped her lay into the tub and left the bathroom. I went back to my bedroom and replaced the white mini-dress with my previous ensemble. Once that was done I went into the living room to relax and finish my glass of champagne while Nancy was relaxing in the bath, allowing her newly shaved body to absorb the feminine perfume.

As I walked back to the bathroom I could smell the sweet aroma of the bath perfume. Nancy was laying in the bath completely immersed in the scented water her eyes closed. “Dreaming about the night ahead?” I said as I walked in. She was surprised and answered, “Yes Leah, and I am really excited already.” I took her hand and as she stood up I could see that her cock was hard. “Now here is a towel to dry yourself and then meet me in the room at the end of the hall so I can complete your transformation.”

I left her alone in the bathroom and went into my special chamber. This room was extremely feminine, all decorated in shades of pink and white satin, but predominantly pink. I started opening the dresser and pulled out the most feminine underwear I could for Nancy. As she walked into the room she was surprised by the decor. I told her to come to me so I could start dressing her. First I put on a white bra that had some built-in breasts inserts giving her a nice 36 C bust, then a waist-cincher and white bikini panties over the cincher’s garters, all of these in shimmering satin. Then I rolled white stockings up her legs and fastened them to the cincher’s garters. Next I took Nancy to the vanity table so I could put her make-up on. I did not put too much, but just enough to make her look feminine. The crowning touch was a long blonde wig. All that remained istanbul escort was the dress which was lying on the bed. It was a white satin maid’s uniform with long sheer sleeves, low-cut bodice and a skirt that was just above her knees, not mini but short. As I slipped it over Nancy’s head I knew that I had found a slave who would please me. Once the dress was properly put on I told Nancy to stand up so I could inspect her.

Immediately I noticed I had forgotten her high heels. I stood up and went to the closet to get a pair of white patent five inch high heels, which had three ankle straps. I handed them to Nancy and told her to put them on while I prepared some jewelry for her. The jewelry was simple yet feminine, large gold hoop earrings, a gold chain for her neck and two gold bracelets for her wrists. I sprayed her body with perfume and applied her lipstick. I told her to get up and walk around so she could get used to her high heels. As she walked around the room her gaze fell upon her reflection in the mirrored wall. She gasped!

“Yes, Nancy, you do make a lovely woman. But you must learn to handle yourself like a woman also and this I will teach you over the week-end.” I told her. She looked at me and said, “Over the week-end, Mistress Leah?”

“Of course Nancy, it will take all that time to teach you how to behave properly as a woman and a slave. Tonight you will only be mine, but tomorrow night I will force you to become a woman completely! Do you have any objection to serving me during the next two days and nights?”

“No Mistress Leah, I had made some plans for tomorrow but I will forget them.”

“Good,” I answered. “You will be able to learn all the finer points of becoming a woman and a slave, trust me! Now when you are finished admiring yourself and feel comfortable enough in your new clothes, especially the high heels, I want you to join me in the living room.” And on those words I departed, leaving Nancy alone to contemplate her new image and get used to her high heels.

Before going to the living room, I stopped in my room to pick up some domination playthings and make sure I was perfect. First I selected a short riding crop and a cat o’nine tails, then some wrists and ankle restraints and a bakırköy escort cock ring, one of my less painful ones. Before leaving I rejuvenated my perfume, make-up and lipstick, I also inspected my ensemble, lifting my skirt to make sure my G-string was settled in between my ass cheeks and holding my cock-clit. As I walked back to the living room I had a feeling of satisfaction and contentment in what I had achieved for now. The thought of having Nancy at my service for the whole week-end and the wicked deeds she would do for me, sent shivers through my whole body. While waiting I dimmed the lights extremely low and lit the two candles beside my couch, to give the room and myself an ambience or eroticism and mystery, then I sat to enjoy my glass of champagne.

It took Nancy only a few minutes to join me in. As I watched her approach from the hallway I could only admire my creation. She was walking very well in the white patent high heels, I could see her skirt swishing as she moved. I was sure that tomorrow night she would not have any trouble in the six inch high heels I had for her. Yes, she would make a perfect slave for me.

As she arrived in the room I told her to fill my glass and also take one for herself. She walked to the bar and filled the two glasses which she brought back to me. I told her to sit beside me so I could enjoy her presence and also tell her about my special obsessions and caprices. “Nancy, you have agreed to be my slave for the next two days, I want you to know that while you are with me you must address me as Mistress Leah or Mistress. Also you will assume a submissive role to me, I will dominate you totally and most of all I will make you mine. Even tonight you will learn to become a total slave to me, my body and its functions, no matter when or where. It could be here in the living room, in the bedroom or even in the toilet. Should I decide to make love to you I will decide when and how and also how to use you to achieve satisfaction from the act. You will always be treated as a woman, although a submissive one, I will never use any masculine adjectives when talking to you or about you. I feel that to be a slave to a woman such as me is a privilege and you will have to pay for this. I will make you suffer through humiliation, degradation and pain. In resume your only purpose for the next two days is to please me, to be mine.” And with that I raised my glass and toasted my new slave. “Here is to me and to your discovery of Female Domination!” We drank our champagne in silence.

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