Ashley , Alexis Ch. 04

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Alexis tried through the week to get her mind off what she now was about to do. She wondered how it would feel, how she would react, and more. Would it feel better to have two cocks in her instead of just one? Which two holes would they want to use? And perhaps the biggest question – just who were these guys and where was Ashley finding them? Hopefully, they were at least attractive guys.

She had never done anything like that before – let someone else pick out her sex partner. The idea was so erotic, yet so slutty. Based on her conversation with Ashley, it seemed like she was just going to find a couple willing guys, explain the situation, and Alexis would walk in to two guys that she had never seen before, ready to tear into her.

It made her nervous, but excited, too. She liked the idea, she just thought it was extremely slutty. For Alexis, it made her a little tense, and there was only one thing that seemed to relieve that tension – throwing open that window and letting the guys watch her as she gave herself a huge orgasm. She really was starting to love doing that.

On Thursday, as Alexis walked back from class, she noticed a few guys huddled around one of their friends. They were talking and laughing and exclaiming loudly. She knew a couple of the guys from her composition class, so she stepped over to them to see what the fuss was about – probably some lame thing on Twitter or something – but at least it would take her mind off the upcoming weekend for a few seconds.

“Hey guys,” she said.

“Oh hi, Alexis. What’s up?”

“I was going to ask you guys that.”

“Oh, well, some girl – Kyle here has a room that faces the girls’ floor in one of the dorms. There’s this girl that keeps opening the blinds and – well – she’s naked, like she wants to be seen or something. Here, check this out.”

The guys handed Alexis a phone. On the screen she could see a video of a girl – her – fucking herself like crazy with a dildo, blinds open, wanting to be watched. Some bastard had taken a video of her!

“Who is this?” She asked. The guys shrugged. Whew, she thought. They didn’t recognize her. “Wow,” she muttered, handing the phone back. She wanted to say “what a slut,” but she was sure she would never hear the end of that comment if anyone ever realized it was her. Numbly she said goodbye and walked back to her dorm, heart pounding.

“Fine,” she thought. “These guys want a show, I’ll give them a show.” The fact that someone had actually made a video of her was dumbfounding her. She was embarrassed, yes, but she was getting wet too at the thought of being seen like that. She knew what she had to do.

After dinner that night, Alexis began to make preparations. She set her chair up again, facing the window. Taking a large scarf out of her closet, she draped it over the chair, and placed her dildo on the seat. Alexis removed all her clothes, opened the blind and turned around so the guys could not see her face, and tied the scarf around her eyes and even her nose. The scarf, serving as a blindfold, did two things – first, the guys would not be able to tell for sure who it was, and second, she would not be able to tell just how many people were watching her.

Alexis sat down in her chair and picked up the dildo, fumbling a little as she did, because she couldn’t see through the scarf. At first, she put the dildo in her mouth, getting it all wet with saliva as she ran her fingers over her glistening, swelling pussy. “Here we go,” she thought.

A sudden wave of arousal washed over Alexis, and she forced the dildo to the back of her throat. She gagged a little. Perfect. Slipping two fingers into her pussy, she began to finger herself as she forced the dildo into her mouth, a little deeper with each thrust, moaning, needing to be used. Fingering and sucking harder, she moaned again.

It wasn’t long before Alexis replaced her fingers with the dildo, using her other hand to force the dildo into her pussy as she licked her fingers clean. “Ohhhh, yes, I’m a slut,” she moaned. “Watch me.” Another wave of intense arousal hit her as she thought about the fact that she had no idea how many people might be watching. It could be dozens, and she had no idea – all watching her naked, fucking herself for them, taking pictures and videos.

“Ohhhh, yes, take my picture,” she moaned. “Make a slutty video. Use me. Jack off to me!” She had the dildo all the way in her pussy now. Caught up in the moment, Alexis became even more turned on, and suddenly, she wanted more – she wanted it in the ass.

Alexis stretched her legs, raising them high in the air and forcing them back near her head as she sat in the chair. Her ass was now exposed to the guys watching as well as she continued to pound her pussy with the dildo. “If only I had another dildo,” she thought. She wanted something to push up her little asshole, but what? Her fingers, of course, were the obvious answer, but we’re they big enough, or did she want something more cock-sized?

Alexis stood up, knowing Bycasino she could find something to use in her room. As she turned away from the window, she lifted her blindfold just enough to see what might be available. She thought about her hairbrush, the handle end, a small lotion bottle, and then she saw it. A plastic water bottle, one that she had started to drink from a few days ago and didn’t come close to finishing, sat on her desk.

It was a pint bottle, long and narrow, the kind that the flavored sparkling water always seems to be sold in at the pharmacy or grocery store. She grabbed the bottle and some lotion and slid the blindfold down again, clumsily making her way back to her chair. Could she fit that in her ass? It was a little thicker than a cock, but as aroused as she was, she had to try it.

Alexis slathered the bottle in lotion as she hiked her legs up again and put two fingers into her ass to warm up, her fingers covered in lotion as well. They slid into her ass without a problem, eliciting a moan from the slut at the window. She was shaking from excitement knowing what she was about to do. Finally, her ass stretched by her fingers, she picked up the bottle, almost sitting on her back in the chair with her knees near her face. “You want a show?” She said aloud, “then watch this.”

Alexis placed the bottle at her asshole and slowly pushed, not really getting anywhere. She turned the bottle around, trying the neck end first, and slipped the cap into her tight ass. Her body was fighting back, trying to reject the object, but Alexis only got more desperate and horny, imagining that she had quite the audience across the way, and just forced it more.

Slowly, the bottle began to disappear into her stretched asshole. It took her almost a minute, it seemed, to get the bottle in up to the end of the short, fat neck, but she knew once her ass had given up and accepted the girth of the object, the rest would be easy. Her ass was on fire, burning, stretched as far as she could imagine. It really did seem like an ultimate test.

Alexis felt the bottle slide deeper into her ass, and as she felt it, she succumbed to her desires, forcing it in farther, deeper, harder. Soon, all but a couple inches were inside her, and at that moment, she had won the war against her stretched, burning asshole. It hurt, worse than she expected, but either she didn’t care or she actually started to enjoy it, knowing it was making her look like a true slut to her audience. Slowly but deliberately, she began to fuck her little asshole with the bottle, moving it in and out, back and forth, moaning in both agony and ecstasy.

There was only one more thing for her to do. Alexis took the dildo in her other hand and returned it to its rightful position, pushing it deep within her pussy. The feeling of the bottle in her ass and the dildo in her pussy at the same time gave her pleasure unlike any she had ever experienced. She furiously used the dildo, used the bottle, stuffing her tight holes and feeling every sensation that she could.

“Ohhhh, yes, watch me fuck my ass – watch me fuck my pussy,” she whispered, imagining a horde of onlookers. She didn’t know how big her audience was, but she imagined it had grown as large as ever by this point. Fantasizing, she imagined guys taking pictures of her from their rooms, taking videos, watching the little whore that she was savagely use her fuckholes for pleasure, wanting to be watched, wishing it would never end.

Alexis imagined the guys in rooms by themselves stroking their cocks beneath the cover of the windowsill as they stretched their necks to get as close as possible to the slut that held their attention so well. She took it up the ass for them, wanting, needing to be watched, to be used by them.

The slut she was becoming, alexis continued the show, slowing down when she felt herself reaching the beginning of an orgasm, wanting it to continue, not wanting to end the pleasure or the show she was putting on – not that an orgasm would have stopped her. And then, finally, it happened. Alexis erupted into a shuddering, trembling orgasm, her legs shaking above her head as she thrust the bottle into her ass as deep as she could, leaving it there, feeling the pressure of the object as it seemed to grind against the dildo inside of her.

“Ohhhhhh, fuck yes! Yes! Yesssss I’m cumming! Ohhhhh yes watch me!” She moaned loudly, unable to contain herself. She waited as the sensation tore into her, frozen, almost unable to move due to the intense spasms that gripped her whole body.

As soon as it was over, Alexis found herself gently fucking her holes again, sliding the objects in and out, felling the pleasure and the sensation again. She was going to make sure this was a real show this time. She continued to fuck herself, building her arousal as she did, imagining again the many guys that must be watching by now.

It didn’t take Alexis nearly as long to reach a second orgasm. This one hit her out of nowhere, like a freight Bycasino giriş train. She had been thinking of the guys watching, but as soon as she thought of her sister, and fantasizes about her watching, an orgasm came on extremely fast. She shuddered and shook again, moaning, unable to form words. This time, she continued to move the objects inside her holes as she came.

“Ohhhh, y – yessss, ohhhhh, ohhhhh!” She moaned.

Alexis wanted one more good, shuddering, rocking orgasm, and she tried to take her time building up to it. She took the dildo out of her pussy, licking it clean before ramming it into the back of her throat, wondering what sort of reaction the guys would have to that maneuver. In a minute, her throat felt raw and used, and she removed the dildo and stretched her pussy with it again.

“Ohhhh, watch me,” she moaned. “Watch me fuck myself, all of you. I’m giving you a show! I want all of you to watch me, and see me naked and fucking my pussy and my ass! Please just watch me, it gets me off – it makes me cum – I need it, ohhhhh, I need to be watched, and to know that you are all taking pictures and making videos and showing them to everyone you know! I need to be the slut that lets everyone use her to jack off – I need to show off my body and I need to be watched while I fuck myself, ohhhh!”

Alexis continued to moan and say those words as she moved the bottle and the dildo in rhythm. All of the sudden, she stood, turned around, and turned the chair 90 degrees to the side, propping one knee on it as she let her audience watch her from behind. Soon after her third orgasm came as she let the guys watch her fucking her ass in a new position.

“Ohhhh, yes I love fucking my ass for you – ohhhhh, I want you all to use me, and see me, and – and – one at a time, fuck my dirty little ass and use my pussy!” It was strange; before, she had only fantasized about being watched, but now, the horny little slut she was becoming, she actually wanted them all to have sex with her. In a moment like that, she knew that she would have let them if they were within reach. She came violently, again, shaking hard until she collapsed on the floor.

After what seemed like hours, Alexis stood. She thought she might have had a fourth orgasm as she laid on the floor touching herself, but she wasn’t sure. She removed the bottle from her ass, her gaping hole near the window for all to see, the dildo having been already removed from her pussy. She reached for the blinds, her tits pressing up against the window as she did so. Exhausted, humiliated, and satisfied, Alexis pulled down the blinds and took off her scarf, and peeking through the crack in the blinds, she could see roughly thirty guys had been watching. Wow, she thought. Soon after, still horny, she was falling asleep on her bed, exhausted.

She awoke once that night, fingering herself furiously to yet another orgasm. It was like a fountain that couldn’t be turned off – she just couldn’t control herself anymore. All her slutty behaviors, all her fantasies came to the forefront as she pounded away. Her ass felt strange; she couldn’t explain it. It had really been used good. She had the sensation that nature might be calling – or was it just raw? She licked her finger and inserted it into her tight hole, which readily accepted it.

After she came again, Alexis tried to force herself back asleep, finger in her ass and all, wanting to feel the humiliation that would come from having a finger in her ass for the rest of the night.

She awoke in the morning, still naked. She felt like a dirty whore, her finger smelled like ass. She wasn’t sure how long it stayed in, but it was no longer in her ass when she woke up. Alexis felt violated, humiliated, and of course, horny. What was wrong with her? She wondered aloud why she liked doing those things to herself so much. Quickly taking a shower, Alexis just couldn’t help herself as she dressed. She threw on the half shirt Ashley had made her walk home in the other day, and a jacket and a pair of jeans over her bra and panties, and put on a pair of shoes and went to class.

Yes, she was showing skin. Alexis was still horny and it showed. She just couldn’t escape now, she had been aroused for hours on end, almost a whole day, with no end in sight. Perhaps, she was finally starting to understand why Ashley acted the way she did – always willing to have sex with just about anyone, it seemed – always willing to show off more of her body than any decent girl would dare expose.

She sat in two classes, feeling a few eyes on her, unable to cover herself, and unable to relieve the tension that had built inside of her. “So, this is how it feels to be a slut,” she thought.

After class, Alexis did her best to try to get her mind off her needs. Tomorrow night would be her threesome, and she could manage to wait until then to find relief from her urges. Reading, watching television, and eating, she tried her best to get her mind off of sex. It worked for a while, Bycasino güncel giriş and then as soon as she lost her focus it would come rushing back – her need to be watched, to be used, to be fucked.

Alexis tossed and turned in bed that night. Part of her wanted to throw the blinds open again and fuck herself, this time with no cover for her face. Another part of her wanted to do it outside, in the middle of campus. Yet another part of her wanted to walk out half naked and find the first willing guy she could, and bring him back to her room. She thought about trying to go over to the guys’ dorm and find someone, anyone, to give her what she needed.

Every few minutes, it seemed like, she would start to touch herself through her clothes and then soon after, when she was just starting to feel pleasure, call it off. She didn’t really know what kept her from doing a my of those things. Was she finally coming to her senses, pushing away her fantasies, choosing safety and sanity instead? Was she finally realizing that part of her didn’t want complete exposure and humiliation?

Finally, Alexis woke up the next morning. The day of her planned threesome had arrived, and she was going to force herself not to do anything sexual until then. The day went by slowly, Alexis trying not to think about what lay ahead. She wanted it now, yes – she had accepted that she was going to do it and she knew she would like it. Still, part of it was a little frightening to her – two guys at once! Surely that was crossing some sore of line that took her from being a sexy girl that liked to show off a little to being a complete slut.

Finally, Ashley texted her, asking her to meet at her place. Alexis gathered a few things and, taking a deep breath, set out on her way, knowing what Ashley had in store for her.

Ashley opened the door wearing only a bikini top and a pair of ridiculously short shorts, unbuttoned and folded down, her bikini bottoms peeking out, her belly button ring glistening in the light.

“Ashley, what are you wearing? Seriously?” Alexis said, astonished yet again, but smiling at her nonetheless.

“Well, someone had to get the guys hard for you,” she said. Looking behind her sister, Alexis could see that there were two guys sitting on the couch. Neither was ugly, but only one of them was really attractive.

“This is Andrew,” Ashley said, pointing at the better looking of the two, “and this is Garrett. I was just in the middle of giving them a lap dance, want to watch, or join in?” Alexis just stared.

“So, I hear you’re the fresh meat tonight,” Garrett said. “Not bad, Ashley! Your little sister has a body on her.”

“Yeah, that’s me,” Alexis said, red-faced. She wasn’t used to making small talk with the guys before she got fucked – at least not recently.

“Want to get a better look at that body?” Ashley said, clicking a button on a remote to start some dance music as she tugged at the bottom of Alexis’ top. She raised her arms and the top came off quickly, leaving Alexis visibly wearing only a bra and jeans. Already she was beginning to get turned on, aroused by the looks of approval she got as the guys looked over their playmate for the evening.

Soon, Ashley was unbuttoning her sister’s jeans and pulling them down, giving the guys a good view of her black lace thong that she had picked out for the occasion. Alexis stood nervously, allowing her body to be evaluated by the two guys. It was one thing to show off to random people, she thought, but when you knew you were going to have sex with someone, especially two guys she had just met, it felt a little different.

Ashley followed suit, taking off her shorts, now wearing only a bikini. She got down on all fours as Alexis watched and crawled over to the guys on the couch. Slowly she crawled on top of Garrett, who was still sitting on the couch, and began to grind her bikini-clad ass into his crotch as Alexis looked on.

“You can touch me, you know,” Ashley practically begged as she felt his prick rise in his pants. “It isn’t a strip club!” She felt his hands grab her hips almost immediately as she moved to the beat of the music. “And Alexis, I don’t know what you’re waiting on – you know why these guys are here! I’m just helping warm them up for you!”

Alexis slowly walked over to Andrew, nervously stepping forward in her lace thong and bra. She looked at him nervously for a long moment, knowing what she had to do, but wanting to put it off as long as possible. Looking over, she saw Ashley grinding hard on Garret’s lap, shaking her slutty ass for him and moving his right hand from her hip to her bikini, giving him a feel of her pussy through her bikini.

“Come on, Alexis, I brought them here for you! You’ll like this if you just give it a chance,” said Ashley. Reluctantly, Alexis turned around and climbed on top of Andrew, who didn’t need to be told he could feel her up any way he wanted.

Soon Alexis was grinding on him, moving her hips to the music, and Andrew cupped his left hand over her left breast as he caressed her stomach and hip with his right. Before she knew it, Alexis began to enjoy feeling his cock stiffen, and began to want to feel like the slut that she knew she longed to be in these moments of sexual tension.

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