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Kathy paced in front of her acting partner as he sat on the couch in front of her. They were having trouble figuring out their characters’ motivations for the scene they were rehearsing.

“You see these, boy?” she asked her partner in character, her arm gesturing to a nonexistent award cabinet. “These are mine, and I’m damned proud of them.”

“They’re incredible,” her partner Rob replied, looking at the same empty air.

She continued, “I earned these. What makes you think you’re worth anything like this?”

Rob paused. “I want…”

She cut him off. “I KNOW what you want. It’s what they all want. A chance for glory. Do you think you have what it takes?”


“We’ll see, won’t we? Get in there!”

She paused, looking at him. “Why aren’t you moving?”

Rob looked uncomfortable. “I…don’t think I can.”

Kathy looked sympathetic. “You’ll learn. Let your instincts guide you.”

Rob got up from the couch and headed to the far side of the room. “Like this?” He pantomimed throwing a ball into a basket.

“Yes, just like that. See, you’re getting it!”

Rob continued to throw a nonexistent ball.

“You’re a natural! Why did you think you couldn’t score?” Kathy called out to him.

Rob shifted from side to side. “Penetrate the defense…don’t let anything stop me. I CAN do it!”

“Yes! Yes!” Kathy responded, and then broke character. “Wait, no. This just doesn’t feel right, does it?”

Rob turned back to her, also out of character. “No. Who wrote this crap?”

Kathy slumped back onto her chair. “Probably Avery,” she said, referring to their acting teacher.

They called it a night, agreeing to think of different motivations before they met again in a couple of days. They had just over a week before they had to present their scene in class.

Two nights later they were in Rob’s parents’ basement going over the lines again. Once again they were stuck with how to play the scene.

Kathy looked at the 19-year-old she had been partnered with. Rob was young but cute, and definitely enthusiastic about their course. It was weird that she had been assigned the character of his basketball coach, but there were a lot of women in this year’s class so there were some gender bending assignments.

Rob looked at the 30-something Kathy. Gaziantep Sınırsız Escort She was one of the older people taking Acting 101 in college, but quite attractive for an older lady: slim with curly auburn hair and lightly freckled skin. On this night she had worn a black skirt below a matching, tightly fitting long sleeve top, with black pantyhose. He had to admit that he had a bit of a crush on her.

Then their eyes met.

Rob felt an electric jolt run through him. His cock started to fill with blood.

Kathy felt warm all of a sudden, and her nipples started to harden. Her mouth went dry. Rob was looking at her like…

…like she was a sexy woman! It had been a long while since anyone had looked at her like that.

She chewed her lip and then said, “I have an idea, but you have to trust me, okay?” she said to Rob.

Rob just nodded.

Kathy moved forward so she was right in front of her sitting partner, though still maintaining eye contact. “You see these, boy?” she asked him as she cupped her breasts through her tight shirt. “These are mine, and I’m damned proud of them.”

“They’re incredible,” Rob replied, his eyes on her bountiful orbs. He had actually said that out of character.

She moved forward, jiggling her boobs for effect. “I earned these. What makes you think you’re worth anything like this?”

“I want…”

She cut him off. “I KNOW what you want. It’s what they all want.”

Kathy moved forward, clambering onto Rob’s lap. She continued, “A chance for glory.” She settled down onto his jeans-covered dick, which was now as hard as a rock. “Do you think you have what it takes?”


Kathy reached down, unzipped Rob’s fly, and fished his cock out of his underwear. She was pleased to find that he had a nice sized package.

“We’ll see, won’t we?” she said. With his cock in one hand she used her other to move her panties aside, which was easy because her skirt had ridden up and she was actually wearing thigh-high hose and garters. She adjusted her hips, slotting the head of his throbbing member into the opening of her very wet pussy.

“Get in there!” she hissed, settling down and getting a couple of inches of his cock into her.

Rob groaned. He couldn’t believe what was happening! He sat there, looking down at the sight of his virgin cock disappearing between Kathy’s pink pussy lips. She rose up a bit and then adjusted the angle of her hips. She pushed down hard and then his cock was entirely surrounded by hot flesh. He gasped.

Once she had settled all the way down on his cock she stopped. Moving her mouth close to his ear she asked him breathily, “Why aren’t you moving?”

Rob’s brain was having trouble working, but he had memorized the lines. “I…don’t think I can,” he replied.

Kathy took his hands and put them on her hips. “You’ll learn,” she said. “Let your instincts guide you.”

Rob lifted up with his hands, and Kathy took his direction, raising herself halfway off of his cock. Then he pulled her back down, causing them to moan again. Rob had never felt anything like this before when masturbating; this was a thousand times better!

“Like…this?” he asked, raising her up and pulling her back down on his cock again.

Gasping, Kathy replied, “Yes, just like that.” She moved faster on top of him. “See, you’re getting it!”

As Kathy rode him Rob raised her shirt up. He massaged her breasts through her thin bra, and then pushed it out of the way in order to access her breasts directly. He pinched her stiff nipples.

“Uhh…you’re a natural!” Kathy gasped. “Why did you think you…unhh…couldn’t…heh…score?”

Rob moved one arm around Kathy’s back, holding her tightly as his other hand continued to grope her breasts. He pulled her down on his cock harder, faster. “Penetrate the defense…don’t let anything stop me. Ahh! I CAN do it!”

Kathy felt a tingling deep inside her, the ghost of pleasure to come. “Yes! Yes!” she called out.

‘Penetrate the defense’ echoed through her mind. Defense? Then she realized: Rob wasn’t wearing a condom! Also, her period had been about two weeks ago. She was so incredibly horny because she was ovulating!

Kathy was in her mid-30’s and single. If she didn’t have children in the next few years then she would lose her chance. She had a ripe egg on its way, or pretty soon.

All of these things blew through her mind like a warm summer breeze. Her body had already decided what was going to happen here, and she started slamming her pussy down on Rob’s cock harder, faster. That tingling deep inside her grew stronger, more insistent.

Rob clamped his mouth onto Kathy’s nipple, sucking. Her mind had already been thinking about babies and having a mouth nurse on her boob made it seem all the more real. She dropped down hard on Rob’s cock, grinding, as pleasure exploded from deep within her.

“O-ooohh!!” Her body shook as she orgasmed hard on Rob’s swollen babymaker.

Feeling Kathy’s insides suddenly grip his overstimulated cock like a hot glove set off Rob’s own orgasm. He grunted into Kathy’s boob and sucked the nipple harder.

Kathy felt Rob’s cock swell deep inside her and then his hot, potent seed rushed into her fertile insides, inundating her ripe reproductive system. As she felt this she knew that there was a good chance the young man was impregnating her, and it only threw fuel onto the fire of her own orgasm.

Her body shook as it greedily accepted spurt after spurt of the young man’s cum, her orgasm urging his strong, life-giving sperm deeper inside her.

Finally, the new lovers recovered from their impromptu tryst. Kathy carefully raised herself up, slipping Rob’s cock out of her. The remains of his cum splashed down onto the front of his jeans.

“Oops!” Kathy said playfully.

Rob just sat there with a goofy grin on his face, not caring about the mess.

Kathy and Rob practiced their new interpretation of the scene every day, sometimes twice, though they changed the venue to Kathy’s place, and they made sure to also practice it the way their teacher expected. They couldn’t just fuck in front of the class!

On the day of the scene the other students couldn’t help but notice that Kathy and Rob had an uncanny chemistry together. Though the scene was about basketball there was a real sexual undercurrent that energized their performance. They got an A+.

Kathy was already pregnant by that point, though she didn’t tell Rob. She managed to hide her baby bump until the end of the semester and then she broke it off with him with the excuse that the age difference was too much. In truth she didn’t want his life ruined by being a father before graduating college.

Rob went off to Hollywood and actually became a professional actor. You might have seen him in some movies, though I’m not going to tell you his last name. Rob’s a pretty common name, but if you guess you might get it right.

Kathy stayed a single mother and brought up their daughter as best she could. The little girl sure liked basketball, though.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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