At Last We Meet

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I sat on the bed. Fidgeting with the key card the manager had provided.

Flipping the card key onto the night stand, I walked into the bathroom. White walls reflected the light back at the mirror I stared into. Was I really about to do this? Oh my god, I was. After everything, the roller coaster of emotion and passion, it was finally happening.

Cold water splashed onto my face. Keep it together. She will be here soon and you have to prove yourself to her. Don’t screw this up.

Rallying my courage, it all went washing through my stomach and out my toes when the sound of a key card entering the lock pulled me out of my focus.

My body froze. Goose bumps covered my flesh. The door handle turned.

Every breath was a challenge. Oh god, I am going to die. The door swung inward, blocking my view.

Soft steps announced a cautious entry into the room. My breath froze in my throat.

As the door closed, I saw your reddish hair. It blocked the view of your face. You were looking into the room expectantly. But no one was there. Sagging in disappointment, I hear you breathe for the first time.

Had you been feeling the same overwhelming fear and excitement?


The sound of the lock catching on the door woke you from your stunned silence. That’s when you saw the light at your feet and look down. Further into the bathroom, you saw legs. Your face locked in place, unmoving. Still, I could not see your eyes.

I took a small step. Your eyes moved up, but not all the way.

Now I could see you. Your legs, revealed by the short skirt showing, swelled at the calf and thigh, showing strength and power. Hips that flared out into that of a woman’s figure. Not some stick, but a real woman. One who had the curves in the places where they were meant to be. I glanced at your bare stomach and my mouth went dry. The sparkling jewelry caught my attention long enough that my body had to remind me to breath.

I tore my eyes from your exposed flesh and forced my eyes higher. I felt the swell in my pants while my mind took in your breasts. A wet tongue licked out to moisten suddenly dry lips.

That is when it happened. Lifting your face, we made eye contact. Finally, we were looking into one another’s eyes. I almost faltered then. My imaged, pure need and barely contained lust, was reflected back at me from your eyes. That is when I pulled back my focus.

Moving a hand to pull a lock of hair behind your ear, we smile Starzbet at one another.

This is it.

Raising my hand, I call you towards me. You raise yours as well, but do not give in. This is it, the first contest for power. Two steps are all it takes for our finger tips to meet. Lightning passes between us at that first touch.

I pull your fingers into my hand, clasping them tight in my grasp. A small sound escapes your throat as my other hand comes up to touch the bare side of your face where you had early swept the hair away.

Finally, you give a little. We both make the final step to close the distance. Still grasping your hand, I pull closer and wrap my arm around your waist. Pinning you against me, one arm trapped behind your back. My hand still rests on your cheek.

Your face leans into the warmth of that hand as your body molds against me. Crushing your breasts to my chest, you feel the throbbing in my loins. It is pressed up against you, trying to invade you already.

I lean down and kiss you gently on the lips. That will be the last time. My mouth covers yours as my hand pulls your head where I want it. I taste strawberries. I don’t know if it is you or my mind, but I dig deeper to find the source.

My tongue touches your lips while I open my mouth to bleed the pent up passion into you.

Your moan is enough to break the last barrier of control. I push you against the door and kiss you harder. Finally, regaining some semblance of function, your free arm reaches around my neck and holds my head to yours.

I release the other arm to grab your ass firmly and grind myself into you. I can already feel your heat through the skirt. One leg lifts and wraps around mine, sharing more of your heat with me. Your newly freed arm pulls the shirt from my pants to allow it to move up my back. Racking your fingers through the tensed muscles of my back, you moan again. I told you I was solid. You can trace the muscles that I am using to control your body. Feel them flexing under the skin.

The feeling is too much for you. At least, I hope it is. I have pulled your skirt up to reveal your panties. My hand traces around your ass, over your hip, and finds the source of the heat. Rubbing over the material, I can feel the outline of your fine hairs. They lead me to where we both want my hand to be.

I grasp your whole pussy. My hand is burning with heat and so are you. I can feel the moisture across my whole palm. That is Starzbet Giriş when my middle finger presses onto your clit through the fabric. Your eyes blast open. Without breaking the kiss or moving your body away, you tear at my belt. Then the buckle and finally the zipper.

I fall forward from my pants, contained by the material of the boxer briefs below. Your hands snake into my pants and grasp my ass. That two was not a lie. Sliding along the firm upper ridge, your hand weaves inside the boxers. They begin to fall as you loosen and pull to get the pants low enough to do what you want.

My hand has been working as well. My fingers are now caressing your lips. The pressure of my hand has pulled your panties tight against your pussy. One finger rubs through the material, spreading you open. Two others, one on each side of the material, have contacted flesh.

You gasp and break the kiss, driving your face into my chest to catch your breath. That is when you notice the smell. I am wearing something, but you are not sure what (Givenchy Pi). All you know for sure is that I smell like food. Your mouth is wet again and you are very hungry.

Having free my throbbing cock from my clothing, you rub it gently with one hand, finding it wet along the tip. Massage the pre-cum into my shaft, you moan again.

That is all I need. My fingers work together to pull the material from your opening. Your legs flex as you rise up to fit me between your legs. It takes only a nudge from your hand to force me into place. The bulge of my penis rubs the flesh and crosses over your clit, bumping along the sensitive button as the circumcised head passes through to where my fingers hold your lips open and waiting.

I cannot believe how wet you are. The mushroom tip parts you open, barely enough to enter you, but you feel it. You feel the first stretch as I prepare to enter you. But I don’t.

Pulling back, I slide across your clit again. And do it again. And again. Then one last time before my head stretches you open again. It is about to happen. One thrust and I will be inside you.

Your face is still mashed into my chest. I stop. You look up and our eyes meet again. Staring into each other, I push forward. Now I am entering you. Slowly. Too slowly.

You grab my ass with both hands to force me deeper into you, but I am even stronger than you thought. Again, another truth.

You kiss me again, forcing your tongue in my mouth. Trying to tell Starzbet Güncel Giriş me with your body how you want me to enter you. Forcefully.

Still I hold back.

I keep pushing in further. Slowly, feeling every contraction, every spasm. Every swollen vein rubs against your insides as I, almost painfully slow, fill you. Our groin touches. I am completely inside you.

You squeeze my ass with both hands while I hold you against the wall.

“Oh god”

I pull back. Slowly. Just as the head is about to spread you wider to escape, I reverse direction and thrust back into you. Not as slow this time, but it still infuriates you.

Completely inside once again, I do not even pause as I pull back. Again, the head spreads you open just shy of leaving.


I power back into you. No holding back this time. I feel you squeeze me tight with your muscles and I moan into your mouth. When I am completely inside you end the kiss.

The time for compassion is over. Now you want to be fucked.

Pulling out, you grip me as tight as possible, making me work to escape you. Again, I thrust forward to fill you as much as possible. We are now fucking in earnest.

Biting my shoulder, you make loud moans of satisfaction. I am gripping my lower lip between my teeth.





You ass impacts with the door at every thrust.

Still with one leg around me, you use that leg to hold me deeper in you when I try to pull out. I know the signals. I am moving only half of my cock in and out of you now. But there is no reduction in force.

Your wetness is flooding my cock and running down my testicles to soak my legs. You are a mess. Matted pubic hair is soaked with your own pussy juice as we continue to fuck, and fuck, and fuck.

It has only been a few short minutes since I first entered you, when you feel the extra pressure inside. I am swelling more. That is when the throbbing begins.

As the first spray of cum erupts into you, my legs begin to shake. Your leg drops to the floor while I hold your hips and use your pussy to loose my load.





It takes me almost a full minute to finish. All through my shoulders are vibrating and my back convulsing under the pressure.

Finally, I stop. Still inside you, with our combined fluids leaking down our lower bodies, I look into your eyes and kiss you. Just once and almost to gentle for what we have just shared.

“Hi,” I say for the first time.

“Hi yourself,” you respond.

My shaft shrinks and withdraws from you. We look into each others eyes and start to laugh. Deep and carefree, we laugh while leaning against the door.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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