Derek’s First Night with Miss J Ch. 03

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This chapter is in direct continuation of the previous 2 chapters… If you have not read chapter one and two of Derek’s adventure I strongly recommend you do so. Thank you to my readers and I hope you enjoy this chapter as much as the others.

Miss J

As the story continues:

Derek stands with a bit of hesitation. Not knowing what to expect. However knowing that if he wants this to come true he must learn to submit to her whims whenever she feels the need for him to do so. His hands move to the top of his head, and he intertwines his fingers as he stands in front of her. Miss J, walks up to him, getting real close, and whispers in his ear to relax, this is just the beginning and she will take it slow. She then plants a kiss on his lips with such force that Derek has to catch himself from falling backwards. Her fingers trail down his chin to his shirt and slowly she starts to unbutton his shirt. Then sliding her hands over his shoulders she drops his shirt on the floor. Derek looks at Miss J and smiles… She runs her hands across his chest. As she feels his six-pack she gives a slight giggle, and places her mouth over his nipples. Sucking gently… Then suddenly he felt her teeth against him, and knowing what was coming he prepared himself for the pain. Clenching her teeth down, she bit his nipple and tugged, not as hard as she could or would in the future but hard enough to get a painful moan from her new found slave. His hands come down from atop his head and onto hers to push her away but she simply stopped, putting her hands over his, and placing them back atop his head, explaining to him that he must stay in position or she will have to punish him. Then asking “Jason, just what would I do to punish my new slave if he does not behave and keep himself in position?” Then goes back to his nipple and takes him back in her mouth and continues. Jason replies with: “Ma’am will spank your bottom good and hard then she will tie your hands where she wants them and you will have them there for at least 24 hours” Derek gulps at this news saying to himself to just relax. Miss J then runs her tongue across his chest to his other nipple. Looking up at Derek and smiling, saying; “We can’t do just one nipple and not the other one now can we my pet?” Then suddenly she takes his nipple in her mouth and biting down, tugging it away from his body. She took this nipple harder than the other, and Derek tensed his muscles in agony. Wondering how long she was going to continue and what she had planned for the rest of his body tonight. She let go of him as quickly as she took him in.

She praises him for standing still and in position. As she moves down his stomach sliding her tongue along his warm skin. Derek begins to get get goose bumps as the moisture of her mouth glides down his body. Her hands play with the buckle of his belt as she sucks on his abdomen. Derek starts to feel that familiar ache in his groin. The one he had when he looked into her eyes on his computer Ümraniye Öğrenci Escort screen. Will she take me in her mouth? Is that what she is leading up to? He glances down as she slides the belt out of his pants, tossing it on the counter. She then suddenly stops, and looks deep into Derek’s eyes. Giggles, as she suggestively looks him up and down. “Take your pants down Derek”

Derek’s hands start to shake once again, as he unbuttons and unzips his jeans… Then slowly starting to slide them down his body and to the floor. He is now fully aware of the hardness between his legs, and hopes that Miss J will understand and not be angry with him. She steps closer, and takes the waistband of his boxers, and with a quick jerk, pulls them down over his hard cock and down his legs.

Standing very close to Derek, Miss J reaches down and takes hold of Derek’s manhood, and says “this now belongs to me; you may not touch it, rub it, or use it without my prior permission. Understood?”

“Yes Ma’am”

“Good Derek, now spread your legs” as she takes hold of his balls giving them a tight squeeze. “These also belong to me, I will do as I wish with them when I wish to and where I wish to… Is that understood?”

Derek lets out a painful sigh and his voice cracked as he tried to answer. “y y yes Ma’am.”

“Good, now that we have that understood, I want you to experience your first session with me. Jason, please take Derek to the play room, and show him around. Explain to him the different uses for the toys in this room, the rules of the room, and then secure him to the center bar. I will be there in 10 minutes….I would like you in your face down position on the table when I get there James…Go with James, Derek”

Miss J then turns on her heals and walks out of the kitchen and down the hall to a bedroom. Derek follows James, and asks him “how long have you been here James?” He answers quickly with “6 months” but then informs Derek that he shouldn’t talk unless Miss J has given him permission.

They walk into a room, and James explains to Derek that this is called Miss J’s playroom. Derek looks around, there is a big chair, like a barbers chair against one wall, a table along another, a couch along another and a desk and 3 hardwood chairs along the other. Next to the big chair there is a walk in closet where James showed him the toys Miss J had. In the center of the room on the ceiling was a video camera, and 2 pulleys with ropes attached. In each corner, there was a Red strip of paint on the wall each at a different height. James continued on explaining everything to Derek that he would need to know, and then walked him to the center of the room pulling the pullies down. Attaching the cuffs on the rope to each of Derek’s wrists. Then pulling on the pulley to tighten the ropes as it pulls Derek’s arms up in a Y position. Then James goes into the closet and brings out two more ropes with a hook at one end and cuffs on the Ümraniye Çıtır Escort other… He attaches the cuffs to Derek’s ankles, and then attaches the hooks to the rings on the floor. This causes Derek’s legs to be spread apart. Then James could hear Miss J coming down the hall and dashed to the table and laid face down and waited as he was told.

Miss J walked in the room and looked around… Everything was just as she had hoped and ordered. Derek’s back was to the door so he could not see his new Mistress as she admired him tied in this new predicament. She walked up behind him, laying her hand on his shoulder, and then placing the blindfold over his face. Then walking over to James, she began his stimulation training. Telling James, “this will keep you occupied while I begin with Derek”

She then walked back to Derek, standing in front of him and wanting to make sure he could not see, she stripped off her top and bra… She stood there in front of him with her breasts bare, her nipples becoming erect. Derek could definitely not see, there was no reaction what so ever from him. She smiled at this, and walked around him. Standing close behind him, pressing herself against his body. Derek could feel the firmness of Miss J’s breasts against his back as she takes a handful of his right cheek. Giving him a squeeze she whispers to him.. “I am going to teach you to trust, to love, and to obey me” Then kissing the back of his neck. Miss J begins to slide her body down his, kissing his spine as she moves down. Her breasts pressed firmly against his bottom she reaches between his legs and takes his cock in hand. Tugging gently at first, her tongue playing and teasing his skin just above his bottom. This causes those familiar goose bumps to appear all along Derek’s skin. Letting out a slight moan as she brings him to an erect state.

His cock now sticking straight out in front of him, she squeezes his balls, as she slides her body back up his back. Stepping back, she picks up her hairbrush.. Brushing his dark hair back from his eyes. Asking him if he likes this.

“MMMM yes Ma’am very much so but I am scared”

“That is ok my boy, you should be scared you do not know what will happen next, but you must trust me.”

“What is going to happen next Mistress? I will trust you Ma’am.”

Miss J doesn’t answer, she simply steps back away from him, and leaves him to think.

Glancing over to James, she walks behind him, and playfully swats his bottom. James moans as he has been teased and stimulated just about as much as he thinks he can handle. He knows better than to beg for Mistress to release his training, but silently hopes that she will have mercy on him and allow him to cum. Just then Miss J, slides her hand between James’s legs, and grasps his very stiff cock. Pre-cum has seeped from his hole, and James flinches just slightly. Miss J then slides the cock ring over his cock, and gives his bottom a kiss… And she Ümraniye Elit Escort is gone just as quickly as she went to him. James lays still, as his cock continues to throb, his balls so full he feels as if he is about to explode. Knowing that he can’t, not only because Ma’am has not given him permission but because she has placed the cock ring on him. His cock is so stiff, and hard it aches as it throbs under him. His head is the brightest of purple it has ever been and Miss J wonders if he will be able to fulfill his requirement tonight.

The brush in hand; Miss J walks back to Derek, He can slightly hear the sounds of her moving closer. Then suddenly Derek feels the brush connect with his barred bottom! SWACK….. SWISH….. SMACK……..THUD…….moving from cheek to cheek, as she continues to punish him…

“Do you like that Derek?”

sobbing quietly, “ummm yes I guess” was all he could muster out.

“Excuse me??” SWAT SWAT she lands the brush hard against each of his cheeks. His bottom is now beginning to reach a nice reddened state. “You Guess what Derek?” SWAT SWAT SWAT as she continues to discipline him.

“Yes Ma’am I guess Ma’am” he says, knowing that this was not going to stop the infliction of pain connecting to his already sore ass. Derek’s arms jerked against the ropes holding him in place. Pulling his legs to try and pull them together. Wiggling his ass as much as he was able; to try and cool the heat from burning his flesh.

Swat Swat “how does your bottom feel now Derek?”

“Like I could fry bacon and eggs for you Ma’am”

“Hmmmm well maybe tomorrow morning I will have you fix breakfast… But for tonight, I think you have endured enough punishment. She then walked in front of him, taking the blindfold off as she stood in front of him, her breasts naked to his gaze. She reached for her breasts giving each one a gentle squeeze. Then snuggling her body against his kissing him on the lips, she reaches behind him, taking his sore bottom in her hands. She grabs a handful of each cheek with her hands, and slides her tongue down his body to what she later calls his “happy trail” Knelt down in front of him, she glances up and asks if he would like her to relieve him with her mouth? His reply is a smile as he says “oh yes please ma’am” She giggles to her new slave toy, and then suddenly snaps the cage over his cock and Derek suddenly realizes she was teasing him and suddenly thought he may not be allowed to cum for some time. Miss J then told him that this cage would stay on him for one week, he was not allowed to become erect for one week.

She then explained to him, she would be leaving in the morning for a bit and he was to fulfill the chores that were on the table for him. She then untied him. Hugged him, held him, and rubbed his bottom. She then informed him it was time for bed, taking his hand and walking him to his room, swatting his bottom with her hand with each step, then putting him to bed, kissing him… “Goodnight my little boy slave, hope you sleep well”

“Goodnight Ma’am, sleep well yourself. Will I serve you again tomorrow?”

“Yes my boy toy you will serve me everyday, just as James does. Now sleep as tomorrow you have a lot of chores to accomplish.”

Continued in Chapter 4

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