Diane the Sex Slave Ch. 06

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I just didn’t like the look in his eyes. He looked really menacing I could see why people were frightened of him. But now my eyes focused on the cock inches from my mouth. He moved forward and just let the tip of his cock rest on my trembling lip.

My whole body was shaking now.

“Oh you are going to be such a good fuck,” he spat.

I let his cock slip into my mouth. I just knelt there like some blow up doll. I suppose when you think about it that was all I was. But I was a breathing living one. He began moving his cock around inside my mouth. For someone who had been locked up for 3 ½ years he was remarkably controlled.

He began pushing into the back of my mouth, and then pulling out until his hard cock nearly slipped off my lips. I was still trying to get my hands free; I was worried in case all of a sudden he just plunged into me. I began fearing even more as I saw his hand move round behind my head. I felt him slowly scoop up my hair from the base of my neck. Still he was slowly pushing and pulling in and out of my mouth. I felt his large fist grip my hair tightly. I’m sure the force he used was enough to stretch the skin on my face.

Now I was frantic, trying to get my wrists out of the tights that held them bound together before he choked me to death. I felt him push his cock into the right side of my mouth. I could feel my cheek bulge and stretch as he shoved harder. Then I felt a soft hand on my cheek as he held his cock tightly into it.

“Oh that is so you Diane, a mouthful of hard dick,” Maureen hissed.

I could feel her finger lightly trace over my swollen cheek as Kenny just held himself there. It was like she was feeling his cock and my mouth would have been a replacement for a condom!

I tried even harder to get my hands free, as they began to chuckle at something. I’m sure they were teasing me now. Would she give him the command to ram himself viciously into my throat? Would they both laugh as I struggled for breath?

“Go on Kenny do her,” Maureen said, as her stroking fingers finally left my cheek.

I felt his fingers relax and then grip again like the weightlifters do, getting a final grip before snatching the bar. He pulled out of my cheek. Then slowly he pushed straight into the back of my mouth. I pulled back away from him, but that big hard hand that had probably caused damage to some poor face held me firm. I felt his tip push into my throat now, I struggled with all my might to get off of him and pull my wrists out. There was no chance of me being successful with either.

He pulled back relaxing a little then he began shoving in and out.

“Don’t worry bitch I won’t suffocate you, but that was just to show you I can so you had better start sucking.”

I didn’t need telling twice. I sucked and licked his cock determined to please him. Just the thought alone of him blocking my windpipe had me too scared not to. He seemed to settle into a rhythm, one that I could cope with. I just hoped that when he came he wouldn’t get too carried away. His hand still gripped my hair and forced the pace. He pulled and pushed me over and off his cock.

I could hear him grunting and taking odd gasps of air. I looked up into his eyes; I knew from previous experience that men loved this. Just having some tart giving them a blowjob, with their big cow eyes looking up into their faces was quite a turn on. Even when like me, the eyes were saying how scared I was.

My hands had stopped trying to get free now; I just hoped I could trust him.

I heard a rustle of clothing to my left, I couldn’t turn my head but I soon felt something hairy on my shoulder. I could see a soft leg push between my breasts, and I could feel Maureen’s pussy on my shoulder. She started to move back and forth over it. The bloody bitch was humping my shoulder!

“Here let me help Kenny,” Maureen said in a throaty voice.

Kenny’s hand let go of my hair and a smaller softer hand replaced it. It was now Maureen who was working my head on his cock. She was a little more forceful than he was. Again I began to struggle with my bound hands, but even so I carried on sucking the cock that impaled itself on my mouth. Now and then I gagged a little as Maureen pushed a little too far. Her pussy was grinding onto my shoulder that was now streaming with her juice!

I could hear Kenny getting more and more excited. All three of us were now grunting and breathing hard.

Without warning he shot into my mouth. I tried to swallow quickly. I could feel myself panicking, just how much was there in a cock that hadn’t had a woman for 3 ½ years?

Maureen seemed more excited now; she obviously knew hot spunk was gushing into my mouth.

“Drink you bitch, drink it down cunt!” she spat through gritted teeth.

I tried I really tried, as jet after jet hit the back of my throat.

It was Kenny who pulled himself off of me. I began coughing and choking and I could feel his spunk trickling down my nostrils and onto my top lip.

I felt Maureen Ümraniye Yabancı Escort get off my aching shoulder. She still had hold of my hair and pulled me roughly onto my back. I managed to get my hands out of the tights that they had been tied in as I fell.

The next thing I knew Maureen’s hairy pussy was squashed against my face! The cow was now humping herself on my nose! Her pussy was soaked and I could smell her juices as she ground hard against me. No part of my face was left without her scent. I could feel wet matted hair and her pussy rub over me.

Kenny was now moving between my legs. His cock pushed right into me all the bloody way! I opened my mouth to gasp and received a mouthful of Maureen’s pussy hair.

Kenny was ramming my pussy hard, only to match what Maureen was doing to my face.

“Lick my ass!” Maureen gasped.

Then I felt her shudder. Kenny must have hit the right spot first time.

“Oh god you’ve got a long tongue young Kenny,” Maureen moaned with delight.

I felt her shudder again and a strange wailing noise escaped her mouth. At the same time my face began to run with juice as she ground harder onto me. She slipped forward over my head and there was Kenny’s face. I shouldn’t have left my mouth open but I was still gasping for air when his tongue pushed into me. I struggled to get him out, remembering where it had been just a few minutes ago!

I could hear Maureen’s sick little laugh, as I tried to escape from Kenny’s tongue.

“Poor Diane is something wrong?” she said with a cackle.

I watched Kenny look up to her and an evil grin spread over his lips. I looked up and there was her ass now suspended over me. There it was getting closer and closer to my face. I turned my head away but she grabbed my hair. I wanted to shout but I kept my mouth closed tight. Her ass landed on my face and she began to wriggle around. I could hear the pair of them chuckling again.

How long could I hold my breath?

She moved all over my face, smearing the sweat from her ass and the juice from her pussy everywhere. At least now and then I could gulp fresh air.

Kenny was driving into me harder now, and to my surprise he came very quickly. As he pulled away I felt long soft hair tickle my thighs, and then a pair of soft lips kissing my pussy. The bloody cow was now licking my spunk filled cunt!

I could feel her fingers pulling me apart. She seemed to cover me with her mouth and then I heard the unimaginable. Maureen was suck hard on my pussy and gulping and swallowing my juice and Kenny’s spunk!

With all this going on I was fast losing any sense of right and wrong. I could feel my face with all sorts of wet mess on it. But that mass of brown matted pussy hair was just a tongues length away.

“Oh! Diane,” Maureen gasped in surprise.

My tongue was flicking into her fanny now. She settled down a little more. OK my nose was near her ass again, but I was quaking with every flick of her tongue! I licked her pussy trying to do what she was doing to me.

“That is a good cunt!” Maureen groaned, with a mouthful of my soaked pussy.

For the next few minutes we were all silent. Apart from the odd slurp and swallow of pussy juices. I was the first to crack. I just shuddered and came having to stop licking her because it was so intense. What the hell Kenny thought I didn’t know or care. I just wanted this so bad, to please my horrible mistress, and myself!

Maureen and I showered together, but even then I still felt ashamed of myself as I soaped her huge tits! She didn’t say one word to me. But her arrogant superior look had returned.

By the time we came out of the shower I knew things had gone back to normal. It was like I had dreamt the whole episode.

I was now aware too that Kenny would expect me to perform when he returned from the pub.

Maureen had that sick grin back like she knew something but she wasn’t letting on. I just sat there letting her tie me up. She used ropes this time. My hands had been tied behind my back, and my arms just above my elbows. I wore just black stockings and black high heeled shoes. She began wrapping rope around my legs. She tied my ankles together and then my thighs, with my legs bent by a short rope that went from my ankle ties to my upper arm ties.

“Please Maureen can’t we stop this now,” I mumbled.

A slap landed to my face.

“Didn’t I tell you no talking!” she yelled.

As I lie there on the coffee table, yes the coffee table! She began to makeup my face. When she had finished I had a wide funnel pushed into my mouth. I tried to struggle which amused her. She tied the straps attached to the funnel behind my head. At least I could open my mouth a little but I knew I couldn’t get the funnel out.

“Oh don’t look so terrified. Kenny will be back with his mates soon.”

I struggled on hearing this but I knew it would be useless. His mates! What fucking mates?

I felt her finger push between Ümraniye Yeni Escort my tightly bound thighs. She had to grimace with the effort to find my pussy. She grinned at how wet I was.

“Now I’m going to take Sammy with me I’ll be back on Sunday, and then you are free to go. Oh I do hope the boys enjoy you.”

I lay there for around 2 hours in the dark. I heard the door open and chattering voices sounding rather drunk. I was shaking again; soon they would appear through the door.

The light flicked on and I had to squint. There stood Kenny, his eyes were all over me I watched him move into the room and more faces appeared.

“Fucking hell!” someone said with a drunken gasp.

I counted 6 faces all male staring in disbelief at the trust up woman on the coffee table.

“Go and get some drinks boys, and the food is in the dining room.”

Kenny waited until the group left the room.

“Well aren’t we going to have fun tonight?” he said with a grin.

He took awhile to look over my body as I tried to come to terms with everything.

“Now all the guys have been told they can have you. I’m just off to get some beer and food, and then we’ll come and play with you, if you know what I mean?” he said with a chuckle.

The door crashed open and Kenny came towards me. Now my mind was occupied by something else. I began struggling to get free as other faces joined him.

“Time for some fun and games boys,” Kenny said.

I lay there as 5 hard dicks were being pulled. All these cocks were pointing into the funnel! I had tried to move my head away but Kenny was stood over me holding my hair. Every time I tried to get away he just yanked my hair until the funnel was back under the throbbing cocks. I heard one of the men grunting and I could see him splatter into the funnel.

“Oh it’s trickling down nice and slow,” Kenny spat with a sly grin.

I just lay there waiting for it to enter my mouth. I was shaking and scared but it was quite erotic at the same time.

Well just think about it for a second? A funnel strapped into my mouth. All these men pulling themselves stood over it, and now the wait. How long would it take to slide from the funnel onto my tongue and down my throat? 5 loads of spunk from 5 men going into my mouth and I didn’t have to do a thing!

Kenny was providing a running commentary on the progress of dribbling spunk, “it’s nearing the neck now Diane, soon so very soon. Oh look another load going in.”

I had to take his word for it. All I could see was the balls hanging around the rim from down below. I felt like a bloody fish waiting for someone to feed me!

“Oh number 3 now Diane and that is quite thin you know it should speed the rest up.”

Then I felt the first drip to the back of my throat. I struggled harder but my hair was tugged just as fiercely.

“Oh now don’t even think I’m letting you go,” Kenny hissed in my ear.

At least I could swallow a little, but the drips were coming faster and faster. I had to swallow then relax, then swallow again.

“Oh just one more to come now, come on Tommy pump into her common little mouth, she’s a slut she loves it!”

I looked up into Tommy’s eyes. He was the 18 year old schoolboy that had dated Della my dog sitter. Yes it was definitely him; I had seen him coming out of her house when I went there to arrange dog sitting, Della had introduced us, and I remembered thinking at the time how hunky he was. Perhaps he didn’t recognise me with a bloody funnel stuck out of my gob, but I knew him. It made me lose concentration for awhile. I began to cough a little. I spewed out spunk from the side of the funnel. I quickly began to swallow and breathe in the order that had helped me before.

They left me to get beers and nibbles as Kenny held my head. All that spunk was now heading for my belly at first I could taste the difference, but as it mingled in the funnel it all became a mixture.

Kenny undid the funnel and I gasped and took deep breaths.

“You are a fucking asshole!”

He slapped me so hard I rolled off the table. I felt his boots jab into my thighs and belly.

“Don’t you ever swear at me you little scrubber,” he snapped.

I felt him pull my hair! I lay sobbing on the carpet as he dug his boots into me, just little short jabs that seemed to stimulate me beyond my control. When he left me there to get another drink, I allowed myself to orgasm as my tongue searched my mouth, for the final taste of the spunk still trapped there!

Several of the men untied me and I knew why. I was put back on the coffee table and my legs were pulled open. I could have struggled but what was the use?

There was Kenny knelt at the end with his mates looking on. They were swilling beer and now and then a finger invaded my pussy, it was the only time I wriggled and it seemed to amuse everyone. My pussy lips had fingers pulling them and opening me up. I just looked at all the grinning faces watching Ümraniye Masaj Salonu me. The drunken men made disgusting comments about me.

I struggled once again as Kenny pushed himself into me. The laughing got louder; they all knew I didn’t stand a chance. Kenny began to fuck me as the rest cheered him on. I could see he was trying his best to impress his mates. They made sick comments every time I groaned.

When he finally came in me I began to shudder again, I fought my own reaction but I gave up and writhed and screamed at him to fuck me harder!

“God you really are a little whore aren’t you Diane?” someone spat in my ear.

One by one all through the night they all fucked me. Some 2 or 3 times but not Tommy he had disappeared at some stage. I saw a look of disgust on his face. I don’t think it was me he was disgusted with, probably himself. I suspect he must have recognised me. The rest didn’t care though; they would drink more beer and watch as I was taken turns with.

By now my poor cunt felt sore and swollen, but it didn’t stop me having a few intense orgasms. I felt horrified with the way I had just waited for the next cock. Sometimes I would be left for 20 minutes or so. I would pull myself up and drink from beer cans that the men offered to me.

Slowly the guys started to fall asleep where they sat; even Kenny wandered off to bed somewhere. I moved gingerly up the stairs, my pussy dripping with god knows how many loads of spunk!

I sat in the bath just soaking away the aches and pains, and the stink of sex that had taken over any other smell. The water was quite cold by the time I got out of the bath. I crawled into bed at 4.25 am.

So was this to be my end? Would I end up as the local whore? I suppose I was halfway there anyway. I would soon be out on the street to fend for myself. What was I good at? Opening my legs I answered myself.

Harriett was now Nigel’s wife and I suppose I knew even before they married I would never get him back. My own stupid fault I know you don’t need to tell me.

For a few years I had it all, a husband, a nice house, plenty of money, and even a dog that I had grown to love. Now I had nothing apart from a few thousand pounds to my name. That I suppose was more than some people had. But being an orphan had taught me to stand on my own two feet. I had gotten out of the habit of that, but somewhere deep inside I thought maybe I could find another way. But I had to get back in with Maureen, even though I didn’t know how just yet, but I knew she was the key. I needed her more than she needed me. So I would have to find a way to get back into her thoughts. I would have to show her I was willing to remain faithful, I would try my best to be her cunt!

The curtains rings rattled on the bar and light came streaming into the room. I stared at the cup next to me. I watched the steam rise and then I heard her voice.

“Quite a little party last night was it?”

“Maureen!” I mumbled in shock.

“Well I don’t think you would get a visit from the Virgin Mary. Now you can have a bath and take your belongings, I want you out by noon.”

I sat up wondering what the hell I could do stay for awhile. She seemed determined that I was going to leave.

“Maureen, do you really want me to go? I mean I’m quite willing to stay, if you’ll let me,” I mumbled.

She looked rather shocked, but didn’t say a word. She sat on the bed gesturing for me to sit up. She fluffed the pillow up behind me, and sat waiting for me to get comfortable, and then she handed me the cup.

“I told you I have finished with you, now you have some money to make a fresh start, and under the circumstances you should think yourself lucky. Besides I need your bed Uncle Jack is coming to stay much to my dread.”

“But there are other rooms; he could stay in one of those.”

She raised an eyebrow questioning me.

“Why is he coming here?” I mumbled.

“I don’t think that is any of your concern. But I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to tell you. He hasn’t got long left, 6 months maybe a year. I think it would be wise to have him here for his final few months.”

“It’s his money isn’t it? Kenny is his only grandson, and both Kenny’s parents are dead. That is why you let him come here. What did he promise you all his money if you set me up with him?”

“Half, Kenny gets half too, no doubt he’ll waste it on booze and come crawling to me for a hand out.”

I could see the hatred in her eyes. It was like she was the only one who deserved to have money.

“Kenny doesn’t know how rich his grandfather is. Oh he knows the house will come to him. But he hasn’t a clue about Jack’s money.”

“But how can he not know?” I asked in disbelief.

“Well look at him? Jack I mean.”

She left me there to drink my tea and work things out. I suppose nobody would have any suspicions about Jack being wealthy.

I went downstairs an hour later. Maureen was asleep in the chair, had she been up all night too?

Maureen’s feet were up on the footstool. She jumped as my tongue gently licked her toes. She raised an eyebrow like she normally did, but then she settled down.

“Did Kenny tell you what a slut I was?” I mumbled, hoping to god I was on the right track.

“Yes,” she replied eventually.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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